Diamonds in the Rough 8.22 Reviewed by Momizat on . HR Roll Call Irving Falu (7) Mario Lisson (11) Orlando Calixte (14) Murray Watts (12)  [caption id="attachment_18024" align="aligncenter" width="300"] (Photo HR Roll Call Irving Falu (7) Mario Lisson (11) Orlando Calixte (14) Murray Watts (12)  [caption id="attachment_18024" align="aligncenter" width="300"] (Photo Rating:
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Diamonds in the Rough 8.22

Diamonds in the Rough 8.22

HR Roll Call Irving Falu (7) Mario Lisson (11) Orlando Calixte (14) Murray Watts (12) 

(Photo Jacob Rose Photography)

Pine Tar Press Hitter of the Day Orlando Calixte 2-4 HR, 3b, 2 R

Pine Tar Press Pitcher of the Day None

Pine Tar Press Rookie League Player of the Day Elier Hernandez 2-5 3b, R, 5 RBI 


New Orleans Zephyrs 8 Omaha Storm Chasers 6

Starter Doug Davis struggled early giving up six runs in the first two innings of a loss at home.  The Omaha offense overcame the first three runs with a three run 1st of their own but could not bridge the gap of the 2nd inning and the later insurance runs by the Zephyrs.  Omaha put up six runs on 14 hits but it was outdone by the Zephys who scored 8 on 15 hits including a 9th inning insurance home run.  Irving Falu had a nice night at the plate going 3 for 5 with a solo home run his 7th of the season which is two more than his previous high.

New Orleans3300001018151

W: Martin (6-8, 6.15) L: Davis (7-4, 4.17)
S: Ray (1)

New Orleans Zephyrs
Gil VelazquezSS523000110.318
Brett HayesC502100102.432
Scott CousinsRF311000021.298
Mike CervenakDH412100110.338
Luke Montz1B300000112.232
Chris AguilaLF502000101.253
Chase Lambin2B511000001.260
Shawn Bowman3B512200000.333
Kevin MattisonCF522001102.237
2B: Cervenak (19, Davis, D), Bowman 2 (2, Davis, D, Davis, D), Hayes (4, Davis, D).
HR: Mattison (13, 9th inning off Hardy, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Cousins; Velazquez 3; Cervenak 3; Mattison 5; Hayes 3; Bowman 4; Lambin; Aguila 2.
RBI: Cervenak (53), Montz (74), Aguila (25), Velazquez (38), Hayes (6), Mattison (41).
2-out RBI: Aguila; Mattison.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Aguila 2; Montz; Velazquez 2; Cousins.
SF: Montz.
GIDP: Cervenak.
Team RISP: 5-for-15.
SB: Velazquez (6, 2nd base off Davis, D/Moore), Cousins (13, 3rd base off Davis, D/Moore).

E: Lambin (7, fielding).
DP: (Lambin-Velazquez-Montz).

Omaha Storm Chasers
Irving FaluSS523001100.323
Mitch MaierRF422000010.261
Anthony SeratelliDH522100101.307
Wil Myers3B401000011.299
Clint Robinson1B502000201.295
David LoughCF402100201.279
Rey Navarro2B502000001.375
Adam MooreC400000001.242
    a- Max RamirezPH100000001.300
Derrick RobinsonLF300000010.268
a-Struck out for Moore in the 9th.
2B: Seratelli (17, Martin, J), Lough (19, Ray, R).
HR: Falu (7, 4th inning off Martin, J, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Falu 6; Seratelli 3; Robinson, C 2; Lough 3; Myers; Navarro 2; Maier 2.
RBI: Seratelli (64), Robinson, C 2 (64), Lough 2 (67), Falu (45).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Moore 2; Myers; Falu; Ramirez, M 2.
SF: Lough.
GIDP: Moore.
Team RISP: 5-for-14.
SB: Falu (20, 2nd base off Martin, J/Hayes).

PB: Moore (5).
DP: (Navarro-Falu-Robinson, C).

New Orleans Zephyrs
J.D. Martin (W, 6-8)6.09442216.15
Evan Reed (H, 5)2.14221306.83
Robert Ray (S, 1)0.21000203.61
Omaha Storm Chasers
Doug Davis (L, 7-4)6.012664804.17
Roman Colon1.02101002.90
Blaine Hardy2.01110113.30
WP: Colon, R.


NW Arkansas Naturals 9 Springfield Cardinals 8

The Naturals punched their way to a win in the second of their four game series with Springfield.  The offense punched out nine runs on 13 hits with eleven singles, a Kevin Kouzmanoff double and Mario Lisson’s 11th home run of the season.  Starter Sugar Ray Marimon was in good position for a win up 8-1 until allowing a run and leaving a pair of runners in the 7th before leaving for reliever Sam Runion.  It wasn’t Runion’s night as the right allowed both Marimon runners to score and adding another to lessen the lead to 8-5.  That three run lead wouldn’t last long in the 8th after Runion gave up a pair of walks and a three run double to Kolten Wong to tie the game.  Brendan Lafferty would get the Naturals out of the jam sending the game to the 9th where he worked a perfect inning and earned the win thanks to a  Whit Merrifield walkoff single that scored Michael Liberto who lead off the 9th with a single.

NW Arkansas0071000019130

W: Lafferty (1-1, 4.88) L: Fornataro (2-3, 2.59)

Springfield Cardinals
Kolten Wong2B503100300.290
Greg GarciaSS422000110.292
Jermaine Curtis3B502000200.322
Jamie Romak1B400000010.254
Xavier ScruggsDH500000001.252
Adam MelkerCF421000011.266
Audry PerezC321000000.270
Raymond KrumlRF401000001.148
Mike O’NeillLF220000121.286
2B: Wong (22, Runion).
TB: Wong 4; Kruml; Perez, A; Curtis 2; Garcia, G 2; Melker.
RBI: O’Neill (2), Garcia, G (50), Curtis 2 (23), Wong 3 (51).
2-out RBI: Garcia, G; Curtis 2; Wong 3.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Melker; Curtis.
Team RISP: 4-for-9.
SB: O’Neill (3, 3rd base off Runion/Pina), Garcia, G (10, 2nd base off Runion/Pina).

E: Fornataro (1, throw).
DP: 2 (Garcia, G-Wong-Romak, Curtis-Romak).

Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Yem PradesCF412000002.265
Whit Merrifield2B512000101.269
Brian FletcherLF411000102.251
Paulo OrlandoRF310000101.280
Kevin KouzmanoffDH201100110.290
Manny PinaC413000200.264
Mario Lisson1B411001200.251
Alex McClureSS400000001.224
Michael Liberto3B433000001.235
2B: Kouzmanoff (9, Maness).
HR: Lisson (11, 3rd inning off Maness, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: Fletcher; Kouzmanoff 2; Liberto 3; Merrifield 2; Lisson 4; Prades 2; Pina 3.
RBI: Fletcher (29), Orlando (35), Kouzmanoff (11), Pina 2 (18), Lisson 2 (48), Merrifield (6).
2-out RBI: Pina 2; Lisson 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Lisson; McClure.
SAC: Prades.
SF: Kouzmanoff.
GIDP: Merrifield, Lisson.
Team RISP: 5-for-11.
SB: Orlando (19, 2nd base off Maness/Perez, A).

DP: (McClure-Merrifield).

Springfield Cardinals
Seth Maness2.27770313.39
Chase Reid3.13111304.61
Kevin Thomas1.00000204.61
Eric Fornataro (L, 2-3)1.03110002.59
Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Sugar Ray Marimon6.06442203.97
Sam Runion1.24442104.15
Brendan Lafferty (W, 1-1)1.10001104.88
Fornataro pitched to 3 batters in the 9th.
Marimon pitched to 4 batters in the 7th.WP: Fornataro, Marimon, Runion.
HBP: Perez, A (by Marimon), Orlando (by Maness).


Frederick Keys 6 Wilmington Blue Rocks 2

The Blue Rocks entered the series with a 3.5 game lead over Frederick in the division but following a doubleheader loss Tuesday and a loss Wednesday will need to salvage the series finale to get out of town with a lead in the division.  The Rocks struggled to make contact off Frederick starter Tyler Wilson who struck out 12 in his 8 innings but of the three hits allowed two left the yard which evened the game at 2 after the top of the eighth.  Unfortunately reliever Nick Rogers could finish the game strong giving up four runs on three hits and a walk in the bottom of the 8th to put the game out of reach.  Shortstop Orlando Calixte left the yard for the second night in a row while also adding a triple.


W: Wilson (7-6, 3.90) L: Rogers (3-4, 2.52)

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Orlando CalixteSS422011101.283
Nick Van StrattenLF400000101.323
Lane AdamsRF400000002.242
Matt Fields1B400000001.282
Cheslor Cuthbert3B300000002.237
Brett EibnerCF300000003.195
Murray WattsDH312001100.244
Juan GraterolC200000001.291
    Jose BonillaC100000000.224
Angel Franco2B200000001.261
    Luis Piterson2B100000000.267
3B: Calixte (4, Walters).
HR: Calixte (4, 1st inning off Wilson, T, 0 on, 0 out), Watts (3, 8th inning off Wilson, T, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Calixte 7; Watts 5.
RBI: Calixte (25), Watts (12), Van Stratten (7).
Team RISP: 0-for-1.
Team LOB: 1.
Frederick Keys
Glynn DavisCF311000110.244
Joe OliveiraC202100100.225
    a- Tyler WilsonPH-P-P200000001.000
    David WaltersP000000000.000
Steven BumbryLF400000002.241
Allan de San MiguelDH-C311100011.262
Jeremy NowakRF411001200.276
Michael Flacco1B411100001.209
Michael Mosby3B211100121.244
Garabez RosaSS211000100.251
Michael Rooney2B200000011.144
a-Struck out for Oliveira in the 5th.
2B: Oliveira (8, Ridings), de San Miguel (7, Ridings), Flacco (14, Rogers), Mosby (16, Rogers).
HR: Nowak (7, 8th inning off Rogers, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Davis, G; de San Miguel 2; Rosa; Flacco 2; Nowak 4; Mosby 2; Oliveira 3.
RBI: Oliveira (14), Davis, G (2), Nowak 2 (39), Mosby (35), Rosa (41).
2-out RBI: Oliveira.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Bumbry 2; Mosby; Wilson, T.
SAC: Rooney; Rosa 2.
Team RISP: 3-for-11.
SB: Davis, G (4, 2nd base off Ridings/Graterol).
CS: Mosby (5, 2nd base by Ridings/Graterol).

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Matt Ridings4.25222302.26
Antonio Cruz2.10002304.15
Nick Rogers (L, 3-4)1.03441112.52
Frederick Keys
Tyler Wilson (W, 7-6)8.032201223.90
David Walters1.01110003.52
WP: Rogers.
IBB: Davis, G (by Cruz, A).


Quad Cities River Bandits 6 Kane County Cougars 2

Tim Melville’s minor league career continued its rocky road Wednesday as the 2008 draftee gave up six hits including a home run and a walk in just 2 innings of work allowing three runs in that time.  Those runs would be enough to take down the Cougars who once again struggled with runners in scoring position going 0 for 7 in that situation while plating just two runs on seven hits.  Reliever Jason Mitchell gave up three runs in his four innings of work to put the game well out of reach for the offense.  Burlington also lost which kept Kane three games back in the wild card race with just 12 games remaining.

Kane County110000000271
Quad Cities21102000x6103

W: Villanueva (10-6, 4.08) L: Melville (0-1, 4.50)

Kane County Cougars
Justin Trapp2B400000001.258
Jack LopezSS411000000.226
Daniel Mateo3B402200001.268
Julio AparicioRF402000000.273
Michael AntonioDH400000000.219
Alex LlanosLF401000002.289
Dean Espy1B400000002.241
Kenny SwabC410000001.229
Tim FergusonCF301100100.284
2B: Ferguson (14, Villanueva), Mateo 2 (20, Villanueva, Cole).
TB: Mateo 4; Lopez; Ferguson 2; Aparicio 2; Llanos.
RBI: Ferguson (35).
2-out RBI: Ferguson.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Antonio 3; Trapp, J; Llanos.
Team RISP: 0-for-7.
CS: Llanos (7, 2nd base by Villanueva/Castillo, J).

E: Mateo (31, throw).
PB: Swab (12).

Quad Cities River Bandits
Nicholas LongmireCF422001110.325
Colin WalshLF301000020.313
Stephen Piscotty3B501000101.281
Anthony Melchionda2B411000001.280
David Medina1B401000003.251
Anthony GarciaDH412001202.278
Juan CastilloC310000011.269
Matt WilliamsSS310000011.281
Nick MartiniRF402000000.261
HR: Longmire (2, 1st inning off Melville, 0 on, 0 out), Garcia, A (18, 3rd inning off Mitchell, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Longmire 5; Martini, N 2; Melchionda; Medina; Garcia, A 5; Walsh; Piscotty, S.
RBI: Longmire (9), Garcia, A 2 (73), Piscotty, S (21).
2-out RBI: Garcia, A; Piscotty, S.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Castillo, J; Melchionda 3; Longmire; Piscotty, S.
Team RISP: 3-for-9.
SB: Longmire 2 (7, 2nd base off Melville/Swab, 3rd base off Mitchell/Swab), Walsh (4, 2nd base off Mitchell/Swab).

E: Villanueva (1, missed catch), Piscotty, S 2 (18, throw, fielding).

Kane County Cougars
Tim Melville (L, 0-1)2.06331014.50
Jason Mitchell4.03313514.75
Cody Fassold2.01001403.16
Quad Cities River Bandits
Dail Villanueva (W, 10-6)7.06200504.08
Ethan Cole1.01000002.08
Heath Wyatt1.00000202.53
WP: Villanueva.


Game 1

Kingsport Mets 2 Burlington Royals 0

The Royals didn’t give their starter Christian Binford much backing on this night costing him a game despite a pretty solid start.  Binford lost his streak without a walk with two down in the 1st maxing it out at 29 innings even before giving a free pass.  According to JJ Cooper of Baseball America Binford was 89-91 with fastball, solid curve and okay change while repeating his delivery which is pretty solid for a long limbed 6’7 pitcher.  That wouldn’t be good enough for Binford to earn a victory when he gave up a pair of doubles in the 6th to allow his only run of the game to take the loss.  Binford final like stood at 6 innings, 4 hits, 2 walks, 6 K’s and a loss when his offense could piece just 3 hits and 3 walks in their scoreless effort.


W: Flexen (1-3, 5.63) L: Binford (2-3, 2.03)
S: Perez (1)

Kingsport Mets
Yeixon Ruiz2B-3B400000001.239
Gavin CecchiniDH402000101.255
Maikis De La CruzCF411100000.284
Jorge RiveroLF-RF200000010.336
Jeffrey DiehlRF100000001.231
    Jonathan LerouxLF100000011.218
Anthony ChavezSS301100101.243
Tomas NidoC300000000.255
    Alex MachillanadaC000000000.211
Jeyckol De Leon1B301000001.215
    1- Branden KaupePR-2B010000000.189
Kevin Weijgertse3B-1B201000000.150
1-Ran for De Leon, J in the 7th.
2B: De La Cruz, M (12, Binford), Chavez, A (5, Binford).
TB: De Leon, J; Chavez, A 2; Cecchini 2; De La Cruz, M 2; Weijgertse.
RBI: Chavez, A (20), Cecchini (19).
2-out RBI: Chavez, A; Cecchini.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Diehl; Nido.
SAC: Weijgertse.
Team RISP: 2-for-9.
Team LOB: 7.

E: Chavez, A (20, fielding).

Burlington Royals
Terrance GoreLF400000000.259
Humberto ArteagaSS201000010.278
Bubba StarlingCF300000002.285
Patrick Leonard3B300000001.257
Mark Threlkeld1B200000010.288
Fred FordRF201100011.243
Kenneth Diekroeger2B300000000.223
Adrian MoralesDH301000000.171
Alexander MarquezC200000001.152
    a- Jose RodriguezPH100000000.200
a-Grounded out for Marquez in the 7th.
2B: Ford (11, Flexen).
TB: Arteaga; Ford 2; Morales, A.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Marquez; Starling.
Team RISP: 0-for-5.
Team LOB: 7.

SB: Morales, A (5, 2nd base off Flexen/Nido).

PB: Marquez (3).

Kingsport Mets
Chris Flexen (W, 1-3)6.03003505.63
Andres E. Perez (S, 1)1.00000009.82
Burlington Royals
Christian Binford (L, 2-3)6.04112602.03
Joe Karlik1.02110005.40
Balk: Binford.


Game 2

Burlington Royals 5 Kingsport Mets 1

The Royals didn’t get much offense in the first game but made that up for that in the second scoring five runs in six innings, earning a win and clinching a playoff spot.  Speedster Terrance Gore lead the offense by singling, stealing a base and scoring in both the 3rd and 4th innings as part of the five run two inning outburst.  Those five runs were plenty for starter Tyler Mack to earn his first professional win as he threw after throwing 5 innings of one hit ball, walking a pair and striking out 2.


W: Mack (1-0, 3.00) L: Baldonado (0-2, 7.00)

Kingsport Mets
Branden Kaupe2B300000011.184
Gavin CecchiniDH200000011.252
Jorge RiveroRF301100000.336
Jonathan Leroux1B300000001.212
    Yeixon Ruiz3B000000000.239
Maikis De La CruzCF300000000.279
Anthony ChavezSS300000002.238
Jeyckol De LeonC311100001.218
Kevin Weijgertse3B-1B301000001.157
Joe TuschakLF201000110.179
2B: Rivero, J (8, Morales, J), De Leon, J (8, Morales, J).
TB: De Leon, J 2; Tuschak; Rivero, J 2; Weijgertse.
RBI: Tuschak (8).
2-out RBI: Tuschak.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: De Leon, J; De La Cruz, M 2.
GIDP: Cecchini.
Team RISP: 1-for-7.
Team LOB: 6.

SB: De La Cruz, M (7, 2nd base off Mack/Maggi).

E: De Leon, J 3 (10, catcher interference, catcher interference, throw), Tuschak (5, throw).
PB: De Leon, J 2 (4).
DP: (Ruiz, Y-Kaupe-Weijgertse).


Burlington Royals
Terrance GoreLF322000010.265
Humberto ArteagaSS400000001.272
Bubba StarlingCF100000000.283
Patrick LeonardDH300000000.253
Mark Threlkeld1B211000010.290
Fred FordRF312000000.250
Adrian Morales3B311100100.177
Beau MaggiC301100101.204
Jose Rodriguez2B200000012.195
2B: Morales, A (2, Baldonado), Maggi (4, Baldonado).
TB: Gore 2; Threlkeld; Ford 2; Maggi 2; Morales, A 2.
RBI: Morales, A (7), Maggi (6).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Leonard; Maggi 2.
GIDP: Arteaga.
Team RISP: 3-for-9.
Team LOB: 6.

SB: Rodriguez, Js (3, 3rd base off Baldonado/De Leon, J), Gore 2 (31, 2nd base off Baldonado/De Leon, J, 2nd base off Gsellman/De Leon, J), Arteaga (7, 2nd base off Baldonado/De Leon, J).
CS: Maggi (1, home by Gsellman/De Leon, J).

E: Rodriguez, Js (5, fielding).
DP: (Morales, A-Threlkeld).

Kingsport Mets
Alberto Baldonado (L, 0-2)3.05441007.00
Robert Gsellman3.02102404.62
Burlington Royals
Tyler Mack (W, 1-0)5.01002402.57
Julio Morales2.03111304.09
Baldonado pitched to 4 batters in the 4th.

WP: Baldonado 2, Gsellman.


Idaho Falls Chukars 11 Billings Mustangs 5

The Chukars pounded out eleven runs in the first four innings to breeze to a win Wednesday night.  Outfield prospect Elier Hernandez did plenty of the damage driving in five runs with a a pair of hits including his fourth triple of the season which cleared the bases in the 4th inning.  The top three hitters in the Idaho Falls lineup Ethan Chapman, Carlos Garcia and Diego Goris accounted for nine of the teams 15 hits while scoring seven of the eleven runs to help pace the effort.  Starter Clayton Schulz was the beneficiary of the run support earning the win despite five runs allowed in six innings on nine hits.

Idaho Falls20450000x11152

W: Schulz (4-6, 6.44) L: Bender (2-4, 8.56)
S: Lopez (2)

Billings Mustangs
Beau AmaralCF511000001.287
Jesse WinkerLF522000000.324
Zachary VincejSS211000111.424
Carlos Sanchez1B400000101.308
    Robert Maddox1B000000000.257
Daniel PigottRF402100001.337
Brandon Dailey2B401010102.323
Robert Ramirez3B411010001.235
Wagner GomezC300000111.202
Fray SosaDH401000001.236
2B: Pigott (7, Schulz).
3B: Ramirez, Ro (3, Schulz), Dailey (4, Schulz).
TB: Vincej, Z; Pigott 3; Amaral, B; Winker 2; Ramirez, Ro 3; Dailey 3; Sosa.
RBI: Gomez, W (17), Vincej, Z (15), Sanchez, Ca (41), Dailey (17).
2-out RBI: Dailey.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Dailey; Ramirez, Ro; Winker.
SF: Vincej, Z.
GIDP: Ramirez, Ro.
Team RISP: 2-for-11.
Team LOB: 6.

E: Miller, E (1, throw).
PB: Gomez, W 3 (13).
DP: (Dailey-Maddox-Vincej, Z).

Idaho Falls Chukars
Ethan ChapmanCF533100000.317
Carlos Garcia2B533000100.274
Diego GorisLF423000100.312
Nicholas Cuckovich3B411000111.261
Elier HernandezRF512010502.210
Nick DelGuidiceDH511100100.303
Jared Schlehuber1B301100122.269
Parker MorinC401000101.275
Adrian MartinezSS300000000.206
2B: Chapman (8, Bender), DelGuidice (12, Bender), Schlehuber (7, Ramos, C).
3B: Hernandez (4, Ramos, C).
TB: Garcia, C 3; Schlehuber 2; Hernandez 4; Cuckovich; Morin; Chapman 4; DelGuidice 2; Goris 3.
RBI: Garcia, C (18), Hernandez 5 (33), Cuckovich (39), DelGuidice (18), Morin (16), Goris (28), Schlehuber (11).
2-out RBI: Hernandez; DelGuidice; Morin.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: DelGuidice; Martinez, A 2; Morin; Schlehuber.
GIDP: Garcia, C.
Team RISP: 8-for-21.
Team LOB: 8.

E: Garcia, C (5, fielding), Hernandez (8, fielding).
PB: Morin (7).
Outfield assists: Chapman (Winker at home), Hernandez (Sanchez, Ca at 2nd base).
DP: (Garcia, C-Martinez, A-Schlehuber).

Billings Mustangs
Joel Bender (L, 2-4)3.011991208.56
Carlos Ramos4.03222207.71
Erik Miller1.010002010.66
Idaho Falls Chukars
Clayton Schulz (W, 4-6)6.09532606.44
Joe Lopez (S, 2)3.00000302.51
Bender pitched to 3 batters in the 4th.

WP: Bender, Schulz 2, Lopez, J.
HBP: Martinez, A (by Ramos, C), Goris (by Miller, E).


AZL Royals 12 AZL Padres 5 

John Lamb completed his third start rehab start going 1+ innings.  His father reported to me that he just got out of his ankle boot a couple days ago which is something considering he’s made a couple rehab starts.  Hopefully the ankle is 100% now and he can get his legs underneath him.

AZL Padres210101000594
AZL Royals53030010x12160

W: Tenuta (3-4, 4.58) L: Weickel (1-3, 6.00)
S: Goudeau (1)

AZL Padres
Edwin MorenoCF501100100.302
Jalen GoreeSS401000100.319
Jose Dore1B311010001.333
    Luis Tejada1B100000001.285
Cade Kreuter3B511010101.220
Henry CharlesLF301100110.244
Yair LopezRF400000001.185
Miguel Del CastilloC311000010.393
Christian MunozDH322100101.364
Cody Gabella2B401000001.209
2B: Charles (6, Lamb), Munoz (5, Lamb), Moreno, E (14, Tenuta).
3B: Dore (1, Lamb), Kreuter, C (1, Lamb).
TB: Gabella; Del Castillo; Kreuter, C 3; Goree; Moreno, E 2; Charles 2; Dore 3; Munoz 3.
RBI: Kreuter, C (8), Charles (16), Munoz (8), Goree (13), Moreno, E (34).
2-out RBI: Kreuter, C; Charles; Goree.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Lopez, Y; Goree; Del Castillo; Dore.
Team RISP: 4-for-13.
Team LOB: 8.

SB: Goree (1, 2nd base off Tenuta/Johnson, C).

E: Dore (1, fielding), Weickel (1, pickoff), Kreuter, C (5, fielding), Goree (10, fielding).
PB: Del Castillo (5).
DP: 2 (Dore-Kreuter, C, Goree-Tejada, L).

AZL Royals
Ariel EstadesCF000000000.278
    a- Jerrell AllenPH-CF411000011.207
Alfredo Patino2B431000021.202
Alexis RiveraRF421000011.348
Mauricio Ramos3B522000100.294
Mark Donato1B522000101.248
Chad JohnsonC512010200.263
Pedro GonzalezDH513000300.260
Marsalis HollowayLF401000110.158
Lewis UrenaSS503100101.159
a-Singled for Estades in the 1st.
2B: Urena, Le (2, Bostjancic).
3B: Johnson, C (1, Miller).
TB: Rivera, A; Holloway; Donato 2; Johnson, C 4; Gonzalez, P 3; Ramos, M 2; Patino; Urena, Le 4; Allen.
RBI: Gonzalez, P 3 (16), Holloway (1), Ramos, M (26), Donato (26), Johnson, C 2 (22), Urena, Le (4).
2-out RBI: Gonzalez, P 2; Holloway; Ramos, M; Donato; Johnson, C.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Urena, Le; Gonzalez, P; Patino 3; Johnson, C; Allen.
GIDP: Ramos, M.
Team RISP: 8-for-23.
Team LOB: 11.

Outfield assists: Holloway (Moreno, E at 2nd base).
DP: (Holloway-Patino).

AZL Padres
Walker Weickel (L, 1-3)0.22511106.00
Christian Miller1.15330009.12
Yimmi Brasoban3.07331309.00
Malcom Diaz1.011021010.69
Cory Bostjancic2.01001007.71
AZL Royals
John Lamb1.053300013.50
Matt Tenuta (W, 3-4)5.04221304.58
Ashton Goudeau (S, 1)3.00001304.22
Diaz pitched to 2 batters in the 7th.
Lamb pitched to 2 batters in the 2nd.

WP: Weickel, Miller.
HBP: Dore (by Tenuta), Munoz (by Tenuta), Goree (by Tenuta), Allen (by Brasoban).



DSL Royals 3 DSL Indians 2

DSL Royals000100100001380
DSL Indians0000000110002113

W: Encarnacion (1-1, 10.05) L: Rodriguez (5-4, 2.75)
S: Rosario (6)

DSL Royals
Jeckson FloresSS500000101.225
Eddy MeloC501100010.264
Wander Franco3B411000010.315
Johan Santa2B401000001.286
Cesar GonzalezDH502000101.229
Jose SolanoRF510000001.233
Angelo Castellano1B512000000.250
Jose GironCF301000100.219
Brawlun GomezLF400000012.191
2B: Melo (10, Rodriguez).
TB: Castellano 2; Melo 2; Gonzalez, C 2; Santa; Franco; Giron.
RBI: Gonzalez, C (30), Giron (11), Flores, J (24).
2-out RBI: Giron.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Flores, J; Melo 2; Castellano; Santa; Giron; Solano.
SAC: Giron 2; Santa; Flores, J.
Team RISP: 2-for-13.
Team LOB: 8.

SB: Solano (8, 2nd base off Vizcaya/Calderon).
CS: Santa (6, 2nd base by Vizcaya/Calderon), Melo (5, 2nd base by Vizcaya/Calderon).
PO: Melo (1st base by Vizcaya).

PB: Melo (1).
Outfield assists: Gomez, B (Valdez, O at 3rd base).
DP: (Gomez, B-Franco).

DSL Indians
Ordomar Valdez2B400000021.284
Ivan CastilloSS603000100.241
Michael DepenRF500000012.281
Juan De La Cruz1B-3B601000002.247
Andri SantanaDH613000003.327
Kevin CalderonC301000000.190
Omar SanchezLF-1B400000011.197
Amauri Castillo3B300000001.201
    a- Victor CabralPH-LF101000100.289
    Fidias SotoLF000000000.154
Joel MejiaCF312000010.258
a-Singled for Castillo, A in the 9th.
TB: Castillo 3; Calderon; Cabral; Mejia, J 2; Santana 3; De La Cruz, Ju.
RBI: Castillo (14), Cabral (33).
2-out RBI: Castillo.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Sanchez 2; Castillo, A; De La Cruz, Ju; Castillo 3.
SAC: Calderon 2; Mejia, J.
Team RISP: 3-for-14.
Team LOB: 12.

SB: Mejia, J 2 (16, 2nd base off Pena/Melo, 2nd base off Pena/Melo), Santana (10, 3rd base off Feliz/Melo).
CS: Castillo (6, 2nd base by Fernandez/Melo).

E: Castillo (20, fielding), Mejia, J (1, fielding), Calderon (3, throw).
PB: Calderon (3).
Pickoffs: Vizcaya (Melo at 1st base).

DSL Royals
Pedro Fernandez5.03000601.93
Yimauri Pena (H, 2)2.24112105.06
Igor Feliz (BS, 4)1.02112002.84
Jesus Ortiz0.10001002.70
Felix Encarnacion (W, 1-1)2.020001010.05
Harol Rosario (S, 6)1.00000203.31
DSL Indians
Anthony Vizcaya7.05211400.94
Ramon Rodriguez (L, 5-4)5.03102202.75
HBP: Cabral (by Encarnacion).

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