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I grew up in Topeka, and learned to love the Royals over many summer nights listening to Denny and Fred. Of course, the Royals were much easier to love back then. They got their claws in me some 30 years ago, then they went to the playoffs in 1984 and won it all in 1985. And I thought to myself, "This is easy. This team is always going to be good!" Sigh. But what can I say? If I've made it this far, I suppose I will always be a fan. But whenever they get good again, I'll be sure not to take it for granted. I promise. I'm also a fan of the Chiefs, Jayhawks (even the football team), Sporting KC, and the Nashville Predators. By day, I'm a mild-mannered project manager for a publishing company, and every night I'm lucky to come home to my amazing wife Michelle. We've been married since 2005 and live in Overland Park. Fun fact, she grew up in Memphis watching many future Royals when Kansas City's AA team was there. So it didn't take much to make a Royals fan out of her. We don't have kids, but we've got three cats (one named after Alex Gordon) and a dog. Follow me on Twitter! @Darin_Watson

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    Darin Watson

    Eric: I missed that news on Sizemore. Of course, the Royals will probably give Francoeur at least two months to prove himself for better or worse anyway. I’m sure Parra would be tough to get, but he’d be worth it, I think.

    Ryan: Those are good alternatives, too. Cuddyer might be a little more than the Royals want to spend, but I’d like to have him if they could get him.

    Justwant: I know it was a long post, but I did mention Sizemore. :) He certainly shouldn’t be expensive given his recent injuries.

    Downunder: That’s my fear, too. I don’t think Frenchy will be as bad as last year, but I’m afraid the Royals are counting on him to be as good as he was in 2011 (+2.7 WAR), when he probably won’t be. Which is why I’m concerned (and also, Cain is injury-prone, apparently). Nothing against them, but if Dyson and Lough (or someone else) have to play for any length of time, this team is probably done for.

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    My biggest concern is Francoeur obviously had leg issues last year, which was the reason for his limited movement in right field and possibly his swing issues. Yet, Ned kept trotting Jeff out there every day due to his “I need 15 pitchers and no bench policy.”

    So I doubt even if the Royals did sign or trade for a sub outfielder that he would play much. Dayton and Ned are committed to Frenchy for 2013 at least through June. Hopefully, whatever was wrong with Jeff’s legs is corrected in the off season and Frenchy has a free agent or 2011 type year.

    But I agree totally with you, the Royals are taking some BIG chances in not having a true backup plan for both Cain and Frenchy for 2013.

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    What about Grady Sizemore as an option to go out against right handed pitching. . . he can’t be that expensive, can he?

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    Some other possibilities could be Michael Cuddyer, Jose Tabata, Michael Taylor, Alex Presley, Franklin Gutierrez, and Chris Coghlan. All could be available and should be upgrades over Francouer.

    I could see them signing Ryan Sweeney as a FA as a cheap solution, although he doesn’t have much of a bat.

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    I would love to have DDJ back in Royal Blue.

    As much as I would like to take a chance on a reclamation guy like Sizemore he won’t even be ready til midseason of 2013 which I feel takes the pressure off of Frenchy to push himself out of the gate because he knows that he’ll be out there every single day…at least until Sizemore would come back.

    I live in Arizona and I’ve seen Parra play quite a bit. The D-Backs know what they have in him which I think makes it difficult to trade with the D-Backs without surrendering too much. But there could be a fit with the surplus of young bullpen arms that we have…just a thought.

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