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The Royals and Hitting with Two Strikes

It is trendy to talk about "two strike approach" these days, perhaps because of the rise of strikeouts in the Major Leagues. MLB league average with two strikes is .177/.246/.271. The Royals are hitting .199/.246/.287 with two strikes, meaning that they walk a little less, though are hitting for a little bit better average (same OBP), and a touch more power than an average MLB team with two strikes. So the ...

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A Royals Opinion: Playing GM for a night.

With another disappointing season winding down for the Royals and a new season beginning for the Chiefs, it’s the time of year when fans begin looking hard at next year and what needs to be done in the off-season. Looking at the team this year its pretty easy to see the holes on this team going forward; however, it is much harder to determine the solutions. As fans we like to put ourselves in the GM’s s ...

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Trade Deadline Mostly A Success For Royals

The July 31 trade deadline is a great thing for bloggers and for bad baseball teams. For us bloggers, it’s an easy topic of discussion, especially if you want to trash the general manager (“Why didn’t he trade Player A for Players B, C, D, and the other team’s best prospect?” Not that I’ve seen any Royals bloggers doing that.). For bad baseball teams, it’s a chance to turn players who aren’t ...

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Royals Have Plenty To Sort Out In Second Half

I guess if you want to look at the bright side, that 3-8 road trip the Royals made us suffer through before the All-Star Break was good for one thing. It removed (or should have, anyway) any temptation for the Royals to make some desperate trade to boost their slim chances of winning the division. Yes, flags fly forever, but even if this Royals team had somehow made the playoffs, they likely would have been ...

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Royals Recap – Hochevar Start…Nothing to See Here

Another game another poor Luke Hochevar start.  At this point I've gone way past getting angry about a Luke start because it is just evident that he is not very good and no amount of peripherals can prove a case that he is. Hoch started the day by allowing one of the few A's in the lineup, Jemile Weeks, with a pulse to triple to open the game leading to an early run. 1-0 Oakland The Royals would get that r ...

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The Royals’ Stage Is Set

“I’ve got something good for you,” he says. “Wait and see where we are at the end of May. That’s my quote.”--Jeff Francoeur, to the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger, 4/23/2012. Well, Jeff, don't mind if I do. The Royals are now two months and roughly 1/3 of the way through the 2012 campaign. Seems like a perfect time to take a step back and see what we've got. Frenchy's quote above was fairly bo ...

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Royals Recap: Royals at Orioles 5.25.12

Royals Re-cap: Royals at Orioles 5.25.2012 (Bruce Chen vs. Jason Hammel)  I’m sorry folks, but there are some losses that are worth dissecting, and there are some that just warrant slapping some words together and moving on.  This game was very much the latter. Full disclosure, I didn’t get to watch the first five innings, but I did listen to most of it.  I’m not sure which one of our Royals radio ...

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Royals Recap: Royals at Yankees 5.22.12

Royals Re-cap: Royals at Yankees 5.22.2012 (Luke Hochevar vs. Phil Hughes)   Luke Hochevar had the unenviable task of following last night’s pitching masterpiece turned in by Felipe Paulino.  For the most part, Hochevar did an honorable job.  He went 6.2 innings, giving up three runs on six hits and striking out eight batters.  Furthermore, he avoided what has been his Achilles heel—the big inning. ...

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Wil, Royals moving positions?

For the fifth consecutive game in which he has played and for the ninth time this year Wil Myers played Centerfield on Wednesday for the Naturals.  While some prospect analyst may not believe there is anything to this I believe this is a developing situation for the Royals and their top prospect.  Myers was compared to Dale Murphy coming out of high school as a catcher who has the speed and body to develo ...

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Series Wrap-Up: Royals at Athletics

Series Wrap-Up: Royals @ Athletics  Game 1:  Luis Mendoza vs. Tommy Milone Tommy who?  Tommy Milone.  Not only did the Royals lineup know nothing about him, they decided to attack Milone by leaving their bats at the hotel.  No, he wasn’t blowing batters away, as he failed to register a single strikeout.  Instead, he just scattered 3 hits, 0 runs on 93 pitches.  Royals batters 1-4 were a combined 1 ...

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Royals Link Up

Duffy Excellent Start Your browser does not support iframes. Frenchy shows off the Surprise facilities Gordon talks about his comfort in LF and the 2012 season Royales with Cheese has put a different spin on Stop KONY with a #STOPYUNI campaign. Nick Scott of Royals Authority examines all the feelings that Yuni stirs up among the fanbase, scouts and Royals FO. Will McDonald of Royals Review takes a look at t ...

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Friday Notes

Baseball is back and the Royals won yesterday. Okay, they also lost. And yes, I'm pretty sure I make that joke every season, but I don't care because baseball is back. The outcome of yesterday's game doesn't ultimately matter, but the reports out of camp are that the pitching staff looked good, which is of course the biggest question the Royals have coming out of spring training. The good news is that there ...

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Wil Myers 2014 Rookie of the Year

Kansas City is about to start spring training for the 2012 season.  Their starting 9 is set for the most part with the possible exception of 2nd base meaning deciding who fills the roles on the bench is all that is left.  The three outfield spots are manned with Alex Gordon Lorenzo Cain and Jeff Franceour this season and are under control for at least the next two seasons.  With those spots filled where ...

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