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GREAT SCOTT: Tim Eats KC (The Peachtree Buffet)

GREAT SCOTT: Tim Eats KC (The Peachtree Buffet)

Tim Scott

Tim Scott

Before I set sail on my maiden voyage here at PTP let me offer you a bit of background. I’m a professional actor. 

*pause for laughter* 
I’ve made my living exclusively as an actor since 2005. Along the way that career has assumed many forms: TV commercials, movie work, LOTS of live theatre, a Broadway show, Radio voice-overs, corporate hosting, and yes…  a 4 year stint as the Official emcee for the beloved Kansas City Royals. 
*pause for laughter, again* 
However like every actor before me, for quite a long time, I used to supplement my income by working in restaurants. And for the most part, I absolutely loved it. My experience in restaurant genres arcs like a rainbow that spans from working at the largest TGIFridays in the world (46th & 7th Ave in NYC) to Morton’s the Steakhouse on 7th & Figueroa in downtown, Los Angeles… right down the street from the Staples Center. (Shaq used to come in and eat a dozen lamb chops like they were buffalo wings) 
The sum of all of this information: I like food, I know lots about food, and I usually have no shortage of opinions and/or colorful ways of expressing my thoughts. 
The Peachtree is located at 6800 Eastwood Trafficway, just a few miles before you get to the Truman Sports Complex. 
It’s awesome.
I used to go here pretty often but apparently PT ran into some financial hardships as their restaurants slowly kept shutting down. Unfortunately, The Peachtree Buffet was not exempt from this fate. About 6-8 months ago, they closed the doors. Food lovers (and antacids) could be heard weeping all throughout the Metro. However, last month, they re-opened for business. Cue the Hallelujah Chorus. 
This is a good old-fashioned southern food buffet. Fried catfish, collared greens, cornbread, etc. 
The Highlights: the fried chicken is simply the best I have ever had. That’s fact. I have to beg myself not to go back for a 3rd/4th helping. I have a friend (who shall remain nameless… and shameless) who typically makes one final trip for the fried chicken only to eat “the skin”. Ya, it’s that freakin’ good. And he’s that freakin’ gross. 
The Mac & Cheese is also incredible. Now look, I’m not particularly known for throwing around praise just for the hell of it because I’m under contract with a Major League Baseball team… 
I digress.
Sure you can say it’s only Mac & Cheese, but as the father of a 6 year old girl, rest assured friends… I’ve eaten PLENTY of Mac & Cheese. Peachtree knocks it out of the park. After her 1st bite, my daughter instantly exclaimed, “This is the best Macaroni I’ve ever had!” She then proceeded to have 3 helpings of it. Three.
The sweet potatoes, cornbread, and Peach Cobbler are also a must, in my opinion. But honestly, I’ve never had anything there that wasn’t fantastic.
All that said… you probably want to make sure to dose up on your Lipitor or other cholesterol drug of choice. I imagine if you asked them for “low sodium” or “low fat” options, they’d just as soon punch you in the face as offer you a reply. Therefore, if you’re a health conscious person, I’d plan to make trips out to the Peachtree Buffet about as often as Chris Getz makes Home Run trots. 
If affordability is your game, it’s reasonable. Very reasonable. We went on a Thursday night and I believe it was $10.95 for adults. Did I mention that it’s an all you can eat buffet? 
Well, I suppose there’s not much more to say. If you like food and you are in or around Kansas City, you owe it to yourself to give this place a try. Just don’t come looking for me if you gain 100 lbs and develop adult-onset type 2 diabetes. 
Happy Eating. 

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  • Sarah Bode-Clark

    You worked at THAT TGIFridays? God bless you for making it out alive. I have a feeling this column will make me miss home so very much. Welcome on board!

  • Tim Scott

    Thank you, Thank You. Fun stuff.

  • Erik Gratton

    Nice. I never get back there anymore, it seems, but you’ve hit all the important points in this one. Nice work.

  • Greg Schaum

    First of all Timmy…welcome aboard…I have no idea what happened to the picture of the fried chicken…well, the pic looked so good…I ate it

    True Story…I had one conversation with Josh Hamilton when they played the Royals and it was him telling me what a great recommendation I gave him on the peach tree buffet…he jumped out of his cab still eating some of the chicken

    truth be told…I never told Josh to go there…but he did and he loved it

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