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Erik Gratton

Incurable Royals and Chiefs fan since late 70's. I'm professional actor that was raised in Kansas City. Rockhurst, then Olathe North, then Olathe East, then Olathe North again (then Emporia State, Detroit, New York, LA and now Seattle). Life is pretty good and you can listen to me talk about it at thelazymuse.com and snark about it on twitter. Watch good movies.

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    Erik Gratton

    One of the Timothy Busfield scenes from Sneakers was the first scene I ever worked on in an on-camera class. I had forgotten that completely until watching it last weekend. Yeah, Phoenix was pretty okay. Need to rewatch Running on Empty.

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    Greg Schaum

    Watching the Sneakers trailer made me remember the talent that was River Phoenix…I always enjoy the actors you watch with the volume turned down…he did not need to talk to relay his message to an audience….I watched Skyfall 2 nights ago and Bardem did this in his role as the best Bond villain ever

    Also, the director of Field of Dreams…well, Timothy Busfield did something right…because he is in both of those films

    Finally…I hope you saw the episode of Portlandia where the cast takes over MTV w/ Soren, Loder, and the bald guy from Headbangers Ball…it is a classic sketch in every way

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    Sarah Bode-Clark

    Love seeing those folks that are somehow able to “make a living” doing what they love by working so damn hard.

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