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    Joshua Ward

    Given contract increases, salary arbitration, and the like, the number coming off the books leading into the 2014 off-season is closer to $10m. The list of players who become arbitration eligible for 2014 is long and distinguished:

    Eric Hosmer
    Greg Holland
    Tim Collins
    Aaron Crow

    Those, plus a $6m bump for Guthrie, $1.75m for Shields, $2m for Davis, and $1m for Gordon will eat into most of the $24m or so coming off the books.

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    David Lesky

    You have to keep in mind arbitration raises and other guaranteed raises to Gordon, Guthrie, Shields, Davis and Perez. Those five alone account for an additional $12.5 million.

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    $24.25 million of the payroll is allocated to Santana, Chen and Francoeur whose deals expire after this season. It seems that the Royals should have some payroll flexibility during this season’s trade deadline and next off season.

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