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    Sarah Bode-Clark

    You worked at THAT TGIFridays? God bless you for making it out alive. I have a feeling this column will make me miss home so very much. Welcome on board!

  2. 3

    Tim Scott

    Thank you, Thank You. Fun stuff.

  3. 2

    Erik Gratton

    Nice. I never get back there anymore, it seems, but you’ve hit all the important points in this one. Nice work.

  4. 1

    Greg Schaum

    First of all Timmy…welcome aboard…I have no idea what happened to the picture of the fried chicken…well, the pic looked so good…I ate it

    True Story…I had one conversation with Josh Hamilton when they played the Royals and it was him telling me what a great recommendation I gave him on the peach tree buffet…he jumped out of his cab still eating some of the chicken

    truth be told…I never told Josh to go there…but he did and he loved it

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