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This is where you can get profiles and scouting reports on every Royals player from the day they are drafted til the day they leave

One Book To Rule Them All

In an unexplainable year, the Royals August ended in stride with an unexplainable finish. A suspended game as a deluge of rain shot from the heavens between the top and bottom of the tenth inning in front of a national television audience.  For about an hour, there was debate and discussion about the proper protocol underwhich the game would be resumed given the likely outcome that six hours of rain was on ...

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If You Haven’t Already, You Can Buy In

When will they cool off? They can’t keep going like this. These are the Royals. The ROYALS! As the Royals enter the last month of the season, the baseball world keeps waiting for the second-half surging Royals to come back down to reality. And even more than that, Kansas City is only cautiously optimistic. (And we Royals supporters that are unfortunate enough to be Mizzou fans definitely still anticipate th ...

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Analyzing The Royals’ (And Other Contenders) Remaining Schedules–Revisited

With September quickly bearing down on us, it’s time to look at the remaining strength of schedule for the Royals and various other playoff contenders. Since the Royals’ offense has gone back in the deep freeze, it’s natural to start to worry about their chances of holding on to the AL Central lead. It’s a legitimate concern; we all know this offense is not the greatest. However, there is some good news—the ...

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6 Things Pharrell Thinks the Kansas City Royals Must Do To Make the Playoffs

You know who Pharrell Williams (a/k/a "Pharrell) is, right?  If you listen to pop music at all, you can hear him on songs from the last year like "Blurred Lines" or "Get Lucky."  More recently, his hit song "Happy" might be where you know him best.     How fitting that Pharrell also happens to play center field for the Kansas City Royals: Yep, that's him-I'm sure of it!  Pharrell loves playing for ...

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Royals Call Up Rankings – 9 Possible September Call Ups

#9 Whit Merrifield - During a normal season I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Whit moved to KC during September as a reward for an outstanding season. Unfortunately there are players who are faster, better defensively, have more power that are ahead of him and the Royals need the best for this September playoff push. Also not on the 40 man roster currently really hurts his chances of getting up this sea ...

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The Royals Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions

The ride of this year’s edition of the Kansas City Royals has certainly taken dramatic twists and turns. The 2014 “Royal-coaster” has rocketed to heights rarely seen in this playoff-starved city and spiraled down to lows known all too well around Kansas City. Coming into this year, the Royals expected to contend for a division title. The groundwork had been laid out the season before with James Shields anch ...

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Do you know who saved the Kansas City Royals season?

At the conclusion of the 2013 season, the Kansas City Royals looked at their 86 win season and celebrated it as a "success" because they were comfortably above .500 and legitimately a part of the chase for the Wild Card up until the middle of September.  Many fans were happy to see them get hot and win a lot of games in the 2nd half of the season.  Others lamented the fact that they finished 5.5 games out o ...

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Royals, Not Tigers, Could Be A’s Biggest Challenge

Just when you think there isn’t anything more that can be written about the Kansas City Royals over the last four weeks, a new storyline arises. When Jason Vargas took the hill on Wednesday night against Oakland the Royals were coming off a 11-3 shellacking at the hands of the Athletics the night prior. Grantland featured an article that subtly criticized the Royals philosophies and praised Billy Beane and ...

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Royals’ Climb Into First Caps Emotional Week

Saturday was a long, exhausting, and emotionally wrenching day. And yet it was fantastic. By now, you all know about SungWoo Lee, the Royals fan from South Korea who has fulfilled his lifelong dream of coming to Kansas City to finally see his team in person. I don’t think it can be overstated how awesome this story is. It’s so easy for us local fans to take it for granted—the stadium is only a short drive a ...

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The “Best Fans in Baseball” want to know: “Where you at, KC?!”

My buddy Cardinals Fan emailed me this little nugget from St. Louis sportswriter Bernie Miklasz yesterday afternoon (before the 3-2 victory over the Oakland A's): "The Kansas City Royals (63-53) have a better record than the St. Louis Cardinals (62-54.) The Royals are going wild, having won seven in a row and 15 of their last 18. They're only a half-game behind the first place Detroit Tigers in the AL Centr ...

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He Will Finally Be Royal – #SungWooToKC Week

The best Royals fan to have never seen a game in person is coming to The K. If you’ve spent any time around Royals fans on Twitter, you no doubt have seen or interacted with Sung Woo Lee @KoreanFan_KC. Sung Woo has been a Royals fan since the 90’s and adopted the team due, in part, to the successes of the teams filled with superstars like George Brett and Frank White.  You can see a couple of past stories a ...

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Well, Well, Well How The Turn Tables

The day was July 22. The Royals were reeling, losing their first four games after the All-Star break. They had fallen behind Cleveland in the standings, and were in danger of dropping another spot to Chicago. The Royals had to face the White Sox for a second game, but were without their number two starter, Jason Vargas. Prior to the game, Dayton Moore had flown to Chicago and addressed the media. Back at ho ...

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On Billy Butler, The Royals, And Accountability

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I am a Billy Butler defender. With roughly eight weeks left in his Kansas City Royals career, I guess I’m going to go down with that particular ship. Even last year, Butler has been a valuable player for the Royals, despite his flaws. I wish at some point the Royals had put more offensive talent around him; Butler was never the type that was going to ...

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Are the Kansas City Royals really a “2nd half team”?

A few weeks ago, coming out of the All Star break, Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost told everyone he was excited for the second half of the 2014 season.  He noted that the Royals were in better shape at the break than they were in 2013 and that he felt like the team was in a good spot because the Royals are a 2nd half team.  That is certainly cause for optimism, assuming one thing.............that he is ...

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So What?

Here we are, Royals fans. August 1 and your team did nothing before yesterday’s trade deadline to improve themselves, either for this year or next year. And then last night we found out first baseman Eric Hosmer will miss at least three weeks,  more likely four to six weeks, with a stress fracture in his hand. Now what? It’s easy to hoist the mental white flag, become more interested in Chiefs training camp ...

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The Time Is Now For Dayton To Add More

Today is the day. We have all been waiting for the Royals to stick their flag in the ground and declare themselves as contenders in the playoff race. A recent move got rid of a platoon third baseman and brought in a backup catcher and minor league reliever. So nothing to write home about yet, and the trade deadline is today. Dayton Moore was quoted as saying “There is no significant deal that we can do base ...

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#Yosted!! (The Sitcom) – Episode 1 (Pilot) — Team Meeting

YOSTED - SEASON ONE, EPISODE ONE (PILOT) ACT ONE - TEAM MEETING INT. ROYALS TEAM CLUBHOUSE (Ned, Billy, Salvy, Moose, Gordo) LIGHT CUE: DARK VOICE OVER Yosted is filmed before a live studio audience NED WALKS INTO CLUBHOUSE TO SEE TEAM SITTING AROUND, DEJECTED NED What’s all this belly achin’ about? BILLY Aw gee, Ned. Can’t you see we’re out of the playoffs? Those last losses just killed us SALVY Ya Papi. D ...

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August Opportunity

The Royals currently stand at 2 games back of the Toronto Blue Jays in the Wildcard standings while also a game back of the Yankees, a 1/2 game back of the Seattle Mariners and 5 back of the Detroit Tigers in the division race. While it's never good to trail three teams in a race for one spot there is a small opportunity that presents itself in the scheduling for the Royals to makeup ground. Yankees (23) Ju ...

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A Final Plea To Keep Calm

What more can be said about the 2014 Royals? This last week saw utter disappointment, a call for heads to roll and yet another tearing-down process for the Kansas City Royals. Now the dogs have been called off…..temporarily. There is no question that a three-game sweep at the hands of the lowly Red Sox, followed by another non-offensive night against the White Sox is inexcusable. Every season has its ups an ...

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“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” ~Eckhart Tolle There is a website you can buy a Chicago Cubs themed coffin. In it is lined with velvet fabric and padded with thick, rich pillows to make your final resting place one of peace and serenity. All the while, you will be staring at a Chicago Cubs logo. These coffins are, apparently, ho ...

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