International Watch: Gustavo Cabrera Reviewed by Momizat on . A new year with a new batch of players and rules highlight the 2012 July 2nd international signing period. I spoke with a member of the MLB scouting bureau who A new year with a new batch of players and rules highlight the 2012 July 2nd international signing period. I spoke with a member of the MLB scouting bureau who Rating:
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International Watch: Gustavo Cabrera

International Watch: Gustavo Cabrera

A new year with a new batch of players and rules highlight the 2012 July 2nd international signing period.

I spoke with a member of the MLB scouting bureau who does most of his work overseas last week and asked him MLB was going to keep underhanded deals from taking place when just last year multiple players were signing for north of $3M.  He seemed quite confident that MLB has done a good job of cleaning up the Wild West of talent acquisition while leaving things open enough in the new CBA to either increase bonuses in the future or decrease them even further if teams don’t want to play by the rules.  Teams, buscons and families have been doing business a certain way in the Dominican for a number of years and are slow to change, it will be interesting to see if MLB can police this pool of talent to create a level playing field for all teams.

The player who will be effected the most by the new cap is Dominican born outfielder Gustavo Cabrera who by most accounts is the top prospect in this years pool.  With a weak draft class and the Rangers and Royals showing last year they weren’t afraid of backing up the truck Cabrera could be taking a pretty significant hit if teams tell him they aren’t willing to make trades to acquire more money to sign him.

Cabrera much like Byron Buxton the top draft prospect this year is drawing comparisons to Diamondbacks outfield Justin Upton for his athletic body and projection.  Cabrera in addition to a wiry build has great speed and a big arm throwing 90 plus from the outfield. He has shown good bat speed, solid hitting mechanics as well as future power potential. Gustavo unlike some past signees showed that his mechanics can transfer onto the field earning MVP honors during the 2011 RBI Championships in Minneapolis.


Cabrera will likely max out some teams cap limit and it could take a trade or two by whoever covets him most to earn his services. Remember that while teams aren’t allowed to trade draft picks they are able to trade money in Latin America, meaning if a team knows they aren’t able to sign talent they can trade portions of their $2.9M to other teams. While I don’t know who is the leader in the clubhouse for Gustavo I’d be shocked if the Rangers weren’t major players as they’ve been in almost every talented player in Latin America over the past 12 months.

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  • Clint Scoles


    Royals are said to be players on Cabrera, I’ll start more work on International side this next week

  • revisroyalsfan

    Hi Guys,

    Haven’t heard KC linked with any of the top int. players this spring.

    I would expect lots of player movement in this market after the June draft and before the July deadline kicks in.

    Seems like signing bonuses will drop significantly. I’ll be interested to see which teams set the market standard for payouts. Would love to see KC start to ask from international market money when they make a little deal for PTBNL or cash considerations. Better to have 2 lottery ticket types in the DR than $50,000 in cash for a 4A guy when they change organizations.


    sounds way chaotic….that’s the MLB…their draft & trades are so Chaotic…

  • Clint Scoles

    Yep anything they find valuable. If you aren’t going to use it why hang onto it. Could get messy if MLB requires teams to have that money at the time of signing. Example Sign Gustavo for 3.5M on July 2nd, add another couple players on July 2nd for 1m each and then in December after the DPL All Star game add another player for 200K. That exceeds the total cap by 2.8m. If MLB required the money to be there on July 2nd they’d have to pull a trade prior to the July 2nd deals, if they didn’t then teams could include the money in trades made around the trading deadline and during the offseason. That second scenario would be much more ideal for teams and increase leverage by the team trading away the money I would think.


    Clint what do they trade part of thier Intl FA salary cap for…i mean, what do they get in return? ex…players, actual cash…. thx in advance

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