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I never had a chance. I was born into a family who loved baseball and the Royals, so I accordingly love baseball and the Royals. I just so happen to love to write also, which makes writing about the Royals for this site something that makes me happy each and every day. When I first started blogging, a fairly well known baseball writer told me to only do it until I'm unhappy doing it, but I don't see that coming any time soon.

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    jim fetterolf

    cpass, that line-up fits Yost for a couple of reasons. He likes L-R-L-R as much as possible, Hosmer is quite a bit faster than Butler, and I think everyone assumes the 5’8″ Gio to eventually walk more than the much taller Cain, plus he should have a little better bat control. Gordon and Moose will walk a lot, Billy not much if Moose continues last fall’s production. Thanks.

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    Jim, Yost was just on MLB Radio’s Inside Pitch and ran through his preliminary lineup. He darned near forgot to include Moose, but it sounds like it will be roughly Gordon, Giavotella, Hosmer, Butler, Moustakas, Francoeur (or Frenchy then Moose), Perez, Cain (or Cain then Perez), Escobar.

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    jim fetterolf

    Thanks, Greg. Passed it on to Lee. He’s even older school than I am, but eager to learn.

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    Greg Schaum

    Here you go Jim


    I have access to any and all people in this article If Lee needs contacts for his research ….The Royals were not happy with this article because they felt they were not one of the teams guilty of this. But, this article was not about any one team it was about many teams in baseball. Baseball, historically has been behind the train. I believe many teams (including the Royals now) have moved past this and I really feel we are about to see a new era in quality pitching and development in the big leagues because of this

    If I were a GM I would have a list of every P that had their routine taken from them when they signed with a cookie cutter organization and I would trade for that P and get him back on the appropriate program

    IMO Brooks Pounders could be that guy for KC

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    jim fetterolf

    Thanks for the details, Greg. I’ve been reading you for over a year now, just got around to figuring out how to log in and post. This is a subject I’ve been kicking around with Mike Engel at Kings of Kaufman and Lee Judge at the Star for awhile, Mike apparently also having a background and having been a trainer, Lee having club house access to the players and will be at spring training, along with some of his posters, so he can look for signs of change. If you would link your piece and don’t mind, I’ll share it with Lee, who has asked for more information on the subject. Thanks.

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    Greg Schaum


    I don’t know how long you have followed the site so excuse me If u already know this…..But I am closely invested in long tossing or airing it out…..more specifically I am really anti cookie cutter techniques. If you don’t know this….please let me link you to an article i wrote on this subject last May.

    I am very close with Alan Jaeger and have an uncle and cousin who are both doing very well as consultants (they work together) for now 6 teams. We all believe in similar things and all concluded that the 120 foot belief has held pitchers back for a couple of decades now….

    I have plenty of contacts in and around the game and everything points to a new direction in pitching philosophies for the Royals, I have spoken with a few of the current pitchers in the system and all are very encouraged (thus far) of how their new regiment sounds.

    Of course, the proof will be in the way things are handled in Surprise this February….looking forward to this

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    jim fetterolf

    Greg, the media comment was a little snark:) Hope you’re right on the new coach.

    Read a piece awhile back on SI about program training and oddly enough it seems that the teams that always seem to have an excess of pitchers are new school. I still think changing the training of a number of our hot young arms contributed to the seeming regression of most of our young pitchers once they hit AA and even slowed current starters like Hochevar and maybe even Duffy. Wonder how they’ll handle Arquelles in that light, long-term long-tosser a year removed from surgery?

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    Greg Schaum


    If you think anyone playing for the Royals gives a rip about what the media says you are greatly mistaken…..

    It sounds like from everyone I hae talked to the new pitching regiment is much more in line with my beliefs….which is a very good thing

    I like that line up

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    jim fetterolf

    My offering:

    1. Ignore the media and just go out and play ball. Talent plus experience plus Seitzer should yield success for the hitters.

    2. Join the 21st century on pitcher training. Hope the new PC isn’t old school.

    3. Throw strikes.

    4. Bat Hosmer third, Butler fourth, Moose fifth, Frenchy sixth.

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    jim fetterolf

    “The Sacrifice Bunt is NOT Your Friend”

    When done by Getz or Esky it has about the same average chance of producing a hit as a full swing does, plus it moves a runner into scoring position.

    “A bullpen averaging three innings per night will wear down in August.”

    Three innings per game times 162 games equals 486 innings divided by 8 equals just under 61 innings per reliever. The point of bringing up Herrera and signing Broxton was to get Holland some help for the 8th inning and solid guys for the 7th. If Crow doesn’t go to Omaha, he’s back in the mix.

    “If Chris Getz and/or Yuniesky Betancourt get more than 400 at bats, the Royals will lose more than they win.”

    I would have phrased it, “If Gio proves to be Aviles v2.0…” Royals should do fine anyway, the rest of the defense and offense more than adequate to carry Yuni or Getz or even last year’s Gio.

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    David Lesky

    Yeah, I figured I wasn’t eligible, so I made a whole post out of it.

  12. 1

    Greg Schaum

    Ok- David

    First off u r not eligible for the autographed baseball…..But, this is exactly what I am looking for

    If I am going to give something of value away I would hope someone would clearly identify and take the time to win the ball

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