Diamonds in the Rough 8.20 Reviewed by Momizat on . 4-4 record for Royals affiliates on Monday.  HR Roll Call Chris Elder (2) Bubba Starling (10) Alexis Rivera (3) Johan Santa (2) [caption id="attachment_12305" 4-4 record for Royals affiliates on Monday.  HR Roll Call Chris Elder (2) Bubba Starling (10) Alexis Rivera (3) Johan Santa (2) [caption id="attachment_12305" Rating:
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Diamonds in the Rough 8.20

Diamonds in the Rough 8.20

4-4 record for Royals affiliates on Monday.  HR Roll Call Chris Elder (2) Bubba Starling (10) Alexis Rivera (3) Johan Santa (2)

Photo by Levi Payton

Pine Tar Press Hitter of the Day Paulo Orlando 3-4


Pine Tar Press Pitcher of the Day Angel Baez 5 Ip 4 H 1 R 0 ER 3 BB 6 K

Pine Tar Press Rookie League Player of the Day Ariel Estades 2-3 3 RBI 

Nashville Sounds 9 Omaha Storm Chasers 1

The Chasers offense couldn’t get much going on Monday collecting just four hits in a lopsided loss. Nashville starter Claudio Vargas did much of the damage to Omaha allowing just two hits in 8 innings while striking out seven and not allowing a walk.  While Vargas was shutting down the offense Nate Adcock was getting knocked around for six runs on nine hits in six innings to drop his fifth AAA game of the season.  New reliever Donnie Joseph hasn’t had an easy transition to the PCL giving up three more hits and his first PCL home run during his three run inning.


W: Vargas (6-1, 3.58) L: Adcock (7-5, 5.14)

Nashville Sounds
Logan SchaferCF511000101.270
Eric Farris2B502010100.276
Jordan BrownDH411000001.305
    a- Adrian WilliamsPH-DH100000001.000
Taylor Green3B522001200.269
Sean Halton1B321000010.266
Caleb GindlRF412000101.245
Jeff BianchiSS411000000.306
Corey PattersonLF412200301.257
Humberto QuinteroC401100001.246
a-Struck out for Brown, J in the 9th.
2B: Patterson, C 2 (20, Adcock, Joseph, D), Quintero (5, Adcock).
3B: Farris (1, Adcock).
HR: Green, T (6, 8th inning off Joseph, D, 1 on, 0 out).
TB: Farris 4; Quintero 2; Brown, J; Bianchi; Schafer; Halton; Patterson, C 4; Gindl 2; Green, T 5.
RBI: Gindl (40), Patterson, C 3 (36), Schafer (35), Farris (27), Green, T 2 (23).
2-out RBI: Patterson, C.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Green, T; Farris; Quintero.
Team RISP: 5-for-11.
DP: (Bianchi-Halton).

Omaha Storm Chasers
Irving FaluSS401000100.324
Derrick RobinsonLF400000002.272
Anthony Seratelli1B400000002.306
Wil Myers3B300000001.297
Max RamirezDH301000001.301
Mitch MaierCF300000002.250
Rey Navarro2B301100000.375
Jason BourgeoisRF311000000.217
Cody ClarkC300000000.175
2B: Navarro (1, Vargas).
TB: Falu; Bourgeois; Navarro 2; Ramirez, M.
RBI: Falu (44).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Falu.
GIDP: Navarro.
Team RISP: 1-for-4.
E: Adcock (2, pickoff).
Outfield assists: Bourgeois (Gindl at 2nd base).

Nashville Sounds
Claudio Vargas (W, 6-1)8.02000703.58
Donovan Hand1.02110103.36
Omaha Storm Chasers
Nathan Adcock (L, 7-5)6.09660205.14
Blaine Hardy1.00000103.25
Donnie Joseph1.03331117.00
Roman Colon1.01000202.95


Frisco Rough Riders 6 NW Arkansas Naturals 1

Mike Montgomery’s difficult 2012 continued in Frisco as the lefty dropped his fourth AA decision.  Montgomery since arriving in AA has done a decent job of controlling the strikezone, pushing his walk rate to 3 per 9 going into this start but the lefty struggled on this night walking five in five innings.  On top of the five walks he allowed five hits, four runs and his sixth AA home run in 8 starts which helped push his ERA to 5.87 in those starts.  The offense wasn’t doing anything to match Frisco’s offensive effort getting three hits out of Paulo Orlando and just three others on the night to drop the game.

NW Arkansas100000000161

W: Buckel (4-5, 4.42) L: Montgomery (2-4, 5.87)

Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Yem PradesDH411000001.263
Whit Merrifield2B400000001.256
Brian FletcherLF401000103.251
Paulo OrlandoCF403000000.282
Manny PinaC200000000.248
    Ryan JenkinsC100000000.243
Mario Lisson1B300000001.251
Carlo TestaRF300000001.251
Alex McClureSS301000000.236
Michael Liberto3B300000002.203
TB: Fletcher; McClure; Prades; Orlando 3.
RBI: Fletcher (27).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Liberto; McClure 2.
SAC: Lisson.
GIDP: Pina.
Team RISP: 1-for-5.
SB: McClure (2, 2nd base off Buckel/Zaneski).

E: McClure (4, throw).

Frisco RoughRiders
Engel BeltreCF402000011.261
Leury Garcia2B311000000.288
Jurickson ProfarSS210000020.278
Chris McGuiness1B220000020.257
Jared PrinceRF412001400.231
Tommy Mendonca3B411000002.310
Jared HoyingLF301000011.263
Ryan StrausborgerDH300000001.239
Zach ZaneskiC301000102.286
HR: Prince (11, 5th inning off Montgomery, 2 on, 2 out).
TB: Prince 5; Mendonca; Garcia, L; Zaneski; Beltre, E 2; Hoying.
RBI: Zaneski (31), Prince 4 (43).
2-out RBI: Prince 4.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Prince; Garcia, L; Zaneski.
SAC: Garcia, L; Strausborger.
SF: Zaneski.
Team RISP: 3-for-10.
SB: Hoying (9, 2nd base off Montgomery/Pina), Beltre, E (34, 2nd base off Montgomery/Pina).
CS: Beltre, E (10, 3rd base by Montgomery/Pina).

DP: (Profar-Garcia, L-McGuiness).

Northwest Arkansas Naturals
Mike Montgomery (L, 2-4)5.05445315.87
Jon Keck1.21221104.00
Ethan Hollingsworth1.12000304.57
Frisco RoughRiders
Cody Buckel (W, 4-5)6.05110704.42
Roman Mendez (H, 1)2.00000102.25
Ross Wolf1.01000102.17
WP: Hollingsworth, Buckel.
HBP: Pina (by Buckel).


Game 1 continuation of a suspended game

Frederick Keys 6 Wilmington Blue Rocks 4

Wilmington due to rainouts was forced to complete a home game in the other teams stadium Monday when they finished off a suspended game with Frederick.  The Rocks dropped that game when Elisaul Pimentel and Tyler Sample gave up six runs (4 ER) in six innings.


W: Bywater (1-1, 5.61) L: Pimentel (3-2, 3.27)
S: Fowler (1)

Frederick Keys
Trent MummeyCF200000002.245
    Steven BumbryCF302000200.252
Michael Mosby3B310000021.206
Tyler Townsend1B101000000.188
    Allan de San Miguel1B301000111.263
Jeremy NowakLF211000120.284
Michael FlaccoDH500000004.215
Travis Adair2B101000000.280
    Jerome Pena2B412100000.500
Joe OliveiraC321000110.201
Roderick BernadinaRF100000000.077
    Brenden WebbRF300000103.000
Michael RooneySS412100002.165
2B: Rooney (5, Pimentel, E), Pena, J (1, Sample).
TB: de San Miguel; Townsend; Adair; Pena, J 3; Nowak; Rooney 3; Bumbry 2; Oliveira.
RBI: Bumbry 2 (13), de San Miguel (2), Oliveira (12), Webb (1), Nowak (29).
2-out RBI: de San Miguel; Bumbry.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Flacco 3; Oliveira; Webb 2.
SAC: Oliveira.
SF: Webb; Nowak.
GIDP: Bernadina, R.
Team RISP: 3-for-9.
SB: Mosby (2, 2nd base off Sample/Bonilla).

E: Nowak (4, throw).
DP: (Pena, J-de San Miguel).

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Whit Merrifield2B100000000.265
    a- Angel FrancoPH-2B310000010.278
Orlando CalixteSS400000002.240
Lane AdamsRF411000001.242
Matt Fields1B412010201.311
Cheslor Cuthbert3B400000100.220
Brett EibnerCF401000002.199
Murray WattsDH300000002.107
    b- Nick Van StrattenPH-DH1111000001.000
Jose BonillaC301000012.250
Geulin BeltreLF201000120.220
a-Grounded out for Merrifield in the 3rd. b-Doubled for Watts in the 9th.
2B: Van Stratten (1, Fowler).
3B: Fields, M (2, Erbe).
TB: Bonilla; Eibner; Beltre; Van Stratten 2; Adams; Fields, M 4.
RBI: Fields, M 2 (22), Cuthbert (49), Beltre (24).
2-out RBI: Fields, M.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Beltre; Cuthbert; Franco.
GIDP: Franco.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
SB: Franco (9, 2nd base off Bywater/Oliveira).

E: Sample (7, throw), Calixte (8, throw).
PB: Bonilla (4).
Outfield assists: Adams (Rooney at home).
DP: (Calixte-Merrifield-Fields, M).

Frederick Keys
Dylan Bundy2.20001302.80
Matt Bywater (W, 1-1)3.13111305.61
Brandon Erbe (H, 1)2.02222308.05
Zach Fowler (S, 1)1.02110109.00
Wilmington Blue Rocks
Matt Ridings3.02001402.70
Elisaul Pimentel (L, 3-2)4.04223603.27
Tyler Sample2.05422305.84

Game 2

Frederick Keys 5 Wilmington Blue Rocks 2

The start of the second game didn’t go well for Jason Adam as the big right-handers problems with home runs returned when he gave up back to back home runs in the first as part of a five run inning to put Wilmington down.  Jason righted the ship from there giving his team four scoreless but the damage was done and the offense wasn’t bale to overcome dropping Jason’s 12th game of the season.  Reliever Robinson Yambati pitched a scoreless inning striking out a pair which ups his total to 25 in 19.2 High A innings.


W: Jones (6-0, 2.30) L: Adam (5-12, 3.76)

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Orlando CalixteSS200000001.271
    1- Luis PitersonPR-SS100000000.269
Brett EibnerCF400000001.199
Lane AdamsDH302000100.247
Matt Fields1B300000002.290
Cheslor Cuthbert3B311000000.234
Nick Van StrattenLF201000000.391
Geulin BeltreRF301100001.236
Juan GraterolC301000100.294
Angel Franco2B210000010.265
1-Ran for Calixte in the 5th.
2B: Beltre (14, Jones).
TB: Beltre 2; Cuthbert; Van Stratten; Adams 2; Graterol.
RBI: Graterol (16), Adams (20).
2-out RBI: Graterol.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Franco; Graterol; Cuthbert 2.
GIDP: Graterol.
Team RISP: 2-for-8.
E: Adam (1, pickoff), Cuthbert (20, fielding).
DP: (Cuthbert-Franco-Fields, M).

Frederick Keys
Glynn DavisCF300000001.206
Jerome Pena2B211000000.353
    Michael Rooney2B100000000.151
Brenden WebbRF210000011.256
Allan de San MiguelC211000110.273
Jeremy NowakDH311001301.279
Steven BumbryLF312101101.246
Michael Flacco1B301000000.207
Michael Mosby3B201000011.242
Garabez RosaSS300000001.248
2B: Bumbry (16, Adam).
HR: Nowak (6, 1st inning off Adam, 2 on, 1 out), Bumbry (6, 1st inning off Adam, 0 on, 1 out).
TB: de San Miguel; Pena, J; Flacco; Nowak 4; Bumbry 6; Mosby.
RBI: de San Miguel (12), Nowak 3 (37), Bumbry (23).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Flacco; Rosa.
GIDP: Rosa.
Team RISP: 2-for-5.
CS: de San Miguel (1, 2nd base by Adam/Graterol).

DP: (Rooney-Rosa-Flacco).

Wilmington Blue Rocks
Jason Adam (L, 5-12)5.06552423.76
Robinson Yambati1.01001201.83
Frederick Keys
Devin Jones (W, 6-0)7.06221502.30
WP: Jones.
HBP: Calixte (by Jones), Van Stratten (by Jones).


Kane County Cougars 5 Burlington Bees 4

The Cougars needed a win to keep their playoff hopes alive in Burlington and they used a late rally to do just that.  Trailing Burlington by three games in the race for the final playoff spot the Cougars got a grand slam from outfielder Chris Elder to reverse a 3-1 deficit into a 5-3 lead and an eventual win.  Kane County sandwiched a couple solid pitching performances by Angel Baez and Andrew Triggs around three runs allowed by relievers.  Baez K’d six hitters in five innings allowing just an unearned run on four hits and three free passes before turning things to the pen.  At the back of that pen Andrew Triggs picked up his second save of the season working a perfect ninth inning with the aid of two strikeouts.  Those two K’s up Triggs total to 43 in 38.1 relief innings while creating a 62% ground ball rate in that time.

Kane County001000040594

W: Giovenco (4-2, 4.57) L: Alcantara (6-11, 5.08)
S: Triggs (2)

Kane County Cougars
Alex LlanosCF502000000.290
Jack LopezSS411000010.225
Daniel Mateo2B410000010.267
Julio AparicioDH401100001.265
Michael Antonio3B310000013.221
Chris ElderLF411001401.364
Henry Moreno1B401000002.210
Kevin DavidC411000000.233
Tim FergusonRF402000000.284
2B: Aparicio (5, Peters).
HR: Elder (1, 8th inning off Alcantara, R, 3 on, 1 out).
TB: Moreno; Lopez; Ferguson 2; Aparicio 2; David; Elder 4; Llanos 2.
RBI: Elder 4 (11).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Aparicio; Mateo; Antonio; Llanos.
Team RISP: 1-for-8.
E: Antonio 3 (30, throw, fielding, throw), Baez (3, pickoff).
DP: (Lopez-Mateo-Moreno).

Burlington Bees
Sean Jamieson2B000000020.234
    a- Michael FabiaschiPH-2B200000012.193
Aaron ShipmanCF211000220.205
Wade Kirkland3B400000003.252
Rashun DixonDH400000013.243
Maxwell Muncy1B413200100.257
Bobby CrockerLF501000002.269
Douglas LandaetaRF310000001.250
Addison RussellSS311000100.143
John NesterC301000010.216
a-Struck out for Jamieson in the 5th.
2B: Muncy, M 2 (12, Baez, Giovenco).
TB: Shipman; Russell; Crocker; Muncy, M 5; Nester.
RBI: Shipman 2 (29), Russell (1), Muncy, M (18).
2-out RBI: Shipman.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Kirkland 3; Landaeta; Dixon 2; Fabiaschi; Crocker.
SAC: Landaeta.
SF: Russell; Muncy, M; Shipman.
GIDP: Crocker.
Team RISP: 3-for-14.
SB: Landaeta (10, 2nd base off Baez/David), Shipman 2 (8, 2nd base off Baez/David, 2nd base off Giovenco/David), Dixon (8, 2nd base off Giovenco/David).
CS: Jamieson (6, 2nd base by Baez/David).

E: Kirkland (21, throw).

Kane County Cougars
Angel Baez5.04103602.96
Michael Giovenco (W, 4-2)2.02223104.57
Kellen Moen (H, 1)1.01101205.27
Andrew Triggs (S, 2)1.00000201.07
Burlington Bees
Tanner Peters6.27100503.29
Chas Mye (H, 9)0.10222003.75
Raul Alcantara (BS, 2)(L, 6-11)1.01221215.08
Drew Tyson1.01000003.39
Mye pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.WP: Baez 2, Giovenco.
HBP: Kirkland (by Baez).


Billings Mustangs 12 Idaho Falls Chukars 3

Sam Selman had his most difficult pro start since joining the Royals org while earning his second defeat to start a series versus Billings.  Crazy legs as some call him was missing bats as usual, striking out seven, but also giving up hits as the lefty allowed seven hits including three that went for doubles in giving up 7 runs (5 ER) while on the hill.  The relievers wouldn’t fair much better against the Mustangs and their seven doubles on fourteen hits including four by first baseman Carlos Sanchez.

Idaho Falls030000000364

W: Romano (5-4, 4.73) L: Selman (5-2, 2.06)
S: Saunders (1)

Billings Mustangs
Beau AmaralCF512000101.291
Brandon Dailey2B442100001.325
Carlos Sanchez1B544400301.311
Daniel PigottLF411100301.330
Zachary VincejSS502000100.418
Jon MatthewsRF500000002.153
Robert Ramirez3B512000101.226
Wagner GomezDH410000011.207
Julio MorilloC401100101.083
2B: Sanchez, Ca 4 (11, Selman, S, Selman, S, Stueve, Middendorf), Morillo, Ju (2, Selman, S), Pigott (6, Stueve), Dailey (7, Middendorf).
TB: Sanchez, Ca 8; Vincej, Z 2; Pigott 2; Amaral, B 2; Ramirez, Ro 2; Morillo, Ju 2; Dailey 3.
RBI: Sanchez, Ca 3 (39), Morillo, Ju (1), Amaral, B (21), Vincej, Z (14), Pigott 3 (26), Ramirez, Ro (24).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Dailey; Morillo, Ju 2.
SAC: Dailey.
SF: Pigott.
Team RISP: 7-for-16.
SB: Ramirez, Ro (9, 2nd base off Selman, S/Shin), Amaral, B (15, 2nd base off Selman, S/Shin).

E: Amaral, B 2 (3, throw, throw).
DP: (Vincej, Z-Dailey-Sanchez, Ca).

Idaho Falls Chukars
Ethan ChapmanCF400000001.316
Adalberto MondesiSS200000000.282
    Nick DelGuidiceSS200000000.293
Nicholas Cuckovich3B400000000.264
Jin-Ho ShinC311000010.293
Rainier Bello1B300000002.257
    Jared Schlehuber1B100000000.264
Elier HernandezRF312000011.204
Diego GorisLF411000100.290
Parker MorinDH301000100.275
Carlos Garcia2B301000100.264
TB: Garcia, C; Hernandez 2; Shin; Morin; Goris.
RBI: Goris (25), Morin (15), Garcia, C (17).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Mondesi 2; Goris 2.
GIDP: Goris.
Team RISP: 3-for-6.
E: Mondesi (19, missed catch), Cuckovich (13, fielding), Selman, S (2, fielding), Hernandez (7, throw).
PB: Shin (10).

Billings Mustangs
Sal Romano (W, 5-4)5.04332104.73
Mike Saunders (H, 1)3.02000200.00
Nolan Becker1.00000105.87
Idaho Falls Chukars
Sam Selman (L, 5-2)5.07751702.06
Andrew Stueve2.05330005.40
David Middendorf2.02220204.41
WP: Selman, S, Middendorf.


Burlington Royals 5 Kingsport Mets 4 F/12

A extra inning walkoff win for the Royals helped push their lead in the division to 3 games while lowering their playoff magic number to seven.  The Royals trailed 3-1 in the 8th when they were able to turn a Beau Maggi single and Terrance Gore walk into a pair of runs to tie the game and send it to extra innings.  The two teams traded runs in the 11th to send it to the 12 when Bubba Starling stole second after reaching on a fielding error and then scored on a Fred Ford walkoff single.  Starling hit his 10th home run of the sea on in the 4th and stole three bases on the night.


W: Peterson (6-0, 1.32) L: Valdez (0-1, 1.93)

Kingsport Mets
Yeixon Ruiz2B-3B500000001.248
Maikis De La CruzCF511100001.277
Jorge RiveroLF423001210.360
Jonathan Leroux1B411001111.224
Gavin CecchiniDH400000011.247
Anthony ChavezSS500000002.238
Jeffrey DiehlRF500000001.214
Jeyckol De LeonC500000004.210
Kevin Weijgertse3B200000011.143
    a- Branden KaupePH-2B200000002.185
a-Struck out for Weijgertse in the 10th.
2B: De La Cruz, M (10, Conroy).
HR: Rivero, J (2, 3rd inning off Conroy, 1 on, 2 out), Leroux, J (3, 3rd inning off Conroy, 0 on, 2 out).
TB: Leroux, J 4; De La Cruz, M 2; Rivero, J 6.
RBI: Rivero, J 2 (17), Leroux, J (12).
2-out RBI: Rivero, J 2; Leroux, J.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cecchini; Diehl.
Team RISP: 1-for-5.
SB: Cecchini (4, 2nd base off Conroy/Maggi).

E: Kaupe 2 (12, throw, fielding), Leroux, J (4, throw).

Burlington Royals
Terrance GoreLF511000012.264
Kenneth DiekroegerSS500000014.220
Bubba StarlingCF521001112.277
Patrick Leonard3B401000111.268
Mark Threlkeld2B210000040.291
Fred FordRF501000211.240
Alex HudakDH401000002.378
Jose Rodriguez1B500000000.200
Beau MaggiC411000001.194
    a- Adrian MoralesPH101000000.169
    Alexander MarquezC000000000.167
a-Singled for Maggi in the 11th.
HR: Starling (10, 4th inning off Gant, 0 on, 0 out).
TB: Leonard; Gore; Ford; Starling 4; Maggi; Morales, A; Hudak.
RBI: Starling (32), Leonard (43), Ford 2 (32).
2-out RBI: Ford 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Diekroeger, K; Hudak 2.
SF: Leonard.
Team RISP: 2-for-7.
SB: Starling 3 (9, 2nd base off Estevez, R/De Leon, J, 2nd base off Valdez/De Leon, J, 3rd base off Valdez/De Leon, J), Leonard (6, 2nd base off Valdez/De Leon, J).

E: Leonard 2 (13, throw, throw).
Outfield assists: Ford (Rivero, J at 2nd base).

Kingsport Mets
John Gant5.14112514.47
Luis Rengel (H, 2)2.01222209.33
Ramon Estevez (BS, 1)2.20002504.70
Carlos Valdez (BS, 1)(L, 0-1)1.22203101.93
Burlington Royals
Patrick Conroy6.03333323.86
Lincoln Rassi2.11001409.00
John Walter1.20000302.45
Mark Peterson (W, 6-0)2.01100401.32
WP: Gant, Peterson.
HBP: Hudak (by Valdez).
AZL Royals 7 AZL Reds 0
AZL Royals0110003027101
AZL Reds000000000050
W: Almonte (2-1, 2.95) L: Williams (1-4, 6.08)
AZL Royals
Jerrell AllenRF-CF412000001.206
Ramon TorresSS401000101.337
Chad JohnsonDH400000002.257
Bobby Fisher-Brown1B310000010.212
Luis VillegasC221000020.233
Lance HarperLF422000001.333
Ariel EstadesCF302000300.278
    Alexis RiveraRF111001200.351
Alfredo Patino3B401000000.200
Lewis Urena2B400000000.121
HR: Rivera, A (3, 9th inning off Muehring, 1 on, 1 out).
TB: Harper 2; Rivera, A 4; Torres, Ra; Patino; Estades 2; Allen 2; Villegas, Lu.
RBI: Estades 3 (10), Torres, Ra (25), Rivera, A 2 (29).
2-out RBI: Estades.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Allen.
GIDP: Johnson, C, Urena, Le.
Team RISP: 5-for-8.
SB: Allen (3, 2nd base off Williams/Kennelly).
CS: Allen (3, 2nd base by Perez, Jo/Kennelly).

E: Torres, Ra (18, throw).
DP: (Urena, Le-Torres, Ra-Fisher-Brown, B).

AZL Reds
Brent Peterson2B401000001.317
Humberto ValorSS400000001.240
Tanner Rahier3B400000000.192
Adam MatthewsRF402000002.354
Jhimmy Lopez1B300000002.240
Jonathan ReynosoCF302000000.333
Brayan AriasDH300000002.309
Josh KennellyC200000011.243
Jose ValdelamarLF300000001.167
TB: Matthews 2; Reynoso 2; Peterson.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Arias, B; Valor; Valdelamar.
GIDP: Valdelamar.
Team RISP: 0-for-5.
SB: Reynoso (27, 2nd base off Almonte, M/Villegas, Lu).
CS: Reynoso (7, 2nd base by Almonte, M/Villegas, Lu).

Outfield assists: Reynoso (Villegas, Lu at home).
DP: 2 (Valor-Peterson-Lopez, J, Peterson-Lopez, J).

AZL Royals
Cole White1.00000200.00
Miguel Almonte (W, 2-1)5.04001602.95
Jake Newberry1.01000100.60
Cruz Guevara1.00000007.02
Niklas Stephenson1.00000105.14
AZL Reds
Jose Williams (L, 1-4)5.05221106.08
Jonathan Perez2.043313016.88
Ryan Fennell1.00000100.00
Austin Muehring1.01221018.10
WP: Williams, Perez, Jo.


DSL Royals 17 DSL Cardinals 4

DSL Cardinals000001012466
DSL Royals40154300x17120

W: Garces (4-2, 2.62) L: Martinez (1-5, 3.18)

DSL Cardinals
Robelys ReyesSS513100201.246
Leobaldo Pina3B401000010.296
Carlos TorresCF400000011.264
Luis CruzC400000101.317
Bladimil FrancoRF300000010.231
Alejandro Mejia1B411000000.225
Eliezer AlvarezDH311000000.193
George AraujoLF210000010.150
Jeffry Cerdas2B400000100.162
2B: Reyes, Ro (6, Garces).
TB: Alvarez, E; Pina, Le; Mejia; Reyes, Ro 4.
RBI: Reyes, Ro 2 (16), Cruz (31), Cerdas (6).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Cruz; Cerdas; Torres, C.
Team RISP: 2-for-11.
E: Cruz (18, pickoff), Pina, Le (20, fielding), Cerdas 3 (11, fielding, throw, fielding), Franco (3, fielding).
PB: Cruz (9).
Outfield assists: Torres, C (Franco at 2nd base).
DP: 2 (Pina, Le-Mejia, Torres, C-Pina, Le-Cerdas).

DSL Royals
Jeckson FloresSS441000020.229
Eddy MeloLF330000030.262
Wander Franco3B222100530.308
Luis LaraC201000300.283
    1- Adelso PolancoPR000000000.000
    Sandy GarcesP000000000.000
    a- Alejandro ViloriaPH-P100000001.000
    Reinaldo CepinP100000001.000
    Yojensy AriasP000000000.000
Cesar Gonzalez1B-C533100400.224
Johan Santa2B612001200.298
Brawlun GomezRF400000001.197
Angelo CastellanoDH-1B321000020.230
Jose GironCF422000011.217
a-Struck out for Garces in the 6th.
1-Ran for Lara in the 5th.
2B: Franco (13, Martinez, D), Gonzalez, C (7, Pena, Jo).
HR: Santa (1, 4th inning off Lara, 1 on, 2 out).
TB: Lara; Castellano; Flores, J; Santa 5; Gonzalez, C 4; Franco 3; Giron 2.
RBI: Franco 5 (37), Lara 3 (17), Gonzalez, C 4 (29), Santa 2 (17).
2-out RBI: Gonzalez, C 3; Santa 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Castellano; Lara; Santa 3; Gomez, B; Melo.
SF: Lara 2.
Team RISP: 7-for-22.
PB: Gonzalez, C (13).

DSL Cardinals
Dailyn Martinez (L, 1-5)0.13432003.18
Ramon Santos2.21101001.52
Juan Fresa0.00313007.11
Jose Lara2.06621117.43
Jose Pena0.22333105.40
Alirio Negrette2.10001203.24
DSL Royals
Sandy Garces (W, 4-2)6.02111202.62
Alejandro Viloria1.000010014.54
Reinaldo Cepin1.01101004.12
Yojensy Arias1.03221104.22
Fresa pitched to 4 batters in the 4th.WP: Santos 3, Pena, Jo, Negrette.
HBP: Araujo, G (by Garces), Alvarez, E (by Viloria), Gonzalez, C (by Santos), Gomez, B (by Negrette), Franco (by Negrette).

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I grew up on the mean gravel roads of Iowa where I started my love for baseball from the age of 2. George Brett and the voice of Denny Matthews deepened my love even more for the Royals as my father and I spent summers listening to the team on our deck or in the car on our way to or from my little league and high school games. Sports was always the common bond that my father and I enjoyed and the Royals were in the center of that.I currently live in La Vista with my wife, two sons, two dogs and a pair of gross cats where we are grinding through until we can move somewhere warm when we retire. I own Casino Cab Company and Bluffs Affordable Auto Repair in Council Bluffs trying to build my 1% empire. If you are in the area you can find me at Omaha Storm Chasers games on most nights or just follow me on twitter @ClintScoles.

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