Final 2012 MLB Mock Draft (Royals picks from round one til round 40) Reviewed by Momizat on . Here it is....the final mock draft for the 2012 MLB draft. This is not a great draft but there are plenty of solid top tier players and I think some value playe Here it is....the final mock draft for the 2012 MLB draft. This is not a great draft but there are plenty of solid top tier players and I think some value playe Rating:
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Final 2012 MLB Mock Draft (Royals picks from round one til round 40)

Final 2012 MLB Mock Draft (Royals picks from round one til round 40)

Here it is….the final mock draft for the 2012 MLB draft. This is not a great draft but there are plenty of solid top tier players and I think some value players and sleepers throughout the draft.

This will be the first year of the draft uner the new agreement. How will teams budget? A player like a Kevin Gausman could blow over half a team’s overall budget…is he worth it?

Hat tip to resources like baseballamerica, , ESPN highschool, SB nation, Jonathan Mayo, Baseball Prospect Report, and the excellent MLB draft insider…also  twitter, your favorite friend anonymous scouts, a pair of agents, and some coaches

Special thanks to Perfect Game for giving me a better idea of where to align these players in terms of round and also to introducing me to high school players and JUCO players I was not aware of

This is a reference guide for you more than anything else and I will be adding more players so definitely check back.

* I believe Mike Zunino is the best player in this draft….If he is available at 5 I hope the Royals grab him and worry about the fact that they have two very good catchers later..


1.  Houston Astros-  Mark Appel RHP Stanford- 6’5 215 born in Houston, Texas (High School: Monte Vista, CA)

15th round Tigers 2009

Long thought to be the #1 selection in the draft.  I had Gausman here but believe the Astros are now focused on the Houston born Appel (he moved to California in his teenage years) Appel has the perfect pitchers body and while there have been some whispers of his mental toughness and lack of strikeouts it is his stuff that has scouts very optimistic about his future. While some have brought up the large pitch counts this season (149 pitches in one outing) others believe he is an adjustment away from being worthy of the #1 pick in the draft. His fastball will sit in the mid 9’s and he has a solid curveball that when it is on could become a lethal pitch for him at the next level.

Others: Buxton, Gausman, and Correa could also be picked. Word is the Houston camp is split between the 2 HS bats and the 2 college pitchers


2009-SR HS (Monte Vista) 9 G , 31 IP, .90 e.r.a, 45/6 k/bb, 4-0, 3 SV (24 consecutive scoreless innings to end season)

2010- Freshman- 24 G, 3 GS, 2-1, 5.92 e.r.a, 38 IP, 44 H, .295 OPBA. 26/19 (3.45 e.r.a as RP, 31 IP)

Summer- Newport Gulls (New England Collegiate Baseball League) 6-1, 1.87 e.r.a, 24 K, 33 H, 43 IP.

2011- Sophomore- 17 GS, 110 IP, 6-7, 3.02 e.r.a, 86/29 .277 OPBA

Summer- Yarmouth-Dennis (Cape Cod) 8 ER, 29 IP, 2.48 e.r.a, 36/5

Team USA- 5 G, 9 IP, 11/2

2012 Junior- (9-1, 2.37, 116/24, 110 IP, 3 HR)

2. Minnesota Twins- Byron Buxton OF Aplling County HS- A very projectable player who has 3 of the 5 tool 5 package right now. At 6’1 and 175 pounds his body is long and lean and he will add more muscle as he matures. Scouts believe he will be a true 5 tool talent when he reaches the major leagues but for now the power has not developed. He has just 2 HR in his high school career and some feel a lack of competition has hurt him (similar to Bubba Starling last year in that way) Twins will be reay to grab Appel if the Astros take Buxton and they also had several eyes on Mike Zunino during the SEC tournament.

Also: Zunino at the SEC tournament went 3-9 with a HR, 3 K, and 4 BB….I don’t see them passing Appel if he is not #1

3- Seattle Mariners- SS Carlos Correa- 6-4 190 PR Baseball Academy Santa Isabel P.R (Miami Commitment)

A body like Alex Rodriguez who could go as high as 1 to Hosuton. Should be able to stick at SS for awhile. He is smooth in the infield and has solid pop which gives him the complete package for a top 5 pick. One scout was worried about his lower body saying he might end up being “squat heavy” and asked if his bat would be good enough for 1B while another lights up when talking about his bat speed.

Also: Zunino

4.  Baltimore Orioles- Kevin Gausman RHP LSU- 6’4 185 draft eligible sophomore, born in Centennial, CO (High School Grandview, CO)

6th round pick Dodgers 2010

I like Gausman and believe his stuff will only get better. He is a member of the 100 MPH club.  Gausman is  a program pitcher and this is a fine place for the LSU Friday night starter to land. He did not use his breaking pitch much in high school while in Colorado but he has developed a solid curve and change to maximize his arsenal. Keith law says he has the potential for 3 plus pitches while another scout worries he is the type of P that will never gain command of his pitches. A future rotation of Bundy and Gausman could be the combo that brings the Orioles back into baseball’s best. Very active and out spoken on Twitter he has raised some eye brows with his competitive tweets lately towards South Carolina.

Wild Card Selection here is Courtney Hawkins


HS SO 2008- 5-2, 2.79, 43 K, 40 IP

HS JR 2009- 7-2, 2.15, 71 K, 48 IP (AFLAC All-American)

HS SR 2010- 9-2, 3.12, 88/14 K/BB

LSU FR 2011- 5-6, 3.51 86/23, 90 IP (3-1, 1.17 final 4 GS with 32/5 k/bb kin 31 IP)

LSU SO 2012- 10-1, 2.84, 125/24, 108 IP, .231 OPBA, 2 HR allowed

5.  Kansas City Royals I will give 5 choices at each spot for the Royals- Of course, if any of the above slip they will certainly be in this mix….

A) Kyle Zimmer RHP University of San Francisco (USF)- 6’4 220, La Jolla, Ca (High School- La Jolla)

A former position player who really has come on strong in the last year. He throws 93-96 with a potential plus curve. The 6’4 220 has a very workman like body who should be able to give you plenty of innings. He is an intriguing pick because, as a former position player, he has not thrown a lot of innings which I know one Royals exec would love. Typically California high schoolers’ can raise red flags due to the amount of pitching they do prior to leaving high school. Recent concerns about a drop in velocity do not scare me…he had a hamstring injury and I also believe some fatigue due to lack of pitching.

*I hear Gausman will be much more expensive than Zimmer ….so drafting Gausman could really handicap the budget the rest of the way,


Was a hitter in HS batting .410 as a senior with a .701 SLG, 4 HR, 23 RBI (4.20 GPA and earned 2 letters in water polo and one in basketball)

2010 Freshman USF- 5 G, 5.1 IP, 7 K, 8.44 e.r.a

2010 Summer- Alexandra Aces (Cal Ripken League) 46 IP, 1.37 e.r.a

2011 Sophomore- 20 G, 16 GS, 89 K, 92 IP, 3.73 e.r.a 6 wins. (Shutout versus #12 UCLA in NCAA regional 4 H and 11 K)

2012 Junior (13 G, 13 GS, 5-3, 2.85, 104/17, 88 IP, 3 HR allowed)

B) Mike Zunino- See below—-Excellent C and someone I think the Royals take in previous years but know, know, know thet need P bad. Zimmer is a fine selection but Zunino could end up with the most all star games out of this entire group. Royals have followed him since before he was at Florida.

C) Marcus Stroman- see below

D) Lance McCullers JR- HS power arm from Tampa with question marks about his role..Pre draft deals are not uncommon…the Royals have done this in the past with players (had one with Bundy last year0 and it is not uncommon for that player to not be drafted by the team who has the deal. It is done as a way to budget out for future picks. But, I know JJ Piccolo preferes HS arms and since he has taken over the draft he has not gotten this wish. Lance’ dad pitched in the big leagues and has done an excellent job taking care of his kid…From being overworked, from saying the righ tthings and on and on….

E) Chris Stratton RHP Mississippi State- Big time helium guy that throws a 92-94 fastball with a plus slider. He switched to a 2 seam fastball from a 4 seamer and with that pitch and the revised polish on his slider he has moved into this slot.

I will say if you are going to Vegas and have to place money on the Royals pick there is too much smoke to not lay it on McCullers…

My concerns about McCullers are no different than others and that is he is a future closer. I have 3 scouts who brought this up as we went through my list. But, the arm is electric and one AL east scout said “one of our guys says he has the best arsenal I have seen this year from his area…but IMO he is a bullpen arm …could he start? Yes, but he could follow the Tommy Hanson plan too. I do think he is a sure fire bet to be a big leaguer if that makes your fans happier-but I think Stroman will to and will be better….If you take Giolito out of the equation, McCullers does have the best PURE arm in the draft.”

E) Max Fried Athletic see below

6.  Chicago Cubs Max Fried Harvard Westlake 6’4 165 (UCLA commitment) 6’4 lefty who is similar to Cliff Lee with much more going for him at this stage of their careers. Fluid body with free and easy motion. Excellent competitor- has command of 3 pitches. He throws a 90-92 fastball that touches 95 with a 75-77 curve, and 80-82 change. Has a commit to UCLA…struggled down the stretch with velocity for Harvard Westlake but was very good in his first game in the Southern Section Division 2 playoff opener against Ventura as he struck out 10 and walked one in a 3-0 victory. He sits at 8-2 on the season and was throwing 92-95 in the first inning of the game.

other: Zunino

7.  San Diego Padres Michael Wacha RHP Texas A&M  6’6 200 born in Iowa City, Iowa but grew up in Texarkana, TX, Pleasant Grove HS

- A young college player for the draft as he will be 20 on draft day. His best pitch is his change up but he has a very good fastball. Right now, he has not refined a 3rd pitch but he has to much upside for the Mets to not take him as they attempt to form a solid big league rotation in the future. The Padres know that pitching is important in the West and while I think they will be tempted at the power potential of HS Courtney Hawkins they go for the tall righty from A&M.

O'Sullivan, Zunino, Panteliodis

8.  Pittsburgh Pirates Mike Zunino Florida- 6’2, 220 from Mariner HS in Cape Coral, Florida

If he doesn’t gp to Seattle at 3 or Chicago at 6 I have to put him here….way to god of a talent to slip any further

He is the one player, in my opinion, that gives you the clearest look at his future. He has power from the right side and while he is not prone to the swing and miss of pitches away he has an eye for mistakes.  When I saw him as a freshman I though Mike Matheny but I really see a Carlton Fisk type of player in terms of overall leadership, glove work, intensity, and offense. I don’t see how the Bucs could pass on Zunino here. He is a perfect compliment to a future Pirates rotation that should include Cole and Tallion. I know they have been heavily linked to Deven Marrero and I don’t think Tony Sanchez (former reach 1st round pick)is the answer.

Stats: 2008 HS: (.457, 32 RBI, .897 slg, 10 HR ( AFLAC ALL-AMERICAN)

2009 HS: (12 HR, 9 DB, 43 H, .464, .531 OBP, .918 SLG (First Team All-State)

2010 (9,41, .267, 176 AB, 38 K, 9 BB, 8 SB)

2011 ( 19 HR, 67 RBI, .371, 264 at bats, 52 K, 32 BB, 7 SB) ).422 versus SEC with 8 HR, 33 RBI)

2012 (16, 55, .323/.394/.664, 42 K, 26 BB, 220 AB) .255, 5 HR, 16 RBI versus SEC

9.  Miami Marlins-  OF Albert Almora- 6’2 170 RH Mater Academy Hialeah, Florida (Miami Commitment)A solid tool HS talent some prefer over Buxton. The game comes easy to him says one scout. Great baseball body with all the tools. He is the cousin of Orioles super prospect Manny Machado. Strong kid who is a terrific OF. Solid character kid with the work ethic it takes to succeed. The Marlins and their fans are going to love seeing the local kid play for his hometown team.

10.  Colorado Rockies-  OF Courtney Hawkins HS Texas- RH power bat with plenty of upside. The 2 way athlete is a fine Pitcher too throwing in the low 9’s. He can run and should be a 20-20 candidate in his prime with the ability to hit 30 plus HR a season. RH power is a scout’s pot of gold and this kid has that on his resume.

11. Oakland A’s- Deven Marrero SS ASU- The very athletic Marrero.  is not having a great junior season but scouts love the glove as he is definitely a shortstop. Controls the bat well and could be a solid #2 type hitter in the big leagues. He is hitting just .279 this season with a .335 OBP. Some reports are questioning the #want in him but a future ticket to the show might be just what the doctor ordered. He has been projected as high as top 10 by some because of the pure potential in his overall game. Cousin Chirs is in Nationals system, Cousin Christian is in White Sox system. Teammate of Eric Hosmer at American Heritage HS and remain very close friends. 17th round selection by Reds 2009.  I enjoyed watching him LIVE last year versus Arizona and I know that I can not forget how good he was entering this season. He was really hot to close out the ASU season

stats: 2010 (6,42, .397/.442/.628 10 errors, 11 SB

2011  (2,20, .313/.352/.434 18 errors, 10 SB

summer (Cotuit Cape Cod) 15-46, 2 2B, 1 3B, 0 HR, 5 RBI, 3 SB, .326 6 K, 2 BB

(team USA)    19 H, 14 RBI, 14 games

2012  (4,32, .279/.335/.438 14 errors, 10 SB)

12.  New York Mets- Mets were locked in on Hawkins but see him go to the Rockies. OF David Dahl HS Alabama- A 5 tool talent with tremendous potential from the left side. Understands the game and has the foot speed and pop to be a legitimate top 10 pick. Should be a legitimate top of the order candidate with the ability to get on base, steal some bases and give you a fine CF.

13.  Chicago White Sox-    Marcus Stroman RHP Duke- 5’9 185 Medford, NJ (High School- Patchogue-Medford)

18th round pick Nationals 2009

I was told that if Stroman was 4 inches taller he would be a no doubt top 5 pick. But, at 5’9 old school baseball guys shy away from shorter pitchers. He needs to keeps the ball down more but his fastball touches the upper 9’s. He is very athletic and backs up his fastball with very good secondary stuff. The A’s took smaller righty Sonny Gray last year and that has been the Stroman comp.


HS JR 2008- 7-2, 1.20, 96 K (Yastrzemski award, top player in Suffolk County) .410, 2 HR, 30 SB

HS Sr 2009- 9-1, .25 e.r.a, 120 K (Paul Gibson award for top P on Long island) .350 with 6 HR, 22 RBI (HS Gold Glove SS)

4 year Letterman basketball (point guard) 2nd team all- Long Island hoops, National Honors Society

Duke FR 2010- 17 G, 5 GS, 6-4, 3 SV, 64 K, 5.31 e.r.a, 58 IP (CG win striking out 10 vs Wake Forest on 4/23)

as Hitter started 44 Games at 2B, One at SS, 2 at DH ( 0 HR, 20 RBI, 26 RS, 44 H, .265, 11 SB)

2010 Summer (Orleans Firebirds in Cape Cod League) 11 SV, 0 ER, 27 IP, 35/3 K/bb, 12 H

Duke SO 2011- 17 G, 8 GS, 3-4, 2.80, 4 SV, 90 K, 64 IP,

As hitter started 33 games (0 HR, 15 RBI, 19 RS, .250, 12 SB)

2011 Summer USA baseball college national team- 0 Hits, 8.1 IP, 4 SV, 17/1 K/bb

Duke JR 2012 (as of 4/28) – (11 G,  11 GS, 81 IP, 112/22 k/bb, 4-4, 2.44 e.r.a, .224 OPBA)

also could go against the White Sox way and select HS arm Matt Smoral

14.  Cincinnati Reds- Andrew Heaney LHP OSU (6’2, 174) -With their pick the Reds are going to try and develop a P and they select the lean lefty with solid command of 3 pitches. He is having a fine season so far with a record of 5-1 and a 2.02 e.r.a and 94 K in 76 IP. Drafted by Tampa Bay 24th round

stats: 2010 (16 G, 10 GS, 5-4, 66 IP, 55/24, 5.16, .306 OPBA)

2011 (20 G, 9 GS, 7-4, 67 IP, 51/23, 4.03, .291 OPBA)

2012 5/21 (14 G, 14 GS, 8-1, 110 IP, 132/21, 1.63, .183 OPBA)

15.  Cleveland Indians-  Chris Stratton RHP Mississippi State- Big time helium guy that throws a 92-94 fastball with a plus slider. He switched to a 2 seam fastball from a 4 seamer and with that pitch and the revised polish on his slider he has moved into this slot. I think he is going to be a terrific big league P.

Stats: Finished senior season in HS with a 7-2 record, one save, 1.09 e.r.a, 113 K, 70 IP

2010 MSU- (14 G, 14 GS, 5-3, 5.29, 76 K, 78 IP)

2011 MSU (17 G, 5-7, 5.21, 76 K, 76 IP) 4.0 GPA

Summer (Harwich Cape Cod) 1-1, 2.18

2012 MSU  ( 16  G, 11 GS, 102 IP, 123/21, 11-1, 2.21, .211 OPBA)

16.  Washington Nationals Lance McCullers RHP HS Florida- The son of former big leaguer Lance Sr. junior was thought of as a top 5 pick a couple of seasons ago. He will be a tough sign with a commitment to Florida but the Nationals hope  to land the talented arm from Tampa. Two scouts I visited with sees him as a future reliever (like his father) because of delivery concerns (max effort guy) but he is a very hard thrower who lives in the mid 9’s with a solid feel for his curve and change.

17.  Toronto Blue Jays- Lucas Giolito RHP HS California- He was mentioned as the #1 player in this entire draft before am injury cost him most of his senior season. The son of a movie producer and B movie actress Giolito is a student of Alan Jaeger and practices many of the methods of 2011 1st round pick Trevor Bauer. An electric arm with a knockout curve he has the mentality of a well seasoned veteran. The Blue Jays is where I had Giolito going for weeks before being agressive in my lasat mock putting him with the Padres.

18.  Los Angeles Dodgers  Richie Shaffer 3B Clemson- Plus power with potential to hit for a solid average. He has good baseball IQ and could be a quick mover for the Reds who could certainly use help at the hot corner with the uncertianty of the future of Scott Rolen. 25th round Dodgers 2009…I don’t believe the Giantsa would let Shaffer slide past them and most believe he won’t be here either. I had Shaffer going to Cincy in previous draft

stats: 2010 (7, 36, .323/.409 2 SB) 36 GS at 1B, 8 at DH 0 errors in 327 chances

2011 (13, 55, .315/.438/.577 8 SB) 57 GS at 1B, 6 at 3B) 3 errors in 472 chances

2012 as of 5/21  (10, 45, .344/.470/.590 7 SB) 11 errors at 3B in 162 chances

summer (Chatham Cape Cod) 6 HR, 22 RBI, .263 with 16 walks in 36 games

19.  St. Louis Cardinals  –  Stephen Piscotty LF/3B/1B Stanford- Piscotty has had a great career for the Cardinal and has a solid baseball body standing at 6’4 215 pounds. He almost always makes solid contact and while he has not been a big power guy in college he gets plenty of doubles and is seen as a guy that might not need a lot of time in the minors before he is ready. He has also been used as the Cardinal closer this season striking out 7 in 10 innings with 2 wins and a save. His future position is up in the air and a corner OF position might make the most sense

20.  San Francisco Giants-  Gavin Cecchini INF HS Louisiana- His older brother is a top prospect with the Red Sox. Gym rat type with gap to gap power and solid baseball instincts. Will run through a wall for you and could end up as a Marcus Giles type 2B in the future…But, some scouts believe he is a future SS.  Committed to LSU.

21.  Atlanta Braves - D.J. Davis OF HS Mississippi- The Braves take a player further away. A speed merchant he is one of the fastest rising bats in the draft. Davis has plus plus speed and gives you everything he has. His bat has come a long way and the athleticism and potential are oozing. He will be a terrific CF who can be a game changer on the bases.

22.  Toronto Blue Jays (compensation for failing to sign 2011 draft pick Tyler Beede)  Victor Roache OF Georgia Southern-  Roache was a sure fire top 10 pick before a very early season injury finished off his junior campaign. Blessed with a ton of raw power that projects to plus power as a big leaguer he did struggle with the wood bat in the Cape last summer. But, his project-ability is off the charts.

23.  St. Louis Cardinals-  Pierce Johnson RHP Missouri State- Another helium pitcher who has a high ceiling. He throws 91-95 with a plus slider and solid change.

24.  Boston Red Sox – Tanner Rahier INF HS California- A sign able HS kid who has as much offensive upside as any in the draft. He does not play HS ball as he plays on a travel team. He has been groomed to be a pro ball player by his father who leads him in advanced work outs since he was a kid. A 3B or a 2B in the future he has power that will develop and loves the game.

25.  Tampa Bay Rays-  Ty Hensley RHP HS Oklahoma,  6’5, 225 Spent 8 years in Kansas as his dad was the assistant coach at Kansas State University- Big time upside guy that could slide up even further. He has been clocked at 98 in some April starts and maintains velocity at 92-93 deep into games. Could live in the 94-96 range in the future. He has a plus curve and a developing change. His dad was the Cardinals first round pick in 1988.

26.  Arizona Diamondbacks Corey Seager SS HS North Carolina- The South Carolina commit and younger brother of former UNC star and current Seattle Mariners INF Kyle. Corey is a 6’3 200 pound shortstop with a solid bat. A charismatic kid that has terrific baseball instincts will probably end up at 3B giving you a terrific arm and middle of the order bat.

27.  Milwaukee Brewers (compensation for failing to sign Prince Fielder)  Tyler Naquin OF Texas A&M- Naquin is a close to ready bat that projects as a corner OF with above average speed, great arm, and will make solid contact. So, he could emerge as a #3 hitter in the future. A left handed bat who could reach the majors by 2014.

28.  Milwaukee Brewers- Lucas Sims RHP HS Georgia- Should have been selected much higher but he has not progressed as much as people anticipated this season. He has some mechanical issues but can light the lamp in the upper 9’s. He has a commitment to Clemson and could be a tough sign.

Joey Gallo Perfect Game

29.  Texas Rangers Joey Gallo 3B/1B/P Gallo is a powerful RH bat who some covet as a P due to his mid 9’s fastball. But the scout I visited with really likes him and has him much higher on his board. He is a big time power project who eventually will move to 1B with the fall back being an arm that has touched 99 this season. A pretty nice fall back in an organization that has stood out in bulk over other organizations in developing talent.

30.  New York Yankees  Addison Russell INF HS Florida- Has shot back up the draft boards now that he has shown he can handle SS. His body is bulky at times and he has trimmed down and held down SS this season but he is still viewed as a future 3B by most. Power to give the bat of Russell is why he goes to the Yankees with pick 30.

31.  Boston Red Sox (compensation for failing to sign Jonathan Papelbon)  Brian Johnson LHP Florida- One of the best 2 way talents in the college game Johnson will be drafted as a pitcher this June. A close to ready pitcher with a mature body he has always been a smart pitcher on the bump. He should develop into a nice mid rotation starter that can give you plenty of healthy innings. His fastball will be in the low 9’s and he mixes in a fine curve and will use the change up at times too.

Compensation Round A (player that team failed to sign in parentheses)

32.  Minnesota Twins (Michael Cuddyer—Rockies)  RHP Mitch Brown HS Minnesota- Tall, project able righty from a non traditional baseball state makes perfect sense for his home state team. he has 3 pitches he works with and command will be his goal (like many others) going forward. He has a commitment to San Diego but the 6-2 RHP looks ready to go to the pros.

33.  San Diego Padres (Heath Bell—Marlins)  J.O Berrios RHP Puerto Rico- Has been shooting up boards lately after he turned some heads in the Excellence Tournament in Puerto Rico. He threw 96 in one game but will sit around 93-94.

34.  Oakland Athletics (Josh Willingham—Twins) Dylan Baker RHP JC Western Nevada- Had a one year dramatic increase in velocity. He was not on anyone’s radar this high until he started lighting the lamp at a consistent 96 in the spring. He also possesses a lethal slider to go with his fastball.

35.  New York Mets (Jose Reyes—Marlins) Clint Coulter C HS Washington- Arizona State recruit who is 6’3 and has a catchers build, big trunks for legs. He is new to the catching position but appears to have taken to that spot. He has a good coach in long time big league backup catcher Tom Lampkin. He has always been a top flight hitting prospect with power from the right side.

36.  St. Louis Cardinals (Albert Pujols—Angels)  RHP Walker Weickel HS Florida- Was a big helium guy but has not had the best spring. His secondary stuff is inconsistent but plenty of upside. A 6’6 Miami commit he has been on many teams radars for awhile with his excellent performances in showcase events. He throws a very effective fastball that should sit around 95.  He also has good command of a curve ball and is a fine athlete who fields his position well.

37.  Boston Red Sox (Papelbon—Phillies) Matt Smoral  LHP HS. Ohio- A big HS kid at 6’8 who has missed much of this season with a fracture in his foot . So, he has not given scouts a real look at him. But, the talent is there with a solid fastball, change combo. Most scouts have seen Matt for a couple of years now so they have to be able to put projection into their reports. This projection is why the Rays feel very good about this selection at 25.

38.  Milwaukee Brewers (Fielder—Tigers) Stryker Trahan C HS Lousiana- He has been ranked higher but due to a poor spring and questions about if he can stay at C has him slipping. The scout I talked to says he runs well and sees him as a RF. He is committed to Ole Miss but the Rays would love to bring his LH power bat into the fold.

39.  Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson—Angels)  Nick Travieso RHP HS Florida- He does have a solid 3 pitch mix but some see his best role in the future will be out of the bullpen, He throws some serious gas in the mid to upper 9’s and his body gives him plenty of giddyup.

40.  Philadelphia Phillies (Ryan Madson—Reds) Ty  Buttrey HS North Carolina- With their first pick in the draft the Phillies need to go for a big upside guy and that player would be the well built 6’6 righty from North Carolina. The Arkansas commitment is solid but the potential power arm is to good to pass up here. He already throws in the mid 9’s with a plus curve ball. His curve is a knuckle curve and it has helped him to a 8-1 record this season with 96 K in 60 IP and a .80 e.r.a.

41.  Houston Astros (Clint Barmes—Pirates)  Shane Watson RHP HS California USC commit was 10-2 with a 1.16 e.r.a as a junior for one of the best HS programs in the country at Lakewood. He has a nice build for a P standing at 6’4 while throwing a low 9’s heater and a big sharp breaking curve. His change is a work in progress.

42.  Minnesota Twins (Jason Kubel—Diamondbacks)  SS Nolan Fontana Florida – A slick fielder Fontana has great baseball instincts who some feel is better suited for 2B. I believe he rounds the ball well and could be a fine big league SS because he just seems to always be in a great fielding position. He will make the great plays to but you will not find a more steady SS in college over the last 3 seasons. His bat will play as well as a #2 type hitter that uses the whole field and the ability to take a walk.

43.  Chicago Cubs (Aramis Ramirez—Brewers)  Zach Eflin RHP HS Florida- UCF commitment from the 6’5 righty. Has a nice pitchers frame that allows him to consistently sit around 93. He should add to that number as he matures.  Needs to find his 2nd and 3rd offerings (curve, change) but that can be learned.

44.  San Diego Padres (Aaron Harang—Dodgers)  Barrett Barnes OF Texas Tech- The CF at Tech with power and speed he projects as a left fielder in the future. He was a first team freshman All American batting .341 with 14 HR with a .465 OBP and a .641 slug. Played for Falmouth in the Cape after his freshman season batting .223 with 3 HR and 24 RBI while stealing 7 bases. As a sophomore he was a 1st team All Big 12 selection hitting .290 with 10 HR, 38 RBI, .414 OBP and 19 SB. He returned to Falmouth and hit .247 with 2 HR, 16 RBI and 5 SB. This season thru 5/21 he is hitting .325 with 9 HR, 49 RBI, 19 SB and a .419 OBP.

45.  Pittsburgh Pirates (Ryan Doumit—Twins)   OF Mitch Haniger Cal Poly- Burst on the scene as a freshman when he hit .326 with 7 HR, 46 RBI and 7 SB. He struggled as a sophomore batting .275 with 6 HR and a .371 OBP. He performed well in the Northwoods league batting .277 with 5 HR and 22 RBI. He played RF his first 2 seasons and is handling CF this year batting .338 with 12 HR, 57 RBI a .430 OBP and 5 SB with just one error in the OF. He has a plus arm in the OF and the power is for real. He projects as a RF at the next level.

46.  Colorado Rockies (Mark Ellis—Dodgers) Carson Kelly RHP/3B  HS Oregon- A two way talent that could be drafted as a P or a 3B. He could be a tough sign though as he might want to give college a shot as a 2 way player. Athletic kid with plenty of upside.

47.  Oakland Athletics (David DeJesus—Cubs) 3B Trey Williams HS California- Plus power kid who should be able to stay at 3B. His dad, Eddie played several years in the big leagues and was once my pre -season prediction to be the Rookie of  the Year (yeah, I missed that one)

48.  Chicago White Sox (Mark Buehrle—Marlins)  James Ramsey OF Florida State- Solid LH bat who should play LF. He is fundamentally sound across the board. The Twins selected him last year in the 22nd round but his stock is as high as ever as he is batting .387 with 9 HR and a .514 OBP through 142 college at bats.

49.  Cincinnati Reds (Ramon Hernandez—Rockies) OF Jesse Winker HS Washington- LH bat with a commitment to Florida. Plenty of power with a solid bat. He uses all fields well and projects as a LF. He knows what he is doing at the plate.

50.  Toronto Blue Jays (Frank Francisco—Mets)  Alex Wood LHP Georgia- 2010 TJ surgery pitcher who has come back strong in 2012 with 69K and 14 BB in 67 IP with a 2.57 e.r.a. Wood throws 94-96 with plenty of deception. .

51.  Los Angeles Dodgers (Rod Barajas—Pirates) Nolan Sanburn RHP Arkansas- Draft eligible sophomore that can light up the gun. He lives in the mid 9’s and will hit 97-98 out of the pen. His freshman season he was 2-4 with 8 saves and a 3.62 e.r.a while striking out 35 in 32 innings. This year he is 2-1 with 30 K and 12 walks in 26 IP. He also throws a plus curve and has a decent change. Could be a guy that might be worth a look as a starter but certainly gives you a valuable arm out of the pen in the next couple of seasons.

52.  Texas Rangers (Darren Oliver—Blue Jays) Duane Underwood RHP HS Gerogia- Georgia commit who has been very impressive at showcase tournaments. He has a power arm hitting in the upper 9’s during workouts. He has thick strong legs that could mean he could add some more velocity to an already impressive young arm. He is a very good offensive player that will get the opportunity to play as a hitter/pitcher at Georgia if he does not sign. He has had an up and down season where he was only throwing 85-87 during the heart of his season but he has been getting up to 93-94 as of late and scouts are not sure what to make of him. He does have a solid curve, change so the risk and reward question is important with him.

53.  St. Louis Cardinals (Octavio Dotel—Tigers)  C Wyatt Mathisen HS Texas- Mathisen is another kid that has eye popping numbers in HS as a hitter and as a P. As of 4/26 he was hitting .449 with 32 RBI as a catcher while going 8-0 with a .81 e.r.a and 80 K in 52 IP on the mound. The Texas commit could follow the catcher recruited the year before (Blake Swihart) to the pros. If he shows any indication of signing he will move right off this board though.

54.  Philadelphia Phillies (Raul Ibanez—Yankees) Daniel Robertson 3B HS California- UCLA commit who could be a tough sign. Gap to Gap power that has a terrific bat. Not a fast runner but knows the game and uses it to his advantage. Has the arm to be a fine 3B in the future. All out type of player that loves the game.

55.  San Diego Padres (B. Austin—unsigned)  RHP Tyler Gonzales HS Texas- Gonzales is committed to Texas but has one of the best pure power arms in the draft. Fastball/Slider guy whose role might end up as a reliever.Tough sign but worth this pick

56.  Chicago Cubs (Carlos Pena—Rays) OF Lewis Brinson HS FLA- Another one of those kids that is going to be thrown into the Cameron Maybin/Mike Cameron/Austin Jackson/Lorenzo Cain mix. Definitely has a solid skill set with speed and ability to handle CF. Power could develop but very raw with plenty of holes in swing.

57.  Cincinnati Reds (Francisco Cordero—Blue Jays) Kyle Twomey LHP HS California- USC commit. Very smart kid who got a 1590 on his SAT and carries a 3.89 GPA. 6’4 kid who will need to add some weight at the next level. He should end up settling in the low 9’s but is a lefty to keep an eye on. Tough sign but not impossible IMO

58.  Toronto Blue Jays (Jon Rauch—Mets) RHP Paul Blackburn HS CA- The Arizona State commit commands 3 pitches well. He would be a tremendous pick to replace the unsigned Tyler Beede from 2011.

59.  St. Louis Cardinals (Edwin Jackson—Nationals) Brett Mooneyham LHP Stanford- Mooneyham would already be in the pros had it not been for a freak injury that cost him his junior season. His dad was the 10th overall pick in 1980 by the Angels. Mooneyham has been more consistent with his breaking stuff this season and he has a nice fastball that he gets plenty of movement on around 92. He will still battle control at times but if he figured it out this would be a steal at pick 50. This season he is 5-4 with a 3.98 e.r.a and a 74/32 k/bb ratio in 61 innings (as of 5/4)

60.  Toronto Blue Jays (Jose Molina—Rays) Adam Brett Walker OF Jacksonville- Big Hulking OF/1B from D-2 Jacksonville.  The Milwaukee native is the son of a former NFL running back and his mom was a national champion high jumper. He hit 16 HR as a freshman and hit .409 as a sophomore with 13 HR and 23 DB. The 6’5 225 pounder is batting .331 this season with 8 HR and 13 DB in 172 at bats. He has a long swing but like a lot of power guys will strikeout and get his fair share of walks.

Royals 2nd round pick

Pick # 66

1- Alec Rash RHP HS Iowa- Very raw pitcher with potentially electric stuff. 6’5 kid with solid frame who is already viewed as a potential power P. Solid fastball/slider kid who will need some coaching but is a solid risk/reward guy here. Throws a 91-93 fastball (touches 95) with a solid slider. Big time long tosser who goes 350 plus

2-RHP Derick Velasquez Merced CC- 6’3 180 pound righty who is from Los Banos, CA. He throws a low 9’s fastball with he has a nice feel for 3 pitches. Very good student in HS with a 4.0 GPA. Needs to add weight to his frame but he has been very effective in his first season at Merced CC. He is a 2 way player for them and is 10-0 this season most recently beating West Valley May 6th in the 1st round of the Nor-Cal playoffs. Also a very young player who won’t be 19 until after the draft.

3-Chris Beck RHP Georgia Southern- The 6’3 215 pound pitcher with room to fill out is having a so-so season with a record of 4-4 and a 3.82 e.r.a but he does have 87 K and only 18 walks in 71 IP (as of 4/27) When he was right he had  a nice 3 pitch mix throwing a 92-96 fastball, 81-84 slider, and a 80-83 change. He won’t be a star but should be a solid 3-4 SP in the big leagues if he can get back there. But, he has lost 5-7 miles off his fastball this season.

4-Jake Barrett RHP ASU- A pitcher that I really like a lot. He has been a successful starter for the Sun Devils but he has worked out of the pen this season. He really is a max effort guy but he does have 3 quality pitches. Coming into this season he had struck out 115 in 105 innings with just 31 walks. He threw 28 games as a freshman out of the pen and started 14 as a sophomore. As a reliever he dials it up in the upper 9’s with a power slider to boot. I know there have been questions about a pre-existing injury so a physical is important with Barrett

Stats: 2010 (28 G, 0 GS, 29 IP, 43/10, 2-0, 3.41,)

2011  (14 G, 14 GS, 76 IP, 72/21, 7-4, 4.14)

2012 (30 G, 0 GS, 32 IP, 35/7, 2-4, 1.39, 1 HR, .171 bavg)

5- Stephen Johnson RHP St. Edwards- A Division II star originally from Boulder, Colorado.  The 6’6 junior was 7-5 with a 3.65 e.r.a in 2011 with 65K in 78 IP. He has an electric fastball that climbs into the upper 90’s. (also a member of the 100 mph club) He has been used as a SP but projects to be a reliever. This season he is 1-0 with a 1.08 e.r.a and 16 saves while striking out 57 in 33 innings with just 12 walks.

6- J.T. Chargois RHP Rice, Louisiana native who is the starting 1B for Coach Wayne Graham at Rice. He has been the team’s #2 hitter the last 2 seasons batting .298 for his career with a .383 OBP in 392 at bats. As a P he has worked primarily out of the pen and has not seen a ton of time before this season pitching in just 17 games his first 2 years. He has thrown 20 games out of the pen with 27 K in 27 IP with 12 walks. He began to attract scouts last summer on the Cape when his team (Brewster) needed some innings due to a tired staff. Chargois thru 93-96 with plenty of natural sink and a plus breaking bitch with some boost. He saved 7 games and had a 0.43 e.r.a This season he has run his fastball up to 98 and has a ton of movement. Scouts certainly drool that his arm has not taken a lot of work so he is a guy that can be crafted into a special pitcher.

7-Matt Koch RHP Louisville- A Washington native who has been a very consistent performer for the Cardinals. But, he really broke out on the Cape last summer as a reliever finishing the season with an e.r.a of .89 in 24 IP. He has converted to a full time reliever this season striking out 23 and walking 7 in 22 innings. He has 4 saves and a 4.98 e.r.a Repeats delivery well with a mid 90′ fastball (touches 97)  and change of pace slider.While he lacks consistency with his secondary pitches he does flash a very good change, as well. A candidate to move back into the rotation as a pro.

Stats: 2010 (11 G, 6 GS, 44 IP, 31/9, 3.27, 3-0, 3.27)

2011 (16 G, 11 GS, 67 IP, 46/21, 5-5, 3.48)

2012- 21 G. 0 GS, 28 IP, 28/8, 0-2, 3.90, 4 SV)

8-Pat Light Monmouth- Little attention was paid to Light as a legitimate prospect until this year. A big 6’6 200 pound power pitcher who has 3 pitches. His fastball will touch 96 and he has excellent control but he will need to find a better feel for his secondary pitches. If he can, he has a chance to be a nice pick here. Or, he moves to the pen as an intimidating righty with pinpoint contro for a power arm.

9- Mason Melotakis LHP Northwestern State- 6’3 205 pounder that has mostly been under the radar for Northwestern State. The Grapevine Texas native attracted plenty of attention while playing in the Cape Cod League last summer.  He also turned scouts heads in an outing his sophomore season when he struck out 10 of 13 batters versus LSU. He was a starter but moved to the pen as a sophomore and has continued in that role this season. He is 3-3 with a 3.05 e.r.a and 47 K’s versus 12 walks in 44 innings. He throws a mid 90’s fastball with a solid curveball.

10-Branden Kline Virginia- Tall, Lean pitcher with plenty of giddyup. He was used as their closer his sophomore season  but many feel he could make it as a  starting pitcher as a pro. He sits in the low 9’s with his outpitch being an often dominant slider. If he is a reliever he projects as a potentially dominant late inning arm where his fastball/slider grade up a tick.

Stats: 2010 (22G, 8 GS, 56/20, 66 IP, 5-1, 3.62, 3 SV)

2011 (32 G, 0 GS, 56/22, 43 IP, 4-1, 1.88, 18 SV)

2012 (15 G, 14 GS, 89/42, 88 IP, 6-3, 3.68)

11- OF Travis Jankowski Stony Brook- 6’3 190 pound prototypical leadoff hitter who patrols CF. Great speed and makes consistent contact.

Stats: 2010 (0,9, /262/.345/.301, 13-14 SB)

2011 (2,38, .355/.419/.457, 30-34 SB)

2012 (4,35, .397/.463/..623, 34-40 SB

12- C Tom Murphy Buffalo- Catcher with plus power. He put his name on the map when he took a fastball from Kevin Gausman just foul of the pole before launching his next offering (slider) for a home run. Handles his position well and has a plus arm. In 2011 he hit .384 with a .626 SLG 10 HR and 44 RBI. This season he is batting .317 with 11 HR in 202 at bats with a .405 OBP.

13- Kevin Plawecki C Purdue-  Solid Catchers body with good pop batting .361 with 4 HR and 34 RBI in 169 at bats this season. He also has a .458 OBP. Is an excellent on field leader and while he does not have a great arm he is a strong technique guy that gets the most of his ability.

14- Jeff Gelalich OF UCLA- One of the Royals top scouts Rich Amaral has watched Jeff plenty the last few seasons with his son Beau as his classmate. I still would like to see the Royals take one of the  arms here but Gelalich is a close to ready ML bat. He runs well, and projects as a LF because his arm is not RF worthy in the big leagues. He has solid plate awareness and the power is developing even though it already legit.

Stats: 2010 (2,13, .321/.465/.474, 7-7 SB)

2011 (2, 13, .268/.389/.415, 10-12 SB)

2012 (9,39, .367/.461/.540, 15-19 SB)

15-Brandon Thomas Georgia Tech- Switch hitting OF who can play all 3 OF spots. But, he should be able to handle CF at the next level and is really emerging as an all around player with a complete tool set.

Stats: 2010 (0,13, .262/.385/.381, 5-6 SB)

2011 (3,29, .307/.417/.429, 19-22 SB)

2012 (4,41, .352/.478/.541, 12-17 SB).

*special note Teddy Stankiewicz a HS arm worked out for the Royals on Friday the 1st of June. While it is not uncommon for players to work out for teams the word is that the Arkansas  commit will only go pro for 2nd round money. He is 6’4 190 and throws 89-94 with a slider,curve, and change. None are polished, however, his slider is very good at times.


 Royals 3rd round pick

Pick #100 (picks slide off list if Brass feel they won’t sign with new rules and will head to college)

1-Martin Agosta RHP St. Mary’s- Finished his 2011 campaign with an e.r.a of 2.81 striking out 76 and walking 19 in 90 IP. He was 7-6 and held opponents to a .245 .avg. He pitched for Bethesda in the Cal Ripken League after the season going 4-0 with a .99 e.r.a in 27 IP with 30 K and just 3 walks. This season thru 5/21 he is 9-2 with a 2.27 e.r.a and a 86/25 k/bb ratio in 95 IP.  He has a fastball that will live around 93 with a fine slider. See Zimmer write up  for additional note on Agosta

Stats: 2010 (17 G, 11 GS, 70 IP, 52/30, 3-6, 5.40, 4 HR allowed, .281 bavg)

2011 (15 G, 13 GS, 90 IP, 76/19, 7-6, 2.81, 4 HR allowed, .245 bavg)

2012 (13 G, 13 GS, 95 IP, 86/25, 9-2, 2.27, 4 HR allowed, .236 bavg)

2-Mitch Gueller RHP HS Washington- A tremendous 3 sports athlete (HS QB) who has committed to play at Washington State. Washington has been a popular area for the Royals the last 5 years. 6’3 200 pounder who has been throwing in the mid 90’s with a has a good feel for a curve and change. A real sleeper that has been rising lately.

3-Brady Rodgers RHP Arizona State- Typical Twins P who throws strikes and won’t light up the radar gun. He throws around 90 with a curve, change. He knows what he is doing on the mound. I mentioned the Twins because I could see them draft him with his composure on the mound. He won’t blow anyone away but he locates his pitches well. I know he is not the sexy pitcher with all of the power but this guy,to me, is your classic innings eater that throws strikes enjoying a 12 year big league career. 39th round selection after high school by the Brewers. Pitched very well last summer for the Team USA Collegiate Team going 2-0 with a 2.08 e.r.a in 17 IP.

Stats: 2010 (22 G, 5 GS, 4-3, 2.11, 3 SV, 67/11, 73 IP, .202 Bavg)

2011  (15 G, 15 GS, 9-4, 2.75, 87/9, 98 IP, .237 Bavg)

2012 (14 G, 14 GS, 10-2, 2.36, 75/15, 107 IP, ,228 Bavg)

4-OF Preston Beck UT Arlington- Powerful LH hitting RF with a plus plus arm (throws 94) he attracted many teams to him after he had a fine summer on the Cape (left during season though with a hip injury) Received some attention as a freshman when his teammate Michael Choice was heavily scouted. With his arm he has also pitched at UTA but has been a 3 year starter in RF. Freshman season he hit .352 with 2 HR and 44 RBI. He makes consistent contact striking out just 28 times as a freshman. His sophomore season he hit .5 HR, batting .307 and had 8 assists in the OF. This year he is putting together a terrific season batting .337 with 11 HR, 60 RBI and just 31 K’s in 200 at bats

5- Kyle Hansen RHP St. Johns- 6’8 righty who was 8-7 with a 3.09 e.r.a as a sophomore in 15 starts. He struck out 107 in 106 innings. This season he is just 3-5 so far but from his spot on the mound and a 95 mph fastball he could be the right guy with this pick. His brother is former 1st round pick of the Red Sox Craig Hansen.

6- Matt Reynolds INF Arkansas- This is a player I really like who I think could be a succesful big leaguer at 2B or 3B. He can also play SS and some believe he could catch. But, his instincts are very good and after a slow start to his Razorback career (.203 as a freshman and .243 as a sophomore) he has had a nice junior campaign batting .312 with 11 SB and 4 HR. A real nice player that could be a steal in the 4th round

7-2B Tony Renda U. of  California- He was the Pac 10 player of the year last season after he hit .332 with 3 HR, 9 SB, and a 366 OBP. He batted .373 as a freshman with 13 SB, 3 HR, and a .427 OBP. This season he is hitting .371 with 4 HR, 11 SB, and a .442 OBP. He has passed Stanford’s Diekroeger as the best college middle infielder in the Pac 12. He is the all time hits leader at Serra HS which is no small feat considering Gregg Jefferies, Barry Bonds, and Tom Brady. At 5’8 he has quite a bit of swagger as his reputation as a very confident young man should serve him well in the pros.

8-3B Fernando Perez Central Arizona CC- Solid prospect from the JC ranks. Competitve program at Central AZ so he has seen plenty of solid pitching. Graduated HS a semester early to play college ball where he hit .338/.399/.571 Keep in mind the AZ JC system is a wood bat league.

9-LHP Stephen “Paco” Rodriguez Florida- Big bodies lefty with a power arm. He has great stuff out of the pen (93 MPH, with solid cutter, and slider) Has the ability to keep hitters off balance. He could be a close to ready P who, some have speculated, could be in the big leagues sooner than later if a contending team drafts him.

Stats 2010 (20 G, 2-0, 2.57, 1 SV, 26/5, 28 IP)

2011  (32 G, 4-2, 1.91, 2 SV, 44/12, 38 IP)

2012  (29 G, 3-2, 2.17, 3 SV, 74/12, 54 IP)

10-Seth Willoughby Xavier- Had been a 2 way player until he broke the hamate bone in his left hand. He gave up hitting (was teams #4 hitter) and had an excellent season going 2-1 with a 1.01 e.r.a and a 44/12 K/bb ratio in 36 IP with a dozen saves. As a sophomore he hit 5 HR and batted .326 while going 2-5 with a 3.66 e.r.a and 9 saves. His freshman season he hit .200 in 25 at bats and saved 7 games with a 5.34 e.r.a.

11- Tim Cooney LHP Wake Forest- Had an excellent HS campaign in non traditional baseball city Philadelphia. His freshman season he finished the season with a 4-6 record and a 5.49 e.r.a in 13 starts. He struck out just 54 in 80 innings. He began to show his promise as a sophomore when he struck out 91 and walked just 18 in 99 innings going 7-3 with a 3.01 e.r.a. This season he is 5-5 with a 3.43 e.r.a but he has struck out 75 in 79 innings. He has a 90-92 fastball with some run and he is effective versus lefties and righties. He also is a very good change of pace pitcher with 2 very good secondary offers that include a change and curve.

12- Buck Farmer RHP Georgia Tech- A 6’4 225 pound righty Farmer was a 4 time all state pitcher in high school. He was a solid 2 way player batting .443 as a junior and .468 his senior year. But, on the mound he made a name for himself as one of the best in the state of Gerogia (struck out 22 batters in one HS game) He has had a solid career at Tech working out of the pen as a freshman (19 G with 3 starts) he went 5-1 with a 3.63 e.r.a (44/18 k/bb in 52 IP) He moved into the rotation as a sophomore starting 16 games and winning 11 against 3 losses. He struck out 106 and walked just 31 in 108 IP. This season,as the Friday starter, he is 7-3 with a 3.20 e.r.a while striking out 90 versus 23 walks in 82 IP.  Fastball (89-94 settling at 90-91) , slider, change with his best pich being the change up.

13- Seth Willoughby Xavier- Had been a 2 way player until he broke the hamate bone in his left hand. He gave up hitting (was teams #4 hitter) and had an excellent season going 2-1 with a 1.01 e.r.a and a 44/12 K/bb ratio in 36 IP with a dozen saves. As a sophomore he hit 5 HR and batted .326 while going 2-5 with a 3.66 e.r.a and 9 saves. His freshman season he hit .200 in 25 at bats and saved 7 games with a 5.34 e.r.a.

14- Carson Fulmer HS Florida- Committed to Vanderbilt and they do not lose many players to the draft. But, he is on here because he is considered signable. 6’1 190 pounder who has been seen by a lot of scouts in his young career. Most recently he teamed with fellow Floridians and potential 1st rounders Walker Weickel, Nick Travieso, and Jesse Winker for team USA’s under 18 team. Hits 95 and throws a 92-93 mph fastball with solid secondary stuff.

15- RHP Kieran Lovegrove HS California- Grade A kid originally from South Africa. He is committed to Arizona State but thought to be a sign-able player. Set up a charity with a couple of friends that sends sporting equipment to underprivileged kids. Throws a low 9’s fastball/slider/change but certainly has plenty of room for development.

* Bonus- Mitchell Traver RHP HS Texas- The 6’7 250 pound Texan is your classic power pitcher throwing a heavy 95 mph fastball with a power curve and a feel for his change. He is committed to TCU and needs some re-tooling but if they think they can sign him he would be a fine pick here

Round 4:

Pick 133

1-Sam Selman LHP Vanderbilt- 6’3 190, Selman has waited for his opportunity to be a larger part of the Vanderbilt staff. Some scouts will like the lack of work in his arm as he had thrown just 12 innings in his first 2 seasons in Nashville. But, his stuff erupted this year as he throws a low 9’s fastball with solid secondary pitches. An excellent student he was seen a ton in HS with teammates Shelby Miller (1st round Cards) and Everett Williams (2nd round Padres) at St. Andrews HS in Austin getting himself drafted in the 14th round by the Angels. Spent last summer with Mankato in the Northwoods league going 2-4 with a 3.89 e.r.a in 42 IP with 46 K’s.

Stats: 2010 (4 G, 0 GS,  8/4, 6 IP, 0-0, 9.00)

2011 (7 G, 0 GS. 6/3, 6 IP, 0-0, 1.42)

2012 (9-3, 3.33, 75/38, 70 IP, 2 HR, .230 Bavg)

2-Kris Hall RHP Lee University- 6’3 215 pounder who throws a 93 mph fastball with a power curve and hard slider. He is 12-0 this year with a 1.71 e.r.a and a 122/48 k/bb ratio in 100 IP. He has allowed just one HR and batters are hitting just .191 against him.

3- Jake Thompson RHP HS Texas- Texas Christian signee who was committed originally to Nebraska. He throws a low 90’s fastball with an improving slider. Solid 2 way player for his HS team who will have a chance to hit for TCU.

4- 3B/LF Cameron Perkins Purdue- One of the more intriguing bats in the country. The 6’5 Perkins has one of the best eyes in the college game. He was the Mariners 43rd round pick in 2009. He has struck out just 69 times in 649 collegiate at bats including just 13 this season in 198 ab’s.

Stats: 2010- (8,34, .338/.381/.543, 10-12 SB)

2011- (8,53, .349/.419/.552, 13-16 SB)

2012- (7, 51, .369/.419/.545, 8-11 SB)

5- OF/3B Torsten Boss Michigan State- Strong LH hitter who was a terrific Wide Receiver in high school catching 18 TD on 65 catches for 1,505 yards as a senior. He is a fine hitter with power that will develop over time and he runs well. He slipped in some scout books after struggling with the wood bat on the Cape last summer (0,12,.237)

Stats: 2010 (6,41,.341/.419/.512, 5 SB)

2011 (7,59, .370/.436/.589, 7 SB)

2012 (5, 42, .311/ .425/.459, 11 SB)

6-LHP Steven Okert Oklahoma- Hard throwing southpaw (has touched 97) but sits around 93. He spent two seasons at Grayson CC. He was drafted by the Brewers in the 43rd round out of high school. Last year at Grayson he was 9-1 with a 1.91 e.r.a and 77 K. This year for OU he has started 5 games but usually comes out of the pen (18 games) He is 6-6 with a 3.26 e.ra and 65/33 k/bb in 69 IP. Lefties hate facing him and Okert still could be looked at as a SP but for now loos like a potential shut down reliever from the left side.

7- SS Chris Taylor Virginia- Fine defender at SS that could be more of a utility player in the Willie Bloomquist mold in the future. He could handle 2B and some OF as a pro. Can run well too.

Stats: 2010 (0,7, .305/.463/.390)

2011 (2, 49, .305/.385/.404, 15-21 SB)

2012 (5, 44, .271/.371/.436, 11-13 SB)

8- Blake Hauser RHP Virginia Commonwealth- 6’2 P with solid pitchers’ body was moved to the pen this season and this move has seen his stuff maxed out with 49 K in 26 IP with 9 saves. He has walked 22 batters though which is the best way to reach base on him since he has held opponents to a .093 .avg. His arm is electric though with a heater that gets up in the 9’s and his slider is a plus pitch.

9- 2B Micah Johnson Indiana- Johnson has slipped because of an awful junior season. He has been hobbled all season by a bad wing and missed 2 months of the season after struggling out of the gate. A fast runner who is a terrific athlete that could end up being an Eric Young type player at the next level playing 2B,3B and CF. Hits well from the left side with pop.

Stats: 2010 (11, 42, .312/.366/.530, 6-9 SB)

2011 (3, 34, .335/.402/.474, 19-22 SB)

2012 (1, 10, .231/.303/.388, 7-9 SB)

10- C Sammy Ayala HS California- A great story who raised a lot of eyes last year at a showcase event at San Diego State.  The left handed hitter had mostly concentrated on football (high school defensive end) but his talent will be best served on the baseball diamond. He knows how to catch and held his own against one of the premier HS P in the country when he faced Max Fried in another showcase tournament. He is committed to UCSB.

11- 2B LJ Mazzilli UConn- The son of former Mets phenom Lee. LJ has been on the pro radar for years. He attended the sports exclusive IMG academy in Bradenton, Florida before returning home to play his college ball at UConn. He hit .312 as a freshman with 3 HR and 4 SB. His freshman summer he went to the Cape and had a fine summer stealing 11 bases for the Wareham Gateman. Last season he had 3 HR, 32 RBI batting .338 with a .392 OBP and this year he is batting .323 but the power numbers are way up as he has knocked 9 out with 35 RBI, 10 SB and a .389 OBP. He has a nice quiet swing without much load or extra action to get his bat going. He really has little to no movement and seems to square up the ball well. He can run and projects as a #2 hitter or bottom of the line up guy as a 2B.

12- 2B Joey DeMichele Arizona State- After getting only 8 at bats as a freshman the junior infielder from Phoenix started putting together a quality resume for the Sun Devils. His sophomore season he won the Pac- 10 batting crown with a .368 mark he also provided some pop in the post hot bat era with 9 HR and 51 RBI. A workout warrior who has invested himself at the gym he has plenty of pop for a 5’11 2B. Described as a throwback player who could be a valuable utility player at the next level with his ability to handle SS and 3B, as well. But, he has to be considered a legit option as a future 2B. He has been the #3 hitter for ASU this season hitting .348 with 6 HR, 40 RBI, .424 OBP, and 8 SB.

13- Corey Black RHP Faulkner University- He originally attended San Diego State where, as a freshman, he was used as a 2 way player. He played all over the infield before moving into the rotation. He had Tommy John surgery in 2011. He is dominating at his NAIA school in Alabama with a 11-1 record and a 1.23 e.r.a in 13 games. The 5’10 righty is not a typical Royals pick as one of their guys likes bigger pitchers but they did take Kyle Smith last season and Black is a guy they could sign. He has upside for sure throwing a mid 9’s fastball with secondary pitches that will improve with time and work. Future reliever

14- RHP Matt Carasiti ST. Johns- 6’3 200 pound Righty who has been used a starter and closer at St. Johns. Emotional player who might best be used as a reliever. As a reliever he throws 95-96 and will sit around 92 as a SP.

Stats: 2010- (19 G, 7 GS, 7-4, 5.94, 34 K, 53 IP)

2011- (29 G, 1 GS, 2-2, 2.47, 39 K, 44 IP, 8 SV)

2012- (15 G, 11 GS, 4-5, 3.97, 54/27, 66 IP)

15a) RHP Damion Carroll HS Virginia- 6’4 205 pounder that just has not been seen a lot this year. As far as I can tell he does not have a college commitment which makes him a prime candidate to go pro. He does have pro stuff throwing a low 90’s fastball (touches 95) Curveball and Change too.

15b)- C Ronnie Freeman Kennesaw State- A catcher that has above average skills with the bat and his glove will pass. He has also shown himself to be a legit prospect by hitting in Wood Bat summer leagues. Hit .349 with 6 HR in the NECBL.

Round 5

Pick 163

1- OF Vincent Jackson HS Georgia- The Royals had some pretty nice success with a Vincent Jackson 26 years ago. But, we won’t call this one BO. Jackson is a quick bat power hitter from the left side. At 6’4 190 he will fill out more and develop more power. He is also a P who throws some pretty good heat (88) a terrific eye at the plate he has struck out one time all season with a .397 .avg and 2 HR. Above average runner who has plenty of the tools scouts drool over.

2- RHP Mark Sappington Rockhurst University- Hard throwing righty that touches 96. The 6’4 220 pounder was the KC scholar athlete in 2009. He has dominated small school baseball this year going 10-3 with a 1.78 e.r.a and 101/30 k/bb ratio in 96 IP. Pitched in high school at Ray-Pec.

3- Clate Schmidt HS Georgia- Word is that Schmidt can be had…so the Royals might reach out and grab the athletic Righty from Georgia in the 5th round. He is a Clemson commit and he should be a 2 way player if he arrives on campus. A 6’1 175 pounder who throws 92-96 with a plus curve will need to build up endurance in the pros but he could be a good one.

4- Ross Stripling RHP Texas A&M- Pitched only one season in high school where he was 14-0 with a 1.60 e.r.a and 156 K’s in 107 IP. The 6’3 Senior returned to A&M after declining an offer from the Rockies after they selected him in the b9th round last season. Pitched out of the pen as a freshman going 1-0 with a 2.51 e.r.a and 18 K with just 4 walks in 14 IP. Began to make his mark as a sophomore when he was 6-5 with a 4.50 e.r.a striking out 89 and walking 29 in 88 IP. Last year he lead the country with 14 victories against just 2 losses with an e.r.a of 2.29 and a 113/18 k/bb ratio in 126 IP. He held batters to just a .202 .avg. This year he is part of a terrific A&M rotation that includes potential 1st round pick Michael Wacha and draft eligible Rafael Pineda. He is 8-2 with a 2.59 e.ra striking out 90 and walking just 14 in 94 innings. He throws a low 9’s fastball with a solid 12 to 6 curve but has  not figured out a consistent change yet. His role is up for grabs at the next level.

5- LHP Billy Waltrip Seminole JC- A kid who has just gotten bigger adding almost 30 pounds since high school. He has seen his fastball pick up almost 10 mph as he touches 95. Reminds me of Mike Hampton in video I have seen as he displays a solid curve and change. Oklahoma commit.

6- OF Edgardo Rivera HS Puerto Rico- Shined in the Excellent Tournament in Puerto Rico in April. Any scout that was there was impressed with his plus speed and quick bat. Projects as a left fielder.

7- RHP Jon Moscot Pepperdine- Began his career at Cuesta JC. He excelled on the Cape last summer where he tied the league record for strikeouts. He worked as the Friday starter this season and struck out 79 with just 18 walks in 90 IP. A 6’4 210 pounder he is a deceptive P so potentially is a RP. A scout once told me “show me a guy that does more than just throw the ball from the mound and I will show you a relief pitcher” He touches 94 with a change, split, slider.

8- RHP Scott Griggs UCLA- Scott, perhaps, has the biggest upside of any arm on the Bruins staff but he has not been able to harness it thus far. He began to show promise this past summer for the Brewster White Caps going 1-3 with a 3.03 e.r.a and 28 K in 32.2 IP but he did walk 29. He pitched in 9 games last season with 3 starts going 1-1 with a 5.60 e.r.a and 21 k versus 21 walks in 17.2 IP. His freshman season he pitched in 8 games with a 6.75 e.r.a in 8 IP (10k/8bb) He was the Mariners 34th round pick out of HS. This season he has pitched in 31 games with a 1-1 record and a 1.95 e.r.a, saving 14 games with 56 K and 29 BB in 32 IP

9- CF Beau Amaral- The son of 10 year big league veteran and current Royals scout Rich. Beau has been a consistent player for UCLA and will enter his junior year as a 3rd year starter. He has played the last 2 summers in the Cape Cod League where he batted .242 with a HR and 5 RBI for the Chatham Anglers this past summer season. He was the 45th round pick out of Huntington Beach HS and after batting .354 as a freshman in 223 at bats he slipped to .299 last year. This year he is batting .333 with 4 HR and a .407 OBP with 8 SB. He could ended up being a similar player to his father with the ability to play several positions and start in stretches throughout his career. Very smart player who understands the right way to play the game

10- Trey Lang Gateway CC (Arizona) Played his HS ball in AZ before starting his career at Northern Illinois. He has been a 2 way player and on the mound throws a 93-96  MPH fastball with a plus slider . A really big boy at 6’3 and 240 (has lost weight from his 260 build) Commitment to New Mexico.

11- Reid Scoggins RHP Howard CC-  Scoggins is from Dallas and is 6’3 210. He is committed to Florida International for next season. He is a power right handed reliever that missed 2010 with TJ surgery. One of the hardest throwers in the draft as he sits 97-98 and is a member of the 100 mph club. He gets plenty of sink with his fastball but will need to develop a consistent second offering. A true project but worth a pick if you feel that he can be a solid pupil

12- Joe Rogers LHP Central Florida- Joe Rogers has been on scout’s radar for some time. As a member of the elite high school squad Chet Lemon’s Juice he competed against top competition in showcase tournaments around the country. A 6’1 junior from Winter Haven he was a freshman All American (Louisville Slugger) when he was 4-2 with a 4.50 e.r.a in 23 games with 3 starts. He struck out 43 in 48 IP with only 17 walks. As a sophomore he worked in 25 games (all as a reliever) striking out 39 in 41 innings with just 10 walks. He saved 9 games and went 4-2 with a 4.79 e.r.a. This season (thru 5/6) he has pitched 32 innings in 23 games with a 4-1 record and a 1.95 e.r.a striking out 36 and walking 4 (he has allowed just 1 HR) He pitched for the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox last summer with Mark Appel, Stephen Piscotty, and Mike Zunino. His strength is his command as he works with a 88-92 fastball and a solid slider and change.

13- Christian Powell RHP College of Charleston-  Drafted by the Indians in the 47th round in high school. Big, physical 6’5 220 pounder with low 90’s heat (dials it up to 96) Needs to develop a strikeout pitch or refine his mechanics, curve, change in the future. Command is an issue.

Stats: 2010 (17 G, 16 GS, 63/37, 79 IP, 7-4, 6.84, 12 HR, .322 Bavg)

2011 (16 G, 12 GS, 63/29, 82 IP, 8-1, 3.09, 3 HR, .297 Bavg)

2012 (16 G, 15 GS, 73/26, 90 IP, 9-3, 2.39, 6 HR, .240 Bavg)

14- Bryan De La Rosa C (Bucky Dent Baseball School)  Solid built Catcher who will stay at the position. Committed to Florida State High energy kid who has solid tools across the board. Can run, barrels the ball well, and handles his pitching staff with the energy of an older player

15-  RHP Zach Isler Cincinnati-  Big RH pitcher who has been used as a starter and reliever in college but projects out as a reliever with a 94-95 fastball and makings of a plus slider. I could see him go in the first 10 rounds because of the possibilities of his 2 pitches used solely out of the pen. He is 1-5 this year with a 2.78 e.r.a and a 55/26 k/bb ratio in 55 IP with 5 saves. He has been fantastic the last 2 summers pitching for the Cincinnati Steam in the Great Lakes Baseball League going 42 innings over the 2 seasons with 32 K and 9 walks

(this is a list of players who should go in rounds 6-10) Picks 186 thru 306


These are in no roder other than using draft order predictions by BA to suggest draft round

OF Bralin Jackson HS Missouri (Raytown South) (6th round) If the Royals want to own their backyard this is the best guy to do it with. Solid athlete with bat speed. He is committed to Missouri. A very raw talent with a solid arm, speed and power potential. Bats right handed and throws left he should be a CF/LF in the future.

David Hill RHP HS California- (6th round)  Has been impressive this year and has seen his name show up more and more as the season progressed.  He has committed to Long Beach State and has a solid 3 pitch feel with a low 9’s fastball.

Zach Quintana RHP HS Nevada-(6th round)  Smaller high school arm with plenty of power. At 5’10 he can dial it up to 95. He is committed to UNLV. Plays SS when he is not pitching.

SS Adrian Marin HS Florida- (6th round) Miami commit who plays a solid SS. He showed up on pre-season lists as a top 5 rounds player. He is a very good runner and has improved his draft status with recent big games against highly scouted talent.

OF Jeremy Rathjen Rice- (7th round) Tall and lean RF for the Rice Owls who was a fine HS football WR, as well. His father played football at LSU. Good arm in the OF with solid power to all fields. 6’6 and 200 pounder was drafted by the Yankees last year despite missing most of the season with an injury. He is a redshirt junior.

Stats: 2009 (1, 13, .242/.314/.358, 3-3 SB)

2010 (13, 69, .317/.396/.584, 0-3 SB)

2011 (1, 18, .295/.353/.426, 2-2 SB) played in just 16 games

2012 (9, 41, .333/.431/.533, 6-8 SB)

Logan Ehlers LHP Howard JC-(7th round) Nebraska fans will remember the talented player that was removed from the Husker team after last season. He is a terrific talent as a LHP with tremendous upside. He currently pitches for Howard JC with a 11-0 record and a .95 e.r.a striking out 92 with 25 walks in 76 IP.  He did have shoulder surgery last July but his numners this year show he has recovered well. The 6’2 lefty has touched 94 this year and his curve has always been a plus offering for him. He has the making of a decent change (a hat tip to his Howard coaches)

RHP Ryan Warner HS Colorado (Pine Creek) (7th round)  Tremendous all around athlete committed to NC State to pitch. But, the 6’7 175 pound pitcher could have gone to any number of schools as a baseball or football player and not just as a P but as a CF or WR according to David Ramsey of the Gazette . Uses a Fastball (87-89), spike curve, change up with 67 K in just 37 IP this season.

OF Ronnie Richardson U. Central Florida (7th rounder) – Very good athlete with solid potential across the board. He has been drafted twice (11th round 2009 Twins, 36th round 2011 Cubs) The switch hitter has plus speed and arm in the OF and covers a lot of ground. He is just 5’7 and in his career he has hit .302 with 12 HR, 96 RBI, 47 SB, and a .449 OBP. He has a way of getting on base and has been hit by 25 pitches this season.

Christian Walker 1B/3B South Carolina- (7th rounder) One of the most dangerous bats in the college game Walker is also a fine glove man. The junior from Limerick, PA is batting .347 with 9 HR, 45 RBI and a .477 OBP this season (thru 5/6). He came to campus as a C and can also play a decent 3B. As a freshman he was on the freshman All American team after batting .327 with a .384 obp and 9 HR. Last season he was bothered late in the season by a broken hamate bone but he still performed at the CWS with the injury. He hit .358 and did not seem to lose any power despite the new bats as he jacked 10 HR and drove in 62 with a .438 OBP. Was a 49th round pick of the Dodgers out of HS.

Jake Stone RHP Weatherford JC- (7th round) Emporia States loss was potentially baseballs gain. He was set to be the QB at Emporia State but chose to just pitch. 6’1 205 pounder throws 91-93 (95) with a solid curve.

Robert Benincasa RHP Florida State-(7th rounder)  The closer for the Seminoles has been nearly unhittable this season with a 4-0 record and a .65 e.r.a striking out 40 and walking just 5 in 28 IP with 12 saves. Confidence has been an issue for him in the past as he struggled in his first 2 seasons on campus (primarily as a starter) but he found a belief in self out of the pen this season. He does have the arsenal to at least be considered as a starter in the pros with a low 9’s fastball, a change with nice down movement and his out pitch a slider that is a plus exchange for him.

Matt Snyder 1B Mississippi- (7th round) Big boy at 6’6 and 215 pounds. His brother Brandon is in the big leagues with the Texas Rangers and his father Brian pitched in the big leagues with the Mariners. Senior who will sign. LH bat and a slug on the bases.

Stats: 2009 (8, 31, .298/.387/.489, 32/18 K/bb in 141 AB)

2010 (12, 40, .347/.481/.653, 38/27 147 AB)

2011 (9, 39, .301/.425/.534, 40/28, 176 AB)

2012 (7, 39, .363/.417/.622, 17/6, 135 AB) very impressive K numbers this year for a hitter with pop

Nate Mikolas 1B HS Wisconsin- (7th round) A powerfiul kid from a non baseball state. He is committed to Louisville but is on here because signs point to him wanting to go pro for right deal. Has been showcased in several wood bat tournaments where he has displayed some pop.

Angel Ortega SS Puerto Rico-(7th round)  Solid defensive SS with great range, and arm. Bat will be fine

Dakota Bacus RHP Indiana State- (7th round) Transfer from Southeastern CC (Iowa) he saw his name going up the charts with scouts as his velocity picked up throughout the season. Settled in the low 9’s with a very effective curve. Has a change too so should remain a SP.

1B Chris Serritella Southern Illinois- (7th round) The Royals took a chance on him last year drafting him in the 31st round. They took this chance after he had missed his entire junior season with a broken bone in his wrist. The 6’3 210 pound left handed hitter swatted 13 HR and drove in 64 as a sophomore with a .374 .Avg. This season he has 12 HR, 58 RBI, .400 .avg, and a .473 OBP.

Eric Stamets SS Evansville- (7th round) 6’0 185 native of Dublin, Ohio where he lettered in 3 sports (baseball, basketball, football) One of the steadiest yet most unknown SS in college. The 3 year starter is a terrific base stealer, flashes solid leather at SS and consistently makes contact. He drew  rave reviews playing at the Cape last summer for Hyannis (0,12, .277, 11 SB) As a freshman he stole 43 bases batting .321 with 4 HR. As a sophomore he hit .292 with 27 SB and this season he is batting .318 with a HR, 27 RBI and 30 SB. He has struck out 17 times and walked 30 in 220 at bats.

Daniel Stumpf LHP San Jacinto JC- (7th round)  6’2 198, 88-91 (94) change and cutter. Solid command and throws strikes. He is a 22 year old draftee because he took a year off in HS to work and another year off to be a college student.

Jake Johansen RHP Dallas Baptist- (7th round) A solidly built 6’6 and 215 pounder with power stuff hitting 97 with his fastball. Features a slider. But, like a lot of young power arms he often doesn’t know where his pitches are going. High reward pick in the 7th round

Anthony Seise LHP HS Florida– (8th round) Very raw in terms of mechanics but already throws a 91 mph fastball and has a solid spinning curve. Coachable kid who is committed to State College of Florida but is already 19 so he might want to sign

Wil Rodriguez C P.R Baseball Academy-(8th round)  Bilingual C with the body of his position at 5’10 and 210 pounds. Showcased himself well in tournaments.

Mac Williamson OF Wake Forest- (8th round) Solid power hitting candidate from the right side. Remember, we said RH power is a wanted asset. He was a redshirt as a freshman. Scouts believe the 6’4 240 pound powerfully built OF is a 5 tool talent who is just becoming a great baseball player. Kirk Gibson like qualities. He was drafted by the Red Sox in the 46th round last year. Hit .381 for Harrisonburg with 10 HR and 38 RBI stealing 5 bases last summer. Plus arm who has experience as a pitcher.

Stats: 2010 (7,37,.279/.348/.464, 12-18 SB)

2011 (12, 49, .273/.368/.493, 11-14 SB)

2012 (17, 52, .287/.398/.596, 12-15 SB)

3B/OF Patrick Kiviehan  Rutgers- (8th round) Another great draft stoey as Kiviehan generated quite a bit of buzz as a former football player for 4 years in college. He just out up stupid numbers for a guy that had not played baseball since HS as he won the Big East triple crown batting .399 with 14 HR and 50 RBI.

OF Kyle Von Tungeln TCU- (8th round) Really good CF with solid arm. Could be a top of the order hitter with plus speed batting from the left side of the plate. Does not get the pub maybe he deserves because he has not been a conistent player and has not started exclusively until this season. He had a terrific HS career at Kempner HS in Sugar Land, Texas (Houston area) where he was first team all-state. Not a power threat at all, he will need to put the ball in play as a pro.

Stats: 2010 (0, 16, .236 .326 SLG, 3-4 SB)

2011 (0,11, .267, .384 slg, 8-13 SB0

2012 (2, 19, .291/.399/412, 10-15 SB, 49 K, 28 BB in 1999 AB)

RF/1B Preston Tucker Florida (8th rounder) – There have been some great college hitters that never made it in the majors. Guys like Jeff Ledbetter…Preston Tucker is one of the best collegiate hitters alive and he is not listed by anyone as a first day pick. His story is worth a read and Scott Carter does a nice job telling it here . Statistically he has been a guy that caught my eye the first time I saw him as a freshman. A season where he hit .364 with 15 HR and 85 RBI striking out 22 times in 242 AB. It has been his best year of his career sure, but he has always beens solid. As a sophomore he hit .331 with 11 HR and returned with the new bats as a junior batting .308 with 15 HR and 74 RBI. He was drafted in the 16th round by the Rockies last year (slipping because most believed he would return for his senior season) This season he is batting .299 with 12 HR and his stock has slipped quite a bit. It might not be because of the stats as it is his appearance that scares teams away. Whether that is fair or not is not up to me…his body has never looked great even though he is a very strong kid with top shelf work ethic on and off the field. I like the bat and think he gives you a future 1B/DH and even though he has played a fine RF I just don’t see him out there

2B Jalen Goree HS Alabama- (8th round)  Solid build but not a tall guy as he is 5’9 but 200 pounds. He runs well and has shown solid bat speed. Sounds like a young Al Newman to me.

RHP Brandon Brennan Orange Coast JC- (8th round) Many people believe this will be a year for JUCO kids. They are considered to be more signable than the high school kids under the new draft rules (especially in these rounds) Brennan has that 6’4 220 perfect pitchers body and throws a 94 mph fastball but will need to develop his off speed pitches in order to have any professional success.

Evan Marzilli OF South Carolina- (8th round) Terrific defensive CF for the Gamecoks who was the club’s LF for the 2 WS championship teams. He can handle all 3 OF spots. He would give the organization a solid tool player that could climb the ladder in a hurry.  The junior from Cranston, RI is a highlight film in waiting with his defense. The left handed hitting Marzilli is also a talented musician who has played the national anthem on his guitar to start games. He has shined in the College World Series. He hit .383 as a freshman with 3 HR, 8 SB, and 12 RBI taking the LF job late in the season. He rose to the occasion in the CWS  making the all tourney team going 10-27 at Omaha and 18-43 overall in the tournament. Last season he hit .291 with 3 HR and 31 RBI stealing 6 bases. He moved over to CF this season with the departure of Jackie Bradley JR. This season he is batting .280 with a .370 OBP and 8 SB.

OF Julian Service HS Canada (Ontario) (8th round)  Built like another former Canadien RF…Service also has a close to plus arm and he has solid bat speed.

OF Derek Jones HS Canada (Ontario) (8th round) Our second OF in a row from Ontario. Jones is committed to Rose State (JC) in Oklahoma. He should play CF as a pro but will be a project at the next level due to lack of competition.

RHP Nick Goody LSU- (8th round) Last year’s achilles heel the bullpen looks to have much better seasons with the addition of P like Goody. Nick comes to LSU from State College of Florida where he threw 84 innings the last 2 years with a 6-2 record and a 114/33 k/bb ratio and a 1.29 e.r.a He turned down the Yankees (22nd round) to come to Baton Rouge and certainly should be just a one year P for the Tigers. Throws a heavy fastball at 94 with a slider and change he throws in the upper 7′s and low 8′s respectively.This season he is 1-1 with a 1.86 e.r.a in 30 games (all relief) with 39 K and just 3 walks in 29 IP.

SS/2B Brock Hebert Southeastern Louisiana- (8th round) Scrappy player who is better at 2B but can handle SS. 5’10 170 pound middle infielder with solid instints and a quick bat he hit .288 as a freshman with 2 HR and 55 RBI. His sophomore season he hit .340 with 2 HR and 31 RBI. He also had 26 SB and a .451 OBP. His line this season goes like this 2, 37, .374/.474/.511, 34 K, 30 BB, 15 HBP, 227 AB…36 SB. 9 errors with a .972 fld%

LF Raph Rhymes LSU- (8th round) A great story as he did not make the team in 2008 as a walk on and had to transfer to LSU-Eunice to play. At LSU-Eunice he absolutely raked before becoming the National JUCO Player of the Year. The success he had let to a roster spot at LSU where he has not disappointed. He was the primary DH last season getting 49 starts there as well as 5 in RF and 2 in LF. He hit .360 with 3 HR and 42 RBI. Came back to school as a JR after saying no to the Pirates after they selected him in the 40th round.He is having a HUGE 2012 season batting .468 with 3 HR and 50 RBI with a .519 OBP. He really is just a one tool guy as a RH OF who is not great on defense but can hit line drives.

SS Anthony Gomez Vanderbilt- (8th round) New Jersey native who has a great work ethic on and off the field. Versatile player who has played a very good SS this season. He has some range and might project as a solid bench guy in the future because he can play a few positions. Hit .261 in 27 games in the summer of 2010 in the NECBL for the Sanford Mariners. Hit .292 in the summer of 2011 for Orleans on the Cape with 2 HR and 10 RBI.

Stats: 2010 (2, 30, .379/.418/.453, 9-12 SB)

2011 (0, 48, .336/.352/.392, 7-9 SB)

2012 (1, 51, .354/.406/.426, 10-16 SB)

OF Logan Vick Baylor- (8th round) Terrific athlete and CF for the Bears. He has a close to plus arm and is a solid line drive hitter. Contact hitter who won’t strike out much with solid bat control which projects him to be a 1 or 2 hitter at the next level. Has recovered nicely from a disaster of a sophomore season.

Stats  2010 (10, 27, .329/.473/.553, 11-15 SB) 49 K, 59 BB in 228 AB

2011 (2, 18, .213/.329/.305, 6-9 SB) 34 K, 32 BB in 174 AB

2012 (2, 33, .347/.444/.492, 16-23 SB) 22 K, 37 BB in 199 AB

Justin Amlung RHP Louisville- (9th round) The Friday night starter for Louisville. He is a RS junior who was drafted last year by the Reds (39th round) he is 8-3 this season with a 94/21 k/bb ratio in 96 IP with a 2.16 e.r.a. In 2011 for Wareham he was 3-1 with a 1.76 e.r.a and 29 K in 41 IP. Had a fine sophomore season going 10-2 with a 2.31 e.r.a in 105 IP with 80 K. He throws a 89-91 fastball (touches 93-94) slider, curve, and has a change. Gets plenty of grounders.

Hoby Milner LHP Texas-(9th round)  6’2 165 pound lefty from Fort Worth. He came to Austin with aspirations to be a 2 way player but fractured the roof of his sinus in the fall of his freshman season missing 6 weeks. He struck out 12 times in a row when he came back and he and coach thought it would be a good idea to hang up the batting gloves. Augie Garrido has called him “gutsy” He is a pitch to contact guy working with a upper 8′s fastball (has touched 93) a four seamer, a good change, and improved breaking ball (73-77 curve and mid 8′s slider). His dad, Brian made his major league debut for the Blue Jays as an 18 year old in 1978 becoming the only C to be brought directly to the big leagues from the MLB draft. His dad never played in the majors again after that first season after injuries derailed his career. He was a scout for the Cubs from 1996-07. This season, Milner is 7-4 with a 2.69 e.r.a and 66 K versus just 19 walks in 70 IP.

3B Jake Lamb Washington- (9th round) Drafted in the 38th round by the Pirates out of HS. Solid glove man with good arm. LH bat

Stats: 2010 (4, 32, .347/.413/.475)

2011 (3, 26, .311/.371/.434)

2012 (3, 30, .321/.429/.442)

Jacob Stewart OF Stanford (9th rounder) -  Junior from Fort Collins, CA is a “hard nosed” type player was a 2 time All State performer in HS leading to the Phillies selecting him in the 14th round. His senior year he batted .511 with 50 RBI, 11 HR, and 8 SB. His father played in the minor leagues with the Twins. A terrific defender he started 55 times as a freshman while missing 10 games (appendix) he hit .209 with 16 RBI and 2 HR stealing 5 bases. Last year was a much better offensive season when he hit .287 with 32 RS, 19 RBI, and 16 extra base hits. He played for Orleans on the Cape last summer batting .210 with 8 RBI in 26 games. Batting .278 this season with a .321 OBP.

RHP Tyler Spencer Western Nevada JC- (9th round) He and teammate Dylan Baker were seen alot this season. Spencer is a grounball P with a 91-93 (95) fastball. He is set to go to New Mexico next season but should sign.

RHP Derek Self Louisville- (9th round) The Senior reliever returned to Louisville after saying no to the A’s last year who selected him in the 27th round. He is 2-2 with a 3.07 e.r.a with a 20/5 k/bb ratio in 29 IP this year out of the pen. He has performed well as a reliever on the Cape, where in 2010 he was an All-Stat for Chatham going 3-0 with a 2.36 e.r.a. He started his career 14-0. Throws a mid 90’s fastball with sink.

RHP Nick Wittgren Purdue- (9th round) Nice closer from Purdue who is not a big time velocity thrower but supplements a 89-91 fastball with a plus hammer curve and nice change. He started his career at Parkland CC where he was 10-0 with 54 K in 61 IP. He has been the closer the last 2 seasons for the Boilermakers saving 21 games. He had a terrific summer on the Cape last year for Hyannis going 3-0 with a .95 e.r.a and 9 saves with a 29/7 k/bb in 19 IP. He is 1-0 with a 2.01 e.r.a this season striking out 32 and walking 9 in 31 IP.

Taylor Rogers LHP Kentucky- (9th round) Broke out in a big way last summer on the Cape as he dominated with a 4-4 record and a 1.72 e.r.a striking out 40 and walking just 6 in 47 IP. His first 2 years he was 7-14 total with an e.r.a over 5.50 striking out just 88 in 160 IP. This year he is 6-4 with 76/18 k/vv in 83 IP.

C Joe Hudson Notre Dame- (9th round) An excellent receiver with a strong, accurate arm (1.85 pop) . He is a fine leader and projects as a quality backup C or defensive first C at the next level. His bat has really emerged this season so if that can continue he could be an excellent pick here. He was a member of the Tampa Jesuit HS baseball team that sent 9 players to D-1 programs over a 2 year period. He batted .410 with 3 HR and 30 RBI as a senior. He threw out a combined 37% of attempted base stealers in his first 2 seasons. He has thrown out 37.5% this year.

Notre Dame stats: 2010 (1, 6, .264/.311/.340)

2011 (0,14, .239/.322/.325)

2012 (6,36,.335/.437/.508)

C Jeremy Lucas Indiana State-(9th round)  Not a great catcher but improving and will remain behind the dish.. The bat gives him cred as a top 10 round pick. Lucas has been a fine hitter in college after the Orioles drafted him in the 35th round out of HS. His senior year in HS he was All-State batting .490 with 46 RBI. Tough hitter to strike out with solid bat control and plate awareness.

Indiana State stats: 2010 (1, 24, .326,.13 DB with just 17 K in 175 at bats)

2011 (3, 28, .333, 10 DB with 19 K’s)

2012 (9,52, .350/.445/.550 21 K in 220 AB)

RHP Calvin Drummond UCSD-(9th round) 6’3 200 righty from Huntington Beach, CA was drafted by the Brewers (38th round) out of HS and again by the Nationals (34th round) last season. He began his collegiate career at Orange Coast CC where he was 8-4 with a 4.29 e.r.a and 65 K in 71 IP. He redshirted his first season at UCSD before going 3-4 with a 3.29 e.r.a last season with a 55/37 k/bb ratio in 77 IP. This year he is 8-4 with a 2.90 e.r.a and a 65/29 k/bb ratio in 78 IP. He throws 91-93 and began throwing a cutter that has been effective. He also has a curve and a change.

1B Taylor Ard Washington State- (9th round) On base machine with solid plate awareness. He will hit for power at the next level and also is a solid athlete for his size. (6’1 229) Attended Mt. Hood CC for his first season batting .490 with 12 HR and 49 RBI. Had to sit out as a sophomore after breaking the hamate bone in his left hand.  Scouts had seen him enough as a freshman that the Marlins still selected the big 1B in the 33rd round of the 2010 draft. In his RS-Sophomore season he lead the Pac-10 with 10 HR and also had 55 RBI while hitting .337. His .SLG was .577. He was drafted after the season by the Red Sox. This season he is hitting .332/.412/.577 with 12 HR and 50 RBI striking out only 24 times in 220 at bats.

OF Derek Jones Washington State- (9th round) Drafted in the 13th round last season by the Orioles. Jones is a senior so he will be a guy that teams figure into their budget to balance out the bigger salaries.

Stats: 2009 (12, 37, .223/.350/.450, 4-7 SB)

2010 (12, 49, .309/.391/.581, 10-12 SB)

2011 (8, 33, .275/.370/.477, 7-9 SB)

2012 (9, 45, .335/.438/.574, 11-13 SB)

C Tyler Heineman UCLA- (9th round) Backed up quality defensive C Stephen Rodriguez for 2 seasons and by the look of his 2012 season he appears to have been a fantastic student. He is a fine catcher who is a switch hitter and while he is having a big time offensive season he will have to prove that offensively this season was not a fluke. Barely played as a freshman going 2-14 while starting just one game. Played in 29 games that summer for the Springfield Sliders of the Prospect League batting .330 with 2 DB, 6 RBI, and 9 walks. His sophomore season he played in 23 games with 13 starts batting .261 with 2 DB and 7 RBI. Spent the 2011 summer with the Wisconsin Woodchucks of the Northwoods League batting .184 with 1 DB, and 8 RBI. He is a guy that usually makes contact as he struck out just twice in 49 at bats. His breakthough year this season has him at .359/.461/.420 1, 25, 20 BB, 13 K in 181 at bats.

RHP Stuart Pudenz Dallas Baptist- From Blue Springs South  (9th round) .The closer for Dallas Baptist. Pudenz put up sick numners saving 8 games with a 1.23 e.r.a and 47 K in 37 IP this season. A 6’5 220 pounder who touches 94 with a solid secondary offering (splitter) Had a break through year after going 4-1 with a 6.50 e.r.a and a 38/20 K/BB ratio in 36 IP as a sophomore.

Kurt Heyer RHP Arizona- (10th round) 3rd year staple in the rotation for the Arizona Wildcats who is 8-2 with a 2.50 e.r.a this season with a 76/14 k/bb ratio in 94 IP. As of 5/5/12 he is 23-11 in his career with a 2.69 e.r.a and a 319/69 k/bb ratio in 334 innings. If you want a guy that can throw strikes and has a mature arm this is your guy. He throws with plenty of deception and works around 88-91

C Luke Maile Kentucky-(10th round)  A powerful kid who has caught and played 1B for Kentucky. He can handle catching and that makes him more valuable as a pro. A tough guy to strike out he hit 9 HR with 36 RBI as a sophomore batting .282/.361/.525. This season he has 12 HR with 49 RBI and a 316/.427/.550 line.

RHP Kyle Barraclough St.Mary’s-(10th round)  Passed former Royals draft pick Tom Candiotti to become the second all time strikeout leader at St.Mary’s. Solid P body at 6’3 220 he throws a 91-93 fastball with a change, slider. Drafted by the Twins last year in the 40th round but shoots way up because he is a signable senior and he has plenty of upside if he would throw more strikes. Carrer record of 18-25 in 63 G with 52 starts striking out 290 and walking 158 in 333 IP. His career e.r.a was 4.36 and his best season was his junior year when he was 6-5 with a 3.60 e.r.a and a 78/36 k/bb ratio in 105 IP.

OF Jake Proctor Cincinnati (10th round) Athletic 6’2 220 pound OF that won’t be able to play this year after tearing the meniscus in his left knee. He can fly and is given the plus plus speed stamp. Raw with the bat and raw in the field. He is simply an athletic ball of clay that needs to be taken care of and built into something special.

RHP Alex Muren Cal State Northridge (10th round) 2 way player his first 2 seasons at CSUN Muren is a big time potential guy. He throws 97 mph but his pitch does not have enough movement. If he can work on his mechanics he could be a real find in the 10th round.

P Matt Milroy Illinois- (10th round) Matt has always had a terrific arm but could never solve command issues, struggling in his first 2 seasons on campus. He was 1-2 with an e.r.a of 9 as a freshman and 2-2 with a 6.03 e.r.a as a sophomore. But, his stuff has played well in the pen this year to the tune of 2-6 with a 3.88 e.r.a and 65/44 k/bb in 35 IP. He was drafted by the Red Sox (35th in 09) and has a lethal array of pitches spotting his fastball at 94-96 with a plus slider (85) and he could be tried as a start because he has shown a feel for his change and curve.

LHP Alex Robinson HS New York- 6’3 220-(10th round)  The Maryland commit has a very live left arm that sits in the low 9’s working with a slurvy off speed pitch. He has a good feel on the mound and his fastball is a potential plus offering as he moves up in age and cleans up his delivery.

LHP Chase Mullins HS Kentucky-(10th round) 6’9 lefty with some potential power in his long frame. He throws in the low 9’s and is committed to Kentucky. But, he showcases his arm in off season workouts so the signs are there for him to be drafted. He is 5-0 this season with a 62/16 k/bb ratio in 26 IP. His father spent 5 seasons in the minors. (1985-90 in Reds and Mariners systems going 14-26 with a 4.42 e.r.a)

RHP Drew Verhagen Vanderbilt- (10th round) Another potential sleeper in this draft. The former OU P transferred to Navarro College where he lead his team to the JUCO championship. He has tons of late life on his fastball which has been a 93-94 offering for him this season. He also throws a quality breaking pitch. Has battled some fatigue but he is very intriguing to me. He is 6-2 with a 3.36 e.r.a but has only struck out 34 while walking 28 in 64 IP.

Brandon Miller OF Samford- (10th round) He would be a senior draftee so he is definitely a guy that will sign. A former Georgia Tech and NW Florida CC player with very good power from the right side. Hit 16 HR last season with 43 RBI batting .270 with a .582 slug. This season he has 18 HR including one recently against projected 1st rounder Chris Beck. He used to catch and he would be valuable if he was moved back there as a pro because he has a very good arm.

C/OF  Stefan Sabol Orange Coast CC- (10th round) He is listed as a catcher but technically he is probably moving away from this position towards 3B or a corner OF spot. His bat is why scouts like him and you might remember him from the 2010 draft when the Braves took him in the 17th round. He would have been higher if not for a strong commitment to Oregon. He left Oregon and is a draft eligible JC player at Orange Coast CC. He hit .254 with 1 HR and 15 RBI in 2011 for the Ducks. The summer after his senior season of high school he played in a college league (West Coast League) with the Cowlitz Bears hitting .235 with 11 RBI and a HR. He was a member of the AFLAC All-American team at PETCO park. For Orange Coast (season ended with broken hamate bone) he hit ..255 with 4 HR, 24 RBI and a .430 OBP. Will go to Oklahoma State if he does not sign.

RHP Stefan Lopez Southeastern Louisiana- (10th round) Closer who is 1-1 with a .67 e.r.a this season with a remarkable 41/4 k/bb ratio in 27 IP with 20 saves. He was 2-1 with a 5.23 e.r.a as a freshman and 0-2 with 9 saves and a 3.25 e.r.a with 44 K in 36 IP as a sophomore. Went to school planning to be a SP but has really taken to the closer role where he has said he just comes in and throws the ball as hard as he can. The 6’2 190 pounder touches 94 with his fastball but his strength is location as he plays with opponents working his fastball all over the place with fine craftsmanship. He throws the fastball so much he will have to regain command of a secondary pirch at the next level.

RHP TJ Oakes Minnesota-(10th round) Oakes was drafted as an eligible sophomore last year by the Twins (41st round) but he has seen his draft stock go up as he has gained a couple ticks on his fastball. He is at 91-94 and creating more movement on his fastball. He still lacks a true out pitch even though he has a decent slider, but his control is very good. His father, Todd, is the UM pitching coach.

Stats: 2010 (16 G, 14 GS, 4-3, 3.67, 57 K, 87 IP)

2011 (14 GS, 5-5, 3.26, 52 K, 86 IP)

2012 (14 GS, 7-3, 2.31, 78/15 94 IP)

P/ 3B Corey Oswalt HS  California-(10th round)  UCSB commitment. 6’4 210-  James Madison HS. He has  a very good arm and he is going to be a 2 way player at UCSB. Plus tools guy with solid make-up. He hit .541 with 4 HR in 61 AB as a junior. He has teams that like him as a position player but more like him lately as a P. He throws a 88-90 fastball (will add some velocity with some tweaks) with a nice spinner. Tough sign who probably ends up on campus deciding which direction he wants to go on the field and to refine his pitching.

RHP DJ Baxendale- (10th round) The 6’2 190 pound JR 6 has really struggled this season with his velocity often sitting 86-87 becoming more of a pitch to contact guy. Statistically he has 58 K with 15 walks in 67 IP but the stuff that had him going in the 3rd-5th rounds before the season just isn’t there. He finished last season with a 10-2 record and 1.58 e.r.a in 19 games with 12 starts striking out 77 and walking 21 in 85 innings. Hitters had a .228 .avg against him. His freshman season he was 0-2 with a 3.58 e.r.a in 29 games with 3 starts. He struck out 44 and walked 18 in 60 innings. He pitched for team USA last summer going 0-1 with a 3.38 e.r.a in 3 games. Throws 88-91 with good movement and works a solid potentially plus curve (69-71),change (80-82) and 84-85 slide piece from a low 3/4 arm slot. Certianly a possibility he returns for his senior season to play with his younger brother incoming freshman and solid catching project Blake

LHP Michael Roth South Carolina- (10th round) One of the best stories in college baseball. The senior from Greer SC returns for a senior season after bypassing the pros and a selection in the 31st round by the Indians. His stuff will not blow you away but as I always say you can not measure WANT….This guy just knows how to pitch. He was never considered to be much of a pitching prospect entering college and most thought his time would come as a 1B/DH. He will still get an occasional chance to DH but is just a .162 career hitter.

The 2011 National player of the Year is also a Pre-Season All American. He began his college career in 2009 throwing in 16 games with 2 starts and a 1-1 record, 4.22 e.r.a and a 28/13 k/bb ratio in 32 innings. His sophomore season is when everything changed for him and it might not have even happened if it were not for the magic of Omaha. He was a reliever for the team getting into 35 games out of the pen before Coach Tanner asked him to just give him 5 innings in a crucial CWS game. Well, he did much better than anyone expected as he started that game and one more to elevate his team to a National Championship. His stats on the year ( 37 G/ 2 GS 35/10 41 IP, 3 SV, 2-1 1.34)

His junior season everyone asked “is this guy for real with his mid 8′s fastball, change, curve” He actually uses a curve versus RH and a slider versus LH changing his arm slot depending on which side of the plate he is facing. He proved emphatically that he is a premiere collegiate pitcher as his numbers were outstanding. 14-3 1.06 , 112/41 in 145 innings. The crafty lefty now has 2 rings and his future might or might not be as a pro. He is still said to be just a fringe guy whose best chance is as a situational guy. I have heard he might not even want to be a pro. This season he is 6-1 with a 2.58 e.r.a and a 75/31 k/bb ratio in 101 IP.

Logan Taylor RHP Eastern Oklahoma State (JC) (10th round) Powerful right hander who is 4-1 with a 1.78 e.r.a and a 114/38 k/bb ratio in 76 innings. Throws a 94 mph fastball with a solid spin curve and a feel for his change. Interesting journey for the 6-5 240 pound righty as he brgan his college run at Northeast Texas CC before transferring to Arkansas. He was cut by Arkansas and transferred to Eastern Oklahoma. His plan is to go back to Arkansas if he does not sign

RHP Dylan Floro Cal State Fullerton-(10th round)  Funky delivery pitcher throwing a 89-91 fastball and slider. He was a very good high school prospect. Because of his deception and odd mechanics he is the type of guy that will dominatew the low minors. He was 10-3 this season with a 2.52 e.r.a in 14 starts (16 games0 striking out 68 and walking just 11 in 107 IP. His sophomore season he was 4-2 with 1 SV. His freshman season he was a freshman All-American by Collegiate Baseball when he had 9 wins with a 3.26 e.r.a in 27 games with 69 K and ranking 6th in the country in lowest walks per 9 innings (1.09)



Rounds 11-16 (picks 336 to 456)

OF Taylor Dugas Alabama (11th round) – Senior who was drafted last year by the Cubs in the 8th round. Chose Alabama after LSU signed Mikie Mahtook. Small player at just 5’7 but like most guys his size he is one of those guys that just gets under your skin as an opponent. He is an infectious player because the more you watch him the more you realize how much he can change the game with great defense, timely hitting, and the ability to steal a base.  In high school he was an excellent all around athlete and solid 2 way player in baseball. (31-6 as a P and he hit .640 as a senior with 10 HR and 34 SB. His sophomore season he was a 1st team All-American (Baseball America)

Stas: 2009 ( 2, 27, .352/.415/.479, 13-14 SB)

2010 (2, 37, .395/.514/.523, 19-24 SB) 21 K, 59 BB in 243 AB

2011 (8, 33, 349/.455/.564, 8-13 SB) 22 K, 41 BB in 241 AB

2012- (2, 28, .343/.450/.498, 8-13 SB) 21 K, 24 BB in 207 AB

Erich Knab RHP HS South Carolina- (11th round) He might head to Spartanburg CC next year to improve his draft status but the Royals know him well as they selected him to play for their Scout team in the Perfect Game tournament last November in Jupiter, Florida. A small town kid who needed the showcases to get his name out he throws a 93-94 mph fastball.

EJ Encinosa RHP Miami-(11th round)  One of the most immature P in the college game. His stuff has the potential to be so good. His mentality is only suited for a reliever in the pros IMO. He has rubbed, not only his opponents the wrong way, but his own teammtes. Electric stuff, at times, throwing a 94 mph fastball with natural sink and he is a guy that just gets a ton of movement when he is on which makes him tough to hit. Big guy at 6’5 245 pounds. Freshman season he was 1-1 with a 2.20 e.r.a and 61 K in 49 IP. Sophomore season he was 5-6 with a 3.45 e.r.a and 70 K in 86 IP

Matt Strahm LHP Neosho CC- (11th round) Nebraska commitment for Strahm who throws a 92 mph fastball, hard slider, and change. Could be a nice get with what he is working with. The 6’3 lefty has some filling out to do but he is 9-3 with a 3.63 e.r.a this season with a 77/20 K/BB in 67 IP.

Hudson Randall RHP Florida-(11th round)  Cody Jones who covers the Gators said “It won’t light up the radar guy, but Randall creates weak contract and gets out. He walked just 13 hitters in 124.1 innings last season. In addition to the fastball, curveball, slider and changeup he used last season, Randall will be featuring a cutter to left-handers this season. The pitch was very good in fall scrimmages.”

The Royals 46th round pick when he finished HS has an excellent resume entering his junior season with 19 wins versus 7 losses and 142/34 k/bb ratio in 222 innings. He knows how to pitch with less than stellar stuff and reminds you of a Twins P that just throws strikes and creates an advantage with poise and creativity. He has missed 3 starts this season but is 5-1 with a 3.53 e.r.a in 59 IP with 10 starts (46/6 k/bb ratio) Randall leads the pack and his Coach Kevin O’Suillivan ( a terrific collegiate coach) has said he is the best player he has ever coached. He has a career mark in the NCAA tournament of 3-1 with a 3.00 e.r.a in 7 starts and 45 IP striking out 40 and walking 7.

Stats: 2010 (20 G, 17 GS, 97 IP, 69/21, 8-4, 3.24)

2011 (19 G, 19 GS, 124 IP, 73/13, 11-3, 2.17)

2012 (13 G, 13 GS, 80 IP, 52/9, 7-2, 2.91)

OF Mallex Smith Santa FE CC-(11th round)  5’9 OF with game changing speed. He was drafted in the 13th round by the Brewers last year but chose to attend Santa Fe College (Florida) after a deal was not worked out. Described by Perfect Game as a player who is a plus plus runner with a solid LH swing performing well against legitimate pitching when given the opportunity. He is hitting .387 with a .472 OBP this year with 9 XBH (1 HR) and 31 SB. Projects as a LF because of weak arm.

SS Kyle Farmer Georgia- (11th round) The Atlanta born Farmer is a smooth SS who set the school record for fldg pct as a sophomore. As a freshman he missed 15 games due to a broken hamate bone but he still hit .340 with 3 HR and 25 RBI. His sophomore season he hit .308 with 8 HR and 58 RBI. This season he is batting .303 with 4 HR and 41 RBI with a .339 OBP and 8 errors.

RHP Kevin Brady Clemson- (11th round) Has a good chance to go in top 5 rounds but I have him here because of his injury history. He sits around 90-92 but has touched 96 with a slider, curve, and change. He did not throw his curve for awhile but nis utilizing it more this year and it looks like a very good pitch for him. At 6’3 220 he could be a nice innings eater type but his hisotry mightpush him to the pen which would allow him to develop as a fastball/curve middle innings guy. He was drafted in the 17th round last year by the Indians. Briefly pitched on the Cape for Bourne last summer ( 2 IP) but was 4-0 with a .97 e.r.a and a 12/3 k/bb ratio in 9 IP in 2010. He was also drafted out of HS in the 44th round by the Orioles. Received a medical red shirt after being hurt in March 2009. Missed 10 weeks of 2011 season with arm injury and time this season with a hamstring injury. . Played for Youse in the Cal Ripken baseball league after his freshman season going 2-2 with a 1.53 e.r.a and a 38/5 k/bb ratio in 29 IP.

Stats: 2009 (4 G, 3 GS, 8/5, 11 IP, 0-0, 1.69)

2010 (22 G, 2 GS, 45/8, 37 IP, 1-0, 4.58, 1 SV, 2 HR, .315 Bavg)

2011 (10 G, 3 GS, 33/1, 23 IP, 2-0, 3.86, 3 HR, .218 Bavg)

2012 (13 G, 11 GS, 59/24, 61 IP, 1-2, 2.52, 5 HR, .226 Bavg)

David Peterson RHP College of Charleston- (11th round)  Drafted in the 40th round out of HS, has worked as the closer this season working with a 95 mph fastball and a slurve. Command issues

Stats: 2009 (13 G, 13 GS, 47/15, 77 IP, 7-3, 5.73, 8 HR, .315 Bavg)

2010 (15 G, 15 GS, 68/21, 87 IP, 8-3, 5.30, 1 HR, .291 Bavg)

2011 (15 G, 15 GS, 56/29. 88 IP, 5-6, 4.52, 4 HR, .302 Bavg)

2012 (31 G, 0 GS, 40/15, 39 IP, 1-3, 3.43, 10 SV, 1 HR. 213 Bavg)

OF Blake Brown Missouri- (11th round) Solid athlete who can run and pop a few over the fence. The junior was a 47th round pick of the Pirates in HS. Last year he hit .267 with 7 HR and 20 SB. He played well in the summer for the Santa Barbara Forresters. This year he is batting .301 with 10 HR, 39 RBI, a .381 obp and .519 slug while stealing 14 bases.

Jerad Grundy LHP Kentucky-(11th round)  One of the premiere HS pitchers in the country in 2010 he attended the University of Miami going 2-0 with a 3.57 e.r.a in 9 games ( 2 starts) before transferring to Heartland CC where he was 7-3 with a 3.77 e.r.a in 62 IP with 70 K and 34 walks. This year he is 4-3 with a 4.15 e.r.a and a 48/30 k/bb ratio in 74 IP. 3 pitch guy with 91 mph fastball, out pitch is a slider and a sinking change up. Max effort guy who should end up in pen as a fastball/slider type (fastball has touched 94 in past)

OF/2B Michael Ratterree Rice- (11th round) Powerfully built junior who is having a terrible junior season. Terrific high school defensive back recieving several D-1 looks from schools like USC. He was a freshman All American as a 2B but moved to the OF this year. Drafted out of high school by the Nationals.

Stats: 2010 (10, 64, .281/.425/.464)

2011 (6, 53, .327/.388/.481)

2012 (6, 31, .231/.370/.401)

RHP Roman Madrid U. Central Florida- (11th round)  Former 2 way HS star from Texas who was drafted as a C by the Indians in the 44th round out of Texas. He pitched his first season at Texas A&M Corpus Christi where he did more catching than pitching. Roman saw his future as a pitcher so he transferred to McClennan CC and was 3-2 with a 2.89 e.r.a and 39 K in 28 IP. He is now a junior for UCF and has a .79 e.r.a in 34 IP with a 39/10 k/bb ratio. He sits 92-93 with plenty of action and is a reliever at the next level.

OF Brett Vertigan UC Santa Barbara-(11th round)  5’9 175 pound OF who hit .381/.454/.530 with 17 SB this year. Repeat here….Repeat Here…plays the game with a high energy and is a gritty player who does all the ltitle things (this must be the 5’9 mantra) LF or CF reserve OF type who will give you quality ab’s and steal a base or two.

Robert Refsnyder OF Arizona (12th round)- One of the top bats in the college game who has hit since day one on campus in Tucson. The Laguna Hills native carries a .342 career averge thru 5/6/12 with a .405 obp. He also has stolen 11 bases this season batting .369 with 4 HR. He began his career as a 2B/3B/1B but made the switch to the OF in 2011. The South Korean born player was a standout athlete in high school in baseball, football, and basketball. Solid speed and hit tool could make him a very good pro. He could be moved to 2B as a pro, a position he played in HS.

Stats 2010- (7,32, .322/.433/.503, 23-27 SB)

2011- (2,29, .293/.470/.391, 28-34 SB)

2012- (2,27, .358/.500/.503, 39-44 SB)

OF Ryan Mathews NC State- 6’3 183- (12th round) Above average speed with solid pop from the right side. 22 year old. Another one of those late bloomers in terms of numbers but not necessarily as a known player. In fact, the Florida native was a well known prospect out of high school but his journey until now has not been that of a pro prospect. He signed with Florida out of HS he transferred to Western Carolina when Kevin O’Sullivan took over the Gator program. At Western Carolina he hit .297 with 17 DB and 5 HR. He transferred to Santa Fe CC in hopes of landing with an ACC or SEC team and he hit .356 with 15 HR and 70 RBI. He transferred to NC State for the 2010 season but he underwent an early-season appendectomy which gave him one extra year of eligibility. He was lost in 2011 coming off the bench batting just .120 with no HR in 18 games.

A very religious young man he says he never lost faith and took advantage of the extra year of eligibility and is doing some special things this season. That season started last summer where in the Coastal Plains League he hit .283 with 15 HR (franchise record) 41 RBI and 11 SB. He was offered a Free Agent Contract after the summer by the White Sox but he declined. He is hitting .333 this season with 14 HR, 54 RBI a .385 OBP and .640 SLG.

Andrew Aplin OF Arizona State- (12th round) Left handed bat and another one of those “max effort” guys Aplin has worked his way into the everyday line up for the Sun Devils. He entered this season with a .304/.413/.413/.826 mark stealing 10 bases with 1 HR. He was drafted by the Yankees out of HS (33rd round) and this season is batting .309, with a .389 obp, 4 HR and 6 SB

SS Stephen Perez Miami- (12th round) Perez has never been able to be a consistent contributor for the Hurricanes. He has battled injuries and he entered the season with a .258 career .avg and 8 HR (all pre-bbcor) in 414 at bats with 38 SB. Certainly, he is an intriguing prospect because he can pick it and is a solid speed guy that understands the game. He is hitting .255 with 4 HR this year but has struck out 44 times in 157 at bats with 15 stolen bases in 19 attempts.

SS Austin Nola LSU- (12th round) The senior SS enters the 2012 season with 155 starts under his belt. He has been drafted twice (48th round Rockies in 2008 and 31st round Blue Jays last year) A 4 year starter with a good arm is a plus work guy and gym rat. Took the SS job as a freshman 40 games into the season and batted .240 with 3 HR and 18 RBI. His sophomore season he hit .320 with 5 HR and 52 RBI. Last year he hit .296 with 2 HR and 42 RBI. The 2008 Gatorade Player of the Year in Louisiana will get to spend his senior season playing with his brother Aaron who will be a valuable reliever for the Tigers. He is hitting .308 this year with 4 HR, 37 RBI and a .426 OBP.

1B/3B/RF Joey Curletta HS Mountain Pointe AZ, (12th round) Big 6’3 225 pound kid who has power from the right side. Has been a showcase warrior especially in HR hitting contests. describes him as “Line drive hitter with plenty of lift” He has a very good arm who throws 89-90.

Michael Vaughn C Fresno Pacific- (12th round) Nephew of former big leaguer Shawn Gilbert. Solid build at 6’2 and 190 will stick behind the plate. He has some pop too. Draft eligible sophomore after red shirting his first year at Mesa State. Developed a solid defensive rep as a freshman when he had a .990 fldg % gunning down 25 runners, Hit just .190 in 142 AB with 5 HR. In 86 AB Hit .291 with 5 HR and 15 RBI but missed time with a broken hamate bone. He threw out 61% of the runners trying to steal off of him.

RF Pat Stover Santa Clara-(12th round)  Scouts love them some RH power hitters and while Stover career numbers don’t show he has arrived as one the projection is very much there with the 6’4 215 pounder. He was taken in the 7th round by the A’s out of high school. As a freshman he batted .302 with 15 XBH and 34 RBI. He was injured for all but a few games as a sophomore and he made up for it by playing for the Willman Stingers of the Northwoods league hitting .337 with 4 HR but he did strike out 44 times in 169 at bats. This season he is hitting .294 with 5 HR, 29 RBI and 10 SB striking out 25 times in 160 at bats (5/10)

Mason McVay LHP Florida International- (12th round)  Needed to show scouts he had recovered from Tommy John and he flashed a nice fastball at 87-90 while going 64 innings with 72 K’s and a 3.36 e.r.a. He did walk 41 so his command is not great. But, as a 6’7 lefty he is more than just a suspect.

RHP/OF Drew Steckenrider Tennessee-(12th round) 2 way player at Tennessee who will be drafted as a power reliever. He is a classic HR hitter in the Dave Kingman mold (also a former P) as a hitter. His arm is very good in RF and he is also a fast runner who, if he was ever to iron out his swing, could be a solid offensive player. His arm is good though off the bump touching 97 as a reliever but sitting around 92-93 with decent secondary stuff.

Stats:   2010 (10 G, 3 GS, 14 IP, 16/10, 14 IP, 0-1, 5.79)

2011 (19 G, 3 GS, 32 IP, 37/26, 32 IP, 2-0, 6.12)

2012 (27 G, 3 GS, 79/40, 67 IP, 4-6, 3.36, 4 HR, .197 Bavg)

Batting Stats: 2010 (1, 3, .200, 3-15)

2011 (0, 4, .192, 10-52)

2012 (6,26, .221/.367/.392, 12-20 SB) 61 K in 181 AB

C Jeremy Schaffer Tulane-  (12th round) Bat first C in the Mkike Napoli mold. He was an academic All-American this season. Senior who has been a 4 year starter batting .311 with 14 HR and 56 RBI as a freshman. Hit a dozen HR with 52 RBI as a sophomore and hit .338 with 6 HR and 37 RBI as a junior while carrying a .447 OBP. This season he hit .326/.434/.537 with 9 HR, 49 RBI ans 32/41 k/bb in 218 AB.

1B Ben Waldrip Jacksonville State- 6’6 245- (12th round) Showed scouts he could hit some of the more elite pitchers when he played on the Cape last summer. He hit .276 with 6 HR. Cypress JC transfer he was drafted by the Braves in the 42nd round after his 2010 JC season. In that season he played for Saint Anselm College, which is a wood bat league, hitting .394 with 3 HR. This season he hit .330 with 18 HR and 61 RBI posting a .660 SLG.

RHP Cody Kurz Oxnard CC- (12th round) Big time college football recruit as a 3 star Defensive End at St. Bonaventure HS (CA) 6’3 238 pounder who had offers from Colorado, LSU, Oregon State, New Mexico State, and Washington. He chose baseball where he is a 2 way player and is working out of the pen with a low 9’s fastball (touched 95) and in 21 games he has 7 saves and a 21/11 k/bb ratio in 25 IP. He could be a nice project with his power arm and the fact that baseball has not been his priority until now.

OF Jason Coats Texas Christian University- (12th round) 6’2 200-Senior OF who was drafted in the 12th round last year by the Orioles.  Solid power candidate in the pros from the right side. Long swing whose plate awareness is below average. Could get that dreaded “slider speed” bat.

Stats: 2009 (6, 32, .316 37 K, 22 BB, 193 AB, 2 SB)

2010 (13, 69, .361, 57 K, 20 BB, 274 AB, 8 SB)

2011 (8, 56, .325, 38 K, 26 BB, 249 AB, 8 SB)

2012 (6, 45, .326/.377/.508. 21 K, 12 BB, 193 AB, 7 SB) 0 errors in OF

OF Jabari Henry Florida International- (12th round) 6’1 200 pound OG who was drafted by the Rangers in 2009 (39th round) has some pop and has some swing and miss tendencies but he has also performed well at times against some of the brightest in the game. Played for the Harwich Mariners in the Cape last summer batting .241 with 4 HR and 6 SB but he struck out 42 times and walked 13 in 137 at bats.

Stats: 2010 (12,51,.311/.431/.599, 6-7 SB)

2011 (10,34, .241/.383/.477, 9-12 SB)

2012 (12,45,.306,.427/.572, 4-6 SB)

SS Darnell Sweeney Central Florida- (12th round) Solid SS with plus running skills and arm who has made the transition from HS OF to D-1 SS. Had a huge freshman season batting .358 with 17 SB and a .412 OBP. He has slipped each year though batting .288 as a sophomore and just .267 this year with a .376 OBP. He was drafted by the Marlins in the 41st round out of high school. Big upside guy!

RHP Zach Bird HS Mississippi-(12th round)  Bird is a great story. He is an African-American P who pitches in an area that has not developed a lot of talent. The Jackson public school system does not have a lot of baseball facilities but Bird has found a way to play around the southeast with traveling teams. He is an athletic 6’4 190 pounds who told WJTV he throws a four seam fastball, two seam, curve, slider, vulcan change, sinker, straight curve, and a 3 finger fastball. In the baseball world he throws a fastball that touches 91, slow curve, and a nice feel for a change up.

RHP Myles Smith Miami-Dade CC-(12th round)  Smith has taken an interesting route into the 2012 MLB draft. The native of Detroit was a big 2 way recruit for Mizzou where he pitched 20 IP for the 2011 team with 16 K and 12 walks. He transferred to Miami Dade and is 8-2 with a 2.79 e.r.a and a 67/21 /bb ratio in 78 IP. He has a low 9’s fastball with a solid curve.

RHP Austin Blaski Marietta (Ohio) 6’4 200-(12th round)  Hard to get a ton of looks at smaller schools in non traditional baseball states but the old school scout does still exist and of course there are always showcases from great organizations like Perfect Game. Blaski throws in the low 9’s touching 95. He was named the Kent Tekulve OAC Co-P of the year and All-region first team as a sophomore when he won 9 games losing 4 with a 3.18 e.r.a.. Finished 2011 with a 12-2 record and 1.62 e.r.a striking out 86 in 95 IP. This year, the senior is 13-1 with a .88 e.r.a and a 111/30 k/bb ratio in 103 IP.

1B Jayce Boyd Florida State- (13th round) 6’3 200 pound 1B for the Seminoles who has always hit in college. He entered the season with a .335 .avg, .409 obp, 16 HR, 99 RBI in 472 at bats. This year he is hitting .399 with 11 HR, 41 RBI and a .535 OBP with 7 SB. There is talk he could handle 3B which would certainly help his chances out. I like the bat, his body looks like Doug Mientkiewicz and I think he could be a similar player. Line drive hitter that can chase 12-15 out of the park but giving you solid defense.

Ron Miller via Perfect Game

1B/3B Ron Miller HS California (J Serra) (13th round)  Batted .439 as a junior but decided to not play HS baseball this season instead choosing to play for the San Bernadino based ABD academy . Big powerful kid who is under 6’0 tall. Right handed pop who will play at UNLV if he does not sign. Miller is described perfectly here by John Klima of the Baseball Prospect Report

Tyler Duffey RHP Rice- (13th round) Deceptive reliever who throws 89-92 (touches 94) with a slider. He has a good feel on the mound and has thrown a change in the past so could be tried as a SP.

Stats 2010 (26 G, 0 GS, 45/16, 41 IP, 2-2, 5.27, 4 SV)

2011 (30 G, 1 GS, 76/18, 61 IP, 8-2, 2.52, 2 SV)

2012 (34 G, 0 GS, 61/20, 47 IP, 1-1, 1.71, 6 SV)

OF Pat Biondi Michigan- (13th round) Speed merchant CF who is a fine CF. Profiles as a reserve OF type with plenty of speed. Has never hit for much power in college. Consistent contact hitter from the left side.

Stats: 2010 (2,30, .313/.422/.439, 29-35 SB)

2011 (0,21, .286/.366/.327, 27-32 SB)

2012 (2,17, .306/.412/.412, 32-47 SB)

RHP Travis Bellew Texas State- (13th round) Smaller build  RH pitcher who can reach 94 with his fastball and features a hard slider. A max effort strike thrower who struck out 119 K’s in 102 IP this season.

OF Mike Faulkner Arkansas State- (13th round) A plus runner who stole 41 bases this season while only being thrown out once. A smaller body at just 160 pounds (5’11) He was drafted by the A’s out of HS in the 21st round. He has been a solid hitter for average in his 3 yrs batting .336 as a freshman.

RHP Eric Whaley Florida State-(13th round)  Not a big time arm but definitely a seasoned pitcher that knows what to do with the ball. The 6’3 Whaley is a ground ball type pitcher using a cutter and a fastball that rests in the low 9’s. Often he has been clocked only in the upper 8’s this season but his precision and ability to locate has given him success as the college level. He is 3-3 with a 2.58 e.r.a this season in 12 starts with a 48/17 k/bb ratio in 73 IP.

LHP Ben O’Shea Tampa- (13th round) O’Shea has had 3 stops in 3 years since leaving high school. He spent his first season at Roger Williams University going 5-1 with a 1.87 e.r.a and a 56/6 k/bb ratio in 43 IP. Last season he pitched at Santa Fe College (Gainesville) where he was 9-2 with a 3.03 e.r.a in 65 IP with 98 K…that performance lead him to the 10th round of the draft and the White Sox. He turned the Sox down and was set to pitch at Maryland this season before he was not allowed due to a lack of credits. He enrolled at Tampa where he has started 14 games with a 7-1 record and a 2.30 e.r.a and a 69/11 k/bb ratio in 90 IP. He has a solid fastball in the mid 90’s and an effective change. His curve is below average though which projects him as a reliever IMO.

Lucas Herbst

OF Lucas Herbst Santa Clara- (13th round) A 4 year player at Santa Clara that is having a big senior season batting .382 with 2 HR and 4 SB with a .437 OBP. He is one of those guys that finds a way to get on base and will give you a solid game defensively in CF with a RF arm. Batted .289 with a .363 OBP as a junior.

Yency Almonte RHP HS Florida- (13th round) Lean 6’4 175 pound kid who gets his fastball up to 94. Low effort guy with makings of a plus curve and throws a change. His brother Denny is a Marlins prospect. Committed to Florida International

C Matt Fultz HS Missouri (Lees Summit West) (13th round) Bat first catcher who needs plenty of work to stay at C. He is committed to Kansas State. 6’1 215 pounder who loves to catch he possesses good bat speed with lift and covers the plate well. Hit .446 with 54 RBI and 14 HR as a junior. Best case for him might be 3 years with Coach Hill at K-State.

2B Jamodrick McGruder Texas Tech-(14th rounder)  Small college player 5’7 who reminds me of Bip Roberts. Plus runner with solid baseball instincts. Good bat speed with quick swing thru zone.

Stats 2010- (7,32, .322/.433/.503, 23-27 SB)

2011- (2,29, .293/.470/.391, 28-34 SB)

2012- (2,27, .358/.500/.503, 39-44 SB)

SS Justin Gonzalez Florida State-(14th round)  I really liked Gonzalez when I first watched him play as a true freshman and thought it was only a matter of time before he took the SS job from Steven Cardullo ( a solid college hitter but his defense hurt the 2010 Seminoles) As a freshman he played mostly 2B (started first third of season before losing job to fellow freshman Devon Travis)  and hit .287 with a .423 ab in 94 at bats. Last year he hit .264 with 8 HR in 231 at bats as the everyday SS with 8 SB, He is struggling with the bat this year hitting .258 with 7 HR and a ,376 OBp and 12 SB. But, the thing that will get him drafted is his glove…a tall wiry kid at 6’2 he makes all the plays and then some at SS and I think his bat can improve if he can cut down on his strikeouts (a ridiculous 56 in 163 AB this season)

LHP Josh Turley Baylor- (14th round) Everett Teaford like lefty who is having an excellent season for Baylor. He throws a mid 80’s fastball (touches 89) with very good off speed stuff including a plus change. He could end up as a RP (long man) in the bigs or certainly as a crafty starter. 2009 draft pick of the Brewers (36th round) Has also been given some at bats while at Baylor going 7-41 with a pair of RBI.

Stats: 2010 (26 G, 2 GS, 4-0, 4.41, 33/16, 49 IP, 3 HR, .314 Bavg)

2011 (17 G, 14 GS, 4-5, 3.39, 63/19, 96 IP, 4 HR, .283 Bavg)

2012 ( 14 G, 14 GS, 9-0, 1.64, 67/18, 93 IP, 3 HR, .223 Bavg)

P Michael Morin North Carolina-(14th round)  6’4 207- Shawnee Mission South graduate who the Royals took in the 40th round out of high school. He has been an excellent late sign by UNC serving as their closer the last 2 years. Generally sits between 88-92 but can giddyup 94 when he is right. He has an excellent curve that will be one of the best pitches in the draft and also uses a slider on occasion. Could be some temptation to move him into a starting role.  Pitched for the Bourne Braves after his freshman season on the Cape going 1-3 with a 3.29 e.r.a and a 39/12 k/bb ratio in 38 IP.

Stats: 2010 (24 G, 1 GS, 5-3, 5.45, 43/14, 40 IP, 3 SV)

2011 (32 G, 6 GS, 4-2, 4.64, 66/18, 64 IP, 10 SV)

2012  (33 G, 0 GS, 5-3, 0.91, 43/17, 49 IP, 17 SV)

LHP R.C Orlan North Carolina- (14th round) Orlan was drafted by the Dodgers in the 44th round out of high school and was mostly used as a situational lefty his first couple of seasons. He has solid command out of the pen with a 88-92 fastball, a solid cutter, and a slider. He changes speeds well and could be one of those players that moves up the ladder fast. He pitched for the Bourne Braves last summer and threw 18 innings with 21 K’s and just 3 walks with a 1.50 e.r.a

Stats: 2010 (16 G, 14/9, 12 IP, 0-0, 4.38)

2011 (32 G, 24/11, 19 IP, 2-0, 3.79)

2012 (35 G, 56/9, 50 IP, 8-1, 2.16)

SS Chris Diaz NC State- (14th round) The younger brother of Toronto Blue Jays minor league SS Jonathan (12th round 06) Chris can really pick it at SS. Offensively he has improved as his Wolfpack career has progressed. His glove is what will make him go (possibly in the first 10 rounds) as he is as steady as any in the country. As a sophomore he didn’t get an error until his 20th game of the season and in the last 22 games of the season he also did not commit an error. He had just 6 errors the entire season. This year he has 12 errors with a .952 fielding pct.

Stats: 2010 (1,16, .309/.420/.382, 1-1 SB)

2011 (2,32, .306/.381/.407, 6-9 SB)

2012 (1, 50, .367/.401/.500, 7-10 SB).

RHP Willie Gabay Herkimer County CC (New York) (14th round) Impressive stats for the sophomore as he is 6-1 with a 2.62 e.r.a and a 91/37 k/bb ratio in 14 starts with 58 IP. The 6-1 native of Mahopac has drawn plenty of scouts to see him pitch this season as he flashes a 92-94 fastball with plenty of run. His command has improved this season after it had been his achilles prior. Last summer he struck out 33 but walked 19 in 27 IP. Reliever at the next level.

LHRP James Pazos UCSD- (14th round) Drafted out of HS (Highlands) in the 40th round by the Diamond Backs. He attended Chandler Gilbert CC where he threw 95 IP his first year with a 9-4 record and a 1.94 e.r.a. Very deceptive lefty who throws in the low 9’s. He has been almost un-hittable this season with a 5-1 record and a 1.12 e.r.a with 51K 15 BB in 48 IP.

OF Arby Fields LSU (14th round) One of the most interesting stories in big time college baseball as Arby was the starting tailback as a freshman at Northwestern University. He was a freshman all big 10 performer but fell out of favor with the coaching staff as a sophomore after he developed fumble-itis. Still, the staff was shocked when he announced he was leaving the team to transfer to Cypress CC. At Cypress last year he hit .344 with 14 extra base hits and 25 RBI with 9 SB. Still when he announced he was transferring to LSU many though it would be to try football again. But, he is now just a baseball player and with his athleticism he could pull a Taiwan Easterling (former Florida State Football player and current Cubs farmhand) and receive a lot of attention from pro scouts. He has already been drafted twice (32nd round 2009 by Braves and 27th round last year by the Padres) The switch hitter runs well and is described as a physical player. He is not having a solid season for LSU (0,12, .238/.294/.311 with just 3 stolen bases) but I am sure some team will take a chance on him based on pure potential.

2B Joe Sever Pepperdine- (14th round) John Elway’s nephew. Statistically he has put up video game numbers this season with the bat but has never been a solid defender which will hurt the junior in this draft. He is batting .370/.447/.521 with 6 HR and 52 RBI this year stealing 9 bases.Hit .270 with 2 HR and 19 RBi last summer for Chatham on the Cape.

C/1B Bruce Maxwell Birmingham Southern 6’2 230-(14th round)  LH bat with slug. Hit 15 HR with 48 RBI and a .471 .avg this season for the D-III Panthers. He also struck out just 11 times while walking 59 in 153 at bats. Hit .388 with 8 HR and 57 RBI as a sophomore and .427 with 15 HR and 61 RBI as a freshman. He looks like Mike Jacobs without the swing and miss factor.

C Colton Plaia Loyola Marymount-(14th round)  Junior from Mission Viejo who is a solid reciever. Hit .313 as a sophomore with a HR and 8 RBI. As a freshman he hit .295 with 3 HR and 16 RBI. This season he hit .326 with 6 HR, 38 RBI and a .413 OBP.

1B Justin Chigbogu Raytown South- (14th round) Royals might want to take the local kid who showed up no scouts radar this season as they watched his teammate Bralin Jackson. He was an all-state defensive end last fall and scouts love the power potential from the left side. Big strong 6’2 230 pounder is a good athlete and moves well for a big guy. Committed to Heartland CC.

RHP Tanner Poppe University of Kansas- (14th round) He really struggled this year going 0-5 with a 6.52 ebut the 6’5 230 pounder has some nice oomph on his fastball reaching 95. His slider has the potential to be a very good pitch. He was a 3 sport star from Girard, KS. He was a draft eligible sophomore last year and turned down the Rays who took him in the 37th round.

OF Cody Keefer UCLA  (14th round) One of the most consistent bats in the Bruins lineup. He brings a .309 career mark into his junior season with 3 HR and 49 RBI in 103 games. He has started 101 games in LF and has a .426 OBP. Last summer he played for the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox batting .280 with 3 HR and 17 RBI. He also played in the Cape Cod All Star Game at Fenway Park. He was the Tigers 33rd round pick after high school. Hit .338 this season with 0 HR, 34 RBI and a .410 OBP stealing 6 bags in 14 tries.

RH Eric Jaffe- (14th round) The redshirt freshman from Oakland (Bishop O’Dowd) spent some time during the summer pitching for the Chatham Anglers (1-0 7.94, 6/10 5.2 IP) He was drafted by the Red Sox out of HS in the 19th round and signed with Cal. He was the #1 recruit at Cal but left after he thought the program was going belly up. He was expected to have a role on last years team but took a redshirt. I understand he is quite a project (with big upside) due to wildness. He throws a 90-94 fastball with a power curve. Closer potential but needs to figure out if he wants to be a ball player. He allowed 0 ER this season in 7.2 IP with 3 K but 10 walks.

RHP Charlie Gillies The Masters (CA) (14th round) Heavy sink reliever throwing 89-92. Project reliever who should dominate low minors. Has been a consistent starter in the GSAC

LHP Randall Fant- Arkansas (14th round) Fant could end up back in the rotation but dead arm issues pushed him to the pen for now. The junior got into 20 games last year including 11 starts. He was 3-5 with a 3.89 e.r.a with a 35/15 k/bb ratio in 69 innings. He threw in 10 games (all starts) as a freshman going 3-2 with a 4.37 e.r.a and a 25/10 k/bb ratio in 35 IP. He was 2-2 with a 3.59 e.r.a this year starting 11 games with a 34/8 k/bb ratio in 43 IP.

RHP Austin Adams South Florida-(15th round)  Another P who has not thrown a bunch in college due to past elbow trouble. He had thrown just 10 IP over his first 2 seasons. This year he is 1-2 with a 2.08 e.r.a and 32/9 k/bb ratio in 26 IP with 3 saves. He throws 92-95 with a very good curve.. Worked extensively with USF pitching coach and former Houston Astro Chuck Hernandez.

Jordan John LHP Oklahoma- (15th round) A really good southpaw originally from Corpus Christi, Texas who was drafted last year by the Astros (28th round) “draft eligible freshman” He had Tommy John surgery prior to his freshman season so his first year in college ball was last year. He pitched in 5 games last summer for the Brewster Whitecaps on the Cape going 1-2 with 14 K in 13 IP.86-88 fastball with control of 3 other pitches.

Utility Tyler Smith Oregon State-(15th round)  Smith is one of those guys that organizations love. He can play several spots on the diamond, works his tail off and should produce enough with the bat to survive thru the minor leagues. Batted .252 with 8 DB, 1 3B, 1 HR and 11 RBI for the Bend Elks of the West Coast League in the summer of 2010. He was not much a prospect to be drafted until he dedicated himself in the gym last summer seeing immediate results for the LaCrosse Loggers in the Northwoods League batting .299 with 11 DB, 3 HR, and 38 RBI walking 19 times. He has really broken out this year as you will see in his stat line below. He can handle LF, SS, 2B for sure and has handled SS this season.

Stats: 2010 (2, 20, .247/.331/.356, 2-5 SB)
            2011 (0,11, .221/.378/.257, 4-4 SB)
            2012  (1, 34, .350/.440/.431, 9-11 SB)

C Alex Swim Elon- (15th round)  Another strong defensive C with the arm to make a difference. He stole 11 bases in 2011 so he has some speed for a C. Solid bat control and tough guy to strike out.

Stats: 2010 (2, 40, .310, .403 SLG, 4-4 SB, 17 K, 10 BB, 226 AB)

2011 (0, 33, .280, .356 SLG, 11-16 SB, 11 K, 12 BB, 236 AB)

2012 (3, 45, .357/.398/.448, 7-10 SB, 13 K, 19 BB, 241 AB)

C Carlos Escobar Nevada- 6’3 200- (15th round) Great defender, organizational presence who will call a great game and block everything. Arm is better because he is such a plus technique guy. He has hit a little bit too batting .284 this season after having a solid season in the wood bat Northwoods league last summer hitting .345 with 7 HR. He was Mike Moustakas high school teammate at Chatsworth and was a 41st round pick in HS.

C Bennet Pickar Oral Roberts- (15th round) He has developed into a terrific defensive catcher with a plus arm and an emerging bat. He was drafted by the Braves in the 15th round out of HS (Eaton HS, Colorado) Hit .288 with a HR and 15 RBI for the La Crosse Loggers in the Northwoods League 2010. At Oral Roberts he started as a freshman throwing out over 30 percent of the runners trying to steal and batted ,286 with 3 HR and 17 RBI. Struggled with the bat as a sophomore hitting just .193 with 2 HR and 14 RBI but threw out 19 of 28 runners against him. This year he hit .303/.420/378 with 2 HR and 32 RBI striking out 44 times and walking 34 in 188 AB. He threw out 16 of 23 runners.

LHP Matt Boyd Oregon State- (15th round) Another solid relief option for the draft . He has solid command of his fastball and slider. The lefty was a member of the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team last year going 1-0 with a 1.42 e.r.a in 6 IP with 8 K’s. He also pitched for the Orleans Firebirds on the Cape going 0-0 with a 1.71 e.r.a in 21 IP striking out 15. In the summer of 2010 he pitched for the Corvallis Knights of the West Coast League pitching in 23 games as a position player and fourteen games as a pitcher (0-1, 1.55, 33 K, 29 IP) As a 2 way player to begin college he got  most of his at bats as a freshman when he hit .264 with 3 HR and 19 RBI in 72 at bats  (only 1 AB since then)
2010 (20 G, 2 GS, 7-1, 1.90, 28/14, 48 IP)
2011 (30 G, 0 GS, 0-0, 1.57, 35/11, 46 IP, 4 SV)
2012 (29 G, 0 GS, 4-0, 3.71, 27/13, 34 IP, 2 SV)

RHP Zach Cooper Central Michigan- (15th round) Drafted last year in the 46th round by the Marlins. 5’10 righty that has a nice idea what to do on the bump. His future might be in the pen with his low 9’s fastball and solid slider. He has pitched a lot the last 2 seasons throwing 199 IP with a record of 13-7 and an e.r.a around 3. He has struck out 186 and walked 83 in that stretch.

C/1B Richard Stock Nebraska- (15th round) I list 1B because that is what he plays for the Huskers…But, he is a C and that will be his best chance in the pros as he is also a very slow runner. His older brother Robert was a top pick of the Cardinals in 2009 (was a C and recently moved to P) and like his brother he has a very good arm. He started his collegiate career at USC and transferred to Pierce College (LA) before arriving to play for Darin Erstad. He is hitting .353 this year with 4 HR and 44 RBI striking out just 17 times in 207 AB. He was drafted by the Brewers in the 45th round in 2009.

1B/P Adam Giacalone Neosho County CC- (15th round) Adam, more than likely, ends up at Tennessee next season where he will look to prove that his JC power numbers are legit. An excellent 2 way player who is from Shawnee Mission Northwest HS he hit 18 HR with 102 RBI and a .396 .avg last season while going 10-1 on the mound. This year he has 12 HR in 177 at bats.

C/OF Aaron Jones Oregon- (15th round)  Draft eligible sophomore who scouts see as a future Catcher even though he has played mostly RF for the Ducks. His bat speed, solid arm and also the fact he is a really good runner could be intriguing to an organization, Played in 22 games for the Rochester Honkers last summer batting .308 with one HR, six rbi, and six stolen bases. He was drafted in the 38th round by the Red Sox out of high school after playing four years of baseball and football at San Clemente HS (California) Could be a tough sign that returns one more season to raise his draft status (hopefully as a C)

Stats: 2011 (2, 36, .270/.369/.365, 6-8 SB)

2012 ( 6,38, .294/.364/.469, 5-9 SB)

RHP Anthony Bazzani Eastern Kentucky- (15th round)Bazzani was pretty brutal his first 2 seasons (at least statistically) he was 5-3 with a 5.47 e.r.a as a freshman striking out just 41 batters in 77 innings. He had hip surgery as a sophomore and on the mound was 1-9 with a 9.07 e.r.a. Little was expected of him at this time but in the summer he pitched for the Alexandria Beetles in the Northwoods League and this is when his name began showing up. He went 4-2 with 12 saves a 1.45 e.r.a and 70 K in 50 IP. He throws a mid 90’s fastball with a fine splitter. He is 1-1 with a 2.76 e.r.a this season but his control has been less than stellar (29/30 k/bb in 42 IP) The question is why the great summer and so-so college season? His arm will be what gets him drafted in rounds 6-10.

RHP Duke Von Schamann Texas Tech- (15th round) You might remember his father long time NFL kicker Uwe. Duke is not a hard thrower but he locates his pitches well and uses a solid curve ball too. Missed his freshman season recovering from Tommy John Surgery. He missed his last start of the season with a strained bicep tendon. These type of injuries prior to dradt day can kill a mid round guys chances. He could return for his reshirt junior season.

Stats 2011 (13 G, 7 GS, 5-0, 3.92, 19/9, 41 IP, 5 HR, .261 Bavg)

2012 (12 G, 12 GS, 6-4, 2.08, 60/12, 87 IP. 4 HR, .212 Bavg)

OF Krey Bratsen Texas A&M- (15th round) Here is another plus runner and plus Cf who just has not hit as expected in college. He is a 21 year old draft eligible sophomore who hit just .228 this year. Could be a reach with him returning to school to improve his draft stock but with CF hard to come by he could be worth it.

CF Kyle Wren Georgia Tech- (16th round) Draft eligible sophomore …solid leadoff type player with plus speed. Athletic left handed hitter with solid OF instincts. Hit .340 with a .412 OBP as a freshman stealing 16 bases with 11 DB, 7 3B, and a HR. This year he has slipped to .272 with a .367 OBP and 15 SB hitting 16 XBH. His father Frank is the General Manager of the Braves.  His twin brother Colby is also on the Georgia Tech baseball team. Might return for junior  season if drafted late.

OF/1B/2B Max White Oklahoma- (16th round) A very good athlete that looks good in his uniform standing 6’1 and weighing 200. Solid build who can play a good CF and also has looked good in brief appearances at 2B (8 starts in 2011) Power has gone away, for the most part, since the bats were leaned up but he could be a guy that figures it out at the pro level. Hit .576 as a senior in high school with 16 HR, 67 RBI and 35 SB. As a junior in HS he also shined on the mound going 8-4 with a 1.13 e.r.a and 120 K’s in 68 IP. He was also a 3 year letterman in football and 2 in basketball.

Stats: 2010 (15,43, .293, 7-9 SB)

2011 (3, 20, .286, .6-9 SB)

2012 (2, 50, .343, 6-13 SB)

SS/3B Bruce Caldwell Spartanburg Methodist CC- (16th round) The Royals took his older brother Allan as a P (now an OF)a few years back. Bruce is a bat first infielder who should slide to 3B as a pro. He has solid power and uses all fields. He is batting .373 this season with 8 HR and 25 RBI in 83 at bats with a .795 SLG.

Utility Trevor Brown UCLA- (16th round) A much needed RH bat in the Bruins lineup. You can expect to see Brown all over the field as he has played 2B, 3B, and C in his career. He can handle SS too but the Bruins have steady hands there in Pat Valaika. Brown played at perennial powerhouse Hart HS in Newhall, CA for Jim Ozella (same school as Mike Montgomery and Trevor Bauer) where he was a 3 year varsity player batting .429 his senior season. The junior has a .991 fielding pct in 232 chances between 4 spots on the diamond. Brings a .247 .avg with 17 RBi in 72 games into the 2012 season. He had a nice summer for LaCrosse Loggers hitting .288 with a HR and 21 RBI. Hit .321 with 3 HR, 46 RBI and a .374 OBP this season.

3B Damek Tomscha Iowa Western- (16th round) No high school baseball in Iowa held him back but he made up for it in showcase events. Solid 3B prospect who has been drafted twice (HS by Phillies, and last year by Marlins) committed to Auburn next season. Quick bat with plenty of pop hitting 15 HR with 23 doubles this year and a .438 .avg. Could also be drafted as a P where his body might project him to …he also throws a 95 mph fastball. His body could move him off the corner so if not a P he would be a nice project as a C with a plus arm.

2B Austin Elkins Dallas Baptist- (16th round) Nice player who has solid bat control with good speed and pop. Hitting .356 this season with 9 HR, 44 RBI and a 439 OBP stealing 7 bases. Hit .245 with 4 HR and 37 RBI for the very good 2011 DB team. As a freshman he hit .341 with 8 HR and 39 RBI stealing 5 bases.

3B/1B Mike Martinez Florida International- (16th round) A bat first guy who has an impressive offensive resume. He was a standout player in Miami while a high school student at Miami Killian. He batted .470 with 4 HR, 37 RBI while having a 1.07 e.r.a and 6 SV as a senior. Has been a consistent performer at FIU and as a senior is putting up a big season.
2009- (6,37, .335./.429/.492/ 3-5 SB)
2010- (9,55, .375/.445/.575/ 4-6 SB)
2011-  (15,60, .294/.354/.540/ 2-3 SB)
2012-  (7,45, .393/.498/.597/ 7-8 SB)

3B Curt Powell Georgia- (16th round) Highly decorated player in high school when he was the Tennessee Gatorade Player of the Year. Spent his first season at Volunteer State CC batting .489 with 34 SB. Hit .289 his first year at Georgia and is batting .352 with a pair of HR and 12 SB with a .430 OBP this season.

OF Kendall Logan Jackson State- (16th round) Cousin of Nook Logan (former Tigers OF and also the batter of only foul ball I have ever caught) above average speed, and some pop knocking a dozen over the fence as a junior (his cousin had no pop) Senior sign.

Tony Bucciferro RHP Michigan State- (16th round) One of the top pitcher sin the histroy of Michigan State baseball. He leaves as the leader in career games started, innings, 2nd in K’s, and third in wins. 6’3 200 with upper 8’s fastball (touches 91) slider and change. Finished the season at 6-4 with a 3.07 e.r.a and 94/22 k/bb in 111 IP

(this is a list of  players in rounds 17-25)

LHP Tyler Joyner Eastern Carolina- Another P without a lot of college innings. He was suspended for the better part of his first 2 seasons on campus after being selected in the 50th round out of HS by the Indians. He made up for a lack of regular season innings pitching for the Laconia Muskrats of the NECBL going 2-2 with a 1.97 e.r.a and 53 K’s. He has a 4 pitch mix featuring a 88-90 mph fastball (touches 92) and a cutter, curve, and change. He is 5-2 this season with a 3.17 e.r.a and a 65/11 k/bb ratio in 88 IP.

SS Patrick Blair Wake Forest- Maryland product that is a fine defender at SS and also plays a quality OF. 5’10 junior has really developed a much better feel at the plate. He has strong baseball instincts, runs well and does a good job getting on base.

Stats: 2010 (7,25,.270/.351/.437, 11-13 SB)

2011 (3,18,.258/.433/.388, 16-19 SB)

2012 (2,31, .290/.416/.389, 22-26 SB)

C Zach Wright Eastern Carolina- Returned to campus despite being a 6th round pick of the Phillies last year. The Phillies had quite a bit of turnover in the front office after the year and were trying to be creative in their 2011 draft by underwhelming players with their offers. Wright is a offensive catcher with solid pop and a nice arm. He does handle himself well behind the dish but he is not one of the better defensive C in this draft. The 6’2 backstop has also played LF in his career.

Stats: 2009 ( 3, 8, .295)

2010 (14, 47, .265)

2011 (13, 39, .272, .518 slg)

2012 (5, 36, .287/.383/.421, 8 SB)

OF Andrew Rash Virginia Tech- Very powerful kid who bats right handed. His bat speed would not be called a slider swing bat either as he gets thru the zone as good as any college hitter. He is still a strikeout guy as he just missed hittable pitches though and statistically he has been a mystery this season. He has all of the assets you want in a RF with the pop and arm. He has played a lot in CF but RF is where he belongs. 5-11, 190 pounder who red shirted as a freshman.

Stats: 2010 (6, 16, .344/.394/.633)

2011 (18, 53, .335/.416/.707) 50 K in 191 AB

2012 (7, 34, .273/.335/.455, 7 SB) 40 K and 9 BB in 187 AB

LHP Jordan Minch HS Indiana- 6’3 lefty that mixes a 89-91 fastball with an emerging curve and change. Athletic kid who also participates in basketball. He was 6-4 with a 1.47 e.r.a last year with 73 K in 52 IP. Gets plenty of movement on his fastball. Committed to Purdue.

Colby Holmes – AP

RHP Colby Holmes South Carolina- The junior from Conway, SC was 7-3 with a 3.69 e.r.a in 18 games with 13 starts striking out 77 and walking 21 in 85 IP. His achilles is giving up HR as he gave up 6 HR but that was an improvement on the 13 he gave up as a freshman in only 27 innings. His freshman season he was 2-0 with a 5.23 e.r.a in 11 games ( 6 starts) with a 27/16 k/bb ratio. He was drafted by the Braves in the 47th round out of high school. He throws 3 pitches with a 90-92 fastball out of a 3/4 arm slot with some deception as he hides the ball well. He had a terrific season in 2010 in the Coastal Plain League that raised a lot of eye brows when he was 3-3 with a 1.18 e.r.a in 46 IP with a 40/22 k/bb ratio.

From former College of Charleston P Joey Haug:  Colby Holmes (5’11” 200) is a sturdy, barrel-chested right-handed starter for the Cocks. He’s been a steady presence since his freshman year and has continued that to this point. He’s allowing less than a hit an inning, while punching out 1 per. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff, but will pitch in the upper 80’s-low 90’s with a solid change and breaking ball and shows good command of all three pitches to both sides of the plate.

This season he is 6-1 with a 3.39 e.r.a in 12 starts with a 49/13 k/bb in 61 IP.

RHP Scott Firth Clemson- Has been used in a variety of roles by Clemson but could be a back end SP in the big leagues as he throws 4 pitches including a plus change up. His fastball is around 88-92 as a starter  but out of the pen he is 93- 95. Has always had command issues throughout his career. He was 3-1 for Hyannis on the Cape in 2011 with 33 K in 43 IP and a 1.88 e.r.a.. Played for Keene in the NECBL in 2010 and was 1-1 with a 1.99 e.r.a in 23 IP. Originally drafted by the Orioles in the 36th round of the 2009 draft

Stats: 2010 (16 G, 4 GS, 2-1, 3.58, 25/12 33 IP, 3 HR, .312 Bavg)

2011 (16 G, 7 GS, 5-1, 3.06, 38/27, 50 IP, 2 HR, .225 Bavg)

2012 (22G, 0 GS, 4-0, 1.99, 41/32, 50 IP, 2 HR, .224 Bavg, 2 SV)

RHP Dominic Leone Clemson- Smaller RHP who has (at times) excellent stuff. He throws a 88-92 fastball (touched 94) with a plus change and a solid curve. He could be a real sleeper at the next level with the right coaching. Has good mechanics but inconsistent command as it comes and goes in games and during the season.

Stats: 2010 (22 G, 10 GS, 3-2, 4.78, 40/22, 58 IP, 2 HR, .292 Bavg)

2011 (15 G, 12 GS, 6-2, 3.70, 72/30, 66 IP, 5 HR, .242 Bavg)

2012 (15 G, 15 GS, 6-4, 5.49, 60/37, 77 IP, 9 HR, .291 Bavg)

Ian Gardeck RHP Alabama- Illinois native and reliever for Bama. JC transfer from Angelina College (Texas) where he was 0-2 with 3 SV and 36 K’s with a 3.78 e.r.a last year before being drafted in the 8th round by the White Sox. He began his career at Dayton in 2010 (3-2, 5.93, 25 K, 27 IP, 2 SV) his numbers don’t jump off the page this season either as he is 1-2 with a 5.84 e.r.a and 16/12 k/bb in 12 IP with 1 save. Fastball/Slider pitcher with heat in the upper 9’s.

Nathan Dorris LHP Southern Illinois-Dorris was seen by a lot of scouts in HS because he matched up against local rival Jake Odorizzi often. Dorris was taken by the Braves in the 45th round out of HS and committed to Vanderbilt but left after one semester in hopes of being drafted after some success at a Juco. He went to Bend Lake CC and this year at SIU is 7-4 with a 4.17 e.r.a and a 80/35 k/bb ratio in 82 IP. He throws a 87-91 fastball has touched 94 in the past with a solid curve and change.

OF Robby Ort Indiana State- Left handed bat with some pop. The 6’2 205 pounder has a solid baseball body. Has been a consistent 3 year performer at Indiana State, where as a freshman he hit .353 with 5 HR, 50 RBI. As a sophomore he hit .322 with 10 HR  and a .559 slug. This year he is batting .293 with 7 HR, 53 RBI and a 350 OBP.

1B/OF Cody Stubbs North Carolina- Has not had a solid junior season for the Tarheels but the talent is there with a nice relaxed approach at the plate and some pop in his bat. Could have big senior season with the power numbers if he comes back. 6’4 216 with smooth LH swing with lift. Began his career at Tennessee where he hit .241 with 3 HR and 13 RBI (19 walks) in 2010. He followed that up playing for Hyannis on the Cape going 12-72 with 8 RBI. His sophomore season he transferred to Walters State (CC) hitting .403 with 17 HR, 75 RBI and a .776 .SLG. Went back to the Cape and was 3-27 with a HR for the Cotuit Kettlers. This year he hit .266/.354/.425 with 5 HR and 33 RBI.

RHP Michael Palazzone Georgia- 24th round pick of the Brewers last year. The 6’2 195 pounder has held his own in the SEC. Last season he was 7-2 with a 3.22 e.r.a in the SEC. Great control P who went almost 39 innings without a walk last year. He was also drafted in the 32nd round by the Reds as a draft eligible sophomore in 2010 after going 4-6 with a robust 8.66 e..r.a He was drafted in the 18th round by the Braves out of high school. This season he is 2-6 with a 4.89 e.r.a striking out 66 and walking just 12 in 81 IP

RHP Kurt Schluter Stetson- 2 way player at Stetson who throws 90-93 with a power curve. Had a fantastic sophomore season going 8-0 with a 1.40 e.r.a and a 55/18 k/bb ratio in 58 IP. This year he has slipped statistically going 5-3 with a 5.69 e.r.a and a 49/27 k/bb in 62 IP. As a pro he will concentrate just on pitching which could help.

RHP Tim Brechbuehler Louisburg CC- The former UNC hurler is 11-0 with a 2.39 e.r.a this season for Louisburg with 79/39 k/bb in 79 IP. The 6’8 pitcher never got it going at North Carolina but his stuff projects well with a 88-92 fastball (touches 94) a solid 4 seamer and 2 seamer with arm side run, and a plus curve with a 11/5 break.

Creede Simpson OF/2B Auburn- Senior who is having a breakout season batting .337 with 19 SB and a .398 OBP. A native of Auburn he began his collegiate career (after being drafted by the Yankees out of high school in the 45th round) at NW Floirda State College a JC where he hit .363. He transferred to Auburn where, as a sophomore, he hit .308 as gthe team’s 4th OF with 5 HR and 31 RBI. Last year he struggled batting just .254 with 3 HR and 8 SB. He was the team’s CF last season and is the 2B this year so club’s should like his versatility and speed.

C/RF Aaron Jones Oregon- Decent catcher with above average arm that has established himself as a hitter. One thing that sticks out is his success in the woos bat league for the Rochester Honkers of the Northwoods League where he hit .308 with a HR and 6 SB. He also played for the West Coast College League team the Kelowna Falcons batting .346 with a HR, 15 RBI,  and 11 walks giving him a .440 OBP. He has played a lot of RF for the Ducks but I think his value is behind the dish. Draft eligible sophomore who was previously drafted by the Red Sox in the 38th round out of HS (San Clemente)

Stats: 2011 (2, 36, .270/.369/.365, 6-8 SB) 41 K, 25 BB in 211 AB

2012 (6, 38, .294/.364/.469, 5-9 SB) 38 K, 19 BB in 194 AB

LHP Tyler Webb South Carolina- The junior from Virginia is a valuable member of the Gamecock pitching staff. His freshman season he started 7 games and was 3-2 with a 3.96 e.r.a overall with a 36/13 k/bb ratio in 36 innings. Last year he pitched in 22 games with 5 starts and was 3-1 with a 3.00 e.r.a in 36 IP (28/17) He throws a 90 mph fastball with a solid curve. This season he is 5-1 with a 1.96 e.r.a in 41 IP with 40 K and 10 walks out of the pen

C Spencer Kieboom Clemson- Took over as the everyday C for the Clemson Tigers his sophomore season after serving as the team’s 3rd string guy as a freshman. Solid receiver with average arm and solid bat control. A hard batter to strike out. Like most catchers he is a solid leader on the field. Played for Falmouth on the Cape in 2011 batting .212 with 5 DB and 11 RBI in 40 games. Interesting background as he has dual citizenship with the United States and Netherlands.

Stats: 2010 (0,10, .263/.333/.351, 7 K, 6 BB, 57 AB)

2011 (1, 31, .282/.365/.359, 13 K, 22 BB, 170 AB)

2012  (3,31, .247/.318/.333, 16 K, 19 BB, 186 AB)

RHP Kaleb Merck Rice- A one time blazing reliever for the Rice Owls he has had to re-invent himself since TJ surgery wiped out his 2011 season. Pre TJ he threw in the mid 9’s but he sits around 90-92 now with a solid 3 pitch mix. He was drafted by the Rangers in the 43rd round last season

Stats: 2009 ( 17 G, 0 GS, 0-0, 5.94, 22/10, 17 IP, 1 SV)

2010 (22 G, 0 GS, 2-1, 1.47, 23/6, 31 IP, 3 SV)

2012 (21 G, 0 GS, 1-1, 3.92, 24/10, 21 IP, 5 SV)

C Josh Ludy Baylor- Ludy has really helped himself out as a pro prospect in his senior season (one site has him as a top 5 round guy) but I think this is where you slot him. 2 year starter at Baylor who projects as a DH backup C type because he does not move well behind the dish. He does have a good arm though.

Stats: 2009 (2, 8, .280/.379/.680)

2010 (0, 8, .322/.423/.424)

2011 (3, 34, .278/.352/.380)

2012 (13, 64, .363/.452/.622)

OF Jeff Popick Colorado Mesa- Another of those RH hitters that can knock balls over the fence. The 6’4 pounder originally from Lakewood, Colorado has found a way to get himself on the map while playing at a school that is not known for developing baseball players. The Division II standout made a name for himself after his freshman season (when he hit just .200 in limited time *20 at bats) as a sophomore he hit 11 HR in 151 at bats with a .417 .avg. Last year he hit .364 but with only a pair of HR. He has come back around this season hitting .422 with a .525 obp and 7 HR with 63 RBI. He has helped put himself on the map by performing well in the Alaska Summer league with the Peninsula Oilers.

C Pat Cantwell Stony Brook- You can never have enough quality catchers in your system and Cantwell is one of those guys that just makes whatever team he is on better. At Stony Brook, the Biology major, has had 4 solid seasons and was also drafted by the Orioles in the 39th round last year. But, in the Cape Cod league word got around about how special he was. He was not even on the temporary roster for the Bourne Braves but he took the job and became an all star hitting .277 with 0 HR, 8 RBI and 4 SB. He is known for his defense but carries a .319 career .avg in college

Stats: 2009- (2, 16, .284/.355/.404, 6-6 SB)

2010- (3,36, .361/.439/.498, 2-7 SB)

2011- (0,23, .308/.374/.394, 11-14 SB)

2012- (1, 27, .306/.401/.419, 10-12 SB)

*just 10 PB and 8 errors in his career throwing out .38% of runners while throwing out 76% this season

RHP Jharel Cotton Eastern Carolina- The Virgin Islands born Cotton has an interesting arm. He spent 2 seasons at Miami Dade CC and was drafted by the Mets in the 28th round last year. He has inconsistent command but throws a 88-92 fastball with a change and breaking ball. He was 8-5 at Miami Dade over 2 seasons with 136 K and 37 walks in 127 IP. This year in 14 starts he is 8-2 with a 3.67 e.r.a and a 60/21 k/bb in 69 IP.

RHP Anthony Tzamtzis NC State- Drafted by the Astros in the 43rd round out of HS. Arrived on campus as a 2 way player pitching/ middle infielder who was known for his defense. Saw limited time as a position player going 2-5. On the mound he pitched in 20 games. He missed his sophomore season after surgery and returned this season pitching in 16 G with 9 starts and a 58/37 k/bb in 57 IP. He is 5-5 with a 3.65 e.r.a. Stuff wise he features a 89-92 fastball, 73-77 curve, and a solid change. A fine athlete who could be a solid sleeper candidate as he has touched 95 this season and his slider could be a plus pitch.

C Kevin Stallings North Carolina- Big 6’5 catcher who was born and spent time in Lawrence, Kansas when his dad was an assistant on Roy Williams staff. His father is now the head basketball coach at Vanderbilt. Kevin returned to Chapel Hill after turning down the Reds last year who took him in the 42nd round.  A fantastic defensive catcher and team leader Kevin has thrown out 36% of the runners trying to steal on him in college.

Stats: 2009 (0,9, .246/.366/.263)

2010 (2,24, .307/.417/.457)

2011 (4,43 .292/.403/.429)

2012 (4,36,.297/.398/.455)

Career (639 AB, 10, 112, .293/.401/.429, 53 DB, 2 3B, 10 HR, 137 K, 112 BB)

LHP Ethan Ogburn NC State-  6’4 and 195 pounds. He was primarily used out of the pen until this season. He throws a 88191 mph fastball with 3 other pitches. He also throws a nice curve ball.
2010 (10 G, 2 GS. 16/7 21 IP, 2-0. 6.53)
2011 (20 G, 8 GS, 47/21, 62 IP, 6-4, 4.52)
2012 (17 G, 11 GS, 63/17, 78 IP, 4-3, 3.01)

RHRP Cody Penny North Carolina- Hard throwing reliever who throws a 94 mph fastball with a potential plus curve and also throws a change. Has really struggled as a Tarheel but scouts like the arm. He had a fine summer in 2011 for Chatham on the Cape throwing 13 IP with 15 K and 5 walks and a 2.13 e.r.a

Stats: 2010 (8 G, 10/8, 9 IP, 1-0, 4.00)

2011 (22 G, 18/9, 16 IP, 1-0, 5.62, 5 SV)

2012 (17G, 2 GS, 16 IP, 0-0, 6.61)

3B Jake Barrios Seward County CC- Big kid at 6’3 who has handled SS in JC.with solid arm and power potential. He hit .359 his first year with 8 HR and 58 RBI in 64 games for the Saints. He was set to attend LSU after his first year but  returned to Seward after haivng concerns about playing time. He was also a standout HS QB in Oklahoma where he was the 4A football player of the year.

3B Carl Towey Baylor- 6’2 210, LH bat- Gym rat tha can play a few positions. Has a really good arm at 3B and while he is a strong kid the HR numbers have not been there. He sounds like the type of guy you want in your organization though.  Originally from an area the Royals pay attention to in Bellevue, Washington where he played 2 seasons for ex- big league closer Bill Caudill. Played final 2 seasons for his father. He was a 2008 first team all state selection when he hit .510 with 7 HR, 37 RBI and 17 SB.

Stats: 2009 Red shirt

2010 (3, 20, .314, .514 SLG, started 22 games in RF, 6 at DH, 0 errors)

2011 (4, 15, .244, .397 SLG, 32 starts in RF, 3 at 3B, 2 in LF)

2012 (5, 45, .289/.426/.462, 9-15 SB)

Utility  Mike Garza Georgetown- Stanford transfer who was the MVP of the Cape Cod League Playoffs last year for Harwich. The red shirt junior 2012 stats are (8, 44, .393/.433/.616 with 10 SB)

OF Daniel Pigott Florida-  Pigott is just a ball player…I know that sounds silly to some but it is the best way to sum him up. He does not have any better than average tools besides speed. He has been one heck of a college player batting .306 with 9 HR, 83 RBI and 23 SB in 176 games with 539 at bats entering his senior season. He had a big time 2011 NCAA tourney when he hit .333 in 42 at bats with 3 HR and 9 RBI. This season he is hitting .327 with 7 HR, 31 RBI, a .384 OBP with 5 SB. His brother also played at Florida and played one season in the Braves system after he was drafted in the 31st round of 2010.
RHP Greg Larson Florida- Very solid reliever for the Gators who was drafted in the 29th round y the Angels last season. The 6’8 righty attacks hitters with a 91-92 fastball with plenty of sink…he gets plenty of grounders and could be an effective situational reliever at the next level. He is 6-0 with a 1.49 e.r.a this season with a 31/9 k/bb in 42 IP.

LHP Andrew Barbosa South Florida- Barbosa has one of the oddest stories in the draft. The 6-8 lefty will be 25 in November and he has been drafted 3 times by the same team (Giants) he is also completing his 6th season of college baseball. He was drafted in 2006, 2007, and 2010 915th round in 06, 10) and has pitched at South Florida CC and USF. He was 8-2 in 2010 for USF with 95/22 K/BB ratio in 86 IP and a 2.40 e.r.a. After 2 starts in 2011 he gut hurt and had Tommy John Surgery. The NCAA granted the native of Puerto Rico a 6th year of eligibility and this season he is 7-5 with a 2.37 e.r.a and 103/20 k/bb in 84 IP. When he is right he throws a low 9’s fastball. I would look at him no differently than signing an older Cuban P. Why not?

SS/3B/OF Steve Nyisztor Louisburg CC- This is a tough name to put down here because as a talent he should be a top 5 round guy but questions off the field make him a huge risk. I am sure any scout covering the draft for his team will know what has happened off the field to him. I am not sure what is true and what isn’t but one thing is clear this young man has had issues. As a freshman at Rutgers he looked like a future #1 pick as a 2B batting .410 with 4 HR and 51 RBI stealing 11 bases. He has played well this season for his new team batting .349 with 22 SB and 4 HR. I am not sure if his best position is SS but the overall tool set of this young man is very good. You want to see quality talent get a chance and Steve should get one…In a way it is similar to the story of Matt Moynihan who also looked like a future 1st round pick out of HS in San Diego who now looks like a wasted talent.

LF/1B Vickash Ramjit Florida- A player who has waited for his opportunity to be a regular for the Gators. He might decide to go back to school next year to get that opportunity. But, to me, he is a very solid player with power potential. At 6’3 215 he has a solid RH bat and he has looked good in LF and at 1B. He began his career at Miami in 2009 batting .292 (14-48) with 3 DB and 6 RBI. He transferred to Miami Dade but missed the season after suffering an injury. In 2011 as a redshirt sophomore he played in 41 games batting .382 with a HR and 7 RBI in 76 at bats with 14 K and 5 BB. This season he has played in 50 games with 26 starts hitting .260 with a .319 obp and .442 slg. He has 5 HR and 18 RBI in 104 at bats with a pair of SB. I like this kid and think he could be a real sleeper as a pro.

3B Ben Carhart Stetson- 19th round pick of the Dodgers out of high school (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) Was a 2 way player his first 2 seasons at Palm Beach State College hitting .473 with 12 HR and 72 RBI in 2010 (Florida JC Player of the Year) As a junior at Stetson he hit .7 HR with 63 RBI batting .323. This year he is hitting .339 with 4 HR and 36 RBI striking out just 20 times and walking 20 in 221 at bats.

1B/DH Johnny Coy- Coy is a big 6’8 hitter who has a long swing but when he makes contact he can blast some 500 foot home runs (I know, I saw one when he was a sophomore) the St. Joseph native spent his first year at Arizona State as a basketball player before coming to WSU to play baseball. He hit .344 with 9 HR as a freshman and after a down year last year (7,59, .274) he has been one of the few offensive bright spots for the Shockers batting .344 with 9 HR and 63 RBI. He has struck out 53 times and walked 30 in 227 at bats. He was drafted by the Blue Jays (45th round) last June.

RF Stewart Ijames Louisville- A tough luck player that has been drafted twice. 2007 Brewers (46th round) and also in 2010 by the Yankees (29th round) 6’1 211 pound RF who had an excellent freshman season batting .351 with 8 HR and 39 RBI with a .401 OBP and a .583 Slg. Unfortunately he hurt his shoulder in 2009 and missed his sophomore season. He made up for missed time by excelling in the Coastal Plains League hitting .486 with 12 HR in the Wood Bat League. in 2010 as a red shirt sophomore he hit .324/.406/.570 with 14 HR and 63 RBI (which lead to the Yankees pick) in 2011 he struggled batting just .247 with 11 Hr and 45 RBI. This year he is at .266/.358/.495 with 12 HR and 60 RBI. He is a very tough player to strike out with just 131 and 94 walks in 857 career at bats.

1B/3B Zac Elgie Kansas- Has one tool that grades better than average and that is power. His defense is shaky at 3B but can look really good at times too. Good gap to gap guy that uses whole field. Possibly a future 1B. Spent 2011 playing in the California Collegiate League for the San Luis-Obispo Blues batting .315 with 3 HR and 29 RBI with a .476 SLG. He is not from a baseball rich state as he hails from North Dakota and Minot HS. He was mostly seen in American Legion Ball. where he hit a record 34 HR during the 2007 season.

2009 (3, 27, .305/.364/.448)
2010 (4, 14, .226/.272/.405)
2011 (7, 37, .297/.339/.520)
2012 (5, 28, .258/.333/.444)

SS Richie Rodriguez Eastern Kentucky- Rodriguez is from Miami and he entered college as a 5’7 140 pound middle infielder. But, he is a hard working kid and the senior has started at SS every game of his college career. A pretty amazing feat in itself but he has also hit every step of the way. His freshman season he struck out just 13 times in 179 at bats with 14 SB, batting .302. As a sophomore he hit .357 with 21 SB, 5 HR and 37 RBI. His junior season he batted .357 with 19 SB and only 21 K in 255 at bats. This year he has 13 HR, 49 RBI, .472 OBP, .690 slug, 12 K, 33 BB, and 12 SB. He has never been drafted but his resume proves he deserves a shot with someone.

1B John Wooten Eastern Carolina- Solid defender who has played plenty of 3B and 1B while also seeing time at SS and LF in his college career. He was drafted by the Padres in the 20th round in high school. Father played in the minors with the Pirates and Royals and his mom played tennis at ECU. Played for Harwich last summer on the Cape batting .245 with a HR and 16 RBI.
2010 (9,40, .311)
2011 (1 HR, 28 RBI, .298)
2012 (8,36, .333/.390/.491, 23 K, 21 BB in 222 at bats)

3B Carlos Lopez Wake Forest- Consistent performer in his career with solid pop to all fields. Always gives a good at bat.
Stats 2009 (12, 37, .268/.387/.562)
2010 (7, 22, 229/.349/.458)
2011 (11, 34, .270/.355/.528)
2012 (9, 50, 294/.415/.518)

OF Marty Gantt College of Charleston- I really hope this kid gets an opportunity with someone. He was born with a hand that never developed and he never let that get in the way of his baseball career. An excellent 2 way player in his home state of South Carolina he is a fast runner with solid baseball instincts and his senior numbers read like this (10,44, .375/.485/.612, 25-34 SB)

SS Alfredo Rodriguez Maryland- 32nd round pick of the Brewers last year. Has been a fine 4 year player for the Terps as a leader on the field with a smooth glove at SS. He is not much of a hitter but he will give you quality at bats and you won’t knock the bat out of his hand. He is hitting .294/.368/.396 this season with a pair of HR and 34 RBI stealing 16 bases. He has committed just 8 errors all season in 56 games. Entered the season with a career .256 .avg and 5 HR, 58 RBI, 46-61 SB in 558 at bats.

SS Joel Hutter Dallas Baptist- Hutter is a senior from Davenport, Iowa. He is a prospect that had to use showcases to get recognition coming out of HS. Solid tool set at SS with some speed and pop. Began his career at Augustana College . Hit .303 with 9 Hr and 50 RBI and a .396 OBP for the Dallas Baptist team that qualified for the NCAA super regional. This year he is hitting .338 with a .397 OBP and .571 SLG with 11 HR, 66 RBI and 7 SB.

OF Will Piwnica-Worms Duke- How can you not draft a guy with this name? Toolsy player with good arm and gap pop. He can handle both corner OF spots and runs well. I could see his hometown Cardinals select him. He played his HS ball at Ladue Horton Watkins.  6’2 220 RH bat

Stats: 2009 (3, 30, .317/.357/.454/ 7-11 SB)

2010 (6, 44, .313/.386/.516/ 10-16 SB)

2011 (2, 31, .264/.333/.391/ 21-23 SB)

2012 stats (as of 4/28) (4, 26, .289/.388/.490/ 4-6 SB)

OF Jeff McVaney Texas State- Average hit tool who is tough to strike out but has less than average pop and arm. He should be a LF at the next level. Solid build at 6’2 210. A 2 way player who has had success a LH reliever going 1-3 with a 2.08 e.r.a in 26 innings as a JR and carrying a 1.75 e.r.a in 26 IP as a sophomore. As a hitter he did not bat in 2009 but hit .350 with 10 HR as a sophomore. His junior season he hit .10 HR with a .319 .avg and 47 RBI stealing 12 bases. This season he is batting .338 with 10 HR (again) driving in 48 with 16 SB

OF Breland Almadova Hawaii- Plus runner who is solid in the OF but lacks much of an arm. Decent pop to all fields with the projection of a true leadoff hitter . Was a reserve OF as a freshman before taking over as a starting OF as a sophomore batting .298 with a HR and 22 RBI while stealing 16 bases. This season he is hitting .267/.383/.356 with 3 HR, 20 RBI and 12 SB.

1B Jordan Leyland Azusa Pacific- UC Irvine transfer with solid pull power for the college home of Christian Okoye. San Dimas HS alum (and you know what that means? San Dimas high school football rocks!) Having huge year in the often thin air of the GSAC batting .419 with 22 HR and 74 RBI with a .802 SLG, and 8 SB

OF Dan Gulbransen Jacksonville- Showcased himself well last summer on the Cape playing for Hyannis when he batted .298 with a HR and 7 RBI, 7 SB,  in 131 at bats with 23 walks and 18 K’s. Starting CF as a freshman batting .391 with a .498 OBP . His sophomore season he hit .370 with 52 RBi and a .546 SLG and .491 OBP.  Helped his teammate and potential 1st round pick Adam Brett Walker drive in a lot of runs the last few seasons. He is batting .324/.414/.478 this season with 6 HR and 33 RBI with 5 SB. He has a very good eye at the plate and could develop into a fine leadoff hitter who can work the count. He can handle CF but might project better as a LF with his average speed and arm.

(Players taken in rounds 26 til end of dr)

SS Jared Reaves Alabama- Steady SS who is a senior for Bama. Hit 22 doubles as a junior batting .406 with 24 walks. Transferred to Bama from Southern Union CC where he hit .400 as a sophomore. Batting .305 this season with 4 HR and a .343 OBP.

C Sam Kimmel Stetson- Proto typical back up C. He could end up being one of the best defensive C in the draft. Solid arm, runs well for a C. LH bat originally from West Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and Indian River State College. Hit .370 with 8 DB, 3B, and 18 RBI as a freshman where he was the SS. As a sophomore he hit .361 with 17 DB, 3 3B, and 23 RBI. He was drafted by the Reds in the 35th round of the 2011 draft. Played last summer with the Winter Park Diamond Dogs hitting .378 (won league batting title) This season he hit .327 with a HR and 26 RBI striking out 31 times and walking 31 times in 226 AB. He also stole 9 bases.

1B Garrett Cooper Auburn- Tall lean 1B who is 6’6 225 pounds from Manhattan Beach, Ca. Transfer from El Camino CC where he hit .330 with 4 HR as a sophomore. This season he is batting ..329 with 4 HR and a .326 OBP. He was an under-armour HS All American.

Utility Tyler Hanover LSU- Kids from elite programs always get more looks and Hanover is a guy that while not ever putting up big numbers always leaves you with a memory. A smart, heady player he can play all over the diamond (has started 172 games between 3B and 2B)  Has good speed, glove, and enough pop to carry over as a pro. He was drafted last year in the 40th round by the Yankees. Hit .321 as a freshman starter at 3B with 5 HR and 47 RBI with 6 SB. As a sophomore he started at 2B hitting .332 with 2 HR and 35 RBI. As a junior moving back to 3B he hit .311 with 25 RBI. This year he is hitting .294/.375/.373 with 1 HR, 24 RBI.

2B Keith Werman Virginia- A personal man crush for me here. I had a similar crush last year for the 2B for South Carolina Scott Wingo. Similar players with the same labels “gritty, scrappy” etc. …both are excellent defensive 2B that are good runners and do enough with the bat to merit a spot on a professional roster with the ceiling as big league utility players. At 5’7 he is easy to move way from but he has that baseball I.Q baseball guys like. Very Getzy like indeed.

Stats: 2009 (0, 10, .400/.481/.457, 3-5 SB)

2010 (0, 23, .414/.486/.500, 10-15 SB)

2011 (0, 31, ..223/.367/.249, 5-9 SB) 42 career K with 58 walks in 419 career at bats entering this season

2012 (0,22, .273,.387/.327, 5-8 SB) 20 K in 150 AB

3B Vincent Mejia Texas-Pan American- 2 sport athlete (baseball, football( at Montwood HS in El Paso, Texas. He first attended El Paso CC before transferring into UTPA his sophomore season. He batted .380 with 8 HR and 51 RBI as a sophomore 3B with a .487 OBP and .577 SLG. In 2011 he batted .352 with 4 HR, 38 RBI a .465 OBP and .505 SLG.

2012 stats (7, 47, .287/.414/.500, 23 K, 37 BB, 178 AB, 11 errors at 3B)

Utility Adam McConnell Richmond- Solid defender with speed he was drafted by the Dodgers in the 30th round last year after missing the season with a hip injury.  Had one of the biggest seasons ever for a Spiders freshman when he hit .355 with 31 SB while striking out just 21 times in 197 at bats. His sophomore season (2010) he hit .288 with 21 SB and only 23 K’s in 215 AB. This year he is hitting .283/.374/.356 2, 24, 12 SB) 31 K in 219 AB.

Utility Eric Phillips Georgia Southern- 2B in school who has the ability to play both spots up the middle, 3B, and OF. Also possesses quality hit tools hitting .390 with 4 HR and 39 RBI as a junior. This season he is batting 391 with 5 HR, 54 RBI and 29 SB in 33 attempts.

2B Kevin Medrano Missouri State- Looked to be a high draft pick last year but that did not happen. He returned as a senior and hoped to answer concerns about where he fits on the field The Lees Summit North product had 2 brothers play in the pros before him (Jesus with the Marlins and Red Sox, Steve with Royals who reached AA) Career line of .348/.407/.450, 7 HR, 125 RBI, 40-49 SB in 866 at bats.

2B Ross Heffley Western Carolina- Another spark plug type player at 5’8 he has to do more than anyone else and his bat has done plenty of talking for him. His carrer line is .379/.452/.570 with 35 HR, 222 RBI and 28-34 SB in 933 AB with 106 K and 119 BB. His best season was his junior year when he hit .419 in 229 at bats with 11 HR and 65 RBI striking out just 22 times.

1B Abe Ruiz Arizona State- Nice body at 6’4 210 that fits the mold of your classic 1B. Left handed bat with an interesting story behind him. He was a freshman regular at ASU under Coach Pat Murphy batting .345. But, he and Murphy did not see eye to eye for whatever reason and he transferred to Santa Barbara City College where he hit .343 with 11 HR and 40 RBI in 2010. After Murphy left ASU Ruiz returned but only played in 7 games last season after surgery to repair a labrum tear. This season, as a senior, he is batting .296 with 10 HR. He has some nice pop and could be a nice late round pick or be a guy you sign as a NDFA.

LHRP Matt Dunbar Arizona State- ASU is the 3rd school for the junior from Torrance, CA. He originally played at Cal Poly (Pomona) before spending his sophomore season at the College of Southern Nevada where he was 5-3 with a 3.62 e.r.a , 3 CG, and 5 SV striking out 66 in 50 IP. He has been used as a relieve this season and that is where he projects. Stats wise he is 1-0 with a 1.76 e.r.a and a 28/7 k/bb ratio in 31 IP. He throws a 93 mph heater with a solid slider and change.

1B/LF  Corey LeVier UCSD- 6-3 210 LH hitter that has always hit. He played his first 2 years at Cypress CC where he hit .380 and .381 with 8 HR and 56 RBI over 2 seasons. At UCSD he hit .363 with a .391 OBP as a junior and also hit .371 for LaCrosse in the summer. This year he is batting .382 with 14 DB, 2 HR and a .439 OBP.

RHP Paul Sewald UCSD- The senior was a 4 year letterman at baseball powerhouse Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas where he was a very good 2 way player. Very athletic P who struggled his first 2 seasons with a 9.14 e.r.a and 10.29 e.r.a. The 6’2 180 pound righty pitched in 22 G with 6 starts as a junior going 2-4 with a 3.63 e.ra. Statistically his numbers jump off the page with a 8-1 record and a 1.19 e.r.a and a 66/20 k/bb ratio in 72 IP.

C Dillon Haupt UCSD- Big catcher at 6’5 with a good arm and bat. He is hitting .310 with 5 HR and 31 RBI and a .417 OBP stealing 3 bases. Hit .315 with 8 HR, 42 RBI, and a .405 OBP in 2011 at Mesa College. Probably needs to return for his senior season.

3B Ryan Fuller UCONN- More of an organizational type who will give you solid defense at 3B. He is a 2 year starter for the Huskies batting .330 with a .438 OBP this season and 9 SB. A native of Connecticut he drove in 58 stealing 11 bases with a .378 obp as a junior.

CF Billy Ferriter UCONN- A football player in a baseball uniform. He came to UCONN as an accomplished HS football star from Connecticut where he was all state as a DB and QB. He chose to go to UCONN to play baseball but after he was told he would not play much as a freshman he decided to play football as a sophomore but was hurt early on and his athletic career looked like it was over. But, he was encouraged to return to baseball and he has not looked back. He does not have the prettiest swing but he is very, fast and stole 33 bases his first season with a .363 .avg. He has not shown much power but he is a physical specimen who Coach Jim Penders calls a “freakish athlete” This season he is batting .363 with a HR and 29 RBI stealing 22 bases with a .436 OBP. His teammate LJ Mazzilli admires his effort and told the Hartford Courant “He’s just so intense, he runs hard all the time and runs everything out….diving for everything, he plays thru all his bumps and bruises…that’s where the football player comes from.”

RHP David Fischer UCONN- Fischer was drafted after HS by the Angels (44th round) and after last season by the Giants (30th round) he throws a low 90’s fastball with plenty of sink and change. He is 3-5 this year with a 4.06 e.r.a and a 50/24 k/bb ratio in 58 IP. Projects as a reliever.

LHP Chris Matulis U. Central Florida- U might remember this arm from the 2009 national champion LSU Tigers where, as a freshman, he pitched in 13  games with 7 starts and 39 K in 47 IP. His sophomore season he struggled striking out 36 in 54 IP and saw his velocity drop to the mid 8’s in the process. He had TJ surgery after the season before transferring to UCF. He sat out 2011 (transfer rule although he had TJ so it didn’t matter) but was still drafted by the Cardinals in the 29th round. This year he is 6-0 with a 2.79 e.r.a and a 52/31 k/bb ratio in 58 IP. He is working to get the velocity back but the 6’6 230 pound southpaw could be a nice pick late in the draft.

OF Pablo Bermudez Florida International- Speedy CF from Miami who has been a consistent producer for FIU but has largely flown under the radar despite being a top 100 in the PG rankings after high school. He was the Sun-Belt conference Co-Player of the year in 2011 and many close to the program thought he would be drafted last year.


2009- (4,29,.319/.395/.470 0-1 SB)

2010- (8,52, 331/.410/.514  21-27 SB)

2011- (5,37, .373/.488/.524 17-26 SB)

2012- 4,24,.315/.422/.438    12-18 SB)

INF Mark Jones Stetson- 4 year starter who hit .363 as a freshman but wrist injuries bothered him as a sophomore. The senior has had 2  solid seasons to close out his Stetson career batting .333 as a junior with 5 HR and 17 SB and .313 with a .407 OBP and 5 HR, 35 RBI with 10 SB as a senior. A solid athlete who had division one football offers out of high school. Versatile player who was teams 2B as a freshman, 3B as a sophomore, and SS the last 2 seasons.

1B Jake Davies Georgia Tech- Yes, the younger brother of Kyle is a senior who has put up solid numbers the last 2 seasons. He was viewed as a P first at Tech and while he still pitches it is his bat that will get him a look in the pros. As a hitter he batted just 37 times in his first 2 years with 1 HR. His junior year he hit .347 with 5 HR, 35 RBi and a .347 OBP. This season he has 11 HR, 62 RBI, .329/.402/.501 with just 20 K on the season. He has a solid approach at the plate with gap to gap power. He was All ACC 1B in 2011.

 RHP Joey Bourgeois LSU- The junior returns from a year off when he received a medical redshirt after undergoing TJ surgery. He has had quite a journey to this season after being drafted in the 39th round by Atlanta following one season at JC. He first went to school at LSU-Eunice where he was 12-2 with 98 K’s in 87 innings. He transferred to LSU where he pitched in 18 games with 12 starts in 2010 going 4-1 with a 6.68 e.r.a and a 48/31 k/bb ratio in 61 IP. This season he is 3-2 with a 2.67 e.r.a with a 35/11 k/bb ratio in 30 IP.

2B Ryan Jones Michigan State- Excellent defensive 2B with great range. He is a red shirt junior who has put up a fine stat line for the Spartans. He is a career .362 hitter in 655 at bats with 5 HR, 105 RBI and a .435 OBP. He has also stolen 29 bases in 47 attempts. A very tough guy to strike out as he has only sat down without putting the ball in play 48 times in 3 years. Cape Cod League All Star last summer for the Brewster White Caps batting ,283 with 11 RBI.

2B Parker Hipp New Mexico State- Solid defender at 2B whose offensive numbers are highly exaggerated because of where he plays. But, he has an excellent approach at the plate and he was a known player being from Southern California (San Diego’s Cathedral Catholic) . LH bat standing 6’2. As a freshman he hit .349 with 12 XBH. Sophomore season he hit .396 with 6 HR, 58 RBI slugging .574 with a .507 OBP. This year he is hitting .350/.485/.458 with 1 HR and 49 RBI.

RHP Andy Smithmeyer Eastern Carolina- The transfer from Potomac CC where he was 21-6 with 162 K and a 3.24 e.r.a in his 2 seasons. He pitched for Delweld (AAABA) last summer and was 6-1 with a 1.00 e.r.a and a 66/15 k/bb in 42 IP. This season he is 5-2 with a 1.60 e.r.a and a 59/22 k/bb in 56 IP. He throws a upper 8′s fastball with a good slider and change up.

RHP Michael Dimock Wake Forest- 6’2 senior who could be a nice pick. He has been the closer the last 2 seasons. Has a very good slider with an upper 8′s fastball. Good command with 3 pitches who might be able to start in the pros.


2009 (21 G, 8 GS, 4-4, 6.46, 51/16, 63 IP)

2010 (15 G, 12 GS, 3-9, 6.32, 63/23, 74 IP)

2011 (28 G, 0 GS, 5-1, 1.87, 55/10, 53 IP)

2012 (27 G, 0 GS, 3-3, 3.54, 37/19, 41 IP)

C/1B Danny Canela NC State- A bat first player with a large body. The 5’9 241 pound Canela bats from the left side. A Miami native he was drafted by the Tigers in the 37th round out of high school where he was a high school All-American (Collegiate Baseball and Louisville Slugger) He is not much of a defender at C throwing out 25% of runners…he can play 1B but projects as a bench bat that can DH.

Stats: 2010 (6, 40, .313/.389/.491)

2011 (5,25, .260/.338/.435)

2012 (6,42,.342/.442/.518) 36 K, 38 BB 199 AB

RHP Chris Overman NC State- 6’2 225- Throws 87-91 with a plus splitter, also throws a slider with command of all of his pitches. Middle Relief Prospect. Had a nice summer for the Harwich Mariners on the Cape going 2-0 with a 0.00 e.r.a in 34 IP and 19 G. He struck out 30 and walked 7 allowing 15 hits.

Stats: 2010 (8 G, 2 GS, 12/5, 12 IP, 1-0, 5.40)

2011 (30 G, 0 GS, 45/7, 49 IP, 6-3, 2.39, 7 SV)

2012 (25 G, 0 GS, 38/13, 31 IP, 0-0, 2.87, 6 SV)

LHP David Starn Kent State- Starn is a pitcher I would love to see the Royals select. The LHP does not throw hard (mid 80′s) but he knows how to pitch changing speeds and working the ball out thinking his opponent ( a Jamie Moyer comp is necessary here) he uses his change on righties and a slider to lefties. He is the all time winningest P in Kent State history. Under the tutelage of former big leaguer Mike Birkbeck he has really shined. He is 10-3 with a 1.77 e.r.a this year with 112/37 k/bb in 102 IP.

SS Tim Saunders Marietta (Ohio) Very few D-3 hitters get long loos from pro scouts but I hope Saunders will at least get a free agent offer from someone (which he should) The 4 year starter has been a steady player and offensive force for the Pioneers. Batted .349 as a sophomore with 4 HR and 42 RBI stealing 19 bases. His junior season he hit .385 with 27 SB and also had 8 3B. This year he is putting up ridiculous numbers batting .438 with 5 HR, 46 RBI, a .509 obp with 26 K in 194 at bats. He also has 18 DB and 7 3B with 41 stolen bases.

RHP Cole Brocker Oregon State- Transfer from Sacramento City College where he was 2-1 with a 3.00 e.r.a in 18 IP with 24 K and 4 walks saving 5 games as a sophomore. He was drafted in the 39th round by the Tigers after the 2011 season. His freshman season he was  0-1 with a 3.90 e.r.a in 18 games striking out 19 in 28 IP with 4 saves. This season for Oregon State he pitched in 24 games with 26 K and 9 BB in 24 IP. He was 0-3 with a 4.94 e.r.a. He also allowed 6 home runs. He might be better served going back for one more season but the max effort reliever throws a 91-94 fastball with the makings of a plus curve.

3B Andrew Ciencin North Carolina State- Solid not great college player who will get an opportunity. He is versatile and could be a utility type guy as a pro. Played 2 years of summer ball for the Forest City Owls (09-10) of theCoastal Plain League batting .286 with 2 HR and 11 RBI in 2010. Hit .298 with 2 HR and 15 RBI in 2009. 4 year starter

LHP Adam Westmoreland South Carolina- The big man out of the pen seems to have his weight under control after pushing over 300 pounds his freshman season. He entered college with a fine reputation as a power arm going 4-2 with a 4.24 e.r.a in 47 IP with a 46/32 k/bb ratio. He missed his sophomore season with TJ surgery though. Last year he started 9 games and relieved in 2 more throwing 34 innings with a 1-1 record and a 5.77 e.r.a. He struck out 26 and walked 18. Certainly, command will be an issue for him but he will get drafted in June as his promising arm from a now 6’5 270 pound body throws a low to mid 9′s fastball. This year he has pitched in just 7 games with 4 starts striking out 14 and walking 4 in 22 IP with a 2-1 record and a 2.86 e.r.a

3B Chris Taladay Central Florida- Originally from Olympia HS in Florida where he played for former big league P Randy O’Neal. Also played for Chet Lemon’s Juice elite HS summer team. He can also play in the OF and has some time at C too. Had a huge freshman season earning him a freshman- all american nod from Louisville Slugger. Decent glove man committing just 14 errors with a .969 fld% in his 3 year run at UCF.

Stats: 2010 (8, 47, .352/403/557)

2011 (2, 20, .279/.313/.377)

2012 (5, 47, .309/.352/.411)

OF Thomas Brittle Clemson- Doug Dascenzo type player who spent his first 2 seasons at College of Charleston. Smaller player at 5’8 but like many other before him people will say “will run thru a wall” Solid runner who is a redshirt junior. Had to sit out 2011 due to transfer rules but hit 2 HR with 12 RBI and 16 SB batting .273 as a sophomore. Batting .303/.387/.445 this year with 2 HR, 33 RBI and 11 SB striking out 26 times and walking 20 in 211 AB.

SS Kenton Parmley SE Missouri State- Terrific career at SE MO state on offense and defense. Entered the season with a .338/.396/.500 line with 16 HR and 77 RBI in 520 AB with 28 SB. A senior sign who probably will get a shot as a NDFA. Hit .363/.440/.584 this season with 13 HR and 40 RBI stealing 13 bases.

INF Angel Ibanez UT Pan American- Fine infielder who has a solid 6’2 build. He should be able to play all over the infield and has handled SS for the Broncos this year. Hit .328/.390/.468  as a freshman with 5 HR and 35 RBI. As a sophomore he hit .347 with a .498 .slg. striking out just 12 times in 213 at bats. This year he is hitting .332 with 3 HR and 38 RBI striking out just 14 times in 208 AB.

OF Jeremy Matos University of Central Florida- Big time power source who swings from the right side. Had a huge summer in the Futures Collegiate Baseball League of New England batting .346 with 13 HR and 34 RBI in 156 AB. He struck out 33 times and walked 10. UCF is his 3rd school after spending the last 2 at Bethune Cookman and Palm Beach CC. Batted .292 this season at UCF with just 4 HR in 106 at bats striking out 39 times. We all know the power is there and teams crave RH power so he should get a look

OF Brent Warren Azusa Pacific- The NAIA OF is a transfer from Oregon State where he played 2 seasons. He was the A’s 27th round pick out of high school (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) He did not play a lot at Oregon State getting into just 31 games in 2 seasons. As a junior at Azusa he hit .322 with 3 HR. This season he is batting .339 with 8 HR, 39 RBI and 9 SB with a 411 OBP and 551 SLG. He is considered a plus runner although he has not been a big time base stealer and his power is decent while playing a solid CF. Upside guy, and a great athlete who will is a worthy project.

OF/3B Collin Bennett Hawaii- Has put up solid numbers in his college career and has also showcased himself well in wood bat leagues in the summer. Versatile athlete with solid arm that makes him a future RF that can play CF in a pinch.  Solid plate awareness who could be a solid stat guy in A ball before the AA challenge. Hitting .328/.439/.450 with 3 HR, 33 RBI and 5 SB this season. Senior from Bellevue. Washington who spent his first year at Tacoma CC batting .391. Hit .323 with 5 HR and 49 RBI as a sophomore at Hawaii. Hit .292 with 20 RBI as a junior

RHP Lee Ridenour Johnson County Community College- Should be selected around the 25th round. Former Shawnee Mission West and KU hurler who has missed 2 years of baseball. Had a solid season for JCCC out of the pen throwing in 50 games with 77 IP and a 79/17 k/bb ratio with a 7-5 record and 2.91 e.r.a  Throws a 92 mph fastball with an effective slider.

SS Zach Osborne Tennessee- Great story for Osborne as he was the MVP of the 2002 Little League World Series playing for his dad’s Louisville team. Entered college and started at SS right away for the Vols. Steady SS who has spent time on the Cape playing for Hyannis in 2010 batting .209 with 5 RBI and 3 SB. He should be a late draft pick or NDFA with a future as an organizational player. Tough player to strike out with just 57 K’s in 686 at bats. Generally puts the ball in play though as he has also walked just 47 times.

Stats: 2009 (4,33, .281/.351/.389, 4-4 SB) 12 errors with .944%

2010 (5,25, .286/.339/.413, 5-7 SB) 12 errors with .951%

2011 (1, 19, .330/.383/.409, 5-8 SB) 8 errors with .961%

2012 (0, 17, .258/.321/.308, 8-9 SB) 5 errors with .981%

OF Brian Hansen St. Cloud State- Junior who was drafted by Cleveland last year in the 48th round.  Red shirted as a freshman before starting 51 games in 2010 as the leadoff hitter and CF. He batted .348 with 8 HR and a .444 OBP with .575 SLG . In 2011 he hit .318 but did not hit a HR while stealing 13 bases,. 6’3 200 pounder with nice baseball body he hit .344 this season with a 449 OBP and 10 HR driving in 59 with 11 SB. He can go get em in CF and has a solid arm.

OF Shane Brown Charlotte- Has had a fine A-1o career for Charlotte  who has hit the injury bug a couple of times in 5 years on campus. He redshirted his first year after a injury in the fall and missed significant time in 2011 with an injury to his hand. Solid top of the order CF who won’t strike out much and consistently makes contact. Since he is older than most in the draft he should be a guy that you test early in his career

Stats: 2009 ( 1, 25, .355/.440/.447, 10-12 SB) 17 K in 141 AB

2010 (1, 32, .356/.455/.429, 15-18 SB) 17 K in 177 AB

2011 (0, 10, .328/.471/.388, 8-11 SB) 9 K in 67 AB

2012 (0, 16, .365/.445/.432, 31-33 SB) 12 K in 192 AB

OF Matt Moynihan Texas (has not played in a game for them) - Matt is one of those guys that has so much talent but can get past himself to reach his potential. He should have been a junior this season but was ineligible after his 3rd transfer since high school. He was the 52nd best HS prospect in the country out of HS and the 95th overall best prospect at that time. His report said things like “electrifying speed” “great defender in CF” “quick hands, strength, solid bat speed, toolsy” He threw 88 mph and was clocked at 6.51 in the 60 batting .470 with 34 SB as a sophomore, and .430 with 6 HR and 28 SB as a senior. He finished his HS career with 88 SB giving him the second most SB and Hits in SD county history. He was drafted in the 37th round after high school by the Braves.

His freshman season he played at the University of San Diego batting .388 in 34 games with 15 starts. He left after his freshman season because he was upset about playing time. He went to play at Orange Coast College and was almost cut from the team as he was not ready to play. But, he stayed on the team and admitted in interviews he was partying to much. His parents had him move back to their house and he tore it up batting .452. UT really could use him and he could really use UT. It is tough to say if he ever plays at UT but I am sure many scouts are watching him off the field to see if he is worthy of their pick in June.

RHP Joey Hainsfurther Baylor- Intriguing prospect who is a converted INF and C. He had pitched just 10 college games in 3 years (none as a junior) entering this season. As a hitter he entered the season with a career .332/.381/.398 line with 93 RBI and 3 HR in 570 at bats. He has started games at SS. 2B, 3B, and C starting 26 times behind the dish in 2011. But, his arm is intriguing and certianly one a team will want to develop as a reliever. He throws a 92-94 fastball with a solid curve. This season as a P he is 2-1 with a 4.62 e.r.a in 14 G with 6 GS striking out 29 and walking 13 in 37 IP.

C Stuart Turner LSU-Eunice (JC) – Catching is my favorite position to watch. (followed by CF and SS) but it is this position that drives me. I feel it is the one I relate to the most and can identify the easiest. Video of this kid shows me a solid C with athleticism. He is committed to Ole Miss for next year after hitting .343 with 12 DB, 2 HR, and 45 RBI.

C/OF Tyler Tewell Appalachian State- Solid athletic catcher who has seen time in the OF. But, would be best served behind the dish. Batting .375 this season with 6 HR, 43 RBI.

C/3B/1B Kevin Lusson- The senior from Austin (McCalum) returns after being drafted in the 45th round by the Rays last June. The switch hitting Lusson was a 3 time All District performer as a 2B and a SS hitting .442 with 2 HR and 29 RBI his senior season. Had a very disappointing junior season after batting .310 in 19 games as a freshman with 11 RBI and .263 as a sophomore in 63 games with 14 HR and 48 RBI stealing 6 bases. Last year he hit just .198 with 2 HR, 25 RBI and 2 SB. This year he will be lucky to be drafted but if a team remembers the player he was and can move him behind the dish then he will get an opportunity. Hit .190 this season with a HR and 12 RBI.

1B Andy Chriscaden Kennesaw State- Power source guy who could light the lamp in pro BP or in the low minors. But, I have seen this story before…small school guy that never makes it to AA. We will see with Andy. 6’4 220 pounder who transferred in from Skagit CC where he hit .341 with 9 HR and 55 RBI in his 2 seasons. Hit .332/.395/.606 with 14 HR and 60 RBI in 226 AB this season with 42 K and 25 BB in 226 AB.

RHP Jared Ray Houston- Throws a low 9’s fastball 9touches 95) with a solid slider. A one time very good prospect his career has been derailed by injuries that cost him all of 2010 and all but 5 games in 2011. He was the 3rd ranked P out of Texas coming out of HS by Inside Prep Texas Baseball. Pitched for Yarmouth-Dennis on the  Cape in 2009. 23 years old on draft day.

Stats: 2008 (19 G, 12 GS, 4-2, 6.18, 58/33, 71 IP, 6 HR, .313 Bavg)

2009 (18 G, 8 GS, 4-4, 5.34, 52/26, 62 IP, 4 HR, .279 Bavg)


2011 (5 G, 5 GS, 1-1, 3.28, 12/7, 25 IP, 1 HR, .236 Bavg)

2012 (16 G, 8 GS, 2-6, 7.47, 41/25, 53 IP, .332 Bavg)

C Michael Williams Kentucky- His calling card is his defense. These guys (ECHO) are very valuable in the minor leagues. Guys liked Cody Clark has niched out great pro careers doing this. Sometimes, you are in right place and right time and get big league time too. Big kid at 6’2 220 he was a Louisville Slugger HS All-American at Farragut, HS in Tennessee. He was the backup C as a freshman batting .167 (4-24) as a sophomore he played in 16 games batting .241 (7-29) But made up for it having a  fine summer for Danbury in the NECBL batting .265 (43-162) with 4 HR and 17 RBI. Has split time at C the last 2 seasons with 2012 draft pick prospect Luke Maile. Last year he hit .264 with 7 HR and 23 RBI. Alex Meyer, 2011 1st round draft pick, used him as his personal C. Drafted by the Giants after the season. Hit .294/369/.381 with 3 HR, 33 RBI in 194 at bats..

C Craig Manuel Rice- Has handled a solid P staff in his 4 years on campus playing under former big leaguer Wayne Graham. Glove is enough to give a club a solid organizational option. Originally from Satellite Beach, Florida where he hit .500 as a senior earning district 11-5A player of the year honors. Wayne Graham on the team site says “Craig has improved yearly. I think he’s one of the top C in D-1, and he may be the best situational hitter in the country”

Stats: 2009 (0, 23, .292/.348/.315, 14 K, 10 BB 130 AB)

2010 (1, 17, .288/.368/.373, 8 K, 14 BB, 118 AB)

2011 (1, 35, .309/.421/.360, 8 K, 29 BB, 175 AB)

2012 (2, 25, .279/.373/.352, 13 K, 18 BB, 165 AB)

OF Kyle Bluestein Jacksonville State- Another player who scouts will covet because of his projectable power from the right side. Big kid at 6’3 205 he participated in the Cape Cod League last summer. Arm is very good in RF and he runs well too.

Stats: 2009 (9, 46, .393)

2010 (12, 46, .290)

2011 (7, 38, .346)

2012 (10, 46, .336/.401/.536 8-9 SB)

OF Dexter Kjerstad Howard JC- Howard has done a solid job developing pitchers. Dexter is a former Texas player who has plus speed and developing power who could be a real steal late in the draft. Batting .329 this season with 5 HR and 25 RBI stealing 10 bases with a .426 OBP.

C Derrick Chung Sacramento State- Former infielder who will be 24 on draft day (graduated HS in 2007) . Has a solid arm and is a good athlete. Solid approach at the plate who could be a solid #2 hitter because he can run too. A brainy kid and at his age those are 2 things old school scouts would run from. Hit .340 with 2 HR, 31 RBI and a .401 OBP this year.

Utility Reed Gragnani Virginia- Can play all over the field and might head back to the infield as a pro. Capable of playing 2B, SS, or 3B but has spent most of his time as the CF this season. Has some pop in the  bat but clearly is not a HR hitter. The fact he is from a solid college program could brighten up his stock.

Stats: 2010 (0, 18, .365/.446/.413, 3 SB)

2011 (0, 31, .272/.391/.338, 1 SB)

2012 (0, 9, 362, .391, 421) has missed a lot of time this season with leg injury

CF/2B Brady Wilson West Virginia- Terrific runner with plus speed who could be a key bench player for a ball club in the future as a speed weapon late in the game while giving you innings at a few spots on the field. He is a raw player who has not figured out how to use his assets yet as he does not fit the role of a top of the order guy due to his aggressiveness. But, his speed and versatility can be an asset.  Hit .204 as a freshman with a HR and 10 RBI. Last year he hit .330 with 12 SB. This season he is hitting ( 4, 21, .271/.360/.376, 10-17 SB with 40 K and 26 BB in 218 AB)

OF Matt Ozanne Santa Clara- Speedy CF with good range. He was drafted out of Notre Dame Prep in Scottsdale by the Diamondbacks in the 46th round. Notre Dame Prep is one of the best HS programs in the country and was 87-12 during Ozanne’s career. Hit .412 with 9 HR and 41 SB as a senior. His freshman season he hit .380 with 2 HR and 17 RBI and 5 SB. This season he is hitting .261/.319/.394 with 4 HR and 17 RBI stealing 13 bases.

C Jeremy Lucas Indiana State- Drafted in the 35th round out of HS by the Orioles from West Vigo HS in Indiana after hitting .490 with 46 RBI. At Indiana State he hit .326 with 1 HR and 24 RBI as a freshman  while proving to be  a very tough player to strike out (17 in 175 at bats) As a sophomore he hit .333 with 3 HR and 28 RBI. He struck out just 19 times in 177 at bats. This season he was the Joe Carter MVC Player of the Year and a Johnny Bench Award Finalist. He hit .350 with 9 HR and 52 RBI with a .445 OBP and .550 SLG.

.C Kyle Arnsberg Lousiana Tech- Son of former big league P and long time P coach Brad. Kyle has been drafted twice (HS by Red Sox 45th round and last year by the Cardinals in the 40th round) Spent first year at Arizona State where he redshirted. Transferred to McLennan CC batting .319 with 5 HR and 34 RBI. This season he is batting .278 with 1 HR and 13 RBI with a .417 OBP. OF Christian “Bubba” KeeneHS Mississippi- Keene is abig upside guy who is going to play football and baseball at Copiah-Lincoln CC. In football he caught 45 balls for 774 yards with 8 TD rushing for 267 more with a pair of TD’s. He also had 112 tackles with 3 interceptions. In baseball he hit .461 with 3 HR and 26 RBi as a junior. The switch hitter has been comped to former LSU star Mikie Mahtook (Rays 1st rounder 2011) Helped his school (Brookline Academy) to 3 state championships as a sophomore (baseball, basketball, football) 6’4 190 pounder would be a perfect project for any organization.RHP J.B. Wendelken Middle Georgia JC- 6’1 200- Having a big year in JC after not being selected in the 2011 draft out of high school. He is 6-0 with a .20 e.r.a and a 53/8 k/bb ratio in 44 IP. Throws a 92-93 fastball.RHP Mike Augliera Binghamton- Senior pitcher who was 4-2 with a 2.85 e.r.a last summer for Sanford Mainers with 30/15 k/bb in 41 IP. This season he is 6-7 with a 3.16 e.r.a and 83 K with just 7 walks in 83 IP. He has completed 7 of his 13 starts. Prior to this season he was 6-5 with a 3.01 e.r.a and a 71/12 k/bb ratio in 93 IP as a junior. 6-2 with 63 K in 77 IP and a 4.77 e.r.a as a sophomore and 5-3 with a 5.60 e.r.a and 36 K in 55 IP as a freshman.OF Mike Yastrzemski Vanderbilt- Nephew of Carl who has been a consistent but not overwhelming player at Vandy. But, the skill set is there as he is blessed with a great arm, instincts, and can run. 3 year starters at big programs are rare. Played for Cotuit on the Cape in the summer of 2011 batting .252 with 12 RBI

Stats: 2010 (3, 18, .260/.347/.397, 5-5 SB)

2011 (3, 42, .296/.422/.378, 23-26 SB)

2012 (5, 35, .269/.371/.388, 10-14 SB)

OF Adam Matthews South Carolina- Like his good buddy Michael Roth the college baseball world and Gamecock nation found out on Twitter that was coming back for his senior season. The 23rd round pick of the Orioles last year came back to school and will be handling RF duties once again for the Gamecocks. The 2008 AAAA all state performer from White Knoll HS in Lexington SC. Adam entered college after hitting .433 with 7 HR and 19 SB as a senior and being drafted in the 41st round by the Indians. His first year he batted .290/.380/.580/.453 with 5 HR. He stayed pretty consistent as a starter on the 2010 championship team batting .307/.392/.503 with 7 SB and 7 HR. Last year he battled a hamstring issue which resulted in a line of .264/.367/.391 4 SB and just a pair of HR. Flashes speed with some pop and is considered a toolsy player. He has really struggled this year but might get popped around this time in the draft because of his overall resume. Hitting .231 with 4 HR, 19 RBI and 6 SB in 182 AB.

LHP Dietrich Enns Central Michigan- Lefty that changes speeds well. He throws a 92 mph fastball with a curve and his out pitch is a nice change. He was an all star last summer on the Cape going 3-1 with a .76 e.r.a and 2 saves. This year he is 4-2 with a 2.32 e.r.a and a 37/18 k/bb ratio in 49 IP. His first 2 seasons he was 13-1 with an e.r.a around 2 and a half with 112 K and 47 walks in 100 IP.

3B Jacob Wilson Memphis- Very good defensie 3B who won’t drive the ball out of the park much but consistently makes contact…Bill Mueller- Joe Randa type. He was a two time All State player in Tennessee. Played his HS ball at Bartlett for former Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres, Boston Red Sox OF/1B/C Phil Clark (92-96, 17, 65, .276, 543 AB) Helped lead his HS to their first ever state championship in 2007 going 3-3 with 4 RBI in the championship.

Stats: 2009 (4, 33, .250, .406 SLG, 6-7 SB, 39 K, 26 BB, 192 AB)

2010 (4, 41, .341, .486 SLG, 5-5 SB, 28 K, 26 BB, 214 AB)

2011 (6, 51, .286, .433 SLG, 11-14 SB, 33 K, 34 BB, 217 AB)

2012 Hit .306/.390/422 with 21 K, 25 BB in 180 AB, 5-11 SB

3B Trenton Moses Southest Missouri State-5 year player who is  6’3 228 pounds from Advance, MO. He was All-State for 3 years in high school at Advance HS. As a junior he hit .549 with 1 HR and 17 RBI while not striking out at all in 63 AB. As a freshman he hit .264 with 4 HR and 24 RBI as the starting 3B. As a sophomore he hit .258 with 2 HR and 24 RBI while posting a .366 OBP and a .365 SLG. He missed almost his entire junior season with an injury registering just 15 AB. In 2011 he hit .384 with just 22 K in 177 AB and in his 5th season he hit .410 with a .761 SLG in 188 AB with 31 K. Solid power potential from a Scott Rolen type body who controls the plate and gives quality at bats.

OF Tyler Hollick Chandler/Gilbert CC- The Canadien CF from Calgary, Alberta is not unlike other baseball players from our northern neighbors…baseball players have to create opportunities to be seen and Tyler has done a fine job with that. A speedy left handed hitter who patrols CF plays his JC ball near the Royals Surprise campus so I hope their scouts have made the trip to see him. His numbers this season jump off the page with a .475 .avg thru 162 at bats with 16 XBH (8 triples) a .605 obp and 61 stolen bases in 67 attempts.

OF Tyler Molinaro UNC Wilmington- Solid build 6’3 216 pounder who was drafted last year by the Yankees in the 15th round. He spent his first 2 years at Pitt CC where he hit .344 with 38 RBI and 9 HR in 2010 and .396 with 15 HR, 14 DB in 2011. He has not had a big season for his new school batting just .269 but he does have 14 HR and 38 RBI with 6 SB. Power prospect that is ready for the next level.

C Casey Schroeder HS Ohio- Schroeder was more than likely headed to Tennessee last year at this time. But with a solid 2012, the catcher has put himself higher up on the map as a potential top 10 round guy (i slot him here partly because he has withdrawn from Tennessee to head to Kentucky) He has a solid 1.8 pop time (2.0 is ML average) and quit all sports after his sophomore season to concentrate on baseball while traveling the country in showcases and tournaments. He calls his own game and is a switch hitter with good power and at 6’3 200 pounds he is a nice get for a team.

OF/P Tanner Krietemeier Iowa Western- The former Nebraska OF has been one of the best players in JC ball this season. At Nebraska he struggled hitting just .154 in limited time. He performed well in the New England Collegiate Baseball league for Danbury hitting .329 with a pair of HR and 8 SB. He is a very good athlete and a fine CF with a very good arm. His instincts are solid and the speed game is there. This season as a 2 way player he is 11-0 on the mound with a 1.57 e.ra and a 78/17 k/bb in 63 IP. With the bat he is hitting .430 with 7 HR and 56 RBI stealing 6 bases. He should be drafted as an OF.

RHP Mitch Mormann Wichita State- His best role as a pro will be out of the pen where his 93-95 fastball (plenty of sink) and slider will work. The 6’6 Mormann has had quite the journey in college. He spent his first 2 seasons at Des Moines CC where, as a sophomore, he was 10-3 with a 3.40 e.r.a and 76 K in 71 IP. He transferred to LSU going 3-0 with a 5.97 e.r.a in 19 games (18 K, 29 IP) he sat out 2011 before the Jays took him in the 25th round. This year as a 5th year guy for the Shockers he has been statistically unimpressive with a 3-3 record and a 3.91 e.r.a while not missing many bats with just 28 K in 53 IP (he has also walked 31) But, scouts used to like the arm but the team that drafts him knows he is a long shot now.

C Jason Goldstein HS Illinois- A terrific kid headed to Illinois to play baseball and study engineering. One of the premiere defensive catchers in the draft. He has called his own games since he was a freshman. A very cerebral catcher he understands the nuances of the game. He was chosen to perform in the AFLAC All-American game last summer in San Diego.

C Wade Wass Meridian CC- 5’11 205- Wass was a highly decorated football prospect coming out of HS in Pensacola, Florida. As a line backer he had all the big boys on him  Now he is headed to a big boy football program in Alabama as a baseball player. Unless, he signs a pro baseball contract. At Meridian CC he has played catcher and outfield but it looks like he can stay at catcher. Very strong player who was named the best defensive C in the Northwoods summer league. He hit .370 with 11 HR and 39 RBI at Meridian. Solid bat speed and power.

OF Spencer Johnson HS Missouri (Parkview in Springfield, MO) 6’4, 200- RH power committed to Missouri State. Spencer is one of only 7 players in the history of Missouri to hit 14 or more home runs and he did it as a sophomore. His sophomore season, along with the 14 HR, drove in 46 runs and walked 20 times in 80 AB. Last year he roped 13 more with a .438 .avg and 12 SB. Turned down some serious programs to head right down the road from his home to play for Missouri State.

3B/SS/OF Chad Christensen Nebraska- Excellent athlete who moved to the OF early this season after being the teams starter at SS his first 2 years in Lincoln. Darin Erstad loved him as an OF but had to move him back to SS about 10 games in. He is fine at SS but probably ends up back in the OF or 3B as a pro. 6’3 200 pounder who has good speed too.

Stats: 2010 (6, 15, .262)

2011 (1, 16, .292/.335/.344, 5 SB)

2012 (10, 48, .318/.381/.511, 8 SB)

C Zac Fisher New Mexico State- The Royals took the LH hitting Fisher out of Fontana, CA in the 49th round of the 2009 draft. At New Mexico State, Fisher started 28 games as a freshman batting .350 with 8 HR, 11 DB, 33 RBI, and a.634 SLG. His sophomore season he hit .398 with 56 RBI, 16 DB, 8 HR and a .632 .SLG. This season he is hitting .363 with 6 HR, 58 RBI, and a .525 SLG. He is not an excellent defender so his future position hurts him here.  We also need to remember park factors here and NMSU is a friendly offensive club.

Mark Ginther 3B Oklahoma State- Very athletic 3B who was a standout and highly recruited QB at Jenks HS in Tulsa. He threw for 2778 yards as a senior with 18 TD as his team lost just one game. He has been drafted twice  (high school Phillies 48th round, and last year by White Sox in the 14th round) Safe to say his bat has never developed as anticipated. But, the overall game shows promise and that is what scouts have to evaluate. He hit .215 for the Chatham Anglers on the Cape in 2010 after hitting 12 HR and driving in 58 with a .311 regular season. Last year he hit .292 with 10 HR, 33 RBI and a 337 OBP and this year he has slipped to .271 with 5 HR, 30 RBI and a .321 OBP with a .400 SLG

Randy McCurry RHP Oklahoma State- McCurry should already be pitching for a professional organization were it not for a grisly injury in his first game as a sophomore at USC. In 2009 the 2 way player was the closer and also hit 3 HR in 31 at bats. On the mound he was 4-1 with a 2.16 e.r.a, 10 SV, 54/15 k/bb in 28 G with 42 IP. Missed sophomore season. He retuned in 2011 going 7-39 with the bat and 2-4 with a 2.91 e.r.a in 18 G (4 GS) with a 36/16 k/bb ratio in 43 IP. This year he is 19-71 with a HR and on the mound he has started 12 games (3 in relief) with a record of 4-3 and a 3.34 e.r.a striking out 66 and walking 35 in 67 IP.

RHP Brandon Tessar Oregon- Another draft eligible sophomore who was previously taken in the 25th round by the Rays after High School. Had a fine career at Chaminade HS in West Hills, CA as a 2 way player. Also was excellent last summer in the Northwoods League going 6-1 with a 2.46 e.r.a and 51 K in 77 IP making the all star team. He throws a upper 80’s fastball with a plus slider

Stats: 2011 ( 13 G, 1 GS, 17 IP, 10/10, 1-1, 2.08)

2012 (10 G, 9 GS, 50 IP, 37/30, 4-1, 3.58)

OF Connor Harrell Vanderbilt- The CF for Vanderbilt who forecasts to be a much better player as he develops. Terrific athlete with solid skills in terms of speed and pop he was a fine high school football player as well. Played for the Newport Gulls in the summer of 2010 batting .274 with 4 HR in 26 games. Last summer he played for Yarmouth-Dennis on the Cape and hit .244. Just an athlete who has not put it all together yet

Stats: 2010 (3, 39, .300/.378/.414, 5-9 SB)

2011 (9,36, .289/.355/.497, 7-7 SB)

2012 (7,26, .256/.365/.459, 3-5 SB)

RHP Zack Godley Tennessee- Big boy at 6’3 245 pounds who transferred in from Spartanburg Methodist JC. Had some success in high school getting drafted by the Mets in the 50th round after he was 9-3 with a 2.24 e.r.a striking out 109 and walking just 22. Came to Tennessee after just one season of JC ball. He throws a high 80’s fastball and will get into the low 9’s on occasion. He is a solid command P that knows how to locate his pitches. He also throws a change, and curve. Good stuff who could be a solid back end rotation guy,

Stats: 2011 (28 G, 0 GS, 34/13, 32 IP, 1-1, 3.38, 2 SV, 2 HR, .323 Bavg)

2012 (22 G, 12 GS, 53/18, 69 IP, 4-2, 3.50, 3 HR, .250 Bavg)

OF Marcus Davis Walters State (JC) Originally an OF at LSU who left the team after he could not get along with coach Paul Mainieri in the fall of his freshman year. I don’t know what happened so I will not assume it was entirely his fault but certainly some kind of flag when you hear these things. He is a beast of an athlete though standing 6’3 and 205 pounds. Built well, he has very good speed and power with an average arm that would make him a LF. However, he is not a solid outfielder so a move to 1B could be in his future. He missed his senior season of high school after he injured himself playing basketball. Has crushed the ball this year as a sophomore batting .450 with 12 HR and 50 RBI thru 48 games. He is committed to Tennessee for next year.

SS Alex Mejia Arizona- A solid defensive SS whose bat has him talked about even more heading into the draft. He has an excellent arm that could give clubs an option at SS or 3B. Stats show a player that generally makes contact either by not striking out or not taking walks. He has a career .948 fldg%

Stats: 2010 (1, 36, .319/.360/.396, 26 K, 13 BB in 207 AB)
2011 (0, 42, .335/.388/.485, 23 K, 4 BB in 230 AB)
2012 (3, 46, .357/.388/.485, 19 K, 10 BB in 227 AB)

CF Joey Rickard Arizona- Top of the order Left Handed bat from one of the top HS programs in the country (Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas) Rickard had a terrific summer at the Cape where he hit .311 with 14 SB in the Wood bat league. He does not have a ton of power but he is a quality control batter with good speed. He is a CF/LF type at the next level. Has a career .327/.391/.446 line at U of A with 12 HR ( none this season) and 39 stolen bases (however he has been thrown out 21 times)

RHP Ryan Bores Kent State- The junior transfer from Cuyahoga CC (1st year at U. of Ohio) was the Rangers 26th round pick last year but he chose to go to school at Kent State and learn from former big leaguer Mike Birkbeck (Kent State is proving to be a fine place for young pitchers to flourish) The 6’3 200 pounder has a nice pitchers build and he has really added to his resume this season as a player who should go around the 8th round. He is 8-2 with a 3.32 e.r.a and 61/14 k/bb in 89 IP.

C/OF Chase Anselment Washington- Anselment was a very good high school player at Meadowdale HS in Washington.  He was a 4 year letterman who started all 97 games of his career. He was all state as a junior and as a senior he hit .444 with a .917 SLG, 9 HR, and 31 RBI. At Washington he has been a consistent hitter but also has played quite a bit in the OF. He played on the Cape last summer for the Brewster Whitecaps batting .216 with a HR and 8 RBI. He has the arm to play RF and his bat is a pro bat so he is an intriguing pick.

Stats: 2010 (6, 28, .347/.421/.581, 22 K, 16 BB in 124 AB)
2011 (3, 17, .245/.351/..390, 34 K, 20 BB in 159 AB)
2012 (3, 20, .325/.393/.458, 19 K, 13 BB in 120 AB)
 RHP Ethan Carter South Carolina- Big time arm who was given a 2nd chance to be a Gamecock this year and sits now on the suspended list after his arrest March 9th for drunkenness. He had violated team rules in January of 2011 and was dismissed from the team. He did not return to the team in 2012. It is a tough situation because he has so much potential as a former AFLAC All American where he lead his team to a state championship going 11-1 with a 1.17 e.r.a and 100 k’s in 66 IP as a senior. He was used out of the pen as a freshman going 3-0 with a 5.46 e.r.a and 30 K in 28 IP. He was slated to be the team’s #3 starter last year before his dismissal from the team. He ended up at Louisburg College where he was outstanding going 9-3 with a 1.75 e.r.a and a 78/9 k/bb ratio in 77 IP. This year before his arrest he had not allowed a run in 10 innings striking out 10 and walking 2.  He throws a low 9′s fastball that boars in on hitters with a sharp slider and change that sinks. He also uses a deceptive delivery for even more of an advantage. With the attention now being paid to alcohol abuse with Josh Hamilton and Matt Bush some teams might stay away from Carter but he should not have made it past the 5th round. with his talent so if the Royals think they can work with this kid this would be an excellent pick here.

C/3B Bo Altobelli Texas Tech- More of an organizational guy who could become a bench player because of his bat.  Solid catcher with decent arm. As a hitter he makes consistent contact and is tough to strike out. A Paul LoDuca type player. He also runs well for a C.

Stats: 2010 (0, 5, .231/.375/.269, 6 K, 3 BB, 26 AB)
2011 (1, 24, .333/.420/.424, 16 K, 17 BB, 132 AB, 4-5 SB)
2012 (3, 33, .346/.403/.449, 22 K, 16 BB, 205 AB, 5-5 SB)

LHP Blake Holovach Missouri- Former Blue Valley West baseball player who did not begin pitching until prior to his senior year at BVW. He attended Coffeyville CC out of HS and was 7-8 with a 5.15 e.r.a in his 2 years there. At Mizzou he was thought to be a reliever but has started 13 games (5 in relief) going 7-4 with a 4.64 e.r.a and 43/33 k/bb in 76 innings. Stats aren’t great, but since he is still learning to pitch and he is a 6’5 lefty with pitch ability he will get drafted in the top half of the draft. The former Mac N Seitz student touches 91 with a slider and change. Probably heads back to MU for their first season of SEC play but the BV West kid deserves a mention here.

RHP Ryan Harvey Seton Hall- Should be a reliever at the next level. The 6’1 220 pounder throws a upper 8’s fastball, and has a plus slider.

Stats: 2010 (12 G, 1 GS, 0-3, 6.61, 20/10 16 IP)
2011 (26 G, 0 GS, 5-2, 2.62, 73/26 45 IP, 7 SV)
2012 (17 G, 10 GS, 6-4, 3.04. 90/43, 77 IP)

Blake Schwartz RHP Oklahoma City U (NAIA) 6’3 205 pound righty who transferred for his senior season to receive more aid and more pro scouts than at Mankato State (Minn) Schwartz throws 88-92 with solid command. At Mankato Statehe was 4-1 with a 4.29 e.r.a as a freshman with 36/10 k/bb in 36 IP. As a sophomore he was 10-2 with a 3.74 e.r.a and 64/18 k/bb in 91 IP. His junior season he was 10-2 with a 2.11 e.r.a and 79/12 in 90 IP. This year he is 11-3 with a 3.55 e.r.a and 103/25 k/bb in 91 IP.

Stats: 2011 (20 G, 7 GS, 4-2, 2.35, 54/18, 61 IP)
2012 (22 G, 8 GS, 8-5, 2.23, 86/25 97 IP)

LF/1B Mason Katz LSU-  Katz is going to see time in RF, LF, and 1B this season. The JR from powerhouse Jesuit HS (has produced a dozen big leaguers including Connie Ryan, Rusty Staub, Will Clark, and Johnny Giavotella) was 1st team All State in 08-09 batting .410 with 7 HR as a SR. Played in 23 games as a freshman getting 8 starts in LF and batting .318 with 5 RBI. He hit .337 with 6 SB last season getting 38 starts in RF and 12 at 1B. Chosen to play in Fenway Park last summer as a Cape Cod All Star when he hit .272 with 3 HR and 18 RBI. This season he is batting .333 with a .427 OBP hitting 11 HR and 48 RBI with 8 SB

C/3B/OF Sam Mulroy Princeton- Princeton players do not get a lot of big league teams. They have had some success (very little) with pitchers but position players from IVY league schools are few and far between. I am guessing as a Princeton guy he is a pretty cerebral guy. The bat and speed are very good for a person wearing the tools. Clearly, because he plays other positions he is an athlete too. He is a senior so he will probably sign. Juniors from IVY league schools are tough because they want that degree. Ummm, his major is Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Stats: 2009 (2, 6, .224 with .408 SLG) I mean, seriously how could a brainiac school like Princeton not have OBP and OPS on their sit
2010 (8, 31, .300 with .525 SLG)
2011 (7, 39, .320 with .534 SLG)
2012 (8, 32, .351/.446/.581, 11-12 SB)

CF Jacob Morris- One of the best athletes in the SEC he is not hard to miss as he stands 6’3 215 pounds and fits the classic mold of a baseball player. He originally signed with Arizona State but left after a semester due to concerns of the program getting penalized for infractions. He had to sit out his freshman season and last year just never got going hitting just .194 with 5 RBI in 23 games (18 starts) He was drafted by the Nationals in the 35th round out of high school. He could be one of the biggest risers in college baseball this season and is definitely a player to keep an eye on. He is hitting just .248 this season with a .333 OBP but you watch him play and some old scout is definitely thinking he could sell jeans with him as the model.

C David Lyon Cincinnati- I am a big believer that every team in your organization needs a quality catcher and Lyon is a guy who you could plug into a half season team this year and moving on to Kane County next season working with kids like Brickhouse, Smith and the other young arms from the class of 2011. Lyon is a guy that makes his pitching staff better and his Kent State teammates would echo this. It is because of this reputation that he got a slot on the Team USA collegiate team last year with the games brightest college stars.
2009 (6 DB, 2 3B, 0 HR, 14 RBI,  .343, 15 K, 10 BB, 67 at bats)
2010 (18 DB, 1 3B, 5 HR, 42 RBI, .272, 35 K, 15 BB, 217 at bats)
2011 (12 DB, 7 3B, 9 HR, 53 RBI, .315, 36 K, 27 BB, 238 at bats)
2012 (16 DB, 3 3B, 10 HR, 40 RBI, .288, 32 K, 44 BB, 208 at bats)

RHP Tony Bryant Oregon State- 6’8 220 pound reliever who has struggled this season as the closer for Oregon State. Basically a fastball and change pitcher he had a fine sophomore season for the Beavers. He was drafted out of high school by the Twins in the 25th round. Pitched for the Madison Mallards of the Northwoods League last summer going 2-0 with a .96 e.r.a and 5 saves striking out 19 in 19 IP.


 2010 (14 G, 1 GS, 0-0, 4.64, 19/5, 21 IP)

2011 (28 G, 0 GS, 3-2, 1.52, 40/11, 47 IP, 12 SV)

2012 (22 G, 0 GS, 5-2, 4.03, 35/7, 29 IP, 9 SV)

Alex Keudell Oregon- It is hard to imagine a club not taking a chance on the Oregon Ducks ace. He was drafted last year in the 38th round by the Twins and returned to school for his senior year. He thought he would be a 10-15 round guy and came back to school determined to prove he was worthy. You could not have predicted a better senior season for the former walk-on (stats below) He also pitched for the Cotuit Kettlers on the Cape last summer going 2-2 with a 3.03 e.r.a, 1 SV, and 30 K in 39 IP.


2009 (15 G, 6 GS, 0-6, 5.15, 24/18, 44 IP)

2010 (23 G, 11 GS, 5-6, 4.14, 78/25, 78 IP)

2011 (17 G, 14 GS, 7-3, 2.89, 71/24, 90 IP)

2012 (16 G, 15 GS, 10-4, 2.12, 65/26, 110 IP, only 1 HR)

OF/C Jonathan Walsh Texas – A junior from Coppell, Texas is a switch hitter. The 6’3 OF and Catcher hit .254 with 2 HR and 27 RBI in 35 games with 25 starts last year. His freshman season he batted .273 with 3 HR and 20 RBI with 15 starts in LF and 2 at C. Originally came to UT as a C-3B-OF. A solid athlete with gap to gap power he runs a 6.58 60. Was an AFLAC All American in HS where he was 2-4 at Wrigley Field. He was Keith Law’s 25th draft prospect in 2008. Drafted in the 18th round by the Giants after HS. Pro team’s could switch him back to C where he handled himself reasonably well. Hit .280/.343/.324 with 6 HR and 31 RBI stealing 11 bases in 11 tries.RHP Max Garner Baylor- Solid reliever for the Bears throwing 92 with solid off speed pitches. He missed his sophomore year with a medical ailment and came back strong in 2011.


2009 (12 G, 0 GS, 0-0, 9.31, 8/9, 10 IP)

2011 (29 G, 0 GS, 2-4, 3.12, 42/17, 49 IP, 8 SV)

2012 20 G, 6 GS, 2-2, 4.97, 39/16, 42 IP, 10 SV)

3B Bryan Lippincott Concordia (MN) Originally from Des Moines (Johnston HS) guys like this don’t get seen a ton but the versatile Lippincott has made a nice name for himself as a solid hitter with the ability to play several positions. Has a plus arm and his character is top shelf. Big kid at 6’4 who could play 3B, RF, or 1B. Makes consistent contact striking out just 47 times in 440 AB entering this season.


2009 (2, 23, .354 5-6 SB)

2010 (10, 51, .410, 17-17 SB)

2011 (6, 39, .434, 10-10 SB)

2012 (10, 52, .494/.594/.864, 9-12 SB, 15 K, 13 BB in 154 AB) Had almost half of his teams HR with 10 of 22.

 Players that were good enough to be drafted in the past that should get opportunity again:

OF Brett Williams NC State  (Diamondbacks 25th round 2011) Williams returned to the Wolfpack and tore his ACL in the first game of the season. It would be easy to suggest he comes back for one more season but as a 5th year senior next year (after the medical redshirt this season) I would guess if he wants to go pro this would be the time to do it. He should be able to start playing again in the fall instructs. Solid tool OF with pop. He spent his first 2 seasons at Pitt CC where he batted .348 with 11 HR and 45 RBI stealing 10 bases as a sophomore in 2010. (His team went to the NJCAA World Series) As a freshman at Pitt CC he hit .429 with a .478 OBP and 14 HR and 43 RBI stealing 12. Last year at NC State he batted .286 with 6 HR and 35 RBI with a .368 OBP and 9 SB in 9 attempts.


RHP Alex Vetter Feather River JC (Diamondbacks 32nd round 2011) 6’7 righty with long, lean frame. Clean delivery without a lot of added movement. He repeats delivery well. He was 5-2 with a save in 11 games with 10 starts. He struck out 45 and walked 17 in 55 IP with a 2.60 e.r.a.


3B/2B Salo Chapjian Cal State Dominguez (Braves 45th 2011) Grinder 2B who emulates Dan Uggla. Good pop infielder who was drafted last year out of Glendale JC. Hit .288 this year with 7 HR (2nd on team) and 32 RBI in 163 at bats. He struck out 32 times and walked 22 stealing 2 bases. On defense he committed just 3 errors.


RF Jake Leuneberg Houston (Braves 43rd round 2011 out of Kishwaukee JC in Illinois) LH stick that can handle a corner OF spot or 1B. Hit .309/.368/.359 with 1 HR, 4 2B, 1 3B in 181 AB with 36 K and 14 BB stealing 13 bases. Originally from Caledonia, Wisconsin so he was not seen much before arriving to the Cougars.


RHP Cody Cox (Braves 49th round 2011) drafted out of Thomas Nelson CC and now at Louisburg College (JC) hw was 8-1 this year with a 3.13 e.ra and 79/32 k/bb in 72 IP.


RHP Nick Carmichael Palomar JC (17th round 2011 Orioles) The 6’5 220 pounder is an interesting story. He began his career as a TE for Redlands College but got the baseball bug back coaching a little league team. He was also set to attend the University of Hawaii this year but with his mid 90’s fastball he decided to return to Palomar to prep for this years draft. With little wear on his right arm could make him an intriguing pick. He has pitched in 16 games this season with 18 IP and 17 K versus 8 walks with a 4.00 e.r.a and 6 saves.


OF Marc Wik Chabot JC (Orioles 20th round 2011) Returned to Chabot this year and hit 2 HR drove in 22 and stole 22 bases while batting .358 with a .478 obp.


LHP Mike Finnigan Azusa Pacific (Orioles 25th round 2011 out of San Bernadino Valley CC) 6’3 200 pounder who was 2-1 with a save and a 48/16 k/bb ratio in 40 IP for San Bernadino in 2011. Originally went to Chaffey College where he pitched in just 6 games for them in 2009. Hard throwing lefty who was 6-1 with a 3.07 e.r.a this season with a 52/34 k/bb ratio in 85 IP. He gave up a team high 9 HR but held opponents to a .216 .avg.


INF Mikey Reynolds Texas A&M (Orioles 30th round pick in 2011 out of Paradise Valley CC in Arizona) Began college at St. Mary’s where he he played in 44 games as a freshman with a .256 .avg and a HR. At Paradise Valley he hit .389 with 28 DB and 29 SB. This year he hit .300/.413/.400 with a HR and 23 RBI stealing 20 bases in 22 attempts. Struck out 30 times and walked 30 times in 210 at bats. He was the team’s SS.


RHP Sander Beck Maryland (Orioles 33rd round pick 2011) Returned to the Terps for his senior season. He entered the season with a career mark of 4-13 and a 6.33 e.r.a striking out 123 and walking 107 in 141 IP. This year he was 6-2 with a career best 2.87 e.r.a and a 42/26 k/bb ratio in 53 IP. He pitched in 14 games starting 9 of them.


RHP Lindsey Caughel Stetson (Orioles 35th round pick 2011) 6’3 195 pounds- Returned to Stetson for his senior season. He was 7-3 with a 3.86 e.r.a in 16 games with 15 starts striking out 80 and walking 18 in 89 IP.


C Nick Skala Conordia (Orioles 37th round pick 2011) Began career at San Jacinto JC  and a native of Long Grove, Illinois.


Concordia Stats: 2010 (5, 38, .416, 11-15 SB)


2011 (10, 63, .390, 6-8 SB)


2012 (8, 44, .320, 6-10 SB)


LHP Patrick Merkling Lee University (Orioles 44th round pick 2011 out of Chatanooga JC) Began career at Auburn. Lefty was 11-1 with a 2.00 e.r.a in 2011 with 103 K and 27 walks in 85 IP. Throws in the low 9’s. For Lee University he was 9-2 with a 2.08 e.r.a in 82 IP with 103 K and 51 walks,




RHP Blake Forslund LIberty (Red Sox 17th rounder 2011) Returned to Liberty and pitched out of pen striking out 34 but also walking 34 in 34 IP. So obviously, command is an issue. He was 2-2 with a 3.74 e.r.a in 20 games.




RHP George Asmus Washington (Cubs 24th round out of Ohlone JC- California) Transferred to Washington pitching in 6 games with 4 starts going 0-1 with a 3.50 e.r.a and a 16/11 k/bb ratio in 18 IP.




RHP Chris Garrison Kentucky (Cubs 28th rounder 2011 out of Western Nevada CC) Western Nevada has done an excellent job developing arms the last few years. Garrison pitched very little this season for the surprising Wildcats going 0-0 with a 6.75 e.r.a in 4 IP with 4 K and 6 walks. But, he was drafted also out of HS by the Orioles in the 48th round (2008) so the former star guard from Rocklin HS might be a guy a team will take a chance on to develop. He began his career at Oregon in 2009. He also went 1-1 with a 2.03 e.r.a for the Mankato Moondogs in the Northwoods League striking out 19 in 31 IP in the summer of 2009. He was 8-4 with a 2.64 e.r.a at WNC in 2011 with a 62/29 k/bb ratio in 61 IP with 5 saves.




OF Hunter Kelley Calhoun CC (Cubs 34th round 2011) Committed to Auburn for next year. 6’1 200 pounder who hit .407 with 23 DB, 12 HR and 52 RBI in 2011. He hit .344 with 25 RBI, and a pair of HR this year stealing 14-21 bases.




RHP/1B Cody Edwards New Mexico State (Cubs 50th round pick 2011 out of Bellevue CC, Washington) Originally from Yakima the 2 way player was drafted as a P but will go pro as a hitter. Hit .294 for the Aggies with 6 HR, 26 RBI and a .514 SLG in 109 AB with 36 K and 11 BB stealing 3 bases.




RHP Joel Effertz Virginia (White Sox 43rd round 2011 out of Madison JC -Wisconsin) Effertz had no record for Virginia this season in 9 games throwing 12 IP with 14 K and 8 walks. He had a 4.50 e.r.a. He has been drafted once before by the Dodgers out of HS in the 37th round. Began his career at the University of Arizona before transferring to Madison. He was 7-4 with a 3.03 e.r.a in 13 games (12 starts) in 2011.


RHP Dariel Delgado Lake Land College (JC) (29th round Reds 2011 originally from Cuba) Delgado hard throwing righty who pitched at Land Lakes college this season. Can’t find stats but articles read like he has pitched well.


OF Daniel Bowman Coastal Carolina- (38th round Reds) 6’1 215- Returned to play for the Chanticleers this year and tore it up batting .400 with 6 HR and 39 RBI with a .579 slg and 15 SB. His career numbers in 961 at bats show 46 HR, 205 RBI, .321 .avg, .546 slg and 39 SB.


2B Kirby Pellant Ohio State (47th round Reds out of Chandler-Gilbert CC) He was drafted out of HS by the Dodgers in the 38th round. 3 time all city pick from Corona del Sol and 1st team all-state. His dad is a scout for the White Sox. Hit .274 this season for the Buckeyes with 25 RBI, .375 Obp, .340 slg and 31 stolen bases in 38 tries. Committed 13 errors with a .957 fldg %.


SS John Polonius West Virginia (30th round pick by Indians out of Genesee CC (NY) In 2011 for Genessee he hit .370 with 23 RBI, 21 RS, 5 3B, 11 DB, and 21 SB. The native of Curacao speaks 4 languages. He missed a significant amount of time this season with a foot injury but managed to hit .306 in 147 at bats with a .386 obp and 2 HR while driving in 21. He stole 6 bases and committed 6 errors with a .965 fldg%. He could return next season for the 1st ever Big XII season for WVU but he seems likely to sign IMO.


RHP Tyler Maloof Georgia- (34th round Indians) The closer for Georgia he missed the entire season with a lat injury. But as a 5th year student next year (he redshirted as a sophomore) he seems likely to give the pros a shot. In 2011 he was 18 of 19 in save opportunities going 2-2 with a 7.16 e.r.a in 28 IP *e.r.a was due to a couple of bad games in non save situations…..


RHP Taylor Starr Oregon State (37th round Indians) Missed 3 seasons in a row with injuries (2009-11) after going 3-1 with a 1.61 e.r.a as a freshman striking out 16 in 22 IP. He pitched in 17 games this season with 6 starts going 5-2 with a 3.80 e.r.a and a 26/18 k/bb ratio in 45 IP.


LHP Matt Dermody University of Iowa- (29th round Rockies 2011) Played in the Cape with Hyannis in 2010-11. Originally from Norfolk, Iowa. He was a draft eligible sophomore last season and this year he was 1-7 with a 4.50 e.r.a in 14 games with 13 starts striking out 60 and walking 23 in 76 IP.


INF Tyler Bernard Lindsey Wilson College (Kentucky)- (49th round Rockies out of Palomar JC, CA) Tyler Wilson College is a long ways away from Arizona State in terms of location and also prestige but that is where Bernard is after starting his career out as a Sun Devil. The infielder batted .283 this season with 3 HR and 29 RBI stealing 12 bases while striking out 39 times and walking 24 in 187 ab’s. Certainly not strong numbers for a NAIA season.


LHP Trent Daniel Arkansas (23rd round Tigers 2011) Transferred to Arkansas from Arkansas-Fort Smith and red shirted in 2010. He was 2-0 with a 2.91 e.r.a last season and 1-0 with a 4.70 e.r.a in 15 IP this season with 12 K and 5 walks.


RHP Nick Grim  (CA) (14th round Marlins 2011 out of Monterey Peninsula JC) Transferred to Cal Poly and pitched 21 games out of the pen. He has struck out 19 and walked 20 in 25 IP with a 3-2 record and a 4.74 e.r.a


RHP Derek Varnadore Auburn (17th round Marlins 2011)Returned to Auburn and went 4-7 with a 4.93 e.r.a and a 63/30 k/bb ratio in 88 IP.


RHP Travis Huber Nebraska (39th round by Marlins out of Southern JC of Utah) Has been drafted before by the Marlins in 2010 (47th round) went 1-2 with a 3.32 e.r.a in 2o games out of the pen with a 17/10 k/bb ratio in 22 IP.

RHP Matt Anderson Long Beach State(CC) (41st round Marlins in 2011 out of Chaffey College) Had a solid season for the Dirtbags going 4-3 with a 2.74 e.r.a and a 60/36 K/bb ratio in 85 IP. He started 15 games and limited his opponent to a .236 .avg.

LHP Drew Leenhouts Northern Illinois (Marlins 43rd round 2011) Returned to school for senior season with a career record of 7-13 and a 3.25 e.r.a in 185 IP with a 195/86 k/bb ratio and .250 Bavg. This season he was 7-3 in 13 starts with a 87/35 k/bb in 92 IP with an e.r.a of 3.93.

C Joel Thys Sonoma State (47th round Marlins 2011out of Ohlone College (CA)) Began his career at Long Beach State and transferred into Sonoma State this season where he hit .320/.370/.442 with 2 HR and 21 RBI.

LHP Cory Caruso Cal State San Bernadino (Marlins 50th round 2011) Returned to San Bernadino where he went 3-4 with an e.r.a of 3.19. He pitched in 13 games (all starts) with a 51/21 k/bb in 90 IP. Last year he was 4-3 with a 4.48 e.r.a in 12 starts with a 44/19 k/bb ratio in 64 IP. He pitched at Riverside City College his first 2 seasons.

3B Jordan Steranka Penn State (Astros 30th round 2011) Astros drafted him after he had a 3 year line of .326/.372/.515 with 21 HR and 143 RBI in 645 at bats. This year he returned to the Nittany Lions hitting..369/.399/.626 with 11 HR and 40 RBI. His .369 .avg was 90 points higher than the 2nd leading hitter on the team.

OF Dominique Taylor Salt Lake CC (Astros 33rd round 2011) Hit .342 in his return to Salt Lake CC with 3 HR, 50 RBI and 32 SB.

RHP David Haerle College of the Canyons JC (CA) (Astros 39th round 2011) Went back to Canyons and pitched in 14 G (7 GS) with a record of 2-3 and a 6.98 e.r.a striking out 26 and walking 23 in 40 IP.

RHP Matt Flemer California (Royals 19th round 2011) Returned to Cal in 2012 to work as a starter. He had been the team’s closer in 2011 going 4-2 with a 1.83 e.r.a and 6 saves with a 41/8 k/bb ratio in 39 IP. This season he was 7-5 with a 2.75 e.r.a in 112 IP starting 15 games with a 66/15 k/bb ratio in 112 IP.

LHP Joseph Moorefield Clemson (Royals 26th round pick in 2011) Situational college lefty who was drafted as a redshirt sophomore. His 3 year record after 2012 was 49 games with just 29 IP and a 24/12 k/bb ratio. He is 2-1 with a 5.65 e.r.a.

SS Matt Wessinger St.Johns (Royals 37th round 2011) Wessinger was seen by a lot of scouts playing alongside Joe Panik. He returned this season and hit .352/.442/.494 with 6 HR and 47 RBI stealing 34 bases.  He can play SS/2B and will definitely be a late pick this season. As a junior he hit .273 with 6 HR and 42 RBI. His sophomore season he hit .312 with 6 HR and 52 RBI. As a freshman he hit .347 with 15 DB and 31 RBI.

3B Kash Kalkowski Nebraska (50th round Royals in 2011) Returned to play for Darin Erstad and played thru lingering injuries the whole season batting .310/.360/.425 with 4 HR, 37 RBI and 7 SB. Has had an injury riddled career and was a pitcher when he first entered campus in 2009. Did not become a regular offensive player until 2011 when he hit .5 HR with 42 RBI and a .299 .avg with a .378 OBP


OF John Gianis NC State (Angels 26th round 2011)-Turned down the Angels to return to play for the Wolf Pack as a senior.  He had a fine sophomore season batting .363 with 3 HR and 24 RBI with a .446 OBP. As a junior he hit .289 with 1 HR and 24 RBI stealing 6 bases and carrying a .386 OBP. In his return to NC State he has struggled batting .just .231 with 6 RBI and just 2 extra base hits. He might have to settle for a NDFA contract now.

RHP Joe Church Marshall (40th round Angels in 2011) Hard throwing righty who struggled with command (echo) Missed almost entire sophomore season and took a medical redshirt. In 2011 he pitched in 13 games and was 2-2 with a 8.31 e.r.a. This season he k’d 37 batters in 29 IP and had his best control year by walking just 14. He was 2-0 with a 3.45 e.r.a. somewhere an organizational pitching coach that actually does his job is hoping to get a crack at this kid.

RHP Matt Vedo UC Santa Barbara- (49th round Angels 2011) Solid K numbers this season and he was 5-5 with an e.r.a of 4.59 striking out 112 and walking 57 in 82 IP. He spent his first 2 collegiate seasons at Yuba College striking out 76 in 77 IP as a sophomore. As a freshman he was 5-4 with a 4.21 e.r.a and 48 K in 66 IP. As a junior he was 6-6 with a 4.32 e.r.a and he struck out 64 and walked 38 in 85 IP. Fastball and slider pitcher who just had a lot come together this season in terms of pitching confidence which lead to more K’s.

C Trent Garrison Fresno State (Angels 50th round 2011)-Red shirt junior who missed all but one out of his junior campaign. He has thrown out close to 45% of the runners who have tried to steal on him in his Bulldog career.

Stats: 2009 (0, 12, .219/.283/.281, 21K, 7 BB, 96 AB)

2010 (5, 46, .339/.384/.476, 26 k, 13 BB, 189 AB)

2012 (2, 39, .340/.387/.435, 28 K, 15 BB, 191 AB)

RHP Garret Bush Flagler University (19th round Dodgers out of Seminole State College)-Flagler is the 3rd school for Bush who began his career at Auburn. 6’4 195 from  Jacksonville, Florida. He was 2-3 with a 4.65 e.r.a last season prior to the draft. He did not pitch a lot this year going 0-1 with a 9.26 e.r.a in 11.2 IP with 9 K and 22 BB.

RHP Vince Spiker Lee University (20th round Dodgers 2011 out of Johnson County Community College) Spiker turned down the Dodgers and originally went to school at Central Missouri before leaving at semester to pitch for NAIA power Lee University. His teammate Kris Hall is going to be a 2nd day selection and Spiker did a good job along with Patrick Merkling to form a lethal NAIA 3some. He was 7-3 with a 3.43 e.r.a and a 67/22 k/bb ratio in 89 IP. He is from Raytown, Missouri.

OF Kyle Conwell Abilene Christian (22nd round Dodgers out of Bellevue CC, Washington) Started his career at Western Nevada batting .330 with 6 HR. Transferred to Bellevue and hit .397 with 4 HR and 38 RBI and also had a .491 OBP. This year for the D-2 school he hit .292 with 3 HR and 26 RBI with a .362 OBP. He was the DH the entire season though and never played in the field.

OF Travis Burnside Tennessee Wesleyan College (25th round Dodgers in 2011 out of Spartanburg Methodist College)- Originally from Waterloo, SC. He hit .335 with 8 HR, 42 RBI and 10 SB last year. This year he hit .284 with 1 HR, 32 RBI and 26 SB.

RHP Taylor Garrison Fresno State (Dodgers 27th round, 2011) His twin brother Trent was drafted last year too and featured a few spots above this.

Stats: 2009 (11 G, 1 GS, 4-3, 4.87, 18/7, 20 IP, 3 HR, .259 Bavg)

2010 (16 G, 1 GS, 1-2, 3.70, 23/12, 24 IP, 1 SV, 0 HR, .283 Bavg)

2011 (18 G, 0 GS, 2-2, 1.32, 42/10, 34 IP, 3 SV, 1 HR, .202 Bavg)

2012 (27 G, 0 GS, 1-2, 2.61, 51/13, 41 IP, 11 SV, 2 HR, .204 Bavg)

RHP Joe Robinson UNLV (29th round Dodgers 2011) Returned for his senior season and went 2-6 with a 5.37 e.r.a and a 23/30 K/BB ratio in 54 IP. As a junior in 2011 he was 5-7 with a 4.88 e.r.a and 35 K in 90 IP.

3B Reid Redman Texas Tech (37th round Dodgers in 2011)- Began his career at Midland College where he hit .360 with 7 HR and 38 RBI as a sophomore.  He had an excellent summer of 2011 on the Cape playing for the Falmouth Commodores hitting .339 with a HR and 5 RBI.

Stats: 2011 (0, 34, .320/.392/.400, 36 K, 21 BB, 6 SB, 200 AB)

2012 (1, 18, .325/.383/.405, 20 K, 11 BB, 3 SB, 126 AB)

OF Andrew Cain UNC Wilmington (12th round Brewers 2011) Drafted in the 12th round after the 6’6 222 RH hitter had a solid junior campaign hitting .302 with 10 HR and 48 RBI. He also stole 12 bases. He missed quite a bit of his sophomore season with an abdominal injury but managed to hit .317 in 20 games. As a freshman he stole 8 bases. His grandfathers both played college football (one at Wake Forest and the other at Eastern Carolina) Hit .322/.416/.523 with 12 HR and 43 RBI swiping 23 bases.

LHP Josh Smith Wichita State (26th round Brewers in 2011) Returned to pitch for the Shockers this season going 6-4 with a 3.10 e.r.a and a 77/32 k/bb ratio in 96 IP. He is originally from Pleasant Hill, Missouri. As a junior he was 7-4 with a 3.00 e.r.a and 56 K in 78 IP. His sophomore season he was 4-3 with a 5.02 e.r.a and 37 K in 61 IP. Made 20 appearances as a freshman going 0-2 with a 8.62 e.r.a striking out 21 in 24 IP.

LHP Dylan Chavez Ole Miss (32nd round Twins in 2011 out of American River CC) Began his career at St. Mary’s where he was 1-1 with a 6.15 e.r.a in 26 innings of relief striking out 20 and walking 17. At American River he was 2-5 with a 4.80 e.r.a striking out 46 and walking 38 in 63 IP. For Ole Miss this season he was 3-2 with a 3.65 e.r.a and a 25/3 k/bb ratio in 25 IP.

OF Ryan Tella Auburn (34th round Twins in 2011 out of Ohlone College)-Draft eligible sophomore who hit .430/.498/.700 with 3 HR and 27 SB last year as the California JUCO player of the year. For the Tigers this season he hit .360/.448/.508 with 5 HR, 34 RBI and 17 SB.

RHP Skylar Janisse San Jacinto College (drafted by Yankees in 2011 34th round out of St.Thomas of Villanova Secondary School in Ontario)-6’4 200 pounder  with a 3 pitch mix that includes an upper 8’s fastball, curve and change. He pitched in 10 games this year throwing 28 IP with 20 K and 9 walks. He was 2-1 with a .95 e.r.a

RHP Cass Ingvardsen Weatherford College (Yankees 45th round in 2011) Returned for a 2nd season of JUCO ball and was excellent throwing 16 IP with 15/5 k/bb ratio and a 3-2 record and 1.13 e.r.a.

3B Connor Mach Missouri- (46th round Yankees in 2011) Originally from Chesterfield, Mo where he played his HS ball at Parkway West. His grandfather Phil Gagliano played a long time in the major leagues for 4 teams including the Cardinals where he was a member of their 1967 World Series championship team. Hit .285 with 4 HR and 32 RBI as a junior. This season he hit .291 with 1 HR and 30 RBI with a .393 OBP.

RHP Tyler Mapes Tulane (Yankees 49th round pick in 2011 out of Navarro JC)- Had a rough year for Tulane going 1-3 with a 6.75 e.r.a in 16 games with 4 starts but he did strike out 30 and walk 10 in 33 IP. He originally attended the Air Force Academy pitching in 15 games for them in 2010. At Navarro College in 2011 he was 10-2 with a 1.37 e.r.a and a 90/19 k/bb ratio in 92 IP.

RHP Josh Martin Samford (Pirates 25th round 2011)-6’5 234 pound hard throwing RH. He was 6-2 with a 2.76 e.r.a in 59 IP as a junior striking out 45 and walking just 17. This season he was 12-2 in 17 starts and 110 IP striking out 95 and walking 34.

OF Isaac Ballou Marshall (Pirates 36th round 2011) 3 sport athlete in HS he chose to focus on baseball for the Thundering Herd. Hit .230 as a freshman with 17 RBI and 2 HR. As a sophomore he started all 51 games batting .283 with 18 SB, 1 HR and 29 RBI. This year he hit .308 with 24 RBI and 21 SB while walking 43 times giving him a .448 OBP. Very good athlete with tremendous range in CF. 6’2 185 LH bat

INF D.J. Crumlich UC-Irvine (38th round Pirates 2011) D.J. entered his senior season with a .284 .avg and 3 HR with 73 RBI in 510 AB with 10 SB. This year he hit .324/.402/.405, 0, 19, 8 SB, 22 K, 26 BB in 222 AB.

OF Rand Ravnaas Georgetown (39th round Pirates 2011-The senior hit .325/.400/.428 with 2 HR and 37 RBI while stealing 14 bases this season.

OF Willie Argo Illinois (43rd round Pirates 2011)-His hometown is Davenport, Iowa where he represented his state in the 2001 Little League World Series hitting a HR against the Bronx that featured Danny Almonte. Has had a solid 4 year career for the Illino finishing up with a stat line of .313/.414/.475, 21, 131, 98-120 SB, 157 K, 111 BB in 769 AB.

3B Bobby LeCount New Mexico State (44th round Pirates 2011 from Edmonds CC) transferred to NMSU where he showed some pop with a dozen HR but hit just .237 with 59 K in 211 AB.

RHP Vince Volro Penn (47th round Padres 2011) Senior season this year he went 5-3 with a 2.45 e.r.a and a 59/14 k/bb ratio in 66 IP. The Cherry Hills NJ native won 14 games in his 4 year career with 187/73 k/bb ratio in 226 IP.

OF Ryan Hutchison Western Kentucky (49th round Padres 2011)-Senior who hit .276 with 8 HR and 47 RBI this season in 217 AB striking out 60 times. He began his career at Iowa Western coming from the state of Wyoming.

RHP Andrew Triggs USC (21st round Giants 2011)- A redshirt senior who sat out his first season in 2008. He pitched that summer for the Torrington Twisters of the NECBL going 0-4 with a 5.71 e.r.a and a 28/26 k/bb ratio in 35 IP. He was also drafted in the 24th round by the Indians in the 2010 draft.

Stats: 2009 (15 G, 10 GS, 5-3, 3.96, 50/20, 75 IP)

2010 (11 G, 11 GS, 2-7, 3.95, 62/21, 71 IP)

2011 (14 G, 14 GS, 5-4, 3.67, 72/28, 91 IP)

2012 (16 G, 15 GS, 5-6, 3.49, 85/20, 106 IP)

RHP Austin Lubinsky Minnesota (36th round Giants 2011) Returned for senior season and started 14 games going 4-4 with a 3.87 e.r.a and a 51/14 k/bb ratio in 79 IP. He was 5-6 with a 4.36 e.r.a as a junior with 53 K.

RHP Ryan Hawthorne Loyola Marymount (32nd round Mariners 2011) Went 4-1 with a 3.03 e.r.a this season with a 34/24 k/bb ratio in 33 IP. He saved 2 games. The Crespi HS alum (Granada Hills) was an offensive player his first 2 seasons batting .364 with a pair of HR and 44 RBI as a sophomore. As a P he finishes his career with a 4-4 record and a 58/33 k/bb ratio over 56 IP with 12 saves and a 2.73 e.r.a

2b Tyler Sibley Texas State (Cardinals 50th round 2011) Hit .271 in 56 games this season with a HR and 16 RBI stealing 16 bases and walking 28 times while striking out 14 in 221 AB. Hit .340 as a junior with 6 HR, 37 RBI and 20 SB. As a sophomore he hit .304 with 7 SB. In his first year he hit .359 with 38 RBI and 14 SB.

OF Matt Young Cal State Dominguez Hills (14th round Rays 2011) Stole 28 bases this year with a .630 SLG and 9 HR. He previously played at Compton College where he was a 2 time All-American.

RHP Derek Vaughn Texas Wesleyan (Rays 47th round 2011) Finished this season with a 5-0 record for the NAIA school with a 3.09 e.r.a in 58 IP and a 67/21 K/BB ratio. The Oklahoma transfer finished his 2 year career at Texas Wesleyan with a 10-4 record and a 3.82 e.r.a and a 140/69 k/bb ratio in 137 IP.

LHP Mike Mason Marshall (Rangers 23rd round 2011)-6/3 205-Finished out his career at Marshall with a 4-6 record in 14 starts with a 4.15 e.r.a and a 60/27 K/BB in 80 IP.  His final numbers are 11-17, 5.58, 217/129 in 261 IP. He has a plus fastball and ability to freeze hitters.

LHP Jordan Remer U. of San Francisco (25th round Rangers 2011) He pitches for one of the best pitching coaches in the country and has been used all over the place as a starter, middle reliever, and closer. He was 3-2 with a 3.67 e.r.a as a junior with a team best 1.22 K/IP. This season he is 1-3 with a .146 Bavg against. He has also struck out 11.57/9 IP. He pitched in 25 games and struck out 39 in 30 IP. Lefties hit just .130 off of him.

RHP Tucker Donahue Stetson (38th round Rangers 2011) He was 2-1 with a 5.20 e.r.a this season with a 27/19 k/bb ratio in 28 IP. The 6’1 195 pound senior is from Coral Springs, Florida.

1B/C Casey Kalenkosky Texas State (13th round Nationals 2011) Hit .10 HR with 41 RBI this year batting .266 with 37 K and 28 BB in 207 AB. As a junior he whacked 21 long balls and hit .327 with 69 RBI. He played his first 2 seasons at Cisco JC.

RHP Esteban Guzman San Jose State (Nationals 17th round 2011) Really came on strong as a junior going 5-4 with a 3.33 e.r.a and a 3:1 K/BB ratio throwing 76 IP with 74 K. This season he pitched in 13 games with 8 starts and was 1-3 with a 4.71 e.r.a striking out 26 and walking 15 in 42 IP. He had one big year out of four and I don’t expect him to come close to the 17th round this year as he probably drops to round 30 or so.

OF Mike Bisenius Wayne State (48th round Nationals 2011)- Redshirted as a freshman so he is on the Van Wilder program with 5 years of college. Started 53 games in 2009 (1B and RF) batting .354 with a .449 OBP and .590 SLG swatting 9 HR and driving in 51. In 2010 he started 47 games (RF) hitting .285 with 6 HR and 30 RBI. In 2011 he started 44 games (RF) batting .401 with 8 HR and 48 RBI. This season he started 50 games (RF) hitting 10 HR with 44 RBI and a .422 OBP. Mike is originally from Sioux City, Iowa (Heelan HS)












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  • skillset

    Wow, Greg this is an impressive amount of work!! Nice job.

    I think the Royals have enough depth in the system to take advantage of signing 2 of the best pitchers in this draft. The Royals have a little over $6.1M in their allowed budget to sign their picks in the top 10 rounds. We also know that the top 15 players in a draft have a strong probability to become major league players and it is likely that the stars from the draft will come from these talents as well. Picks 16 through 30 have a smaller chance to make it and picks in the 2nd through 10 round have small chances to make a big league impact.
    I do not know what some of these players will sign for but I have heard that McCullers is signable if he is taken in the top half of the first round and I believe Giolito is also signable if he gets top 10 money. Therefore if predraft deals can be made with these players I think the Royals should draft Giolito at #5 and pay him $2.7M, which is #10 slotted money. Then with pick #66 they can draft McCullers and sign him for $2.5M which is slot for pick 12. That leaves $200k for the third round player who I think should be a 1B. Hopefully the Royals can select P. Tucker from U of FL and sign him for $200-250k. then they can draft mostly arms with picks in the 4th round through 10th and sign all of them for $100k. Those players will not be top 10 round talents but I think that is not significant as few players from rounds 4 through 10 make it to the ML anyway.
    Then in 2013 the Kane County Cougars could have a lineup of D. Toney, T. Gore, and B. Starling in the OF with Y. Alcantara, J. Allen, and J. Blanco in reserve OF spots; the infield could be 1B – P. Tucker, 2B – Carlos Garcia, N. Cuckovich, SS – H. Arteaga, J. Lopez, 3B – P. Leonard, M Threldkeld, C – C. Gallagher, S. Jin-ho. The SP would be Giolito, McCullers, Brickhouse, Kyle Smith and Crawford Simmons or Cesar Ogando. That team would be fantastic!!! I think the only tricky part would be to convenience Giolito to sign for $2.7M, but with his injury (hopefully) showing him how fragile his whole situation is, he will be more motivated to sign rather than risk injury in college.

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