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Kansas City Royals 2014 MLB Draft Review

The Royals draft in my mind is a good one as they have landed four extremely high upside talents with a handful of pieces that could blossom later. The pick of Brandon Finnegan threw me off at first as I didn't expect him to be there let alone the Royals actually taking him as I had my eyes on offense more with the first pick but Finnegan has as much skill in his three pitches as you will find after the Top ...

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2014 Royals Draft Recap

Quick Analysis Best Pick: Foster Griffin Favorite Pick: Foster Griffin Most Physical Position Player: Brandon Thommason Biggest Upside: Scott Blewitt Might Surprise Top 20 Rd: Brandon Downes 7th Rd The Royals went big upside with their many early picks in the draft this year and came away with four big time players with high ceilings. Obviously the lead name in the group is Brandon Finnegan a smallish lefty ...

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The Life of Harrison

It was big news last night as local Lee's Summit product Monte Harrison fell down team's draft boards before landing with the Milwaukee Brewers at the 50th pick. A source within the industry has confirmed with me that someone within Harrison's camp let teams know yesterday that it would take $2.5 million to sign the talented outfielder away from his Nebraska football commitment. That $2.5M asking price from ...

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Dayton Moore’s Royals Draft History is Checkered

Tonight marks the beginning of the 2014 MLB First Year Player Draft, and with that marks the eighth draft that is officially being run by Dayton Moore and his front office. There's always going to be doubt about who ran the 2006 draft, and while I can't imagine Dayton Moore would have accepted the general manager's job and not had input in that draft, we'll just go by what's official for now and say his fir ...

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AL Central Draft Rumors and Possibilities

We are getting closer and closer to the MLB draft so why not checkout the rumor mill. #1 Hawaiian Kodi Medeiros to the Royals - If you follow the mocks then you know this one well. In fact only Jonathan Mayo of MLB Pipeline has them going a different route with that pick. I'm not doubting them but it's pretty interesting that there is so much consensus out of group considering how far off the scent they wer ...

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Amatuer Time a 10 Spot of Players KC Should Take

The 2014 Major League Draft is as deep as we have seen since 2011 and with the Royals having plenty of picks and bonus money available to them they certainly have an opportunity to reload their farm system. With that said I thought I would breakout an old article I did from 2011 and make my choices for 2014. 17th Pick - My dream would include Touki Toussaint at this pick with his natural arm speed and athl ...

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Pine Tar Press Mock Draft 2014

You've read the articles and we as writers have fallen in love and out of love with certain players involved in the 2014 MLB Draft. With little information we have put together our dart throw of a mock draft going all the way to pick #40 with the Royals. Read enjoy and don't hold us to any of these pick. ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Casey Gillaspie

Casey Gillaspie, 1B 6’4”, 238 lbs. Bats/Throws S/L Wichita State University Statistics as of 5/26/14: 2014 WSU: 59 G, .389/.520/.682, 15 HR, 15 2B, 1 3B, 50 RBI, 8 SB 2013 WSU: 66 G, .299/.447/.517, 11 HR, 16 2B, 1 3B, 46 RBI, 5 SB 2012 WSU: 59 G, .274/.378/.442, 8 HR, 10 2B, 1 3B, 32 RBI, 1 SB Casey Gillaspie offers a lot to like as a probable late-first round pick. The big first baseman has good power ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Monte Harrison

Monte Harrison, OF 6'2", 195 lbs. B/T R/R Lee's Summit West High School (Lee's Summit, MO) You may have heard a story like this before, but Monte Harrison is a local kid who is a freak athlete and he's also committed to Nebraska to play football. Obviously, the name Bubba Starling will pop into your head, and with good reason, but I think Harrison actually has a better shot to make it to the big leagues tha ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Bryce Montes de Oca

Bryce Montes de Oca - RHP 6'8", 265 lbs Throws/Bats R/R Lawrence (KS) High School - Class of '14 If you can throw in the mid-90s, scouts are going to find you. And if you're looking for Bryce Montes de Oca, he's easy to spot. This mountain of a pitcher entered the Lawrence High baseball program at 6'6" and 235 pounds, earning the nickname of "El Grande" and since, he's grown a couple of inches and added 30 ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Jakson Reetz

Jakson Reetz 6'1 195 lbs H/T R/R C/P High School: Norris High College Commitment: University of Nebraska To wrap up our draft profiles we stay local this week picking a guy near to where we all live. My profile lands on catching stud Jakson Reetz of Hickman, Nebraska who has a shot to be the first resident of the state taken in the 1st round since Joba Chamberlain in 2006. A state known mainly to the rest ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Kodi Medeiros

Kodi Medeiros 6'0 185 lbs LHP Hilo, Hawaii College Commitment: Pepperdine University The state of Hawaii doesn't generate a ton of 1st round talent year to year, in fact the state has put up just one first round pick in the last ten years. That number could double in 2014 with lefty Kodi Medeiros pushing his way into the back half of the first round. In past years I don't know if someone like Medeiros wit ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Scott Blewett

Scott Blewett 6'6", 235 lbs. RHP Charles W. Baker High School, Baldwinsville, NY The first thing you notice when you watch Scott Blewett pitch is that he is an imposing figure on the mound. At 6'6" and gaining muscle on the frame, you can see how he has potential to be an absolute horse once he gets into professional ball. For now, he doesn't have much mileage on his arm, pitching in a colder weather area, ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Derek Hill

Derek Hill, OF 6’2”, 190 lbs. Bats/Throws R/R Elk Grove High School (Elk Grove, CA) Statistics as of 5/18/14: 2014 EGHS: 24 G, .500/.590/.787, 0 HR, 9 2B, 7 3B, 29 RBI, 18 SB 2013 EGHS: 33 G, .417/.509/.619, 1 HR, 6 2B, 4 3B, 27 RBI, 9 SB 2012 EGHS: 22 G, .451/.512/.690, 2 HR, 3 2B, 4 3B, 19 RBI, 6 SB Derek Hill has the tools to play a very high brand of center field at the major league level. Blessed w ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Mike Papi

Mike Papi 6'3", 210 lbs Bats/Throws L/R University of Virginia (Junior) Mike Papi was drafted in the 30th round in 2011 out of high school after being a top 100 high school prospect, but he didn't sign. Instead, two years later, he's found himself in one of the top college programs in the country and as one of the best college bats in the draft. Now, he's an All American with a .299/.455/.505 line through M ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: A.J. Reed

A.J. Reed 6'4" 240 lbs Bats/Throws L/L University of Kentucky One way or another, Kentucky's A.J. Reed will make for a fine MLB Draft prospect. One way is on the mound, where the 6'4" Reed can hit 92 mph with his fastball (as a lefty, no less). He's Kentucky's Friday night pitcher and has put up a 9-2 record and 2.30 ERA in 90 innings for the Wildcats. He also has a "slurvy" curveball and his pitching prowe ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Kyle Freeland

Kyle Freeland 6'4 190 lbs LHP Evansville University 2014 Stats Evansville 11 G 8-1 1.90 ERA 80.2 IP 68 H 17 ER 7 BB 106 K 0 HR 2013 Cape Cod 9G/6GS 3-2 2.25 ERA 40 IP 39 H 10 ER 4 BB 48 K 0 HR 2013 Evansville 14 G 4-8 4.34 ERA 93.1 IP 107 H 45 ER 26 BB 84 K 4 HR 2012 Alaska 7 G/6 GS 5-0 0.72 ERA 37.2 IP 20 H 3 ER 13 BB 35 K 2 HR 2012 Evansville 14 GS 4-5 4.55 ERA 91 IP 92 H 46 ER 22 BB 70 K 9 HR Via Basebal ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz 6'3", 220 lbs.B/T R/R Fresno, CA Luis Ortiz is a big guy as you can see by his height and weight above, but he used to be a bigger guy. He's dropped about 35 or 40 lbs. in the last year or so, which has helped him jump up the draft rankings. It's not just the weight loss that helped, but the velocity spike that came with it. Now, Ortiz is throwing in the low to mid-90s, but topping out at 96 or 9 ...

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2014 MLB Draft Profile: Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman, RHP 6’4”, 192 lbs. Bats/Throws R/R East Carolina University Statistics as of 5/11/14: 2014 ECU: 3-3, 67 1/3 IP, 2.94 ERA, 72 K, 20 BB, .262 BAA 2013 ECU: 6-7, 109 2/3 IP, 3.20 ERA, 84 K, 39 BB, .301 BAA 2012 ECU: 3-2, 1 SV, 73 2/3 IP, 3.67 ERA, 55 K, 21 BB, .271 BAA Jeff Hoffman was well on his way to being a very high pick in this year’s draft, but a sad thing happened on the way to a h ...

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