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I grew up on the mean gravel roads of Iowa where I started my love for baseball from the age of 2. George Brett and the voice of Denny Matthews deepened my love even more for the Royals as my father and I spent summers listening to the team on our deck or in the car on our way to or from my little league and high school games. Sports was always the common bond that my father and I enjoyed and the Royals were in the center of that. I currently live in La Vista with my wife, two sons, two dogs and a pair of gross cats where we are grinding through until we can move somewhere warm when we retire. I own Casino Cab Company and Bluffs Affordable Auto Repair in Council Bluffs trying to build my 1% empire. If you are in the area you can find me at Omaha Storm Chasers games on most nights or just follow me on twitter @ClintScoles.

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    Calm down old chap its all good!……….Yuni’s just put another bomb on to the picnic area btw……”He’s slightly below average defensively something the Royals had no problem with ………………………………………….at CF last year”………Now you are upsetting me go watch some Melky action from Sept 4th last season & then tell me he was a problem in the outfield!……..Seriously your philosophy that someone who is young & inexperienced in a job doesnt have to prove himself over contempories that are already for whatever reason established at that level wouldnt wash in any field of activity never mind baseball………….The good news is though that if your young & good enough you will always get another chance.:)

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    Clint Scoles

    HOW HAS GETZ EARNED THE SPOT? You can’t explain that because he never has he has been given the spot. He can’t hit period. And this defense you speak so glowingly of is AVERAGE at best and below average on metrics do you know what an average defensive third baseman with no bat gets you. AAA shit actually it gets you a ticket to an indy league somewhere. Second and third are equivalent defensively, Getz offers NOTHING to this team as far as versatility because he couldn’t play an outfield spot or third and he offers NOTHING in the lineup everyday. This idea that Gio has to EARN his spot over a guy who has NEVER done anything to EARN his ML job is ludicrous and overdone. We are talking about a 24 year old 2b who owned the AAA in hitting and has nothing more to do at that level with the bat. His defensive limitations are SEVERLY overblown by the FO and FANS in defense of Getz. He’s slightly below average defensively something the Royals had no problem lining up everyday at SS two years ago and in CF last year the two most IMPORTANT defensive positions on the field but now all of a sudden that is a difficulty at a less important defensive position. It is BIAS nothing more and your explanations are nothing more than Royal Blue in their defense because they are nothing more than speculative bs. This team continues to make bias towards their roster decisions as they did with Aviles and Kila and until they change that practise they will never achieve their desired destination.

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    “No they are leaning on defense BS…………….Gio is below average defensively & he struggled while at KC…………And the offensive possibility that Giavotella has shown in the minors”

    Sounds to me like your contradicting yourself Getz is clearly the better defender but like Jim says this isnt about Getz,the Royals according to Bob Dutton didnt realize just how suspect defensively Gia is & he has a lot more work to do on it than they originally thought!

    I for one feel far more comfortable watching the Royals with experienced Major leagers on there infield & as for Gia’s offensive potential at the moment thats all it is potential………..This is the big leagues man you should have to “earn” your spot on the big leagues Gia’s had two chances (unlike Clint who is blocked) to grab his opportunity & he hasnt done it (yet)……..I realise this is a prospect friendly site but that shouldnt mean we look at them with rose tinted spectacles!

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    Clint Scoles


    I understand what you’re saying but the answers the team are giving don’t have to do with injury. If they wanted to use that as the excuse I would be fine with it. No they are leaning on the defense BS, Getz isn’t anything more than average defensively and the offensive possibility that Giavotella has shown in the minors dwarfs anything Getz has accomplished at any level. Gio is below average defensively and he struggled while at KC but even in struggling his offense was better than that of Getz and statistically his defense was just a hedge worse and that was playing injured.

    There is no way to spin it and make it correct they are choosing a worse player to start everyday unless they want to admit Giavotella needs to be at 100% health which they haven’t done.

  5. 10

    jim fetterolf

    “what has Getz proven in his 190 games?”

    Clint, this isn’t about Getz, it’s about Gio and what he has done, injured and recovering, in his two chances, which is under perform a player that I think we all agree isn’t near an average major league second baseman. All Gio has to do is show up at Omaha and put up good numbers and convince the eyeballs and he will get another chance and Getz will come visit you. Gio didn’t hit September or spring training pitching and his glove and range stunk. I still think that’s the injury. Guess we’ll find out.

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    Clint Scoles

    Breath a second and look at Scooter Gennett’s minor league numbers. He’s basically a poor mans Giavotella

    Just using the same standards that Giavotella is being put up to by you, what has Getz proven in his 190 games? That is a much much larger sample and he was 100% healthy for the majority of those I’m sure. Just a FACT that everyday writers and coaches are forgetting. Getz role on this team and every team in the majors should be AAA.

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    “2nd is the teams biggest weakness” Maybe we should contact the Brewers & try to get that Scooter Gennet (?) boy who got the cycle last night,not bad for someone wearing #95?………. O’Sullivan perhaps?

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    jim fetterolf

    “Basing a roster decision on spring training is completely ignorant ”

    Gio was a poor defender and batter last year in KC, also, a fact conveniently forgotten by the several bloggers who agree with you. Not like Giavotella had clearly won the job last year like Perez did. You’ll get a chance to watch Gio for a few months and give us some eyeballs. I hope to be wrong, as 2nd is the team’s biggest weakness and an at least average 2B is something desperately needed.

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    Clint Scoles

    Yuni can add much needed power in the lower. – That IS great also great is the well below .300 OBP by Yuni, Escobar and Quintero making up the lower third of the order.

  10. 5


    Well i agree 100% with Jim on this one which is no surprise as i ashamedly point out that i was the only one on here who projected Yuni to be the Royals 2B starter,they obviously agree with me that Yuni has more pop than Getz & better defense than Gia.

    Dutton pointed out last night that the only surprise to the announcement was that it was done with a full week of ST to go but Johnny aint gonna himprove his defense in a week & he’ll get a lot more time on the infield with the minor league camp

    This is a great move for the Royals we can move Lorenzo to the 2 spot giving us leftie-rightie-leftie at the top of the order & Yuni can add much needed power in the lower order………Interesting that Bourgeois saved the game with a pin point throw to the plate Saturday night to get a speedy pinch runner,maybe we should get excited about this fifth outfielder,thank goodness Dyson wont be hitting in KC just yet?

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    Clint Scoles

    Basing a roster decision on spring training is completely ignorant and shouldn’t be discussed. If spring mattered a damn bit then Chen wouldn’t be in the rotation nor would Zack Greinke when he put up a 9+ run ERA but it doesn’t and shouldn’t be.

    As for Giavotella he was playing with a bad hip and hit poorly last season, what are Yuni and Getz excuses for their CAREER numbers? Giavotella despite an injured hip and being a rookie outdid Getz production in 40 or so games but I imagine you think Seitzer has unlocked Getz power.

    After 190 games in the pros the burden should be on Chris to prove he deserves the job. Send him to Omaha and battle is way up something Giavotella has already done. As for Gio battling Colon I may be wrong but I doubt that is a battle that will occur or be much of a competition unless Colon has made dramatic changes to his swing.

  12. 3

    jim fetterolf

    “So 40 Abs are more important than 190 regular season games.”

    Plus last year. Gio isn’t Escobar, great glove with no competition for the spot. This spring was a three-man race and the job wasn’t given to Gio based on hope. I’m sure you’ll keep us informed on his progress in Omaha, where 2B is likely to turn into a two-man competition as Christian Colon is blocked by Shortstop Jesus.

  13. 2

    Clint Scoles


    “Giavotella had his chance and blew it.” So 40 Abs are more important than 190 regular season games. If Gio isn’t 100% healthy in their mind then come out and say it, don’t say he’s better defensively than last year and still take two poor choices at the position. I’ve seen Gio play plenty at 2b and his limitations there are overblown considering Getz is no better than average. Getz had 494 Total chances at 2b compared to his 429 PA’s almost a 1-1 comparison, he would have to play Roberto Alomar defense to make up for his offensive weaknesses.

  14. 1

    jim fetterolf

    Giavotella had his chance and blew it. Ask David Lesky about his defense. My take on the early dumping is the team decided Gio is not back 100% from the hip, so rehabbing in Omaha is probably better than at the K.

    As for Bourgeois, he hits lefties very well, plays a fast outfield, and is good on the base paths. Not sure that I totally agree with bringing him in, but not going to worry much about a fifth outfielder.

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