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A Lee's Summit resident currently working on a degree in Communications at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Although I have grown up a Royals fan, I've only been writing about the team off-and-on over the last two years, mostly at Royals Review. I do my best to play the part of an online blogger by living in a basement. In my spare time, I volunteer at my church, working mostly in the student ministry on video production and editing or assisting the technical arts director with lighting and sound. I remember Shawn Sedlacek and Eduardo Villacis. I know that Runelvys Hernandez had a pretty good month one year. I like to bring up Albie Lopez for no reason at all. MVP Baseball 2005 is the best baseball game ever made.

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    Greg Schaum

    I think Josh and Erik take very different looks at their lists….Erik breaks it down like an old scout who needs to see the technical aspect of each film and Josh is the feel guy…if he has seen the movie a lot it is on the list

    There is nothing wrong with either approach….for several years when and after I studied acting I got way to caught up in the way film was shot rather than just watching for pure enjoyment

    I had a local actress on my baseball this week program in the winter of 2008 and we had a top 10 movie countdown….

    my top 5
    1- The Natural
    2- Field of Dreams
    3- Bull Durham
    4- Major League
    5- Bad News Bears

    4- B

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    Erik Gratton

    Just saying, you have missed a ton of terrific films from a time worth remembering: http://pinetarpress.com/obstructed-review-spring-training/

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    Agree with most of your list but once again have to put in that “It Happens Every Spring” should always be one of the top 10. Old movie but one of the funniest and most heartwarming of its generation.

    And don’t forget honorable mention honors to “The Rookie” which was one of the highest rated movies as far as attendance in 2002

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    Joshua – Nice effort, but “Bull Durham” is definitely too low; if you can’t buy Costner at his size as a catcher, then you’ll have real issues the next several years with Sal Perez. Also, it contains some classic lines and humor. One other item, if you believe that “Major League” has a “ridiculous amount of star power (for the time), how do you rate the cast of “The Natural”? Robert Redford, Glenn Close, Robert Duvall, Kim Basinger, Wilford Brimley, Barbara Hershey … must be a generational thing!

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