Should They Stay or Should They Go Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_18116" align="alignleft" width="180"] (Photo James Lamb)[/caption] Big day for  minor league prospects in the league today as players s [caption id="attachment_18116" align="alignleft" width="180"] (Photo James Lamb)[/caption] Big day for  minor league prospects in the league today as players s Rating:
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Should They Stay or Should They Go

Should They Stay or Should They Go

(Photo James Lamb)

Big day for  minor league prospects in the league today as players signed in 2008 or drafted out of college in 2009 have to be placed on the 40 man roster today or become eligible for the upcoming Rule V Draft.

The Process biggest draft to place in 2008 so it should come as no shock that there are a few players that the Royals must decide on today.

1. John Lamb – Tommy John surgery was a setback in 2011 but not nearly as big as his slow rehab and ankle injury that limited him in 2012.  At his best he’s a front of the rotation starter but do the Royals trust his commitment and desire to become the starter the organization needs.

Corresponding Move – Derrick Robinson – The speedster has never proven he can use his speed at its max ability on the bases or in the field.  He had a nice season in Omaha but is not needed on a roster that already features Jarrod Dyson in Kansas City.

(Photo Minda Haas)

2. Mike Montgomery – The big left-hander hasn’t pitched well since 2010.  Do the Royals believe they can right the ship and cure his confidence?  They’ve tried moving his arm angle lower, going back to an upright arm slot with more velo and refining his breaking ball.  Nothing has worked and even with a plus change up he doesn’t appear to be a bullpen option with his struggles against left-handed hitters.

Corresponding Move – Drop a catcher – The Royals currently have Adam Moore, Brett Hayes and Brayan Pena on the 40 man along with Sal Perez.  Depending on what what the Royals want to go, defense or offense the Royals don’t need all four on the 40 man.  Personally I like Brayan Pena and the attitude he can bring to the clubhouse, considering the amount of time a backup catcher is going to get during a season if Sal remains healthy, that would be as big of a factor as anything any one of these guys will bring to the field talent wise.

3. Justin Marks – It is all about the left-handers in this decision making process and Marks is the only one who has seen his stock on the upswing recently.  The Royals shelved Marks slider when he was first traded for in the David DeJesus deal but they changed that stance last season and it seems Marks has taken advantage of that.  While he doesn’t have the upside of the previous two options Marks could develop into a back end starter or long man in the same mold of Everett Teaford.  With the Royals pitching woes an option like that is always needed in AAA, Marks likely landing spot to start 2013.

Noel Arguelles – Are the Royals more confident in Marks and Dwyer than the Cuban they gave $7M to?  This lefty has shown no sign of improving into a useable commodity, might as well cut bait and take the loss.  If the Royals do keep him on the 40 it could be a sign the front office doesn’t want to tell ownership they made a mistake.

4. Chris Dwyer – Drafted out of Clemson Dwyer had a solid season in Wilmington only to struggle the past two seasons at AA.  Things didn’t get better when they challenged Chris at AAA as the lefty gave up nearly 2 HR/9 (1.79).  His velocity took a drop early in the season working high 80’s to low 90’s as opposed to the low to mid 90’s that he showed in previous seasons.  His change has gotten better but his control hasn’t taken the step forward he needs to get hitters out consistently.

Clint Robinson – If the Royals remove Robinson from the 40 it could be a sign that they don’t see a trade taking place with either Hosmer or Butler.  I personally wouldn’t make this move as I see CRob as a better contributor at the major league level than Dwyer.

Hints of what could be coming down the pipe in the next few weeks could start tonight.

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  • Clint Scoles

    I should have put that Donnie Joseph is a lock to make it. The others have questions marks. I could see a reason to let the four go even if chances are small, I don’t see any reason to let Joseph go.

  • elchupanibre

    I think they protect Donnie Joseph over Dwyer, but we’ll see. Agree with the other 3 and who gets dropped.

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