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Born and raised in the Kansas City area, I was fortunate enough to have a Grandfather that was a huge Baseball fan. He first introduced me to the Kansas City Athletics when I was only 3 years old. He took me to many early Royals games in old Municipal Stadium and I was lucky enough to see some of the greatest moments in Royals history (so far). I am a die-hard Royals fan and a walking encyclopedia of Royals History. I take great pride in that.

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    Sarah, Thank you!

    Greg, I think it was Ryan Eigsti. We never got a chance to talk to Anthony, although we saw him from a distance! Hey… no need to thank us. Thank YOU for letting JP share his thoughts and for letting me share some pictures as well. I hope everyone enjoyed reading it all as much as he enjoyed doing it. He’s looking forward to the season and hopefully will have some fun stories to share at that time as well. So great you got to take your son to watch some of the guys in Florida, I am sure he will follow in his Dad’s footsteps for his love of the game! Look forward to visiting with you soon!

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    Sarah Bode-Clark

    Have loved reading your reports, JP!

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    Greg Schaum

    Also- I wonder if the other player he got the autograph from was the one and only Anthony Seratelli….

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    Greg Schaum

    JP and Heather

    I can not thank you both enough (well, I can because I have a gift for JP) for bringing me the game the way it should be seen…thru the eyes of a kid….I found myself remembering trips to Fort Myers to watch Willie Wilson, Hal McRae, a young Buddy Biancalana and all the gang with my dad….

    It really was a pleasure….I took my son (2 and a half) to watch the Orioles and Red Sox minor leaguers yesterday and his buddy Jackie Bradley JR (friendship between us began because of this site 2 years ago) visited us and took pictures (I will post later) so I felt that exuberance of youth in that moment

    Again…all of us at PTP are very happy to have you on board with us this season and we can meet up soon for my gift and discuss how to continue your budding journalism career

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