EARLY LOOK 2014 MLB DRAFT Reviewed by Momizat on . I appreciate the offer from PTP to allow me to write for you and share my thoughts about what I see in the baseball world. My first offering will be the 2014 ML I appreciate the offer from PTP to allow me to write for you and share my thoughts about what I see in the baseball world. My first offering will be the 2014 ML Rating: 0
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I appreciate the offer from PTP to allow me to write for you and share my thoughts about what I see in the baseball world. My first offering will be the 2014 MLB draft.

My personal top 50: (Team that could select them *these are in order of my personal rankings and not in order of where they go in draft)

1- LHP Carlos Rodon NC State 12/10/92: Clear-cut #1 player in the 2014 MLB draft. The lefty has dominated college baseball with a plus fastball and slider. (Astros @ 1)

2- RHP Jeff Hoffman East Carolina 1/8/93: He received very little attention immediately out of HS in upstate New York but he began to become a guy during the Connie Mack World Series in August of 2011.  He became a dude when he threw 95 during the 2012 Cape Cod All-Star game. Tall, lean RHP with a projectable frame and easy mid 90’s heat and a big breaking curve. (Marlins @ 2)

3- RHP Tyler Kolek Shepherd HS (TCU commit) 12/28/95- Big Texas kid with the quintessential “Texas body” who arrived late on the scene in baseball circles because he missed his junior campaign with a broken left arm. He arrived when he threw 97 at an Area Codes Game tryout and followed that up as a late arrival to the PG National at the Metrodome. His power arm is still finding command of his secondary pitches but it looks like the slider might end up being his second offering. His younger brother, Stephen looks to be a high pick in 2015. (White Sox @ 3)

4- C Alex Jackson Rancho Bernardo HS (Oregon commit) 12/25/95- He comes from baseball rich HS Rancho Bernardo in So Cal and is very well known on the showcase scene. He has a very good arm and probably moves to RF as a pro. RH power is hard to find and this kid has it.  Showcased his arm at PG national with a 1.85 POP time and an easy swing, very lively bat. He was also clocked at 97 in the OF which would certainly be a plus arm out there. (Twins @ 5)

Pentecost-150x1505- C Max Pentecost Kennesaw State 3/10/93- Rangers missed out on a good one here when they failed to sign the 7th rounder out of high school. He nearly missed winning the Triple Crown on the Cape last summer and after watching him play 4 times he is very easy to dream on. He is, without a doubt, my favorite hitting prospect in this draft. I read a lot of report on him and no one mentions his speed or baseball IQ. He really reminds me of Craig Biggio and I know he is a guy that could be a terrific catcher or patrol CF with his speed. (Which I definitely do not think is just average as several have put in their reports) The ball just jumps off his bat and if you respect his power and play back he will lay down a perfect drag bunt on you. He is simply a ball player and I would have no problem taking him with a top 10 pick. (Mets @ 10)

6- RHP Tyler Beede Vanderbilt 5/23/93- He turned down the Blue Jays (21st overall) out of HS and has become a dominant collegiate for Vandy winning 14 games as a sophomore. He has 3 solid pitches with a 92-94 fastball and a very good curve and change. He still has question marks with overall command. (Cubs @ 4)

7- SS Trea Turner NC State 6/30/93- Plus speed guy who will join his Wolfpack teammate as a top 10 pick.  He has all of the intangibles of a great offensive weapon including plate awareness, and a solid line drive swing.  He should be able to stick at SS but should also be viewed as a potential CF. (Mariners @ 6)

8-OF/RHP Michael Gettys Gainesville HS (Georgia Commit) 10/22/95- He is probably the most exciting player in this draft with his 5 tool potential as an OF and his powerful arm off the mound. I like him, as a position player personally as his tool set is game changing. He has plus speed with a plus arm (throwing 100 from RF in a showcase) but with his aggressive approach he still lacks the elite status because of his swing and miss potential. (Phillies @ 7)

9- LHP Brady Aiken Cathedral Catholic HS (UCLA Commit) 8/16/96- He is going to be 17 at the time of the draft, which is impressive considering many kids with his birthday, would be going into their junior year. The top high school lefty in the country working with 3 solid, not spectacular, pitches. He turns a lot of heads with his overall athleticism. He would be a potential 2-way player if he were to go to UCLA. He has a very deliberate arm and was 88-91 at PG national last June. He showed a change at 83 and a mid 70’s curve. (Blue Jays @ 9)

10- RHP Luis Ortiz Sanger HS (Fresno State Commit) 9/22/95- Like a lot of HS arms Ortiz oozes with potential. Right now, he is pretty darn good and he could quickly emerge as a top 5 pick before the June draft. He has powerful legs and I could easily see the 6’2 righty as a 97-98 guy as he reaches his prime. He also possesses a solid slide piece and will show a curve and change. (Blue Jays @ 11)

11- RHP Michael Cederoth San Diego St 11/25/92- I watched Cederoth throw last March on TV vs USD and it was obvious he was going to be a name for the 2014 draft. He certainly has a big time arm but it was also clear he was in need of some refinement. The 6’6 righty can dial it up near 100 and if he can show more command with his pitches this spring he could easily enter the discussion as a top 10 pick. (Rockies @ 9)

12- LHP Sean Newcomb Hartford 6/12/93- He looks to be the 2nd ever Hartford player to go in the first 10 rounds of the MLB draft (Jeff Bagwell, the other) He seems like a pretty safe bet to make that happen too with his mid 90’s fastball and very good slider. (Giants @ 14)

13- RHP Grant Holmes Conway HS (Florida Commit) 3/22/96- He is the younger brother of former South Carolina hurler and current Braves minor leaguer Colby. Grant is a solid 2-pitch guy right now with plenty of power in his arm. He has touched 97 but does not have that classic pitchers body that several organizations covet. (Padres @ 13)

14- RHP Aaron Nola LSU 6/4/93- He is the younger brother of former LSU SS Austin. Aaron dominated his sophomore year winning 12 games with a 1.57 E.R.A and 122 K. He projects as a solid mid rotation guy who commands 3 pitches well. He is a type of arm that I could see fly thru a system as he is about as finished of a product of anyone in this class.(Diamondbacks @ 16)

15- RHP Chris Ellis Ole Miss- Ellis had an excellent summer on the Cape and like many others before him at the greatest place to be for baseball in the summer team he set himself up as a potential 1st round pick. He was used more as a RP as a sophomore but you have to think a lot of eyes will be on Ellis this season when he toes the slab as a weekend starter. He has 3 quality pitches and gets plenty of life out of his 91-93 MPH fastball. He also has a very good slider. (Yankees @ 18)

16- OF/LHP Alex Verdugo Sahuaro HS (Arizona State Commit) 5/15/96- Word is you are not getting Verdugo as a pitcher in this draft as he loves to hit. That being said, he is the best hitter in this draft at the HS level. He never has a cheap AB and certainly seems to be a student of the excellent CD by Steve Springer on Quality At Bats. He is more of a line drive guy at this point and that is fine because he has one of those qualities where he seems to catch the ball and spin it where he wants. On the mound, he has very good mechanics and works a low 90’s fastball and solid secondary pitches. (Angels @15)

17- OF Derek Fisher Virginia 8/21/93- He is one of two players who turned down the Rangers out of HS and look to be top 15 picks in this draft. (Max Pentecost the other) His hit tool is the best in the college class but the question mark is his defense. He will be a LF because his arm strength and speed only fit that position. I think he could be a 20-25 HR with 40 2B guy in his prime but bat first (and maybe only) prospect are always a concern. (Brewers @ 12)

18- SS/RHP Nick Gordon Olympia HS (Florida State Commit) 10/24/95- He is another talented 2-way guy. He has already grown 3-5 inches past his dad, the former big leaguer Tom. I think he sticks at SS even though the arm is pretty effortless sitting in the low 90’s with a solid curve (although not the elite curve his dad possessed) Offensively he can fly like his brother Dee and as a LH hitter that is a big advantage for his overall game. Obviously, he has plenty of arm to be a potentially super SS prospect. I have seen him twice and I actually like him as a pitcher better but I could see why he projects as a top 20 pick with the upside he has at SS and the power he already has shown. (Royals @ 19)

19- RHP Touki Toussaint Coral Springs Christian HS (Vanderbilt Commit) 6/20/96- I always find it interesting that there are so many professional baseball players from the Dominican Republic yet hardly any players from Haiti. The 2 share an island and the baseball bug just seems to have missed Haiti. Touki might change that going forward as the native of Haiti continues to climb the ladder as one of the premiere arms in his class. He has only played baseball for 4 years but possesses a very quick arm that should be a consistent mid 90s offering as he develops.  He is still refining his curve and change. I saw him in Jupiter, Florida where he definitely was electric but seemed to tire early and lose the feel for his pitches. Obviously, young arms will get excited when 100 plus scouts eyes are on them. (Nationals @ 20)

20- LHP Kodi Medeiros Waikeka HS (Pepperdine Commit) Having seen him pitch twice this year I can say he is one of the most fun HS arms to watch in person. He has an advanced feel for his change and excellent command of 3 pitches. The Hawaiian southpaw is a relentless worker and has plenty of upside as a future mid rotation guy.(Rangers @ 22)

21- C Kyle Schwarber Indiana 3/5/93- He was not a well known prospect coming out of HS in Ohio but he has emerged as one of the top power bats in the 2014 class. The Hoosier C swings it from the left side and he jacked 18 HR as a sophomore. Unfortunately, he isn’t a great catcher so a move to 1B is a possibility or even the OF since he moves well. But, with his power and approach he will be fine there. (Orioles @ 17)

22- RHP Dylan Cease Milton HS (Vanderbilt Commit) He is the second hardest throwing arm in his HS class. Unlike the first (Tyler Kolek) he doesn’t have the big body one traditionally thinks of as having that much power. But, the 6’2 175 pounder has plenty of arm speed and a loose, easy arm that explodes towards the plate. He is one of several big time commits for Vanderbilt and they usually do not lose players to the MLB draft. He threw 94-96 at PG National with a change at 81 and hard slider at 77. ( Moves out of first round-signability, Red Sox selection)

23- RHP Jake Cosart Seminole State- Duke transfer and younger brother of Zack. He is a fast riser and would be the highest JC player drafted. He is a late bloomer after getting only a few looks out of HS where he was known more as an OF. But, a lot of eyes will be on his JC program this spring as they have several potential high draft picks on their roster. (Reds @ 21)

24- RHP Cameron Varga Christian Academy HS (North Carolina Commit) 8/19/94- He has fallen on some draft boards because he missed significant showcase opportunities with biceps tendinitis. Scouts were excited to see him at Jupiter as many had not seen him throw since the spring. But, he cancelled at the last moment and he becomes a very important follow this spring. He is also one of the oldest HS players in this draft but his arm should make up for that. He is a true power pitcher who also has an excellent curveball. He should be a 95-97 guy at his ceiling in the pros. In Minnesota at PG national he threw 95 and showed a 12 to 6 hammer curve at 80 and a slider at 83. (Indians @ 24)

25- SS Jacob Gatewood Clovis HS (USC Commit) 9/25/95- Solidly built kid who stands at 6’5 but still has the frame of a SS. Right now, he has easy power and scouts dream on what that power becomes as he fills out.  He has a plus arm and is athletic so a move to 3B or RF has to be considered. (Rays @ 23)

26- LHP Mac Marshall Parkview HS (LSU Commit) 1/27/96- His HS has become a must stop for cross checkers the last 3 years with former first rounder’s Matt Olson and Josh Hart playing there. He comes in fast on hitters because of the drive in his delivery. He works with 3 pitches and has a change up that he uses a lot. A low 90’s guy now, Marshall is easy to dream on as a future #2 or 3 SP in the big leagues. (Dodgers @ 25)

27-RHP Michael Kopech Pleasant HS (Arizona Commit) 4/30/96- Terrific change of pace pitcher who has plenty of giddyup on a 92-94 mph fastball. He has a lot of confidence in his breaking stuff and will showcase those pitches often against some of the elite HS bats he has faced in various showcases. He threw a 91-93 mph fastball at PG National with a 73-76 mph curve. He had a nice downhill feel and was in the zone. He has a fast arm and his pitches run in fast on his opponent. (Pirates @ 27)

28- RHP Scott Blewett Baker HS (St. John’s Commit) The kid from New York would definitely be a working project for any club that takes him. But, the 6’6 righty also is easy to like because he does not have the wear on his arm that a kid from a baseball rich state typically has. He has plenty of power in his arm and has touched 96 while his off speed stuff continues to mature. (Out of 1st round-Yankees selection soon after)

29- SS Ti’Quan Forbes Columbia HS (Ole Miss Commit) 8/26/96- He is a tall, lanky SS in the mold of a young BJ Upton with the speed and coming power to support that debate. He moves well on the diamond and has a chance to be one of the fastest rising players in this June’s draft. (A’s @ 28)

30- RHP Erick Fedde UNLV 2/25/93- A very lean RHP who stands at 6’4. He emerged as a guy to watch on the Cape last summer and became a late addition to Team USA. He has a consistent 92-93 mph arm with a solid slider. He has an advanced feel for his pitches and locates his stuff as good as any in this draft. (Tigers @ 26)

31- 1B Braxton Davidson T.C Roberson HS (UNC Commit) 6/18/96- the powerfully built LH swinger has a bit of a Justin Morneau comp in my opinion. He has a very good arm that will be wasted at 1B as he probably is not fleet enough to play RF. The top LH power hitter in his class. (Braves @ 29)

32- OF Brad Zimmer U. of San Francisco 11/27/92- He is the younger brother of 2012 Kansas City Royals 1st round pick Kyle. Zimmer is a tall, lean RF with a solid line drive approach and good speed. He has a very good arm and uses all fields well from the left side of the plate. I saw him play Missouri in 40-degree weather last March and he showed very good bat control and a solid baseball IQ. (Red Sox @ 30)

33- INF Jack Flaherty Harvard Westlake HS (North Carolina Commit) Fun baseball player to watch as he definitely passes the eye test and looks like a big leaguer. Good infielder who projects as a 3B while being a solid line drive hitter in the Chase Headley mold. (Cardinals @ 31)

34- RHP Chad Sobotka USC-Upstate- Little know right hander who was a high school SS in Sarasota, Florida. He has been used as a reliever at small USC-Upstate but emerged as a “must look” guy this summer on the Cape pitching for Chatham. He has a long, muscular frame and throws 3 quality pitches. He will be coached this year by the son of Royals great Bret Saberhagen. Sobotka will be one to keep an eye on this spring. (Out of first round- Orioles selection)

35- C Jakson Reetz  Norris HS (Nebraska Commit) Athletic catcher who is very mature for his age. He also will be looked at as a P where he can pitch in the low 90’s. If he goes to Nebraska he could see time as a reliever for Darin Erstad’s Huskers. Scouts like the overall athleticism of Reetz and while he has the intangibles of a solid backstop he could also be considered for a corner OF spot in the future. His bat produces plenty of pop and his work ethic is second to none. (Out of 1st round- Rangers selection around pick 37)

36- RHP Sean Reid-Foley Sandalwood HS (Florida State Commit) 8/30/95- Florida State has set themselves up for some heartbreak with 3 elite prospects committed to be Seminoles. But, big time programs have grown to expect that and that is why they often over recruit because they know they will have to constantly replenish a recruiting class. Reid-Foley is a fairly advance HS arm who has solid command and works well against lefties with a delivery suited for some deception. He works with 3 pitches and has mid 90’s upside with his fastball. (Out of first round-Indians selection around #38)

37- RHP Lukas Schiraldi Texas- He pitched at Navarro College before moving onto the University of Texas. He is another pitcher who generated a lot of buzz on the Cape. He is the son of former UT star Calvin, and like his dad he is a pitcher who developed more “wow” stuff after high school. He works with a heavy fastball and has solid secondary offerings to work off of his fastball. (Out of first round-Royals selection around #35)

38- OF Monte Harrison Lee’s Summit West HS (Nebraska commit for football and baseball) 8/10/95- The similarities between Monte Harrison and the last Kansas City area kid to go in the first round out of HS are endless. Both of them are talented athletes who excel in 3 sports and both have the type of arms that could also gain attention on the mound. Both were committed to Nebraska for football and they also both had early birthdays for their class. Harrison has plenty of upside with a cannon for an arm in the OF and as he continues to be educated on how to be a baseball player his ceiling is certainly high.  He is no different than most Midwest hitters though as his hit tool needs serious refinement and reps against quality arms. He has a tendency to be a bit over aggressive on the diamond and I could see where some would see a potential diva type but one would hope that as he ages he will continue to mature as a person too. (Out of first round- Yankees selection)

39- LHP Brandon Finegan TCU 4/14/93- The win total for a pitcher we all know is a terrible statistic to define how good a pitcher is. Certainly, that case is proven with Brandon who went 0-8 as a sophomore at TCU. The power lefty sits under 6’0 but routinely dials his fastball at 95 plus. Some see him as a game changing 2-pitch reliever but he certainly has the repertoire to be a SP if his change develops. But, if I had to project him out I would suggest his future is out of the bullpen. (Out of first round- Rockies selection)

40-RHP Luke Weaver Florida State 8/21/93- Broke out as a force for the Seminoles last year after serving as a swing man his freshman campaign. He isn’t a big guy as he stands 6’2 and has a lean build but his arm plays like a bigger guy as he can touch 97. His arm is quick and he adds deception with a potentially plus change up. He could stick as a SP but is also easy to dream on as a very good RP. (Out of first round- Cardinals selection)

41- LHP Justus Sheffield Tullahoma HS (Vanderbilt Commit) 5/13/96- The younger brother of 2013 Red Sox draft pick Jordan. Justus is a strike-throwing machine who already has 2 quality secondary pitches. He uses both well and works them around his low 90’s heat. (Out of first round- Reds selection)

42- RHP Karsten Whitson Florida – Placement on this list is purely for the P he has been and this year he should be healthy and give himself a chance to move up higher. That being said, he has the injury bug following him now so that will affect his draft status. (Out of first round- Red Sox selection)

43- RHP Cobi Johnson J.W. Mitchell HS (Florida State Commit) He is the son of former big leaguer Dane. His dad still works in the game as a roving instructor with the Blue Jays. Right now he is a 6’4 kid with a lanky build who throws around 90 with 2 potentially solid secondary pitches. But, his calling card is his smooth delivery that can be credited to his dad. (OUt of first round- Braves selection)

44- 1B/RHP JD Davis Fullerton 4/27/93- He is one of two potential Fullerton players who will be looked at on the mound and in the batters box. Unlike, Matt Chapman though Davis has thrown more to this point showing an easy 92-94 fastball and a solid slide piece. But, he is rated high as a hitter because of his highly sought after RH power. He is not a swing and miss power hitter either as he gets the most out of each AB. (OUt of first round- Mariners selection)

45-LHP Kyle Freeland Evansville 5/14/93- He had been very inconsistent in college before emerging last summer on the Cape where he led the league in K’s with 48 while walking just 4. He has a funky delivery that adds deception but it also certainly registers some concern for future health. He works with a low 90’s fastball and a solid slider/cutter.(Out of first round- Indians selection)

46-RHP Nick Burdi Louisville 1/19/93- The top collegiate closer who consistently flirts with 100 off the bump. He is a high-energy pitcher who doesn’t waste any juice when he is throwing. He backs up his late moving fastball with a plus slider. Guys like Burdi tend to move through organizations fast so he would be a guy that you could see be the first from his class to reach the majors. (Out of first round- Brewers selection)

47- OF/RHP Dylan Davis Oregon State 7/20/93- He hasn’t pitched a lot but when he threw on the Cape last summer scouts definitely took note. He has a powerful arm that has not been used a lot and touched 97 with plenty of natural sink. But, he is a hitter first and has a ton of power and works counts to his advantage. He will go in this draft as an OF but I will be interested to see how much he is used on the mound at Oregon State this season. (Out of first round Astros selection)

48-3B/RHP Matt Chapman Fullerton 4/28/93- Fullerton loves them some 2-way players. Chapman is the second Fullerton player in as many drafts who have an unclear path to the majors. Much like last year with Michael Lorenzen (eventually drafted as a P) he will have to show where he fits this spring. He has not seen as much time on the mound but it is easy to see where the love is for him as a pitcher when you see him rifle a throw across the diamond. The hit tool is good and he shows solid plate awareness but the game power just hasn’t been consistent. Scouts will like the arm though and appreciate the fact that it has very little wear in terms of innings pitched. (Out of First round- Brewers selection)

49-RHP Keaton McKinney Ankeny HS (Arkansas Commit)- He will be a two way player at Arkansas as his bat has some boom to it and he should be a big time college run producer given the opportunity. But, his stuff on the mound, which includes an advanced change up, and solid curve ball make him a big upside pick for someone in June. (Out of first round- Royals selection)

50-OF Jeren Kendall Hoiman HS (Vanderbilt Commit)- A late bloomer to pro scouts with tremendous upside, Kendall comes from a non-traditional baseball state but has all of the tools to slip into the first round. He is blessed with plus speed and has a very strong arm. He projects as a CF with his speed and his left-handed bat should make him intriguing as a future leadoff guy in the big leagues. (Out of first round- Cubs selection)


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