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A Lee's Summit resident currently working on a degree in Communications at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Although I have grown up a Royals fan, I've only been writing about the team off-and-on over the last two years, mostly at Royals Review. I do my best to play the part of an online blogger by living in a basement. In my spare time, I volunteer at my church, working mostly in the student ministry on video production and editing or assisting the technical arts director with lighting and sound. I remember Shawn Sedlacek and Eduardo Villacis. I know that Runelvys Hernandez had a pretty good month one year. I like to bring up Albie Lopez for no reason at all. MVP Baseball 2005 is the best baseball game ever made.

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    Joshua Ward

    The save, at least, had intent to quantify an activity that lacked measurement. And it was a different beast when guys were going multiple innings more often than not to secure a save.

    The quality start, though, doesn’t tell you anything that other measures can tell you more readily.

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    I was dying for Brian Kenny to tell Mitch Williams that the quality start is no more a sabermetric stat than the save is. Both were invented by newspapermen trying to come up with a shorthand way of defining a certain situation. Both (likely) regret it. The quality start is not a mom’s-basement stat, and no sabermetrician is a quality start fan.

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