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Sarah Bode-Clark was born in raised in small-town Kansas. She attended Kansas State University where she received a BA in Theatre and Spanish. A few years after college in the "Little Apple" she moved to the Big Apple--New York City--with her husband, Joe. She loves all things food and spends her time cooking, eating, catering, and waiting tables. Her culinary pursuits are documented on her blog, Chomping the Big Apple ( On top of food, Sarah has always had a passion for sports, starting as a t-ball player when she was six, and as she played volleyball, basketball, and ran track through high school. Currently she has left behind the group sports and spends her free time running, and has run the NYC Marathon 3 times, hoping for number 4 in 2012. She also gets a big workout every week during the fall cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs (she is a pretty active/crazy/intense fan), and though she has never followed baseball as closely as other sports, the Royals have always had a special place in her heart.

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Portabella Sandwiches”

Every once in a while I need a break from burgers, hot dogs, and steaks at a sports game. When I still want something hearty but feel like stepping away from the meat, I seek out a portabella sandwich. The mushroom’s rich notes are complimented here with bright lemon-rosemary aioli and a simple arugula salad. Portabella Sandwiches Serves 4 4 portabella mushrooms Salt and pepper 1/4 c. mayonnaise Zest from 1 ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Caipirinhas”

Though the World Cup and its surrounding mania is over, I’m continuing to celebrate summer sports and warm-weather parties with a Brazilian drink in hand: the caipirinha. It is simple and bright with fresh citrus, and refreshes on even the muggiest hot days. Though I’ve seen folks substitute white rum for the cachaca, I’d recommend hunting down this special spirit made from sugar cane juices for its unique ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Watermelon Salad”

Hot, humid days call for cool, crisp salads. This version utilizes tender summer bib lettuce topped off with bright melon and a tangy dressing. It’s a beautiful pairing with grilled meats and veggies but also makes a light lunch when anything else feels too heavy. Watermelon Salad Serves 4 Juice of 1 lemon 1/4 c. balsamic vinegar 1/2 t. salt 1/4 t. pepper 1/4 t. mustard powder 1/2 c. olive oil 5 c. bib lett ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Bison Burgers”

With the Fourth of July stepping up to the plate tomorrow it’s time to fire up that grill. And if you are wanting a bit of a change-up without straying too far from the classics I’ve got just the thing for you. A bison burger is leaner than beef with only a bit of gamey notes compared to other unique meats. By adding a pat of compound butter to the interior of the patty you get added flavor throughout plus ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Epoisses Sauce”

I’ve always loved a good crumble of bleu cheese on a well-cooked steak so I was intrigued when I was presented with the option of an epoisses sauce for my meat when traveling through Burgundy, France. Epoisses is a washed-rind cheese that is known for being especially stinky. I’m a huge fan of the runny, fragrant cheese and was thrilled with the way it complimented the juicy, rich steak. The sauce is be ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Strawberry Ice Cream”

Summer hits and my oven stays off. The heat is too oppressive to amplify it with a contained flame burning in my apartment. Yet there is one kitchen appliance that comes out and gets a workout in these hot and sweaty months: the ice cream maker. I whip up batches and batches of the creamy stuff in an attempt to cool down. I make it all: traditional styles, boozy varieties, and sometimes experiments with ite ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Smoky Asparagus Salad”

As a New Yorker with a small apartment and no yard, I am constantly trying ways to feel like I’m cooking out without the grill. This chilled asparagus dish has smoky notes that hint at the outdoors with no fire required. Even for those with a grill, this side is great for the less-than-ideal-bbq-weather days.   Smoky Asparagus Salad 2 bundles of asparagus, trimmed and washed 1/2 c. olive oil 3-4 drop ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Refried Beans”

Anytime you speak to someone about the food of LA tacos will inevitably pop up. Being so close to the southern border means the immigrants’ influence is strong in the cuisine, lending authenticity yet inspiring change and creativity to dishes. When I make tacos at home, whether going traditional or with a twist, I like to add a schmear of refried beans. It gives bulk and depth to almost any taco. This rec ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Smoked Paprika Popcorn”

Popcorn has always been one of my favorite go-to snacks. It is fast and easy, cheap, and can be dolled up to fit any sort of snack food craving: tossed with shredded Parmesan for a savory treat or with cinnamon and sugar for sweet. This version feels very grown up: it is smoky and deep and I just can’t seem to get enough. I always keep bulk popcorn on hand instead of bags of the microwave stuff. It is jus ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Monkey Bread”

Growing up, monkey bread always seemed like such a treat. Warm and gooey, each piece peeled off releasing its cinnamon aromas, and was easily popped into the mouth in a single bite. It was such a rare treat in our house that I never imagined the recipe would be so simple. Sure, you can make your own bread dough for this if you really feel the urge, but why waste precious time that could otherwise be spent s ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Garlic Bread”

There are many meals that have a special place in my heart and in the memory of my taste buds. Yet there is one dish that seems to transcend the meal itself—it is able to accompany many different cuisines, adds bulk to light meals, and is always one of the first things to go from my dinner tables. The perfect thing to serve up almost any night of the week: garlic bread. This version elevates the simple bu ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Berger Cookies”

This week celebrate the Royals taking on the Orioles with an over-the-top sweet treat from this rival’s town. Berger cookies have a shortbread-like base and are literally PILED with fudgy frosting—the signature version is usually about half and half. The cakey cookies were originally brought via a German family to Baltimore and the DeBaufre Bakeries there still churn out these treats today. Make a batch ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Green Beans with Horseradish”

With the holidays taking place this week I’ve been pouring over (i.e. drooling over) menus and recipe ideas for Passover and Easter meals. Thanks to its placement on a traditional Passover Seder plate, horseradish has come up in my search again and again and has tunneled itself into my list of cravings this week. To satiate this desire I whipped up a batch of green beans thoroughly coated with the sharp b ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Honeycrisp Apple Tartlets”

As the Royals head into their series against the Twins I bring you a dish created from a Minnesota native, the Honeycrisp apple. The Honeycrisp is a hybrid that was created at the University of Minnesota and introduced in 1991. Though young, it has grasped the hearts of many an apple lover with its crisp, sweet-tart bite. To let its natural flavors shine I’ve created a tart with very few ingredients, mean ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Roasted Jalapeno Ranch Dressing”

Sometimes in the midst of too much meat and potatoes it’s nice to offer up a salad to add a touch of green to your party. But a simple side salad doesn’t have to be boring. A homemade dressing goes a long way to add a burst of flavor to a big bowl of lettuce and veggies. This take on buttermilk ranch gets a kick of heat from roasted jalapenos, making it an excellent option to serve alongside any Mexican ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Removing Cooking Oil Stains”

It happens to the most careful among us: while frying up something tasty the oil splatters, making it's way around the apron and onto our clothes. We drizzle the olive oil a bit too enthusiastically. A bite into a greasy treat drips onto our shirt. Over and over again I found myself faced with oil stains on my clothes from cooking and eating. Tired of thinking that the clothes were forever ruined I turned t ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Rosemary and Garlic Bean Dip”

With the long, cold winter we’ve had I’ve been on a bean making kick. They are simple to make and oh, so comforting on those bitter evenings. Plus they have so many uses that it’s hard to get bored. Last time I made a batch I froze half, and these leftovers lent me a quick and easy appetizer for a recent gathering. If you don’t happen to have some homemade beans on hand the canned stuff will do the ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Honey Buttermilk Biscuits”

Despite the trend away from gluten, I’m an advocate of serving up a side of bread with almost every meal. To a large gathering it adds bulk without much cost, and can serve as a base, a sopper, bookends, or utensil depending on what it is paired up with. I came across this particular biscuit recipe in an issue of Saveur Magazine and felt like it needed to have a place on my dinner table that very night. T ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Summer Beer”

Despite the current cold temperatures and threat of snow, March is right around the corner with its promise of incoming spring. Baseball, days in the park, warm breezes, barbeques all are heading our way. To celebrate (and in hopes of bringing it on sooner) I bring you a recipe for Summer Beer. It is a drink we would throw back for hours during the hot months at one of our favorite bars in the Little Apple ...

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Batter Up and Fry: Tailgating Treats. “Spicy Dr. Pepper Ribs”

I think the secret to the perfect rib sauce is in layering the flavors. It’s about building upon the foundation, adding piece after piece while not overwhelming it in any one way and toppling the whole thing over. I think I’ve created just the right balance with this one based on Dr. Pepper. There’s spice to counteract the sweetness, mirepoix and rosemary to add depth. One bite and your sticky fingers ...

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