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I never had a chance. I was born into a family who loved baseball and the Royals, so I accordingly love baseball and the Royals. I just so happen to love to write also, which makes writing about the Royals for this site something that makes me happy each and every day. When I first started blogging, a fairly well known baseball writer told me to only do it until I'm unhappy doing it, but I don't see that coming any time soon.

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    steve y

    I agree, SO important that the Royals stay creative and aggressive, moves like the Matt Moore move to lock up the best young stars for as long as we can. Dayton has been able to deal with/through Boras on signing the best young draftees, so need to figure out the formula for our best young players as well. Why wait for the Hosmer’s to get their own plane to be able to more easily attend the games, and get suites to sit in to watch? Enough up front money now would get the job done. Front load city.

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    Hosmer – or Moose, or any other Boras client – is going to have to tell Boras that he’s interested before it will happen. Carlos Gonzalez and Jered Weaver, both Boras clients, recently signed extensions before free agency, but only at their own insistence. Boras strongly advised them against it.

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    Ty Youngfelt

    Hosmer at a Tulowitzki-esk extension (the first, pre arbitration one) with slight inflation seems about right- eat up the arby years, tack on 2 additional controlled years w/options and go from there…

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    Greg, he’s clearly talking about extending Hosmer. I think that it will be for at least 7 more years after next season. 9-10 years of Hosmer would be awesome.

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    Greg Schaum

    Of course he understands the face of the franchise…..which is why it has been often talked about that he refused to trade Mike Sweeney to the Angels late in 2004 when they were looking to grab him for the stretch run

    But,Hosmer will be the face of this franchise…..let’s just hope it is for longer than 6 years

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