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I never had a chance. I was born into a family who loved baseball and the Royals, so I accordingly love baseball and the Royals. I just so happen to love to write also, which makes writing about the Royals for this site something that makes me happy each and every day. When I first started blogging, a fairly well known baseball writer told me to only do it until I'm unhappy doing it, but I don't see that coming any time soon.

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    While it is reasonable to not expect everything to go well, we are however at the point that if things actually go reasonably well (50% pecota) than we would be at or near 89 wins. If Hoz, Moose, Myers and Cain hit as projected, then those four plus hitters make a difference that only our fear of being let down again, keeps us from “expecting” it to happen. I think our offense should be well above average (top five) with only Perez being significantly worse this coming year.

    That is assuming (or maybe only hoping) that GMDM gets a real player for 2B. He hasn’t shown that ability in the past, but if he doesn’t change that particular weakness I would expect him to be let go. How could an owner keep faith in him if he keeps repeating his worst mistakes, rather than improve them.

    The only improvement during his tenure I can see is there has only been just one JG (best DH we’ve ever had in RF). But his best moves have come more at the beginning. He has been saved by Soria and Meche (really good moves), an accidental Aviles, Grienke’s career year, and accidental good stats from Chen, Frenchy, and Cabrera last year, which in all three cases he did the exact wrong thing for this year. How can anyone who is being paid to pay more attention than all of us give Frenchy a two-year contract. And that’s not the first time he has bid against himself.

    When I started typing I hadn’t intended to rant, but if GMDM does not do something significantly smart this off-season then we really need him gone and someone in here who understands what makes value in a player. It’s not just his mistakes (everyone makes ’em) but that the same ones keep getting recycled. Arghh!!

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    The eye test also tells me that this team is closer than many think. Like the WAR numbers too. couple other wild cards you left out in the bullpen: Soria and Holland as closer for a full season.

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