As the Royals Turn Reviewed by Momizat on . Bad news popped up in the Royalsphere yesterday when Bob Dutton put out an article that stated the Royals would have to keep their 40 man, draft and internation Bad news popped up in the Royalsphere yesterday when Bob Dutton put out an article that stated the Royals would have to keep their 40 man, draft and internation Rating:
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As the Royals Turn

As the Royals Turn

Bad news popped up in the Royalsphere yesterday when Bob Dutton put out an article that stated the Royals would have to keep their 40 man, draft and international signings under $70 million.  While Dutton later was corrected by someone in the front office that it is just the 40 man roster that needs to be under $70 million it speaks to larger concerns for Royals fans.

Will this ownership group ever commit to actually putting a winner on the field?  If not winning will this management group ever learn some public relation skills?  Were the 2009 and 2010 payrolls nothing more than a pony show for a city that just funded a rebuilt stadium?  Will this change when the 2014 TV money kick in or will the Glass family commit to a much lower figure than the extra $25 million or so that they will profit from?

Those are big questions and important ones but how will this factor in the 2013 season and beyond is what most Royals fans want answered.  Well it certainly makes things tight but that is okay because the Royals don’t have many holes and this payroll tightening may be forcing Dayton Moore to hold off on his usual quick approach.  In the past and even this year GMDM has been one to jump out on the market and fire before even knowing what is going to happen with other signings.  Sometimes that can work out as I believe we are seeing in the Jeremy Guthrie deal but more often than not it seems the team has been a bit steep on what they’ve paid free agents like Jeff Franceour, Bruce Chen and Kyle Farnsworth.

Playing the Waiting Game

Hopefully these constraints will force the Royals to cut bait on Luke “he’s gonna turn it around” Hochevar, eat some of Frenchy or Chen’s contracts and keep GMDM out of an unneeded multi-year move with a utility player.  The best thing the Royals could do at this point is wait for Zack Greinke to sign with the Texas Rangers, watch Anibal Sanchez ink with the Dodgers and go toe to toe with the Blue Jays for the rights to RA Dickey.  If Toronto isn’t willing to give up prospect Travis D’Arnaud then the Royals won’t have to give up Wil Myers to beat them out in a prospect swap.  The knuckleballer’s one year deal at $5 million can easily fit into the Glass family demands if the Royals cut Hoch or get someone to take a portion of Franceour’s deal.  That would leave the Royals with a much better, more affordable and younger team all while staying under that magical $70 millions soft cap.

Perhaps this whole thing was orchestrated by Glass because he didn’t like the fact that GMDM was thinking about shipping Myers out for two years of James Shields.  Perhaps Glass just wanted to hang onto an asset instead of paying $9 million to save a general managers job for a couple of seasons.  Isn’t that what this all comes down to?  The general manager hasn’t been able to field a winner in six seasons and is trying to save his job any way he can.

As Royals fans we have to ask ourselves, is this an owner who is helping our team by keeping its young and cheap assets or is this just a greedy owner continuing to line his pockets?  There is no right answer as we just don’t know the truth despite what media, bloggers and friends tell us and write about.  Its complicated and will likely play out for us the next 24 months.

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Comments (4)

  • DownUnderFan

    Yes, the idea that someone intentionally leaked the misinformation on the Glass Ceiling is a bit hard to fathom. But the confusion emanating from the Royals camp these days does make you wonder. It just seems impossible that a Royal’s insider got their facts THAT far out of whack.

    Truthfully, as soon as I read the original Dutton tweet, I questioned the authenticity of the news and commented so on the Star article. After reading Craig Brown’s article in Royals Review and doing my own calcs, it just did not add up.

    Doubt we ever find out what really happened. No one inside the Royal’s front office will admit being the source and doubt Dutton reveals it either. He more likely will hope it just goes away. And hope his tweet on Friday about meeting with his boss was not over the incident. Maybe the best thing is for the whole mess to just die.

    I agree with you that the cap should never have been mentioned in the first place. But Glass is the one that started it all with his 2 x reactionary interviews last week (Dutton and Kaegel). In pleading his case, he opened himself up to all kinds of critical comment. And showed once again that there is a growing chasm in Royals management. At least the appearance of one from the outside.

  • Clint Scoles

    “to take some of the heat off Glass or Moore.” That thinking was misguided and shows the lack of understanding they have in PR. When it comes to caps like that no information is the best information. If its true it obviously does nothing to help the Glass rep.

    Agree fully on your other comment about the Chinese Fire Drill

  • DownUnderFan

    One other comment on the Bob Dutton misinformation story yesterday. I have heard it from several sources now that someone in the Royals camp may have intentionally let out the false information to take some of the heat off Glass or Moore. If true, it is another indication that the amount of office intrigue within the Royals camp has reached Archduke Ferdinand levels.

  • DownUnderFan

    Enjoyed the podcast. Listened to it this morning. I think you guys hit a lot of nails on the head.

    My biggest concern right now, even bigger than trading Myers or signing a questionable free agent starter, is the amount of chaos going on within the Royals management. The amount of rumors coming out of the front office and the misinformation along with it, indicate to me that there is no cohesion and that people are using the writers and blogosphere to try and push their own agendas. And it doesn’t help when the owner cannot even get his story straight or be open and honest.

    If I were Dayton Moore, this would be a good time to take a week’s vacation and block out all the confusion. Let the free agent market die down and then come back and see what is left. Maybe Glass will slip him some more cash for another starter, maybe not. But right now, the Royals just look like a bunch of college kids doing a Chinese Fire Drill.

    And that could do more to damage the 2013 season than any trades or signings.

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