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I grew up on the mean gravel roads of Iowa where I started my love for baseball from the age of 2. George Brett and the voice of Denny Matthews deepened my love even more for the Royals as my father and I spent summers listening to the team on our deck or in the car on our way to or from my little league and high school games. Sports was always the common bond that my father and I enjoyed and the Royals were in the center of that. I currently live in La Vista with my wife, two sons, two dogs and a pair of gross cats where we are grinding through until we can move somewhere warm when we retire. I own Casino Cab Company and Bluffs Affordable Auto Repair in Council Bluffs trying to build my 1% empire. If you are in the area you can find me at Omaha Storm Chasers games on most nights or just follow me on twitter @ClintScoles.

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    Clint Scoles


    No prob. I’m sure we are all rooting for Colon to get it together and turn into what KC drafted

  2. 18


    i surrender.

    i was a little under the influence. got a little carried away. i started out to compare Gio vs Colon and went way off tangent. i tried making a point so much, it completely infected the posts with writers disease (bullshit).

    i think Colon is a better long-term solution at 2B than Gio. but he has to do a few things first. i dont think GIo is the answer, so maybe subconsciously it made my mind think Colon was the answer.

    oh well. lets just hope that Colon can get it figured out. i really look forward to his upcoming season….to me, it could be his make or break season (in determining if he really is a solution at 2B).


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    Clint Scoles

    KCShogun the other thing you are missing is that Colon at #4 got picked because he would sign for around slot and sign quickly. He could’ve easily went 13th he was definitely not a slam dunk as there were others that we could like in the org.

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    Clint Scoles


    At some point the weight of being the #4 pick in the draft has to go away. The reason I put him at 19 is because of the potential he showed coming out of college and what I perceive to be a advantage in the org as a high pick. If I went just off current body + performance and what I see as not much upside based on his swing and lack of athleticism I believe he would be much lower.

    If Gio can play average defense which is a stretch I believe him to be the better option longterm at 2b. He’s an ideal 2 hole hitter.

  5. 15


    This is a silly discussion. Anybody that thinks Colon is, or will be a better player than Gia (not Gio) either doesnt know baseball or is related to Colon. The guy can’t hit. When he was forced to put down his aluminum “trampoline” bat, his days of being an effective hitter were over. If the BBCOR bats had been instituted a year earlier, he never would have been taken so high. KC has had a fantastic run with 1st round picks. It had to end eventually. Hopefully Bubba will start a new one, but ’10 was a serious dud. Pomeranz is the guy we missed on badly if you want to use hindsight.

  6. 14


    i will admit, my ratings got a little out of hand. thats what happens on a chiefs sunday…..you drink, get mad, drink, get mad, drink….switch to a different sport.

    i was basically trying to make a case for Colon. i just think he has some talent that he hasn’t really demonstrated yet. you dont draft him #4 overall as a shortstop for nothing.

    i’d say overall (off and def) colon is a 5-10 pt score higher. by end of this year. we will see.

  7. 13


    60, not 70. read my other posts PAUL!

  8. 12


    Shogun: I don’t think anybody on a fanboy site is going to be rooting against Colon. Are you really not able to admit that an advanced college hitter, captain of the USA National Team, and #4 overall pick should be showing quite a bit more at this stage? If expectations were too high for him, then that’s on the FO. But a guy with that resume should be at least making progress even if the numbers don’t show it. That’s not what we’re hearing from scouts.

    Second, you did slap a 70 hit tool on him. Actually, you put a 70 on him for offense overall:

    “i don’t agree with you on Colon. i think he has exactly what it takes to be an everyday 2B. IMO, he is a better “everyday” 2B than both Getz and Gio.

    Overall Hitting:
    colon = 70 (only 1.5 yrs into minor leagues – consistent)
    j.Gio = 65 (much more streaky than Colon)
    getz = 40 (can barely hit it past the dirt; and he is a ML 2B…why cant colon?)”

    I’m not trying to be an a-hole. I’m just trying to correct a misunderstanding that you have about scouting grades. If you look at the entire BA Top 100 list from last year, out of the best 100 prospects in the game, about 10 had a 70 grade on ANY ONE of their tools.

    Colon doesn’t have a 70 hit tool, although plenty of people put a 60 on him when he was drafted, and that’s why we are disappointed, because what we’re seeing now is a 45, which is borderline average regular. And Gio’s is not close to 65.

    The argument really should not be between Colon and Gio, it should be who should be playing 2B for this team if they’re going to win a championship by 2015, because neither of those guys is a very good option in that context.

  9. 11


    i said that i didnt proof read what typed. went from comparisons of gio vs colon. and everybody gets all bent out of shape. please see my #2 and #3 posts.

    just go with the discussion and compare the two.

    instead of slamming everybody’s opinion, why dont you cynics post your own thoughts, predictions and comparisons.

    i’d like to hear what you all think about Gio vs Colon. he was our #4 pick – he has talent. let him continue to develop.

  10. 10


    ok 2 things.

    1) where did i say he was a great athlete? i said he needs to hit the gym because he lacks GIo’s physical stature. take somebody elses opinion in stride dude.

    2) nobody ever said he was a 70 tool hitter. i think he has the potential to be a 60 or so. gotta get stronger first. i said this several times. please read more than one sentence.

    and i’m not saying he’s a better hitter than GIo at this point. i’m saying i think he is a better long term more consistent hitter. i maybe wrong i may be right. i probably didnt portray it that way – i’m not a journalist (engineer with a baseball fetish)

    also – low level competition is not a good gauge for hitting talent and success at the ML level. you should know that. you could also say that Clint Robinson is a better hitter than Moustakas…..his AAA numbers were better.

    you think half a season is plenty of time to adjust? seriously Clint?

    you guys read 250 words, but only pay attention to this one.

    “i think Colon is a better hitter than Gio”

    yes – i agree that is incorrect. i just think long-term he will be the more consistent hitter at the ML level.

    clint, just take somebody elses opinion without getting so defensive.

  11. 9


    A 70 hit tool is Derek Jeter. Have never seen anybody put that on Colon, even those who really liked him.

    Clint: The Colon situation is really stunning. I have seen in other places where they talk about him not using his lower half. I thought in some BP video that I saw when he was in college that he used his lower half really well. I loved his swing and thought he was able to get good extension while remaining compact. Needless to say, the numbers are really, really terrible, especially the power. Have the Royals changed something with him since he was drafted? The reason I ask is that we all know Derrick Robinson took off last year after going back to his old stance, but then this year his numbers were pitiful. Bianchi was way off of where he was during his first exposure to AA. Is there something going on NW Ark? I really hope it’s a coaching thing and not just lack of talent for Colon, because a small target team just can’t afford to spend a #4 overall pick on a utility guy, especially the year after using a high pick on a late inning reliever. Thanks.

  12. 8

    Clint Scoles


    Sorry bud I just aren’t buying the excuses. Colon had plenty of time to adjust to pro ball after a half a season in Wilmington. Gio at the same age put up much much better numbers.

    Colon is 23 and the body isn’t where I would expect it to be to be an impact player. He’s just not the athlete that you say he is in my opinion

  13. 7


    Everbody who is saying colon is a better hitter than Gio is nuts!!!When Colon leads AAA in average then you can compare the two.

  14. 6


    clint. i think you are forgetting that this was Colon’s FIRST FULL season…at AA too.

    bAvg = .260 (lower than what it will be)
    oBp = .325
    oPs = .670
    8 hr / 61 rbi
    14 dbl / 2 triple / 126 hits
    17 sb

    his AFL stats (this is exactly what i think he will be yearly – i think he has a much better year in 2012).
    bAvg = .284
    oBp = .360
    oPs = .780
    2 hr / 7 rbi
    19 hits – in 17 games

    i just love his consistency. in KC org and in college. has had a good BA and a really good OBP. his OPS is always good. he can find the gap and knock some HRs.

    he may not have the power potential as Gio, but i dont think Gio can carry it over consistently to the ML level.

    just our opinions. at this point neither one of us is correct or incorrect.

    shogun thinks Colon will be a better overall 2B.
    clint thinks Gio will be a better overall 2B.

    with our offense, we don’t need Gio as much as we need a Colon.

  15. 5


    i could be a little off on the offensive thing, but i really think colon has more potential offensively. just needs to get his swagger/confidence back and get in the weight room….be like Gio in that regard.

    ask yourself this question.

    game 7
    royals vs brewers
    8th inning
    royals 7
    brewers 6
    runners on 1st and 3rd
    1 out

    who would you rather have at 2B. gio or colon?

  16. 4


    yeah….was basically trying to make a comparison point. i’m not a professional grader. i dont think Colon is an all star….just think he’d be a better 2B than Gio.

    and yes, to agree with you, Gio has been a MUCH MUCH better offensive player than Colon. but i’m talking “future” player. doing well at Kane Co or Wilmington is nothing like 3 yrs into their MLB career.

    just think Colon is the better option for KC.

    i’m sure the scouts know more than both you and I…..Colon was #4 pick in 1st round…..Gio was a ….3rd rd pick? and those drafts are based on “potential”. which is what i’m arguing

  17. 3


    probably more like 50-55 on their power….not 60. did this all on a whim, so i’m sure there is some redunduncy and the opposite….make same point twice, but with a little different answer.

    can’t wait to see what he does at Omaha to start the year. i’ll say .270-.290.

    who is our strength coach? need somebody like Andrea Hudy at KU (basketball)…..she is one of the best in the biz.

    love to see Colon, Myers, Cuthbert, Frenchy, Butler and a few of the really young guys (Arteaga especially) hit a serious strength and conditioning program.

  18. 2

    Clint Scoles

    I couldn’t disagree more on their offensive abilities. Colon hasn’t shown near the power that Gio has.
    “i think Colon is a better hitter than Gio – he is more consistent, has better plate discipline, more knowledgeable at the plate and bases” You couldn’t be more wrong about this. Gio succeeds because he never waivers from his approach at the plate. He possesses far more strength at the plate than Colon and can find the gaps and line much easier. Colon’s college power hasn’t converted and if you watch him live it doesn’t look like its going to because he isn’t using his lower body properly.

    Colon is the better defender of the two but I doubt he is much more than slightly above average because his foot speed lacks there.

    Your scouting graders are far too great for Colon. Essentially you are saying he is a all star and you would be hard presed to find any scout that would put a 55 on his speed. Its more likea 40 or 45

  19. 1


    nice list. a little request tho….i think it’d be cool to predict where each player will start the 2012 season for every guy on your list, not just a few.

    i don’t agree with you on Colon. i think he has exactly what it takes to be an everyday 2B. IMO, he is a better “everyday” 2B than both Getz and Gio.

    Overall Hitting:
    colon = 70 (only 1.5 yrs into minor leagues – consistent)
    j.Gio = 65 (much more streaky than Colon)
    getz = 40 (can barely hit it past the dirt; and he is a ML 2B…why cant colon?)

    i think Colon is a better hitter than Gio – he is more consistent, has better plate discipline, more knowledgeable at the plate and bases, has gap power and can stroke some deep balls. Gio can do the last 2 things just as good as colon, if not better. BUT, he is older and in much better physical condition. as Colon develops (legit strength program is a must for him) he will add more power to his already decent power stroke for a SS/2B.

    i think Colon has a yearly line (avg) of
    .285 ba / .335 obp / 15 HR / 75 rbi / 20 sb / 85 runs

    ….while playing much much better defense. he will have avg to above avg range for a 2B, whereas Gio has below avg. his arm is better than Gio’s and Colon has great leadership qualities. “placido palanco”???

    Gio just seems to labor far too much at the plate, on the bases and especially defensively. it seems to come much easier and natural to Colon.

    the other thing is that Colon is much more versatile. he can play SS, 2B and i’m pretty sure he could play 3B/1B in a pinch. Gio can only play at 2B….and he doesnt to that great in the first place.

    offensively – colon could develop into a very important tool. long-term and consistently he would be much better than Gio.
    defensively – is this even a question?

    IMO, colon passes the eye test vs Gio in overwhelming fashion. he just needs to add some muscle and lose some fat – he appears to be a little soft. Gio is a gym rat, but he also seems a little stiff. obviously not a great thing for baseball. to me, i would compare their defensive abilities to m.Cabrera vs L.cain.

    Defensive ratings – future (20-80 scale). Colon / Gio
    Hitting: 65 / 60
    Power: 60 / 60
    Speed: 55 / 60
    Throwing: 60 / 50
    Fielding: 65 / 45

    i just think that Colon has more natural talent and has the room to improve more than Gio does. i think Gio is about maxed out on his potential.

    i would love to see Colon at 2B by July ’12.

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