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A Lee's Summit resident currently working on a degree in Communications at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Although I have grown up a Royals fan, I've only been writing about the team off-and-on over the last two years, mostly at Royals Review. I do my best to play the part of an online blogger by living in a basement. In my spare time, I volunteer at my church, working mostly in the student ministry on video production and editing or assisting the technical arts director with lighting and sound. I remember Shawn Sedlacek and Eduardo Villacis. I know that Runelvys Hernandez had a pretty good month one year. I like to bring up Albie Lopez for no reason at all. MVP Baseball 2005 is the best baseball game ever made.

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    jim fetterolf

    DUF, there were lots of rumors and several teams going after Shields, so I don’t think Dayton Moore had any certainty that his rotation was set and Luke wouldn’t be needed.

    The tender was long-discussed and most were aware that ultimately it came down to perceived need. As it turned out Luke wasn’t needed, but that’s a good thing. Now it’s just a matter of getting some game value from him and trying to enhance trade value because it’s getting crowded.

    I would use Luke Hochevar as a set-up man, Aaron Crow with a couple of extra pitches, and look to making him a closer, letting Greg Holland go back to fireman, which he was great at, rather than closer where he reminds me more of Jon Broxton than Jack Soria. Then trade Luke at the ASB and move Herrera to closer and bring Ventura up to get his feet wet in the ‘pen. We may see Hochevar get a couple of starts, maybe in Fenway, but if he can handle relief then other teams will see him as a reliever with potential to start rather than failed starter, which makes him more valuable to a GM who trusts his pitching coach.

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    Erik Gratton

    Dutton reported yesterday that the move to the ‘pen was a salvage act aimed at letting Hoch turn the corner and eventually return to the rotation. Any small salvage credit I gave the FO for the move has expired.

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    Jim, I have to say that you are VERY optimistic with your assessment. By the way, Hochevar was tendered 9 days before THE TRADE. However, THE TRADE had been rumored for more than a week during the winter meetings and it is no doubt that Moore was considering THE TRADE when he tendered Luke.

    The reality is Dayton Moore tendered Hochevar because he hates giving up on first round picks until they have had every chance to succeed. Also, remember Ned Yost’s comment that Luke has “turned a corner” and will be successful in 2013 made just days after THE TRADE.

    I am sure that Dayton Moore would still like to see Luke make it as a starter but reality says it will never happen. However, I think he will find a successful home in the bullpen. Whether $4.56M is too much for a set up man is another question.

    Most likely Hochevar will find success in the Royals bullpen or be traded at the all star break to a team in contention and needed a bullpen arm.

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    jim fetterolf

    First, I don’t think that Luke never starts again for the Royals, second, the idea of moving him to the ‘pen and working him into closer originated last summer and was based on mid-90s and four or five pitches, and third I think Luke was tendered before Shields and Davis were acquired. Fourth, and we saw it last night, there is still some question as to whether Erv Santana just had a bad year last year or if his arm is breaking down. Fifth, Wade Davis is transitioning back to the rotation and results aren’t guaranteed. Sixth, injuries happen. Hochevar was kept for depth. If everything goes perfectly keeping him was a mistake, but with two weeks left of SP the jury is still out.

    Bullpen seems to be helping Luke, getting more aggressive, pumping up the heater. Since they’ll keep him until a trade, probably the best idea for him/Royals is to work him into set-up/closer and eventually trade him, make him Aaron Crow with a change and curve and cutter. He was hitting 96mph last night and survived a couple of base runners. Thought it a good idea last year, but maybe hard to make the transition mid-season with little rotation depth.

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