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Recent college graduate looking to involve myself with as much baseball as I can. If you like what you read follow me on twitter @ZachmortPTP

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    Great stuff Zach dont tweet or I would….I don’t have internet on my phone…I don’t believe having a twitter account would be as fulfilling w/o that service. Great pt on Org guys, I have changed my opinion since I started following the Minors in 2009. One last thing about Testa he does play all 3 OF positions & power wise hits a lot of Triples so between his doubles/Triples/HRs his overall power/slugging seems solid for a 4th OF type…..but Testa falls in my “I’m rooting for him” category so I’m biased….thx

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    Zach Mortimer

    yes I saw Carlo play in wilmington, he is no doubt a gamer but your correct by saying he’s an org guy. That’s a stigma I would like to change for people because being an org guy means you still are really good. He prob isn’t good enough to make the bigs because he lacks power for the corner OF but he’s still a valuable piece. Sample…. he got paid 500k out of HS i’m sure he will be very happy about that next year don’t see much projection for him his command is very shaky has a lot of trouble repeating his delivery and throwing quality strikes.

    Thanks for the read any other questions feel free to shoot me a tweet

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    Good stuff Zach….did you ever see Carlo Testa in Wilimington? I know hes probably a Org guy but I like these guys who produce @ every level….any chance he could be a 4th OF? thx in adv….Lastly, any hope for Sample as a Reliever?

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