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I grew up on the mean gravel roads of Iowa where I started my love for baseball from the age of 2. George Brett and the voice of Denny Matthews deepened my love even more for the Royals as my father and I spent summers listening to the team on our deck or in the car on our way to or from my little league and high school games. Sports was always the common bond that my father and I enjoyed and the Royals were in the center of that. I currently live in La Vista with my wife, two sons, two dogs and a pair of gross cats where we are grinding through until we can move somewhere warm when we retire. I own Casino Cab Company and Bluffs Affordable Auto Repair in Council Bluffs trying to build my 1% empire. If you are in the area you can find me at Omaha Storm Chasers games on most nights or just follow me on twitter @ClintScoles.

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    Sorry Clint I’ll stick by my original point that saying 2003 was a fluke is contentious, argumentative or maybe more so debatable because its not a fact its just one’s own opinion. Its explainable the Royals were 4th in the AL in Runs Scored and 7th in all of MLB. They had a stacked lineup. You feel your way and I feel my way so putting it in the letter doesn’t advance his objective. Of course Glass won’t do anything but at minimal like I said previously I would want my efforts deemed admirable by Glass and the only chance of that is to write a serious, fact base letter that appeals to one’s reason and not their emotion. As far as pre 2000, you and I have debated and explained our opinions and neither of us have changed our view since that discussion so no sense in rehashing. Lastly, as far as you saying, “I understand you disagree with the Glass is the problem camp” let me make clear that my position is being patient w/ the process that in 2006 GMDM sold to Glass and Glass bought into. GMDM said like 8yrs or their a bouts and Glass has done everything since to hold up his end of the agreement. That would mean that around 2014 is the pinnacle of the process. I’m being patient til then and then I will objectively reassess.

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    Clint Scoles

    Hate to let you in on this but 2003 was a fluke they had a -31 run differential and got lucky performances out of Darrell May and Jose Lima.

    He explained his reasons for putting the cities in the org, I would change it up myself but it is his letter.

    Joe explained that he doesn’t think Glass will do anything based on this letter therefore an emotional appeal is actually better.

    I understand you disagree with the Glass is the problem camp. You don’t have to that’s fine but Glass is the owner of the team and winning is the object of desire of their fans. Glass has been the CEO/Owner of the Royals since 1993 only two times in those 19 years has the team had a winning record, once was the strike shortened season 1994 and fluke 2003. Not good

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    I agree w/ both of your thoughts on the letter to Glass even though you differed….I wish Joe luck w/ his efforts and don’t disparage his vision…that said I read the open letter to Glass a couple of days ago and my impression was that this letter can not be taken serious…..you pointed to an obvious exaggeration w/ his comparison of KC to Chicago, Dallas and Houston ect.. and he made a contentious swipe like 2003 was a fluke. You have to consider your audience when writing to them and Glass, whatever you think of him, is still a successful and serious businessman. When considering this I realized, in my judgement, that this letter is written like an emotional appeal for a segment of the Royals fanbase like Royals Review Commenters and Soren Petro likeminded people. For this letter to galvanize Joe’s vision or to even be considered admirable by Glass for his efforts this letter needs to be rewritten for its desired reader or readdress all together.

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