Who Replaces Wil Myers? Reviewed by Momizat on . Following the Shields/Davis for Myers/Odorizzi trade, the first question on Royals’ fans minds was as follows: Did this trade make the team a contender in 201 Following the Shields/Davis for Myers/Odorizzi trade, the first question on Royals’ fans minds was as follows: Did this trade make the team a contender in 201 Rating: 0
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Who Replaces Wil Myers?

Who Replaces Wil Myers?

Following the Shields/Davis for Myers/Odorizzi trade, the first question on Royals’ fans minds was as follows: Did this trade make the team a contender in 2013?  David has covered that territory both on the pitching and upside components, while Paul has analyzed the question as a whole.  If you require additional analysis of that singular transaction, please feel free to utilize your preferred search engine and type in the relevant terms.

Now that we have directed those who want to argue the merits of that transaction to their corner of the internet, we can talk about the second question that was on my mind.  That question is the title of this piece, but also requires a secondary component.  Here are the possible derivations:

Who replaces Wil Myers on the 40-man roster? Wil Myers didn’t need to be added to the 40-man roster until next year to be protected from the Rule V draft.  So, no player has replaced him on the 40-man roster.

Who replaces Wil Myers as the Royals top prospect?  The consensus from every major publication is that Kyle Zimmer will supplant Wil Myers as the Royals top prospect.  Even the PTP writers concur.

Who replaces Wil Myers as the next great catching conversion prospect?  To complete the transition, the player must be a catcher moved off the position mostly for their bat.  Ignore that they couldn’t stop the ball from getting to the backstop, let 80% of runners steal on them the previous year, and had difficulty counting to 4 on their fingers let alone giving sings to pitchers.  Myers replaced Jesus Montero with this distinction, and my best guess for the newest converted catcher flying up prospect boards is the Yankees Gary Sanchez.  Sanchez has gotten a never-ending series of Montero player comparisons as well, so the circle is complete.

Who replaces Wil Myers as the next prospect to be traded in a run at contention?  Rany has taken a stab at this by noting a prospect’s trade suitability.  This question does presuppose that the Royals are either a) in contention around the trade deadline or b) interested in making a run at a pennant in 2014.  With both possibilities available currently, I would not be shocked to see Yordano Ventura fill that role.  Ventura does not fit the Moorean vision of a starting pitcher.  He is short and is of slight build, leaving his role in the major league rotation in grave doubt.  He also has a monster fastball and curveball that looks absolutely devastating.  Ventura is the very definition of a high-risk, high-reward prospect.  He is ideal trade fodder for a Royals team convinced that it is on the precipice of contention.

Who replaces Wil Myers as the Royals best prospect blocked by an inferior player?  There is no consensus for an answer here.  Johnny Giavotella has failed miserably in his brief travels down I-29 to Kauffman, leaving his suitability as an answer very much in doubt.  David Lough is the best bet to supplant Frenchy next year in RF leaving a void in the #Free______ movement for 2013.  To find our candidate, we must head to the rotation.

The best bet to be the answer to this question is Danny Duffy.  Duffy isn’t a prospect by the standards of the BBWAA, but he is still a young arm at age 23.  He has only thrown 133 innings with the Royals.  His Tommy John surgery occurred on June 15, with a timeline for a major league return around the end of July.  With rumors of a rotation that includes Ervin Santana and Hochevar/Chen combined with a Felipe Paulino return in the same time frame, would it be any surprise to see the #FreeDuffy movement beginning in earnest around August 15 following a 7 IP, 10 K, 0 BB night in Omaha?

Who replaces Wil Myers as the Corner Outfielder of the Future [COotF]?  While Clint covered this very topic, his use of the language of surrender may have turned your stomach such that you skipped over the article.  The argument within the link is that barring a repeat of 2012, the Royals Right Corner Outfielder of the Present [COotP] will be their Right COotF.  Clint’s dismissal of Alex Gordon as the COotF to the right of center seems a bit premature, as the lone component Gordon lacks to the Moorean vision of a perfect right fielder is 80 power [Gordon has the 80 arm, the modest price tag, and chiseled chin already].

While a Gordon move covers the ground that Frenchy couldn’t get to, the left of center position becomes open.  Left Field is a position not born of skill, but of inadequacy in the scouting circle.  A prospect must have the 80 arm and 70 raw power to play right field.  A prospect must possess superior instincts, 80 speed, and corresponding defensive range to play center field.  A prospect must have failed in one of the three tools outlined above [arm, speed, or power] to play in left field.

Consider the Royals left fielders since Moore took over the reins full time in 2007.  What you see is a gathering of players who fit the scouting definition of left field remarkably well.  Players who have a plus bat but offer limited defensive skill, the opposite end of the spectrum with offense based on speed and defense based on range [HAVOC! not always included], and finally a pair of misfits who are above average in most respects of the game but garner most of their value by getting on base, hitting with doubles power, and playing defense.  The COotF is not currently with the organization, unless a new center fielder arrives pushing Cain to LF and Gordon to RF.

Who replaces Wil Myers as the prospect who Royals fans pin their hopes to as the next superstar?  Bubba Starling.  End of discussion.  End of Article.

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