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Born and raised in the Kansas City area, I was fortunate enough to have a Grandfather that was a huge Baseball fan. He first introduced me to the Kansas City Athletics when I was only 3 years old. He took me to many early Royals games in old Municipal Stadium and I was lucky enough to see some of the greatest moments in Royals history (so far).I am a die-hard Royals fan and a walking encyclopedia of Royals History. I take great pride in that.

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Oh, What a Ride It Was.. Building a playoff team

I'm not a writer... In fact, I sometimes have trouble putting my feet on the floor in the morning to start my day and have trouble tying my shoelaces, but I am a die-hard Royals fan. Instead of sitting in the back room working on this website, I decided I needed to finally come out and attempt to put into words the last season of Baseball for my beloved Royals. This was not supposed to be the year that the ...

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The Wil Myers Story by Greg Schaum

Some people were put on this planet born with a gift. Ted Williams said “Good hitters aren’t born they’re made.” That is great and I do believe it takes work on a craft to excel at it. But, it can also be said that Ted Williams was blessed with beyond perfect eye sight and large hands and maybe he wasn’t born to hit, but man did he have a pretty good head start. William Bradford Myers is no differ ...

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Baseball and the World Series of Poker

The playoffs are in full swing and baseball fans are now looking forward to the October Classic that is the World Series. For over 100 years, the World Series has determined the champion of baseball. About 42 years ago, another game decided to develop their own World Series and since that time, it has become the one event that players look forward to annually. It is known as the World Series of Poker. The W ...

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Pine Tar Press Royals Store

I have created a link on our menu to a new Royals Fan Store that links to Amazon. Now you can go to the store page and either click one of the links to browse Royals Apparel, Books about the team or Just check out the Fan Shop. Each purchase made through our store helps us with what we need to make this site better, so if you are looking for Royals gear and want to purchase through, do it through ...

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Opening Day in the words of our pal Lil’ Frenchy

It Finally Came! Opening Day at the K is finally here! I also got to be on the news so that made it even cooler. When I got to the K I went to Dave Darby’s tailgate party for a little bit. I played the bean bag toss game and had some yummy piggy and cookies. We had to leave quick though because I was going to meet Eric Burke from Fox 4 News at the gate. The gates finally opened and I went down to the dugo ...

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OUR TIME is Finally Here!

It’s the night before Opening Day and I can’t believe the Royals season is finally here! I’ve been waiting forever for Our Time to come! I wish I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow but I guess it’s ok since the Royals are playing at night. 2012 is going to be an awesome season and when the other teams come to our stadium they will know that we will win. How will we win??? This is how I think we ...

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What are we doing and Where are we going? – by Tom Koppe

The Royals’ Johnny Giavotella was optioned to Triple-A Omaha Sunday, and it was announced that Chris Getz and Yuniesky Betancourt would split time at 2B position. Let that sink in for a moment and marinate. It’s a depressing, infuriating and absolutely perplexing decision by the Royals’ front office that appears to be more lost and confused about its own direction every day.  Ned Yost stated it was s ...

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J.P.’s Day In Surprise – March 15th

Lil Frenchy’s Last Day in Surprise Today couldn’t have been any better! Mom and I went to Camelback Ranch Stadium to watch the Royals win against the Dodgers, 8-5! We had awesome first row seats right next to the Royals dugout. We went to our seats and I got autographs from Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain and another guy I can’t remember and can’t read his signature. Eric even signed my glove ...

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Little Frenchy Q & A with Jeremy Jones

Q&A with Little Frenchy Jeremy Jones - Texas Rangers Organization-Catcher 1998-2002, AA, Building Champions Coach/Owner 1. How old were you when you started to play baseball and who was your favorite player? I started playing when I was 5 years old and my favorite player was George Brett. The Royals won the World Series when I was your age, JP. 2. Where was your favorite place to play besides your home ...

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J.P.’s Day In Surprise – March 14th

J.P.'s notes and pictures from March 14th Well I got to see the Royals play the Mariners last night at the Mariners stadium. I didn’t have tickets to go to that game but Frenchy got me and my Mom some so we got to go. It was a great night for a game and it was fun to see a different stadium! When we went into the stadium the Royals were practicing on the field, playing catch. When they were done with that ...

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J.P.’s Day in Surprise – March 13th

J.P.'s thoughts from Tuesday, March 13th while in Surprise with the Royals Well, I had another great day at Spring Training! I got to meet Dina from the Royals and she took us past the red line so we could see the stretching field closer and watch practice from the other side of the plate. I got to see George Brett up close but I didn’t talk to him because he was working. I actually didn’t talk to any R ...

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J.P.’s Day In Surprise – March 12th

J.P.'s notes This was a really good day but I don’t have as much to say as I did Saturday. I got to Surprise and went to the backfields to wait for the Royals. Danny came over and talked to me and Hos waved at me from the field. Moose saw I was wearing his shirt today and I told him I was little Moose and he said, “you should be Little Moose EVERY day!!! but I don’t know what Frenchy would say about t ...

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Lil’ Frenchy Q & A with Bubba Starling

Bubba Starling, Royals 2011 #1 Draft Pick 1. How old were you when you started to play baseball and who was your favorite player? I was about 5 or 6 years old and my favorite player was Carlos Beltran. I loved all the Royals. 2. Where is your favorite place to play besides your home field? N/A - I haven’t started playing games yet. 3. Do you ever get tired of being bugged for autographs? No I don’t, I ...

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