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Sarah Bode-Clark was born in raised in small-town Kansas. She attended Kansas State University where she received a BA in Theatre and Spanish. A few years after college in the "Little Apple" she moved to the Big Apple--New York City--with her husband, Joe. She loves all things food and spends her time cooking, eating, catering, and waiting tables. Her culinary pursuits are documented on her blog, Chomping the Big Apple ( On top of food, Sarah has always had a passion for sports, starting as a t-ball player when she was six, and as she played volleyball, basketball, and ran track through high school. Currently she has left behind the group sports and spends her free time running, and has run the NYC Marathon 3 times, hoping for number 4 in 2012. She also gets a big workout every week during the fall cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs (she is a pretty active/crazy/intense fan), and though she has never followed baseball as closely as other sports, the Royals have always had a special place in her heart.

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Pork Chili”

During the holiday season it seems like there’s never enough time to get it all done and get dinner on the table. But a one pot meal can help make it feel possible. Plus this pork chili is hearty and will warm you up on the cold, short days we are having. Roasted peppers add an extra depth of flavor to the dish.   Pork Chili 2 poblano peppers 1 green pepper 2 TB cooking oil 1 onion, chopped 2 cloves ga ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Ricotta Cake with Lemon Glaze and Pistachios”

I’m the kind of person that needs something sweet to round out a meal to make it feel like I’ve really dined. My husband on the other hand, could take dessert or leave it most of the time. However there are a few instances where we have found an end of meal treat that satisfies the both of us. This cake fits that bill. Not overly sweet and balanced out with a drizzle of tart lemon glaze and salty roasted pi ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Caper Vinaigrette”

With baseball season officially over and holidays a few weeks away, now is a great time to settle back down, relax, take care of yourself, and try to eat well before the onslaught of big meals, candy, and holiday parties. A caper dressing seems rich but is actually fairly light and is simple to throw together and drizzle over a large salad or grilled veggies. It’s so tasty it makes it easy to eat healthy. C ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Chicken Tortilla Soup”

The World Series is heating up. Keep that warmth going strong with a big pot of this chicken tortilla soup to sustain you through the evening and Game 3. Pasilla chiles give this broth a rich depth, but don’t add as much spicy heat as you’d imagine. If you like a little more kick consider adding chili flakes along with the other spices or slicing up some fresh jalapenos for a garnish. Chicken Tortilla Soup ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Everything Flatbread”

This post-season has been EVERYTHING to loyal Royals fans. Waiting for years for this fairy tale story of 8 straight wins taking them into the World Series (!!!). The joy and pride are overflowing and celebrations are taking place everywhere you turn. It’s almost too much to try to put all of that into just one dish for a party. So I’m going to go all in and give you the Everything Flatbread: pizza dough to ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Pumpkin Ooey Gooey Butter Cake”

This fall has brought a lot to celebrate for Royals fans as the team preps to head into the ALCS versus Baltimore. Keep cheering them on in “Always October” with an autumn inspired dessert. Pumpkin and pie spice send up aromas that remind us of the falling leaves and the thrill of post-season games, now to include memories of the boys in blue tearing it up. This sweet treat is decadent and rich…just like th ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “A Celebration”

Of course tonight's a night to celebrate. Let's have some fun with it by pulling out all the stops with a special spread and then settle in to cheer on Royals post-season baseball! I've rounded up some old favorites that will be perfect for tonight. Maybe get things started with some spicy Sriracha Caramel Corn, classic Beer Cheese Dip, or savory yet sweet Devils on Horseback. Then amp up your burger game w ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Braised Short Ribs”

It’s possible to serve up a pile of meat to a crowd without a lot of effort. When you don’t want to spend hours over a grill or smoker braising is the way to go. After a little chopping and a quick sear the meat and liquids go into the pan and cook slowly with virtually no other attention necessary until it is tender and ready to serve up over pasta, on a sandwich, or in a taco. Braised Short Ribs 4-6 servi ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Spicy Honey”

The perfect condiment can elevate any tailgate party. The best BBQ sauce is a must, of course, a good mustard or aioli can also make a difference in the success of your spread. But now it’s time to shake things up a bit with a new addition: hot honey. The blend of spicy and sweet is a flavor explosion that goes well with almost anything, from a drizzle over your pizza to a glaze for ribs or just a dollop on ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Grilled Shishito Peppers”

As we face September and the impending fall, I am grasping at the last straws of summer with everything I've got. Last week my husband and I made a quick getaway/camping trip Upstate to hike, swim, relax, and of  course, to grill. One evening I threw on some end-of-summer produce to char as we nibbled on a pile of fancy cheeses (we camp in style), including a batch of shishito peppers. These peppers tend to ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Zucchini Cilantro Soup”

Though it may seem like a wintery dish, soup is actually one of my go-to meals in the summertime. It can easily utilize any variety of fresh seasonal produce, can often be served chilled for those really hot days, and doesn’t take a ton of effort to throw together. This bright green version featuring zucchini and cilantro can be served either hot or cold and can even be made a couple of days in advance to c ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Green Goddess Dressing”

When grilling up meats for your tailgating parties, you may as well through some healthy veggies on as well. Give them a nice char, then serve them topped with this bright green, packed with flavor dressing. The blend of fresh herbs, salty anchovies, creamy avocado compliments almost any vegetable you can imagine. Recently I tossed it with fresh cucumbers and blanched green beans, but imagine it would be pe ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Sesame Edamame”

A spread of treats that are easy to nibble on elevates any gathering to winning status. Regardless of whether the party has Asian culinary influence or not, edamame is an excellent addition. It's simple to throw together and fun to eat. Flavored simply by soy sauce and sesame oil, these would be taken up another notch with a dusting of toasted sesame seeds. Sesame Edamame 12 oz. frozen edamame in pods 1/4 c ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Blueberry Pie”

Each winter I greedily imagine the numerous summer pies I will conjure once the temperatures warm up and seasonal fruits are in abundance. Then the sweltering temperatures hit and I remember that turning on the oven for an hour and a half is akin to spending the rest of the day in a fiery hell (the downfalls of a NYC apartment with no central air…) and all those dreams are pushed to the wayside. Yet when I ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Portabella Sandwiches”

Every once in a while I need a break from burgers, hot dogs, and steaks at a sports game. When I still want something hearty but feel like stepping away from the meat, I seek out a portabella sandwich. The mushroom’s rich notes are complimented here with bright lemon-rosemary aioli and a simple arugula salad. Portabella Sandwiches Serves 4 4 portabella mushrooms Salt and pepper 1/4 c. mayonnaise Zest from 1 ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Caipirinhas”

Though the World Cup and its surrounding mania is over, I’m continuing to celebrate summer sports and warm-weather parties with a Brazilian drink in hand: the caipirinha. It is simple and bright with fresh citrus, and refreshes on even the muggiest hot days. Though I’ve seen folks substitute white rum for the cachaca, I’d recommend hunting down this special spirit made from sugar cane juices for its unique ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Watermelon Salad”

Hot, humid days call for cool, crisp salads. This version utilizes tender summer bib lettuce topped off with bright melon and a tangy dressing. It’s a beautiful pairing with grilled meats and veggies but also makes a light lunch when anything else feels too heavy. Watermelon Salad Serves 4 Juice of 1 lemon 1/4 c. balsamic vinegar 1/2 t. salt 1/4 t. pepper 1/4 t. mustard powder 1/2 c. olive oil 5 c. bib lett ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Bison Burgers”

With the Fourth of July stepping up to the plate tomorrow it’s time to fire up that grill. And if you are wanting a bit of a change-up without straying too far from the classics I’ve got just the thing for you. A bison burger is leaner than beef with only a bit of gamey notes compared to other unique meats. By adding a pat of compound butter to the interior of the patty you get added flavor throughout plus ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Epoisses Sauce”

I’ve always loved a good crumble of bleu cheese on a well-cooked steak so I was intrigued when I was presented with the option of an epoisses sauce for my meat when traveling through Burgundy, France. Epoisses is a washed-rind cheese that is known for being especially stinky. I’m a huge fan of the runny, fragrant cheese and was thrilled with the way it complimented the juicy, rich steak. The sauce is be ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Strawberry Ice Cream”

Summer hits and my oven stays off. The heat is too oppressive to amplify it with a contained flame burning in my apartment. Yet there is one kitchen appliance that comes out and gets a workout in these hot and sweaty months: the ice cream maker. I whip up batches and batches of the creamy stuff in an attempt to cool down. I make it all: traditional styles, boozy varieties, and sometimes experiments with ite ...

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