Beer for the Weekend, by Bobby Clarke Reviewed by Momizat on . AN OUTSIDERS GUIDE TO CRAFT BEER IN KC Hello fellow Royal Fans. I am David's little brother, Bobby. David had asked me to do a write-up on my recent trip to th AN OUTSIDERS GUIDE TO CRAFT BEER IN KC Hello fellow Royal Fans. I am David's little brother, Bobby. David had asked me to do a write-up on my recent trip to th Rating:
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Beer for the Weekend, by Bobby Clarke

Beer for the Weekend, by Bobby Clarke


Hello fellow Royal Fans. I am David’s little brother, Bobby. David had asked me to do a write-up on my recent trip to the Boulevard Brewery. I agreed, then realized it would be an extremely short article with not a lot of info. I will say that if you get the chance to go, do it. It’s full of information on the brewing process and hey, free beer is great too! But fair warning, you need to make reservations several months in advance.

Instead of writing about Kansas City’s hometown brewery, I’m going to write about the Craft Beer Scene in Kansas City from an outsiders point of view. I live in Sedalia, Missouri, Home of the Missouri State Fair, but a craft beer black hole. A town where the best beer on tap is something by Sam Adams and the best bottled beer is WAAAAY overpriced. To get my craft beer fix I make several trips to Kansas City. The following is a list of some of the best places in Kansas City to grab a beer(in no particular order)

FLYING SAUCER(@flyingsaucerkc)
Located in the Power and Light District, The Flying Saucer has by far the most beer taps in Kansas City. The Saucer always has something you’ve never had. They also have daily specials, highlighted by Wednesday’s Buy the Beer, Keep the Glass night and Thursdays Rare Beer Tapping night.

Located in the Crossroads Art District, Grinders is famous for showing off their Bold Flavors on Triple D. Their food is mouth-watering and is one of my favorite places for a cheesesteak. The Le Hog pizza is super good too. Their beer selection is constantly rotating and are known for getting rare beers that NO ONE else has. Last year they got a keg of Ska’s Toasters Black IPA that I just missed out on.
Located at 500 E. 135th in Martin City, MCBC boasts 14 beers on tap and over 50 bottles. Their food is fantastic and their house made ketchup is to die for. But what makes Martin City great is the group of guys who run it. I’ve been there twice and they’ve always made me feel at home. They may not have as many taps as Flying Saucer but the taps they do have are premium. They do have plans to brew in the future but no house brews just yet.

Located in Westport, McCoys is probably my favorite bar in Kansas City. McCoys usually has 8-10 house made brews on tap, along with some guest taps. They’ve won several awards at The Great American Beer Festival for their Ginger Shandy(right up Greg’s alley) and Newcombs IPA. Never a dull beer on tap either. The Blackberry Tart is a great sour beer. The burgers are really good and my wife loves the homemade Mac N Cheese.

Located right next door to McCoys, The Foundry has been named one of the Top Bars in America by Draft Magazine two years in a row. They boast a ton of beers on tap and a large bottle selection. Normally if you missed out on a rare beer at the liquor store, they will have it(but you have to pay the price.) At night this bar is a little too “hipster” for me. What I’ll do is buy my beer at The Foundry and walk it over to McCoys as they are connected.

RIOT ROOM(@riotroom)
Located in Westport, just down the road from McCoy’s. Riot Room is one of the best places to catch an up and coming act perform and their beer selection is superb. They have the biggest selection of on tap Schlafly in KC and tend to get kegs that usually don’t leave St. Louis. They also have 15-20 more taps. Riot Room is where I usually end my night when in KC.

ROYAL LIQUOR(@royalliquorbeer)
Located at 103rd and Stateline, Royal Liquor is by far my favorite liquor store. Brad does a great job of bringing in good beers and gives everyone a chance to get those hard to find beers. He posts any new beers that come in stock on his twitter account and if it’s a rare beer he will release half when he posts it and half at 5 PM. He’s extremely knowledgable and isn’t like the clerks at other stores.

LUKAS LIQUOR(@lukasliquorkc)
Two locations; 13657 Washington Street in KCMO and 7541 W 119th in Overland Park. PRO-TIP: Kansas side liquor stores receive less beers than Missouri side because of KS Liquor Laws. I recommend going to the KCMO location because of this and its much bigger. Seriously its the size of a large Walgreens. They tend to run out of any rare beers before anyone else does but if you are looking to widen your tastes in craft beer then head here. They have every brewery and usually every style that brewery makes.

This is by no means an end all, be all list of KC Craft Beer. I still have not made it to All-Star Pizza(@allstarpizzakc) but everything I’ve heard from my Twitter friends is great. Good pizza and tons of craft beer on tap. There’s also 75th Street Brewery or Barley’s Brewhaus or Beer Kitchen or Waldo Pizza which I’ve all really enjoyed. Also keep your eyes on the opening of the new Swagger location in Martin City which should give Flying Saucer a run for its money on the most taps in KC.
For KC Craft Beer news, keep tabs on . My buddy Pat(@PatsHoppedUp) and Brad(@bradlikesbrew) run this blog that will let you know all of the rare beer tappings in the City!
And that’s it. Thanks for having me fellas, and GO ROYALS!!

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