5 for Friday (5 HS arms) w/ the scout’s eye Don Olsen Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_21340" align="aligncenter" width="144"] Andy Honiotes[/caption] Andy Honiotes Geneva Community Geneva IL 6'3 185 RHP Committed to Univer [caption id="attachment_21340" align="aligncenter" width="144"] Andy Honiotes[/caption] Andy Honiotes Geneva Community Geneva IL 6'3 185 RHP Committed to Univer Rating: 0
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5 for Friday (5 HS arms) w/ the scout’s eye Don Olsen

5 for Friday (5 HS arms) w/ the scout’s eye Don Olsen
Andy Honiotes

Andy Honiotes

Andy Honiotes Geneva Community Geneva IL
6’3 185 RHP
Committed to University of Miami

Junior season he was 6-1 with a 1.96 e.r.a and hit .378 with 4 HR and 12 RBI, stealing 4 bases in 17 games.

Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen: Long and lean, not much overall development.  Thin frame with long
anchors that is very projectable, more to offer down the road and
should sit 220-225, who from an eyeball gives off a Bob Welch body
comp.  His arm has some elevation issues and a touch of arm wrap that
will need to be ironed out, but he is fluid and safe slot at toe
touch, so minor concerns over the long haul.  Okay lower half
activation with decent push that will improve with additional weight,
stride is sound, nice tuck, clean transition and extension.  Fastball
is 86-89 mph and touched 90 mph in my encounters, seen up to 92 mph in
industry. The offering has a touch of lateral hand side run.  Curve
has decent depth with a touch of glove side break, foundation for two
way action at 72-74 mph, higher readings have improved quality two way
late movement. Slider can be tight at times, flashes quality at 78-79
mph, more vertical than lateral break, both offerings grade out with
similar ceilings, but needs to find a bit more separation because
paths are similar. Change flashes deception, needs to refine slot, but
potential with it. The pitch runs 81-82 mph with some quality hand
side tail, movement has two way action against the grain.  4 average
graded pitch player with velocity down the road based on physical
growth, high follow this spring.

Slot: Rounds 4 to 7
Note: Growth and maturation could see value increase; pitches are
present, separation in offerings or gain in velocity could see him

Casey Meisner from Perfectgame

Casey Meisner from Perfectgame

Casey Meisner Cypress Woods HS Cypress TX
RHP 6’7″ 180
Committed to Texas Tech University

Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen:Big frame, slender with a bit of slope shoulders, longer limbs play
bigger than height.  Rather light in the pants lean, not much overall
muscular development at this stage.  Mechanically, compact load for
such a big pitcher, a small touch of arm wrap, but nice slot at toe
touch, overall nice for a guy with long moving parts.  Comes from a
high slot, stays inline, decent extension uses his size, could improve
with lower half movements.  He could use a better push, less drag,
good foundation for downhill delivery, just not much in the pants to
really get it going.  There is a bit of buckle in the landing, and odd
that it goes and ends with soft knee bend. The follow through is
clean, but just needs to gain some consistency with his weight
transfer, as the buckle works against it at times, also times with an
early release.  Fastball 87-90 mph; the pitch has some rise in it,
good plane at times when he really extended, real heavy offering that
he can command.  Curve from the high slot has some depth, and a touch
of glove side break, should be a potent offering down the road, maybe
plus. 74-75 mph.  Change up has some foundation, instruction could
give him sound three pitch mix, with a knockout curve.  Key is a ton
of projection left on him and for his size does some nice repeatable
things, high ceiling guy.

Slot: Rounds 3 to 5
Note: Frame is present, great hammer ceiling, muscular development and
mechanical improvements would see a gain in velocity, could throw him
well into top 100.

FarmerZach Farmer Piketon HS Piketon OH
LHP 6’3″ 180
Committed to Ohio State University

Solid 2 way talent who hit .519 with 38 RBI and a 1.39 e.r.a as a junior. He also averaged 15.2 ppg in hoops as a junior

Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen:Long and lean, rail thin that should fill out into 205-210 max and
looks the part of Brian Matusz, shows some similar traits as well,
beyond the body comparisons.  Simple 3/4 setup leaves for small moving
parts, Clean three piece arm action that could synchronize a bit more
with lower half, see a touch more separation, get a bit more push from
the lower half, but everything is clean and overall solid mechanics.
I just see a bit more maturation, using that mass to drive from the
ground up, and some more velocity is down the pipeline with his
present arm speed.  Fastball is a heavy offering 86-90 with
sustaining speed, top 91-92 mph in short innings.  Slot gives it some
natural hand side tail, where he can get backspin on it and see
rising-tailing fastball that is tough to square up. Ability to spot
the offering and keep it L/A, command is about average overall for
fastball, not much movement but decent plane and like the fact that he
works both sides of the plate equally.  Stands out is that he repeats
his slot well, shows the ability to pull the string with two way
action, more sink than fade.  There is some projecting in that
offering and could be a potent offering in his arsenal.  Decent break
on a 1/7 path that sweeps from the arm slot, good depth and two way
path with the grain.

Slot: Rounds 4-7
Note: This is about exposure.  If he were in SoCal or South Florida,
he would be a more talked about player, more eyes.  His three pitch
mix and pitchability are a blend that should be a day two selection.
If he can break through the 90 club consistently this spring, he is a
name to keep high on the radar.

Hunter Green pic from Warren Easy HS page

Hunter Green pic from Warren Easy HS page

Hunter Green Warren East HS Bowling Green KY
LHP 6’4″ 165
Committed to University of Kentucky

He had a 6-2 record with a 1.76 e.r.a and 111 K in 52 IP as a junior
Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen:Probably the most known outside of the industry for playing the Under
Armour All American game, but he is more than the mid-80’s college arm
that some pegged him.  He is long, long, limber, and lean, I mean bone
thin lean.  Little development on his overall frame and there is a
“TON” of projection in body, strength, and velocity.  Mechanically, he
gets a good amount of torque in his delivery, arm slot sits in a okay
position through loading to transition, could be a touch better down
the line, may iron it out as a professional.  He lands a little too
far towards first base, slightly crossing the body, as he has a
slightly collapsing delivery with an abrupt pull-up.  All of these
things are easy to iron out, not really a stress to arm health.  I can
see a more compact path and maturation, but love the fact he gets
torque and hides the ball throughout at this stage of development.
His fastball sits 86-89 and tops the 90 club on occasion, industry has
marked him as high as 91 mph.  This offering sneaks up, very deceptive
and plays faster with his slot can see the pitch sink, run, rise a ton
of movement.  Curve has more 1/7 break, but saw a few vertical 1/6
types with more spin, overall nice blend of rotation and depth that
the pitch projects.  The change up has a ton of fade to it, always
dancing with his slot.  It shows present deception, but I would like
to see more action off the grip, sheer friction to drop the velocity a
bit more, I can see plus ability where it sits 12+ mph off the

Slot: Rounds 3-5
Note: This kid has an arsenal that could get day one attention based
solely on projection.  I am very high on his ability to have
everything move, nothing is locked in place, tough to square up.  He
has one of the highest helium ceilings as the spring wears on.

Logan Shore

Logan Shore

Logan Shore Coon Rapids HS Coon Rapids MN
RHP 6’3″ 200
Committed to University of Florida

Pitched for the Coon Rapids last summer going 6-0 with just 5 ER in 44 IP and a 51/15 k/bb ratio

Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen:Ideal frame and limb length, good development through the hips, rear,
upper thigh, who has a good deal of project-ability left in him, he
has the workhorse frame and look to him on the mound.  Mechanically,
it is a nice three piece action, for his area, he has some nice
movements and timing. Nice lower half drive, gets it well activated in
the delivery, arm has a little wrap more than ideal, but nice slot.
Very small minor wrinkles to work with good arm speed, and stamina. l
89-92 mph gets a good amount of backspin on the ball, nice late rising
action at times that could play as a good solid swing and miss
offering.  Flashes some action on the change up, deception is
progressing, the action works 75-76 mph with a touch of hand side
lateral movement at this stage.  Break has decent rotation, not crisp,
leaves it exposed, point of emphasis to monitor this spring.  Nice
pitch-ability, who works forwards and backwards to players, nice to
see a kid of his age and pedigree have confidence to work off the
change up.

Slot: Rounds 5 to 10
Note: Improved break could see early day three pick, velocity always
gets attention, limited exposure makes college a logical choice, could
be a high slotted arm in the 2016 draft.


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