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I was born a few months before the '85 Series and have been a Royals fan since. Sometimes I think baseball is the ultimate simulation of life, an unblemished metaphor for a utopia. And sometimes I think it's a bunch of grown ups wearing costumes. But I'm always fascinated by it and, ideal or not, the world is a slightly better place because of it.

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    I think as fans we forget that Kansas City is not the destination spot that we want to think it is. Josh Johnson, Dan Haren and a whole lot of other guys don’t sign here. Unless you are going to shell out big freakin contracts with one more year on it or several million per year more you just aren’t going to bring in the top players when MLB doesn’t have a better system in place. Put a salary floor and cap in baseball and you would see guys signing with lots of other teams because the resources are more spread out. Do I wish that Johnson and Haren would sign one year deals here, heck yes I do but heck we had to trade for Santana last year, do we really think he would have come here had he had the option?

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    Definitely agree with the 4 years. At worst, should have been 3 years $24M with vested $9M option 4th year based on 500 innings in first 3 years.

    Vargas is between Chen and Santana. So Dayton basically got back half what he lost to free agency for 1/2 money spent on Santana and Chen in 2013. Course, even getting equal value would only get the team back to 86 wins and most likely another 3rd place Central Division. So this deal does nothing to make the next step toward playoff team. And think that will be the issue during the 2014 season unless the next moves do something to definitely improve the offense and/or pitching.

    In reality, without more major moves, 2014 improvement will fall on the shoulders of Duffy, Ventura, Dwyer, Zimmer, Smith and potentially Jason Adam. Remember 2013 had only one SP go on DL (Duffy in September). Believing that can happen two years in a row is about like believing your numbers are guaranteed to win the lottery.

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