The Halfway Point Prospects of Note: Wilmington Blue Rocks Reviewed by Momizat on . 5: Brian Fletcher 6’0 190lbs 1b/LF .289/.353/.411, 5 HR, 25RBI, 15 2B, 51K/19BB Brian Fletcher is the son of former Major Leaguer Scott Fletcher. Brian relies 5: Brian Fletcher 6’0 190lbs 1b/LF .289/.353/.411, 5 HR, 25RBI, 15 2B, 51K/19BB Brian Fletcher is the son of former Major Leaguer Scott Fletcher. Brian relies Rating:
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The Halfway Point Prospects of Note: Wilmington Blue Rocks

The Halfway Point Prospects of Note: Wilmington Blue Rocks

5: Brian Fletcher 6’0 190lbs 1b/LF
.289/.353/.411, 5 HR, 25RBI, 15 2B, 51K/19BB

Brian Fletcher is the son of former Major Leaguer Scott Fletcher. Brian relies on his bat solely to maintain prospect status. He is a well below average defender in the OF, and struggles at 1st defensively. At the plate he has a violent swing with good bat speed. Brian really enjoys swinging hard if he sees a pitch he likes he’s going to hack, when he creates solid contact it allows him to tap into his power. He has above average Raw Power(55 on the 20-80 scale) He grades out as a future 40 hitter and runner. For me he’s an organizational player who will play the game for awhile I don’t believe he will ever make the show because of his lack of ability on defense and the fact that he won’t hit for a great average.

4. Sugar Ray Marimon 6’1 168 lbs RHP
68.0 IP, 2.12 ERA, 1.01 WHIP, 60k/18bb, 5HR Allowed, .206 BAA

Sugar Ray not only has one of the best names he was the best surprise for me this year in the Carolina League. A pretty much unheralded prospect coming into this season Marimon showed me a really good arm with a FB 88-92, sweeping curveball that is 74-77, and change up 79-81. The secondary offerings flashed the ability to be solid average pitches. The fastball has sink and arm side run. For me Marimon is a pitcher who would be most effective out of the bullpen. I think if you put him in the pen for short stints he’s 91-95 FB, and his secondary offerings could be sharper. I like him he’s a positive guy to have in the organization he’ll be a big leaguer at some point.

Will Cheslor play like a king in the second half?
Pictured with Miss Iowa Mariah Cary

3. Cheslor Cuthbert 6’1 190 lbs, 3B
.223/.300/.315 4 HR 28 RBI, 10 2B, 40k/28bb.

Oh Cheslor….. Cheslor got a ton of prospect love coming into the 2012 season. It was well deserved he flashed fantastic ability in 2011, and came in 2012 in great shape. At the plate his approach is advanced for a 19 year old. Cheslor gets out on his front foot at times with his swing, and the power will come. However, for me I don’t know how much power will come though. When I look at his swing and swing path it’s more like 12-18 HRs a year. On defense Cheslor flashes his good hands and a plus arm. He’s not quick 40 runner, and the ball seems to get on him quickly at 3rd the reactions are below average. His makeup has been questioned his hustle, attitude, and effort all questioned it has improved now let’s see if it sticks.  In a future article I have an idea for Cuthbert’s future. He’ll be a big leaguer that’s what I know.

2. Jason Adam  6’4 220 lbs. RHP
80 IP, 3.71 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, 64 k/18bb , 10 HR allowed, .272 BAA

Jason Adam has everything you would look for in a pitcher. He has a great body for pitching, long arms, athletic, and able to repeat his delivery. He features  FB 90-93, CB 72-75, and CH 82-84. The fastball is an average offering not going to create a ton of misses, but he is able to command the pitch to both sides of the plate. The CB is a slow one with a big break. He flashes the ability to snap it off enough to make it an average offering, but sometimes it spins more than it breaks. I believe it’s a future average offering again, but it could play down depending on the tightness of the break. The last pitch is Adam’s best offering his change is 82-84 with good arm speed, fade, and sink. The change misses bats he commands the pitch well. For me Adam profiles as a backend starter which is still a very valuable prospect.

1.  Yordano Ventura 5’11 150 lbs. RHP
68 IP, 3.04 ERA, 1.21 WHIP, 85k/26bb, 7 HR allowed, .220 BAA

Yordano Ventura is a freak. I’ve said it in previous articles the kid is a flat out freak. Small body that can produce a fastball up to 100mph. While I’ve only ever seen him 97-99 he knows he has enough in his arm to reach back and put it past the best hitters when he wants. His fastball is an 80 grade pitch. Ventura’s next offering is a true Power Curveball 79-82. The pitch has violent downward action and misses a ton of bats. I’ve said before it flashes plus plus(70), but I believe it will settle in as a future 65 offering. The changeup for Ventura needs a ton of work, he throws it to hard and seems to roll it over and it has cutting action instead of fading action. As I’ve said before he will eventually scrap the pitch, and he will be the closer for the Royals one day. They will call him from the pen and everyone should be ready to watch him grip it and rip and people should enjoy the show.

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    Great stuff Zach dont tweet or I would….I don’t have internet on my phone…I don’t believe having a twitter account would be as fulfilling w/o that service. Great pt on Org guys, I have changed my opinion since I started following the Minors in 2009. One last thing about Testa he does play all 3 OF positions & power wise hits a lot of Triples so between his doubles/Triples/HRs his overall power/slugging seems solid for a 4th OF type…..but Testa falls in my “I’m rooting for him” category so I’m biased….thx

  • Zach Mortimer

    yes I saw Carlo play in wilmington, he is no doubt a gamer but your correct by saying he’s an org guy. That’s a stigma I would like to change for people because being an org guy means you still are really good. He prob isn’t good enough to make the bigs because he lacks power for the corner OF but he’s still a valuable piece. Sample…. he got paid 500k out of HS i’m sure he will be very happy about that next year don’t see much projection for him his command is very shaky has a lot of trouble repeating his delivery and throwing quality strikes.

    Thanks for the read any other questions feel free to shoot me a tweet


    Good stuff Zach….did you ever see Carlo Testa in Wilimington? I know hes probably a Org guy but I like these guys who produce @ every level….any chance he could be a 4th OF? thx in adv….Lastly, any hope for Sample as a Reliever?

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