9 innings with Royals minor league OF prospect Lane Adams Reviewed by Momizat on . Lane,   Thank you for taking the time to sit down with pinetarpress.com for this 9 innings inteview   Thank you for having me.   1st inning- Firs Lane,   Thank you for taking the time to sit down with pinetarpress.com for this 9 innings inteview   Thank you for having me.   1st inning- Firs Rating:
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9 innings with Royals minor league OF prospect Lane Adams



Thank you for taking the time to sit down with pinetarpress.com for this 9 innings inteview


Thank you for having me.


1st inning- First off…tell us about the injuries you have been battling since last year and when will you be able to play again?


Lane-I had suffered a torn labrum sometime during extended spring training last year. The trainers and I thought it was just some bicep tendonitis and didn’t think it was too serious. I had to miss some time because of it. It started bothering me again in the middle of August, so we decided to get a MRI when we returned to Idaho Falls and thats when I found out I had a torn labrum. I was shocked and very discouraged. But rehab went really well and I’m back to 100% and now will be ready to go on the first day of Spring Training.



2nd inning- You were a fantastic high school basketball player. How did you balance the 2 sports growing up and how did baseball finally win out as the sport you would pursue?


Lane-I honestly only focused on basketball growing up. My mom was once a coach so she’s the one who made me fall in love with basketball. She would take me to my AAU games all over the country. I only played high school baseball and I never really put a lot of time in it. My sophmore year in high school I wanted to quit playing baseball so I could just focus on basketball, but now I appreciate her for not letting me. I was always in the gym working on basketball. I made the decision to play baseball because it was a great opportunity and I didn’t want to look back and regret never giving it a chance. But it was definitely a tough decision turning down a chance to play at Missouri State, who just won the Missouri Valley regular season championship, Congratulations guys. Sorry I had to give a shout out


3rd inning- Back to hoops you committed to Missouri State but were also heavily recruited by Gonzaga, Wichita State, Tulsa, Colorado, and Oral Roberts. If you had to add 4 other Royals prospects to take on the rest of the minor leagues in hoops who would be on the team and why? ( you can add more guys if you don’t think 5 is enough-heck every team needs more than 5 guys right?)


Lane-I love this question. I’ve thought about this before. My first pick I would take Geoff Baldwin. He might be the biggest country guy I’ve ever met but the guy can hoop. After that I would take Mike Montgomery, Keaton Hayenga and Jake Kuebler. And I would have Murray Watts, Matt Ridings, Jon Keck and Cam Cannor (he says he could beat me but I’m not buying it) I’m pretty sure with those guys we could put together a pretty good squad.

4th inning- The Royals have played you all over the OF so far…in 5 years what position do you see yourself settling in at and why does that spot work best for you?


Lane-I’ve been playing a lot of right field and have gotten really comftorable with it. I’ve always liked playin center. But I really dont care where they put me at as long as I can get out there and play. I’m working on being able to play all three positions.


5th inning- If a scout watched you play baseball for 5 games what do you think his scouting report would look like for you?


Lane-”He plays as hard as anybody you will see. Makes good contact at the plate. Shows power potential. Very athletic but needs to steal more bases. Still very raw skill wise but has a lot of upside. Coachable and will work hard.”

6th inning- Do you have a process before games…anything you do consistently or any superstitions?


Lane-I do. I play 3 games of Scrabble on my Ipod while listening to music on my Beats


7th inning- Can you explain the camaraderie of professional baseball players. I know you have become friends with a local Kansas City kid (Jason Adam) I guess what I am asking is how important do your teammates become to you as a pro ball player?


Lane-Having friends that you play with means a lot. These are guys that you’re going to be taking long bus trips with throughout the course of a season. Even though everybody is competing against each other for jobs it’s good to make friends along way, it just makes the journey that much better. I’ve met some great friends/teammates that will pick me up after I’ve had a tough game or something. And that I Jason kid is a character. He just needs that “s” on the end of his name though.



8th inning- What are your 2011 expectations and in November as you reflect on your season what will it take to make you feel that those expectations were met?


Lane-I hope to start out at a full season and put up good numbers and make a shot at a playoff run. I want to be able to look back at the season and know that feel good about having a good season but also finding out what I have to work on to get myself ready for the next season.




9th inning- We always like to ask you guys about a teammate…what type of scouting report would you give on Justin Trapp?


Lane-Trapp is a player with a ton of athleticism and upside. We’re kind of in the same boat as far we’ve played other sports in high school. He was a really good football player, so he says. He has good tools and and makes good contact at the plate. He’s came a long ways since our first season in the AZL together. I hope we both have good seasons so we can keep advancing with each other.


extra innings- If I gave you 4 tickets to any sporting event in history (you can go back in time) what would the event be and who would get the other tickets (one celebrity, one teammate and one current or former major leaguer) why would you choose those 3


Lane-I would have to go all the way back to February 22, 1980 to the Winter Olympics when the U.S.A beat the Soviet Union 4-3. I’m not a hockey fan but I love under dog stories since I’m from a very small school. I would take teammate Jake Kuebler, celebrity Kevin James and current big leaguer Bruce Chen. Bruce might be the nicest person I’ve ever met.


Lane- thank you so much and best luck this season


Thank you very much I appreciate it.

Greg Schaum


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