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Thanks to Greg and the rest of the Pinetarpress.com crew for welcoming and allowing me to contribute to their stellar site. I jumped at the opportunity to become a contributor. Baseball, and more specifically, Kansas City Royals baseball is a deep rooted passion for me, and I look forward to being able to write about various Royals topics. When reading my material, keep in mind that I’m just a fan. I’m no insider, and I’m no seam-head. I appreciate advanced statistics, but don’t necessarily buy into all of them. I’m still “old school” in that I think you can still get a good evaluation through watching a player and whatever is offered on the back of his baseball card. I played small time college baseball in Kansas, and coached at the high school level. That is the extent of my baseball experience, but more appropriately those are the eyes through which I watch the game of baseball. I’m a KCK resident—a Dotte, if you will. I’m married and have a son who is itching to begin tee work, soft-toss, and a long-toss program (he’s 10 months old at the time of this writing). I’m active on Twitter. Follow me at @pyork_10. Go Royals!

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    I would have this entire team on the trade block and listen to all offers. Learn a lesson from Billy Beane and blow up your team every now and then when they suck. I am beginning to think that the Houston experiment might be needed in KC. Blow the whole thing up, reevaluate your minor league teams, minor league player development, player acquisition, the whole 9 yards. Is it possible that the only way to really win in a small market with a cheap owner is to basically let a computer be your general manager and manager? Let a computer set the line up, let a computer tell you when a pitcher needs to come out, let a computer tell you when to pitch hit or run. I understand that there must be a human element here but we have a ton of statistical data that takes the emotions out of managing players. Let the most effective guys play and freaking stop worrying about when a guy was drafted or how he was acquired. Remember who the owner is, he is probably more likely to spend money on a team when presented with the statistical analysis of why it makes sense. Walmart isn’t what it is today because they gave a crap about emotion.

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