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Erik Gratton

Incurable Royals and Chiefs fan since late 70's. I'm professional actor that was raised in Kansas City. Rockhurst, then Olathe North, then Olathe East, then Olathe North again (then Emporia State, Detroit, New York, LA and now Seattle). Life is pretty good and you can listen to me talk about it at thelazymuse.com and snark about it on twitter. Watch good movies.

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    Erik Gratton

    Great call on Pelotero. I meant to come back and add that one. I totally whiffed on A Soldier’s Story. Love that movie. Don’t know Long Gone, though I think Dutton mentioned that one a few months back. Thanks, Greg!

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    Greg Schaum

    Let me add a few films Pastime which came out in 1990 and starred Glen Plummer and William Russ…It was originally called One cup of Coffee….Fun fact, my college baseball team (one year before i got there) was the team used as extras during this move…the coach of the opposing team was my school’s coach at that time (he was the A.D when I got there)

    I also loved Long Gone which was an HBO movie with William Peterson and Dermot Mulroney ( a terrible baseball player) and a Soldiers Story ( a young Denzel Washington is excellent in this) Finally Pelotero (available on Netflix) a documentary about 2 Dominican ball players

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    Erik Gratton

    It’s a bit of a compulsion. I don’t fight it anymore. Hope Paris was amazing!

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    Sarah Bode-Clark

    Wow–that is a list. The amount of movies you’ve seen in general is pretty awesome. Will have to check a few of these out (would never be able to make it through them all!). :)

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