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Grew up on the streets of Overland Park...played my high school ball at Shawnee Mission North before playing college ball in Riverside, CA. I graduated from an original Big 8 school and love this great city. My favorite player as a kid was Frank Tanana and I thought U.L Washington was a cool MOFO

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    Wow, Greg this is an impressive amount of work!! Nice job.

    I think the Royals have enough depth in the system to take advantage of signing 2 of the best pitchers in this draft. The Royals have a little over $6.1M in their allowed budget to sign their picks in the top 10 rounds. We also know that the top 15 players in a draft have a strong probability to become major league players and it is likely that the stars from the draft will come from these talents as well. Picks 16 through 30 have a smaller chance to make it and picks in the 2nd through 10 round have small chances to make a big league impact.
    I do not know what some of these players will sign for but I have heard that McCullers is signable if he is taken in the top half of the first round and I believe Giolito is also signable if he gets top 10 money. Therefore if predraft deals can be made with these players I think the Royals should draft Giolito at #5 and pay him $2.7M, which is #10 slotted money. Then with pick #66 they can draft McCullers and sign him for $2.5M which is slot for pick 12. That leaves $200k for the third round player who I think should be a 1B. Hopefully the Royals can select P. Tucker from U of FL and sign him for $200-250k. then they can draft mostly arms with picks in the 4th round through 10th and sign all of them for $100k. Those players will not be top 10 round talents but I think that is not significant as few players from rounds 4 through 10 make it to the ML anyway.
    Then in 2013 the Kane County Cougars could have a lineup of D. Toney, T. Gore, and B. Starling in the OF with Y. Alcantara, J. Allen, and J. Blanco in reserve OF spots; the infield could be 1B – P. Tucker, 2B – Carlos Garcia, N. Cuckovich, SS – H. Arteaga, J. Lopez, 3B – P. Leonard, M Threldkeld, C – C. Gallagher, S. Jin-ho. The SP would be Giolito, McCullers, Brickhouse, Kyle Smith and Crawford Simmons or Cesar Ogando. That team would be fantastic!!! I think the only tricky part would be to convenience Giolito to sign for $2.7M, but with his injury (hopefully) showing him how fragile his whole situation is, he will be more motivated to sign rather than risk injury in college.

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