5 for Friday (A weekly look at 5 amateurs) Reviewed by Momizat on .     Video I took at St. Louis Pirates showcase on Tuesday the 29th of January, 2013 Devin Williams (on left in video) [caption id="attachment_20661" a     Video I took at St. Louis Pirates showcase on Tuesday the 29th of January, 2013 Devin Williams (on left in video) [caption id="attachment_20661" a Rating: 0
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5 for Friday (A weekly look at 5 amateurs)

5 for Friday (A weekly look at 5 amateurs)



Video I took at St. Louis Pirates showcase on Tuesday the 29th of January, 2013

Devin Williams (on left in video)

Devin Williams from Jupiter showcase and the St.Louis Pirates program

Devin Williams from Jupiter showcase and the St.Louis Pirates program

6’3 165, Florissant, MO (Hazelwood Central after a transfer from CBC)

The Stats: He was 2nd team all-conference as an OF last year.

The Skinny: Has accepted a scholarship to Missouri while turning down Nebraska, Missouri State, Ole Miss, and Indiana State. Fastball has been clocked from 89-93. Well rounded kid who I was told could be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and find his way home. Basically, he is a kid who can take care of himself. (so important in the low minors) He looks like he is 15 so he could definitely be a guy who grows more and develops more power in his arm. A Perfect Game scout said he has a “Dominican Body.” His money pitch is his change up. He really has an advanced feel for a high school prospect.

At the workout in St Louis I visited with a few scouts on Williams. Opinions, as always, vary. I asked one that had a late 1st round pick if he would recommend him and he did not consider him a 1st rounder so that answered the question. Another felt he was pushing his way into the first round.

The Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen: “I came away impressed with him during the WWBA in the fall. I consider him a high follow this spring. If he hits 96, like I think he will this spring, he is not getting out of round 1.

Royals chances: Very good if he slips to that 2nd pick at 31.


Jake Brentz  (on right in video)

Jake Brentz from Perfect Game at World in Jupiter

Jake Brentz from Perfect Game at World in Jupiter

6’2 190 Ballwin, Mo (Parkway South HS but will play this season for the perfect Game Spring Wood Bat League in Iowa)

The Stats: Junior season as an OF, he hit .397 (37-94) with 13 db, 4 HR, 31 RBI, 26 RS, and a .482 OBP. Off the mound he got into just 4.1 IP going 1-1 with a 11.31 e.r.a

The Skinny: This kid is an excellent story. He was known as a speedy OF prospect who had pitched very little before last fall. He was given very few chances to pitch at Parkway South but, after attending some workouts at the Sandlot in Bridgeton a suburb of St. Louis he caught the eye of Coach Brian DeLunas. Some baseball guys can see a position player and see a pitcher. More times than not, it is a kid with the arm. Well, Brentz had the power arm from the OF and he is a lefty. He has a solid build at 6’2 with a strong physique. So, for a kid that was not allowed any development as a P in high school due to a lack of command he might of ever been given the chance to be a professional if it wasn’t for the trained eye of DeLunas and the head of the St. Louis Pirates baseball program Rick Strickland. DeLunas basically gave Brentz a 6 week boot camp last summer and he went down to Jupiter as a member of the St Louis Pirates.

In Jupiter he was still going to concentrate on playing the field. But, one more moment changed the course of this young man’s life. I challenge you to google “Jupiter” and “Jake Brentz” go into the discussion tab and see respected scouts talk about how this kid just came out of nowhere throwing 96. He was brought into relief late in a game and popped that 96 immediately. A lefty throwing 96 and “boom” scouts were paying attention. He was raw, sure but very coachable and from Jupiter he was given a workout in colder weather to give scouts a better look. This time he hit 94 and the buzz was growing.

I saw a solid build lefty with clean arm action and an above average curve (you can see the break in the video) a good feel for a cutter-change. While the velocity was 90-92 it is easy to dream on this kid for the spring.

He will not pitch for Parkway South this spring as he will instead pitch for the Perfect Game Wood Bat Scout League in Iowa. They play on the weekends from March 16th thru April 28th. This will allow Brentz to go once a week as he prepares for the draft. He is committed to Missouri but if he maintains that 93-94 velocity and continues to develop those secondary pitches he could fly up draft boards in June.

Royals chances: Very good and remember they like those unworked arms. Last year the first 2 pitchers taken by the Royals (Zimmer and Selman) were guys that either developed into a P late or were not used much before the draft. I could see him being taken from the 3rd-5th round.

Aaron Judge from the Fresno Bee

Aaron Judge from the Fresno Bee

Aaron Judge

6’7 255, Junior at Fresno State (from Linden, CA and Linden HS)

The Stats: 2011 67-187, 12 DB, 1 3B, 2 HR, 30 RBI, 38 RS, 11-12 SB-ATT, 42 K, 25 BB, .358/.437/.465/.902

2012 62-201, 14 DB, 2 3B, 4 HR, 27 RBI, 47 RS, 13-15 SB-ATT, 42 K, 48 BB, .308/.453/.458/.911

2012 Summer Cape Cod (Brewster White Caps) 27-100, 3 DB, 5 HR, 16 RBI, 33 K, 14 BB, 6 SB, .270

Originally drafted in the 30th round out of HS by the A’s.

Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American

Won the TD Ameritrade Home Run Derby in July 2012 (16 total including 4 straight and the bonus ball)

The Scout’s Eye from Don Olsen:

Aaron Judge will draw quick comparisons to Giancarlo Stanton, from the size and power standpoint these two match.  He is a legit 6’7″ guy, who could logically carry 245 pounds without adverse impact to agility.   He has a nice quick first step, nimble, .  He is not a walking stiff and moves around great for his size.  Judge from a mechanical standpoint has a lot to like, starting with a very quite base, there is good sound weight transfer without much in the way to cause triggers.  He generates a lot of torque from the core, and gets a lot of leverage, very ideal for such a large athlete.  His hands are a touch low, likely to move up a few inches as a professional, the one bit of worry is that he has a bit of hand load, which could be a concern.  The counter point deals with the fact that he throws his hands out well, compact path, all giving him “short to, long through”.  A swing built to mash.I think Judge is a bit passive-aggressive at the plate, does not stretch the zone as nearly as often, but can get caught with quality offerings a bit in the wheelhouse.  There are some timing issue on off-speed, low/away.  He gets pull happy at times, so contact does have to iron out.  Judge is not quite on par with Stanton lighting quick hands and blazing bat speed, but Aaron is not a slouch in either department either, things to hold a hat on where you can see improvements in overall off.  I think with maturation and better understanding of himself and his swing, he could play well over plus power, true 7/8 ceiling, as contact could reach slightly above average, which I feel a 5 is his final slotting space.  You cannot teach power, he has the leverage and pull ability to mash, maybe to the point you can live with other flaws.  Heck, I can live with 5 contact, even 4, as the power is in bunches.The arm and range make the logical transition to RF, he may have the athletic chops, but the fringe center ability works better on the c

orner.He is a guy with two plus tools and 4 tools overall that should play average.  Power alone makes him worthy of top 10 pick in the 2013 draft.
Royals Chances: There are a few college bats that could bridge the gap fast after the loss of the Royals #1 hitting prospect Wil Myers. Judge is my favorite with his high ceiling and ability to launch balls, play solid defense and arm while giving you the ability to steal some bases too. I like the Dave Winfield comp personally but I understand the Stanton comps. So far, he has not hit for a ton of power in college but the BBCOR bats have not helped. That being said, I expect some lift to come from him as a pro and the home runs to follow.  I think he would be a solid pick for the Royals in the 1st round if they want to get a close to the majors ready bat to go in the middle of their lineup in 2015.

WhitsonKarsten Whitson

6’4 215 Junior at The University of Florida (Chipley, FLA, Chipley HS)

The Stats: 2011- 19 GS, 97 IP, 92/28 K/BB, 8-1, 2.40

2012- 14 G, 1o GS, 33 IP, 20/18 K/BB, 4-0, 3.51

He pitched in 2 more games for Orleans Firebirds on the Cape striking out 5 in 3.1 IP.

1st round selection of the Padres (9th overall out of high school)

Senior year in HS he was 7-3 with a .62 e.r.a and 123 K and just 15 walks in 55 IP.

AFLAC All-American, Junior season was 6-4 with a 1.49 e.r.a and 73 K in 42 IP.

The Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen:

Karsten has done a tremendous job filling out over the years and looks the part of solid power pitcher.  His arsenal has top of the rotation potential.  He has the size and arm speed that can anchor most staffs, sitting 93-95 and touching 97 mph with solid movement and the mechanics that make it sneak up on the hitters, very deceptive.  There are not many pitchers that can hide the ball effectively to produce swing and miss offerings and force hitters to stretch the zone in all counts, he has the potential to do it off two hard offerings, both that move.  It will be his ability to turn the flash offerings, slider and change, into solid off speed secondary pitches.  Both show the foundation to round out into a solid three pitch mix.  He must improve his location and the ability to hit his spots, it is the real weakness in the game right now, but something that will come when he starts to convert from thrower to pitcher, just wants to blow everything by everyone on every pitch.His ability to tap that massive potential he possesses that likely will dictate his role as he matures.  Karsten has shown some durability issues and many circles are weary about his long term health on the arm, including myself. Catching him in relief, he shows that ability to shut down and can go that two innings in bulldog fashion.  He has to shake the injury bug and show a sound arm and all the cards fall in the right place, he could sit No. 1 on most staffs; he possesses that type of potential.  His logical role is sitting in the No.2 or No. 3
slot as a power right handed pitcher who should be selected somewhere in round 1, depending on health and MRI’s.
The Skinny: Health will certainly be an issue as he missed a lot of time last season with a “groin injury” He also developed arm fatigue during the season and really never got on track. Big pitcher with that body you want so he projects off the charts. He is a true power pitcher with a mid 90′s fastball and slider. He also will show a change up.
Royals chances: His season will either push him way up into consideration as one of the top college arms taken or keep him towards the back end of the 1st round. I would guess he goes 10-15 to a team that is willing to dream big and see a healthy arm and future.
CavanINF Cavan Biggio
6’2 180, L/R Houston, TX (St. Thomas HS)
He was committed to the University of Virginia but he just changed his commitment to Notre Dame last week
Last season as a junior he hit .420 with a .488 OBP and 26 RBI and a pair of HR
His sophomore season he hit .402 with a .570 OBP and 48 RBI while swatting 7 HR.
He was chosen to play for Team USA after his junior season. (under 18 team)
The Scout’s Eye with Don Olsen (with permission from Bullpen Banter)
Son of Craig Biggio, plays a bit less speed and a touch better arm and
athletic ability than his father at the same stage of development, a
bit more psychically imposing that his father. Decent frame, athletic
build, good development in the forearms and wrists, more of wiry power
at this stage, not much in the one of muscular development, but he
should sit about 20 pounds heavier than his father’s playing weight.
There is enough lateral quickness both to his left and right that he
could play 2B in the professional ranks, but his quick reaction with
the glove and arm strength provide more defensive traits to profile at
3B. His footwork is clean, turns well, fairly agile, obviously would
have more value if he could play up the middle. Slightly open stance,
that shows good lower half weight transfer and has a nice hip/torso
ratio, real sound fundamentally. Extremely high hands and a bit noisy
bat, a little load and drift, but in ideal slot at toe touch. Hands
are inside, above the barrel and solid swing plane, smooth swing, good
barrel awareness and makes loud contact for size. Plate awareness and
contact potential are sound, shows a bit of pull power, power could
factor with additional strength and size
The Skinny: Obviously he is from a solid blood line. His dad told ESPN.Go “I’m not a big comparison guy, but the comp to Baggie (Bagwell) and him is there. Jeff would walk a lot and then he would hit. The similarity is that (Cavan) will take a walk, but if you pitch to him, he’ll hit. For a young hitter, he’s very mature.
The Royals chances- Very good if they want to take him with their second pick at 31. Don fills he will be a compensatory round pick to early second round.

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