Diamonds in the Rough 8.5 Reviewed by Momizat on . 4-3 record for Royals affiliates Sunday. HR Roll Call Matt Fields (14) Fred Ford (11)    [caption id="attachment_15081" align="aligncenter" width="180"] 4-3 record for Royals affiliates Sunday. HR Roll Call Matt Fields (14) Fred Ford (11)    [caption id="attachment_15081" align="aligncenter" width="180"] Rating:
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Diamonds in the Rough 8.5

Diamonds in the Rough 8.5

4-3 record for Royals affiliates Sunday. HR Roll Call Matt Fields (14) Fred Ford (11) 


Irving Falu via

Pine Tar Press Hitter of the Day Irving Falu 3-4 3b, 2 RBI

Pine Tar Press Pitcher of the Day Andy Ferguson 6.2 IP 6 H 1 R 1 ER 1 BB 7 K

(Photo David Asher)

Pine Tar Press Rookie League Player of the Day Fred Ford 2-4 HR, 2 RBI 


Colorado Springs Sky Sox 10 Omaha Storm Chasers 3

Lefthander Chris Dwyer’s introduction to AAA has went as one would expect as the left-handers AAA ERA jumped from 6.75 to 7.53 thanks to his 7 run (6 ER) loss Sunday.  The left-hander continues to struggle with walks giving away four free passes in this one to up his total 14 in 28.2 innings while giving up well over a hit per inning in that time.  The Chasers couldn’t overcome their pitchers difficulties scoring just three runs on eight hits in dropping their third consecutive game at home.

Col. Springs10025020010112

W: Schmidt (4-2, 6.75) L: Dwyer (2-3, 7.53)

Colorado Springs Sky Sox
Tommy FieldSS410000010.251
Charlie Culberson2B511000002.238
Andrew BrownRF321001121.314
Brendan Harris3B421000112.297
Hernan IribarrenLF503000001.309
Brandon WoodDH421000013.252
Chad Tracy1B411100312.271
Wilkin CastilloC311100210.238
Brandon RobertsCF502100202.287
2B: Tracy, C (32, Hardy), Castillo, W (5, Hardy), Roberts (12, Hardy).
HR: Brown, A (21, 1st inning off Dwyer, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Roberts 3; Harris, B; Castillo, W 2; Iribarren 3; Brown, A 4; Wood, Br; Culberson; Tracy, C 2.
RBI: Brown, A (85), Tracy, C 3 (66), Castillo, W 2 (20), Harris, B (47), Roberts 2 (20).
2-out RBI: Brown, A; Tracy, C 2; Castillo, W; Roberts 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Castillo, W; Roberts; Field 2; Wood, Br.
SF: Castillo, W.
GIDP: Castillo, W.
Team RISP: 6-for-15.
SB: Iribarren (18, 2nd base off Dwyer/Ramirez, M), Brown, A (3, 2nd base off Dwyer/Ramirez, M), Wood, Br (2, 2nd base off Hardy/Ramirez, M).FIELDING
E: Field (21, fielding), Brown, A (7, fielding).
DP: (Culberson-Field-Tracy, C).
Omaha Storm Chasers
Irving FaluSS403010201.328
Johnny Giavotella2B400000001.328
Wil MyersCF401000002.284
Clint Robinson1B400000000.291
Max RamirezC410000002.290
David LoughLF411000000.279
Jason BourgeoisDH400000001.202
Mitch MaierRF301100102.211
Anthony Seratelli3B312100000.292
2B: Maier (1, Schmidt), Seratelli (11, Schmidt).
3B: Falu (2, Schmidt).
TB: Falu 5; Seratelli 3; Myers; Lough; Maier 2.
RBI: Maier (1), Falu 2 (38).
2-out RBI: Falu 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Robinson, C; Giavotella 3; Seratelli.
SF: Maier.
GIDP: Robinson, C.
Team RISP: 2-for-8.
SB: Falu (17, 2nd base off Schmidt/Castillo, W).FIELDING
E: Seratelli (15, fielding).
DP: (Falu-Giavotella-Robinson, C).
Colorado Springs Sky Sox
Nick Schmidt (W, 4-2)7.08310706.75
Eric Junge1.00000000.00
Will Harris1.00000201.20
Omaha Storm Chasers
Chris Dwyer (L, 2-3)4.25764617.53
Blaine Hardy2.15331303.57
Brandon Sisk1.01001303.08
Donnie Joseph1.00001109.00
WP: Dwyer.


NW Arkansas Naturals 5 Arkansas Travelers 1

The Naturals scored three first inning runs and then leaned on their pitching to get a win in the third of four with Arkansas.  The offense used four singles and a walk in the first to put the three runs on the board including a two run scoring single from Mario Lisson.  Starter Sugar Ray Marimon didn’t miss many bats once again but surrendered just a run on four hits and three walks in his six innings to even his record at 3-3 since joining the AA squad.  Reliever Sam Runion worked the final three innings for his first AA save giving up just a walk and a single while striking out three.

NW Arkansas300000101590

W: Marimon (3-3, 3.35) L: Arenas (4-8, 5.68)
S: Runion (1)

Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Yem PradesCF401100111.254
Christian ColonSS403000010.290
Brian FletcherLF411000013.262
Paulo OrlandoRF411000001.266
Manny PinaC310000011.276
Mario Lisson1B401000201.251
Carlo TestaDH401000101.252
Rey Navarro3B411100001.249
Michael Liberto2B210000010.216
2B: Navarro (13, Arenas), Prades (21, Arenas).
TB: Fletcher; Testa, C; Prades 2; Navarro 2; Colon, C 3; Orlando; Lisson.
RBI: Lisson 2 (43), Testa, C (48), Prades (32).
2-out RBI: Lisson 2; Testa, C.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Lisson; Testa, C; Fletcher 3.
SAC: Liberto.
Team RISP: 3-for-12.
SB: Liberto (1, 3rd base off Chaffee/Rosario, A), Prades (12, 2nd base off Chaffee/Rosario, A).
CS: Colon, C (6, 2nd base by Arenas/Rosario, A).FIELDING
Pickoffs: Marimon (Lopez at 2nd base).
Arkansas Travelers
Travis WitherspoonCF301000011.250
Renny Osuna2B411000000.259
Paul McAnulty1B400000000.227
Roberto LopezRF300000011.261
Casey HaertherDH401000100.262
Jimmy Swift3B402000000.250
Ryan MountLF400000001.236
Alberto RosarioC300000002.219
Darwin PerezSS100000020.202
TB: Haerther; Swift 2; Osuna, R; Witherspoon.
RBI: Haerther (43).
2-out RBI: Haerther.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: McAnulty 2; Osuna, R; Mount.
Team RISP: 1-for-7.
SB: Osuna, R (17, 2nd base off Marimon/Pina).
CS: Swift (3, 2nd base by Marimon/Pina).
PO: Lopez (2nd base by Marimon).FIELDING
PB: Rosario, A (9).
Outfield assists: Witherspoon (Lisson at 3rd base).
Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Sugar Ray Marimon (W, 3-3)6.04113203.35
Sam Runion (S, 1)3.01001300.00
Arkansas Travelers
Orangel Arenas (L, 4-8)6.29442405.68
Ryan Chaffee2.00103403.19
Chris Scholl0.10000107.09
WP: Runion, Arenas.


Wilmington Blue Rocks 5 Salem Red Sox 4 F/10

The Rocks built a 4-1 lead through 7 innings with some extra base hits and good pitching by Andy Ferguson but were forced to get a big hit in extras to finish off the win.  Shortstop Orlando Calixte stole a pair of bases in the 1st scoring on a Lane Adams single.  A Cuthbert double and Geulin Beltre single would score the next two runs prior to a 7th inning Matt Fields home run that pushed Wilmington’s lead to three.  Starter Andy Ferguson gave Wilmington 6.2 solid innings of one run ball striking out seven against just six hits.  The Arkansas State right-handers stint in Wilmington has been quite solid striking out 31 in 31 innings while walking just four.  With Ferguson out reliever Chase Boruff couldn’t hang onto the lead giving up three hits, a walk and three runs to send the game to extra innings.  In the 10th Geulin Beltre continued his hot hitting (#3 on this weeks Starting 9) getting on with his third hit of the game and eventually scoring on a Luis Piterson single.  Reliever Nick Rogers would finish off the game to earn the win for the Rocks pulling them back within a half of game of first.


W: Rogers (3-3, 1.95) L: Bayer (1-3, 4.26)

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Whit MerrifieldLF501000001.259
Orlando CalixteSS411000011.280
Matt Fields1B521001101.293
Lane AdamsCF512000102.226
Cheslor Cuthbert3B502100100.223
Geulin BeltreRF413000100.242
Murray WattsDH500000002.178
Jose BonillaC300000020.227
Luis Piterson2B403000101.294
2B: Cuthbert (13, Couch).
HR: Fields, M (14, 7th inning off Rivera, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Piterson 3; Merrifield; Calixte; Beltre 3; Cuthbert 3; Adams 2; Fields, M 4.
RBI: Adams (15), Cuthbert (50), Beltre (28), Fields, M (28), Piterson (10).
2-out RBI: Adams; Cuthbert; Beltre; Piterson.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Watts 3; Fields, M; Calixte 2; Merrifield.
SAC: Merrifield; Piterson.
Team RISP: 4-for-20.
SB: Calixte 2 (6, 2nd base off Couch/Ibarra, 3rd base off Couch/Ibarra), Merrifield (25, 2nd base off Couch/Ibarra), Piterson (8, 2nd base off Couch/Ibarra), Beltre 2 (12, 2nd base off Rivera/Ibarra, 3rd base off Rivera/Ibarra).
CS: Beltre (9, home by Couch/Ibarra).FIELDING
Outfield assists: Merrifield (Bogaerts, X at home).
DP: 2 (Piterson-Fields, M, Rogers-Calixte-Fields, M).
Salem Red Sox
Heiker Meneses3B500000002.289
Adalberto IbarraC514100000.275
Michael Almanzar1B511000101.304
Brandon JacobsLF400000012.264
Xander BogaertsSS412000010.303
Sean Coyle2B311100110.247
Drew HedmanRF502100102.214
Carson BlairDH401100101.203
Shannon WilkersonCF301000011.277
2B: Coyle (28, Ferguson), Hedman (9, Ferguson), Ibarra (10, Boruff), Blair (9, Rogers).
TB: Almanzar; Blair 2; Hedman 3; Wilkerson; Bogaerts, X 2; Ibarra 5; Coyle 2.
RBI: Hedman (20), Almanzar (44), Coyle (52), Blair (14).
2-out RBI: Hedman; Blair.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Blair 2; Meneses 2.
SF: Coyle.
GIDP: Almanzar, Coyle.
Team RISP: 3-for-8.
E: Couch (1, pickoff), Bayer (2, pickoff).
Wilmington Blue Rocks
Andy Ferguson6.26111703.98
Chase Boruff (H, 5)1.03331006.65
Nick Rogers (BS, 2)(W, 3-3)2.13002201.95
Salem Red Sox
Keith Couch5.09332403.76
Manuel Rivera3.02111315.56
Jeremiah Bayer (L, 1-3)2.02100104.26
WP: Boruff, Bayer.
HBP: Beltre (by Rivera).


Kane County Cougars 5 Cedar Rapids Kernals 4

Starter Kyle Zimmer was better in his third start out but was still inefficient in his four innings.  The San Fran right-hander gave up three hits while walking a pair and being forced into several long counts and giving up a run against six strikeouts.  Zimmers counterpart Kernals starter Austin Wood outdid the Royals 1st round pick striking out six against six hits and a couple walks in his seven innings of one run ball.  The Cougars trailed 4-1 in the bottom of the 9th when they loaded the bases with three consecutive one out singles for Jack Lopez who delivered the biggest hit of the game tripling into right field scoring all three base runners to tie the game.  Tied and with just the one out center fielder Andy Workman would commit an error to score Lopez from 3rd, giving the Cougars a comeback win.

Cedar Rapids010010020471
Kane County0000100045122

W: Giovenco (3-2, 4.82) L: Tromblee (4-3, 4.25)

Cedar Rapids Kernels
Zachary Borenstein3B200000031.253
Drew MartinezRF400000001.259
Gary MitchellLF401000011.266
Andy WorkmanCF501100103.272
Matthew Scioscia1B411000001.248
Frazier HallDH411001203.256
Abel BakerC412100000.227
Trevor Hairgrove2B401000002.224
Kevin MoesquitSS310000011.221
    Eric StametsSS000000000.306
2B: Baker, A (9, Zimmer), Workman (12, Brown, R).
HR: Hall (11, 8th inning off Triggs, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: Baker, A 3; Scioscia; Mitchell; Hall 4; Hairgrove; Workman 2.
RBI: Workman (45), Hall 2 (37).
2-out RBI: Workman; Hall 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Moesquit; Scioscia; Workman 2.
Team RISP: 3-for-10.
SB: Martinez, D (8, 2nd base off Giovenco/David).FIELDING
E: Workman (4, fielding).
Outfield assists: Mitchell (Espy at 2nd base).
DP: (Hairgrove-Moesquit-Scioscia).
Kane County Cougars
Justin Trapp2B311000011.256
Jack LopezSS411010311.212
Daniel MateoDH502010101.275
Jorge BonifacioRF400000000.280
Michael Antonio3B402000002.223
Alex LlanosCF400000001.287
Tim FergusonLF400000000.293
Dean Espy1B413000000.246
Kevin DavidC413000001.259
    1- Yowill EspinalPR010000000.300
1-Ran for David in the 9th.
3B: Mateo (9, Wood), Lopez (2, Tromblee).
TB: Antonio 2; Mateo 4; Trapp, J; Lopez 3; Espy 3; David 3.
RBI: Mateo (52), Lopez 3 (9).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Antonio 2; Trapp, J; Bonifacio; Llanos.
GIDP: Llanos.
Team RISP: 2-for-13.
E: Lopez (11, throw), Espy (6, fielding).
Outfield assists: Llanos (Borenstein at home).
Cedar Rapids Kernels
Austin Wood7.06112604.12
Logan Odom (H, 3)1.02000105.18
Stephen Tromblee (BS, 6)(L, 4-3)0.14430004.25
Kane County Cougars
Kyle Zimmer4.03112607.20
Rudy Brown2.02112302.30
Andrew Triggs2.02220211.46
Michael Giovenco (W, 3-2)1.00001204.82
WP: Zimmer.
Balk: Zimmer.
HBP: Martinez, D (by Giovenco), Trapp, J (by Wood).

Orem Owlz 4 Idaho Falls Chukars 3

The Chukars top of the order did their job Sunday but the rest of the lineup couldn’t contribute enough to score a win.  Leadoff man Ethan Chapman and Adalberto Mondesi reached base three times each but were knocked in just once each thanks to a 1 for 11 effort by the team with runners in scoring position.  Starter Alec Mills put up a quality starter giving up just two runs on a 3rd inning two run home run while striking out six against no walks, taking a tough luck loss in the process.

daho Falls000000021390

W: Krehbiel (1-1, 7.78) L: Mills (0-3, 3.68)
S: Boyd (2)

Idaho Falls Chukars
Ethan ChapmanCF513100000.347
Adalberto MondesiSS412000010.298
Elier HernandezRF300000001.224
Nicholas Cuckovich3B300000111.271
Jared Schlehuber1B401100001.284
Nick DelGuidiceDH201000110.271
Diego GorisLF100000001.278
    Jerico BlancoLF300000001.175
Carlos Garcia2B401000000.279
Travis LaneC411010001.154
2B: Schlehuber (5, Rodriguez, N), Chapman (6, O’Grady).
3B: Lane (2, Boyd).
TB: Garcia, C; Mondesi 2; Chapman 4; DelGuidice; Schlehuber 2; Lane 3.
RBI: Cuckovich (26), DelGuidice (7).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Schlehuber; Garcia, C; Lane; Blanco, J.
SF: DelGuidice.
GIDP: Hernandez.
Team RISP: 1-for-11.
SB: Chapman (16, 3rd base off Rodriguez, N/Livingston).
Orem Owlz
Joel CapoteCF400000000.396
Wendell SotoSS400000003.322
Wade Hinkle1B400000001.323
Michael Snyder3B301100000.327
    Caleb Bushyhead3B000000000.279
Jarrod Parks2B200000001.275
Andrew RayLF310000002.288
Chevy ClarkeRF322000000.295
Michael BolaskiDH312101400.273
Zac LivingstonC200000000.357
2B: Snyder (17, Middendorf), Bolaski (6, Middendorf).
HR: Bolaski (6, 3rd inning off Mills, 1 on, 0 out).
TB: Bolaski 6; Snyder 2; Clarke, C 2.
RBI: Bolaski 4 (23).
2-out RBI: Bolaski 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Livingston.
SAC: Parks.
Team RISP: 1-for-3.
E: Clarke, C (1, fielding).
DP: (Soto, W-Parks-Hinkle).
Idaho Falls Chukars
Alec Mills (L, 0-3)6.02220613.68
David Middendorf1.03220004.00
Cory Hall1.00000102.75
Orem Owlz
Nataniel Rodriguez3.15002205.31
Joseph Krehbiel (W, 1-1)2.20000307.78
Chris O’Grady (H, 2)1.03220007.94
Austin Adams (H, 3)1.00001103.05
Jake Boyd (S, 2)1.01100005.06
O’Grady pitched to 2 batters in the 8th.WP: Rodriguez, N, O’Grady.
HBP: Hernandez (by Adams), Livingston (by Mills).


Burlington Royals 6 Pulaski Mariners 3

The Royals offense carried them to a victory Sunday helping overcome a less than stellar effort by their starter.  Outfielders Terrance Gore, Bubba Starling and Fred Ford did much of the the damage reaching base eight times and scoring four of the teams six runs.  Bubba got the scoring started in the first inning knocking in Gore with a double to give the Royals a 1-0 lead.  After starter Colin Rodgers gave up the lead in the 2nd the tandem of Gore and Bubba would score on a Kenny Diekroeger double as part of a three run inning that would put Burlington up for good.  Ford would knock in the final two runs of the game for Burlington one a single in the 5th and then homering in the 8th to tie Patrick Leonard for the team and league lead.


W: Peterson (4-0, 1.45) L: Marte (1-4, 4.94)
S: Stumpf (2)

Pulaski Mariners
Gilmer Lampe1B511000001.217
Martin Peguero2B501100000.217
Dario PizzanoRF201100100.312
Reginald LawsonLF301000011.254
Jordy Lara3B311000011.205
Jabari HenryCF411000000.223
Tyler MarletteC401000100.300
Phillips CastilloDH300000010.252
Bryan BritoSS401000100.155
2B: Pizzano (7, Rodgers), Peguero, M (5, Rodgers).
TB: Marlette; Pizzano 2; Lampe; Brito; Lara, J; Lawson; Henry, J; Peguero, M 2.
RBI: Marlette (14), Brito (11), Pizzano (12).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Peguero, M; Lara, J; Marlette.
SF: Pizzano.
Team RISP: 1-for-6.
SB: Peguero, M (3, 3rd base off Rodgers/Gallagher).
PO: Lawson (1st base by Gallagher).FIELDING
PB: Marlette (9).
DP: (Peguero, M-Brito-Lampe).
Burlington Royals
Terrance GoreLF221000020.283
Humberto ArteagaSS200000000.269
Bubba StarlingCF312100110.298
Patrick Leonard3B410000002.258
Kenneth Diekroeger2B401100201.246
Cameron GallagherC200000011.278
Fred FordRF412001201.281
Mark Threlkeld1B401000002.291
Adrian MoralesDH411000000.196
2B: Starling (6, Marte, W), Diekroeger, K (4, Huijer).
HR: Ford (11, 8th inning off Pereira, R, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: Diekroeger, K 2; Gore; Ford 5; Starling 3; Threlkeld; Morales, A.
RBI: Starling (23), Diekroeger, K 2 (26), Ford 2 (25).
2-out RBI: Diekroeger, K 2; Ford.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Diekroeger, K; Ford; Arteaga; Threlkeld.
SAC: Arteaga 2.
GIDP: Morales, A.
Team RISP: 4-for-10.
SB: Starling (6, 3rd base off Marte, W/Marlette), Gore (20, 2nd base off Huijer/Marlette).FIELDING
E: Arteaga (5, fielding), Diekroeger, K (4, fielding).
Outfield assists: Starling (Pizzano at 3rd base).
DP: (Arteaga-Threlkeld).
Pickoffs: Gallagher (Lawson at 1st base).
Pulaski Mariners
Wander Marte (L, 1-4)2.13442204.94
Lars Huijer2.23112304.79
Ricardo Pereira3.02110215.70
Burlington Royals
Colin Rodgers4.26323101.83
Mark Peterson (W, 4-0)2.10000101.45
Daniel Stumpf (S, 2)2.02000101.31
WP: Marte, W, Rodgers.
HBP: Pizzano (by Rodgers), Gallagher (by Huijer).
AZL Angels 5 AZL Royals 4
AZL Royals100030000462
AZL Angels00001103x580

W: Scoggins (1-0, 6.75) L: Tenuta (2-3, 3.86)
S: Santos (3)

AZL Royals
Alfredo Escalera-MaldonadoCF220000010.301
Ramon TorresSS511000101.333
Alexis RiveraLF512100201.385
Mauricio Ramos3B401000101.336
Mark Donato1B301100011.265
Chad JohnsonDH401000001.232
Jerrell AllenRF300000011.175
Luis VillegasC200000011.152
Alfredo Patino2B400000000.203
2B: Donato (11, Fernandez), Rivera, A (4, Fernandez).
TB: Rivera, A 3; Donato 2; Johnson, C; Torres, Ra; Ramos, M.
RBI: Torres, Ra (20), Rivera, A 2 (21), Ramos, M (23).
2-out RBI: Rivera, A 2; Ramos, M.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Patino; Allen; Villegas, Lu.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
SB: Escalera-Maldonado (2, 2nd base off Fernandez/Patterson).
CS: Rivera, A (2, 2nd base by Sookee/Patterson).

E: Villegas, Lu (3, throw), Rivera, A (3, throw).

AZL Angels
James SneedRF301000111.258
Pedro ToribioSS412000001.377
Landis Ware2B411000001.324
Blake AmaralDH310000000.115
Glenn BeltranLF412000200.268
Chance Ross1B300000011.273
Chase PattersonC401000202.139
Raul Linares3B400000003.136
Quinten DavisCF311100002.304
2B: Davis, Q (4, Almonte, M).
TB: Beltran 2; Ware; Toribio, P 2; Patterson; Sneed; Davis, Q 2.
RBI: Sneed (14), Beltran 2 (10), Patterson 2 (3).
2-out RBI: Sneed; Beltran; Patterson 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Ware; Linares 2.
Team RISP: 3-for-6.
SB: Ware (3, 2nd base off Almonte, M/Villegas, Lu), Toribio, P (7, 2nd base off Almonte, M/Villegas, Lu).

AZL Royals
Patrick Keating1.00000100.00
Justin Marks2.02001300.00
Miguel Almonte4.24430602.89
Matt Tenuta (BS, 1)(L, 2-3)0.12111103.86
AZL Angels
Arjenis Fernandez4.24442205.31
Aaron Sookee2.11000000.00
Reid Scoggins (W, 1-0)1.01001306.75
Eduard Santos (S, 3)1.00001200.75
WP: Almonte, M, Fernandez 2.
HBP: Escalera-Maldonado (by Fernandez), Escalera-Maldonado (by Fernandez), Villegas, Lu (by Sookee), Amaral (by Almonte, M).


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