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I never had a chance. I was born into a family who loved baseball and the Royals, so I accordingly love baseball and the Royals. I just so happen to love to write also, which makes writing about the Royals for this site something that makes me happy each and every day. When I first started blogging, a fairly well known baseball writer told me to only do it until I'm unhappy doing it, but I don't see that coming any time soon.

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    I SOOOO agree with you David.

    And as for you mmeade17, you hit the nail on the head with your last sentence.

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    The reality is that Gordon is one of the top 3 leadoff men in the game. His high on-base percentage is a rarity at the top of a lineup, and his ability to hit doubles and home runs somewhat negates his inability to steal bases. He can put himself in scoring position with a double to lead off a game. If Gordon is not this team’s lead off hitter, then this team is screwed for 2013. Either it means that Hosmer isn’t hitting in which case they’re screwed. Or it means that Ned Yost is determined to destroy the team with is stupidity. Also screwed. The lineup should be: Gordon, Escobar, Hosmer, Butler, Moustakas, Perez, Cain, Falu, Dyson*. Note: in my fantasy world, the Royals wise up and start their most valuable players instead of players they are financially or personally invested in.

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    Gordon’s power is one of the main things that I love about him being the leadoff hitter. The score of most games will be 0-0 when Gordon comes up to bat and if he puts one over the fence on the first AB of the Royals side of the inning, the other pitcher is already pitching from behind. That mindset doesn’t affect the Verlanders or the Prices but it sure can change the psyche of most teams #4 or #5 pitcher. We all have a perfect example on the Royals (Hoch) of how a pitchers psyche can change when pitching from behind.

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