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Starting Pitcher Addition Will Determine Royals’ Offseason Success

Since the last time we talked, the Royals have been busy. But I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I can figure out exactly what they’re trying to do. Sure, the pieces they’ve added at least match up with the holes in the roster. Lose designated hitter Billy Butler? Add designated hitter Kendrys Morales. Need a right field replacement for Nori Aoki? Bring in Alex Rios. Everything else so far has been an attempt to ...

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Major Decisions Ahead For Royals

As the afterglow of the Royals’ October to Remember wears off, and the pain of the World Series loss recedes ever so slowly, we turn our eyes to the offseason. The one constant in baseball is change, and the American League champions (still fun to type!) are not immune. Heck, it was only three days after the World Series ended that Kansas City declined its option on designated hitter Billy Butler, making hi ...

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Great Theater: The Royals in 2014

In the 1989 film Major League, the Cleveland Indians - after years of dismal results - field a team of relative unknowns, built by their owner to lose enough to move the team to Miami. Along the way, the ragtag group (including a speedy outfielder who comes out of nowhere, a fireballing rookie who becomes a local favorite, a slugger who struggles with breaking pitches, and a catcher who seems to play every ...

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Coming To Grips With The Royals’ Loss

Baseball is a cruel mistress. Sure, the game will thrill you. Every day for the last month, Royals fans have been riding a wave of emotions. Really, it goes back further than that, as this team struggled early in the season, got hot, struggled again, and got hot again, hot enough to get in the playoffs. Which is all we have been asking for for 29 years. Just get in and see what happens. Well, we saw what ha ...

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A Thank You To the 2014 Kansas City Royals

Dear Kansas City Royals of 2014, Thank you. Words cannot describe what you did this season for Kansas City and baseball fans across the country. In a small way, you exemplified the “American dream.” The small guy to whom nobody gives a chance, you became the small market team to root for throughout the regular season, and even more so in the postseason. You revitalized an organization that had become the bu ...

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No DH? No Problem As Royals Head to San Francisco

As the Royals head into Game 3 of the World Series in San Francisco, the obvious change is the difference in lineup rules in an NL park. That means no Billy Butler as DH to start the game. ESPN's Jayson Stark suggested that this was a major sticking point for the Royals and puts them at a steep disadvantage, citing history as his evidence. And the numbers alone do give cause for concern, as AL teams haven't ...

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Ventura Has Proven Himself Big League Ready…..Again

You knew they weren’t going down without a fight. Time and time again this year, the Royals have fallen behind and been beaten down. After a Gregor Blanco solo shot to open the game, the “Here we go again” narratives began writing themselves. Enter Billy Butler and the Royals offense. Shut down the night before by one of the game’s premiere pitchers, the bats came alive and propelled the Royals to a 7-2 vic ...

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Thank You, Royals

You might think this is a hard thing to write, but I find it pretty easy, actually. As Royals fans, we all should be thanking this franchise. Yes, they are just doing what they’re supposed to do by making it to the World Series, but I think we all know that it’s not that easy. Of course, part of that has been some luck—I don’t think even the most optimistic fan would argue that this is the “best” team in th ...

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Kansas City Royals fans………………We Ready?

Here we are Kansas City; the WORLD SERIES is here.  And OUR Royals are playing in it!  No really, go check for yourself!  I've been trying to wake up from this 3-week long dream to snap back to reality, but it appears I've been awake all along.  All season long, I've given you the wittiest, funniest, smartest, most insightful look at different aspects of the Kansas City Royals.  Every Tuesday at 10AM, you'v ...

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Fathers, Sons and Number 35

There’s just something about baseball that is unique to fathers and sons. Sons learn the game from their fathers and the fathers look to reclaim their youth teaching the sons. It is the circle of life wrapped around 108 stitches on a baseball. Through a very gracious gift from a friend, last night I got to watch a postseason baseball game with my son. Even better is that I got to watch the 2014 Kansas City ...

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Royals’ Dyson: The Swag That Stirs The Drink

So, Royals outfielder Jarrod Dyson ruffled a few feathers on Saturday when he was asked about the ALCS possibly moving back to Baltimore for Games 6 and 7. “No, sir, I don’t. And I don’t think they think that way, either,” Dyson said, essentially saying the Royals will win two of the three games in Kansas City. I love it. For so long, the Royals have been a team devoid of character—not the good kind of pers ...

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The Kansas City Royals are Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey has been a part of our lives for probably a little bit longer than Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Now that I think about it, I'd say he is probably the male version of JLH.  MM came up as Wooderson, the fun "older guy" from "Dazed and Confused" and then he graduated to bigger roles in movies like "A Time to Kill," "Contact," or "The Wedding Planner."  Later in his career he was the star of "We A ...

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The Royals Should Retire Number 29

Every game the Royals play - and win - during this magical postseason helps old fans like me take trips down memory lane. It’s only natural fans would think back to the glory days, what with images of George Brett during the games, talk of Frank White, memories of Dick Howser - the three Royals who have had their numbers retired. The Royals Hall of Fame has those numbers posted on it, along with the flags t ...

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ALCS Might Come Down To Battle of the Bullpens

What has been viewed by many as the biggest advantage the Royals have had over other teams will once again have to come up big in this American League Championship Series. The Royals bullpen, particularly the triumvirate of Kelvin Herrera/Wade Davis/Greg Holland has been lights-out this season. These next few games though, they will see another good set of relievers, this time coming from the opposing pen. ...

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Here we are. We never doubted it for a minute. We knew Moose would go bananas, and right on cue, too. We knew Vargy would return to pitching well. We knew that when Hosmer and the boys refused to talk to local media after getting turned away at the 810 Zone, that they’d go to 810’s home in Power & Light and drop 20 G’s for drinks for an hour. It’s been so predictable, honestly. I have been telling you f ...

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Who ARE These Guys? Royals Are Reinventing Themselves

In March 1965, Bob Dylan released the album Bringing It All Back Home. At this point in his career, Dylan was considered a folk singer for the most part. So the folk music fans who rushed out to buy the new record, then rushed home and put it on their turntables, had to be stunned when they were greeted with electric guitars on side one of the album. And they had to be even more shocked when side two featur ...

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Dear Dad: The Kansas City Royals Let You Off The Hook

When I was a very small kid, we moved to Kansas City in 1982.  We had moved around a lot in my previous 6 years of life; 4 different large towns/small cities in 4 different states in that time.  The first was one several miles outside of Cincinnati, Ohio and that was where most of my family was from.  We were Reds fans, fresh off the glorious ride of the Big Red Machine.  I couldn't tell you much about thos ...

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The Evidence of Things Not Seen

One of my favorite television shows is The West Wing and one of my favorite episodes, Evidence of Things Not Seen, deals with the idea that you can stand a raw egg on its end at the time of the lunar winter equinox. It is an episode that talks of mystery and myth.  The myth has been debunked countless times, yet it remains as somewhat of an urban legend that speaks to a higher power and the unexplained happ ...

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Starved of Success, Younger Fans Are Getting What They Deserve

“Hope springs eternal” as the old saying goes. Alexander Pope’s phrase from his poem “An Essay On Man” can be applied no better than to a Royals fan born during the 29-year playoff drought. It’s difficult to put into words what winning a wild card spot and then winning the wild card game can do to for a city. The stories told, congratulations given and tears shed after Tuesday night’s dramatic 9-8 victory o ...

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

The first thing I noticed was a lot of blue. Powder blue, royal blue. A lot of blue. Jerseys, caps, shirts. Kansas City had turned out for their team and a large group had shown up to watch at Kelly's Westport Inn. Every TV was showing the FSKC pregame show except for one, which was tuned to the Twins/Tigers game. A small group was around that TV watching before the Royals game got started. At this point, t ...

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