The College Dirt: Weekend of 2/15 wrap up by Greg Schaum and Don Olsen Reviewed by Momizat on . This will be a weekly wrap up of the top college games over the weekend:   If I am watching a game on TV or LIVE i will include that game too (On TV) Duke This will be a weekly wrap up of the top college games over the weekend:   If I am watching a game on TV or LIVE i will include that game too (On TV) Duke Rating: 0
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The College Dirt: Weekend of 2/15 wrap up by Greg Schaum and Don Olsen

The College Dirt: Weekend of 2/15 wrap up by Greg Schaum and Don Olsen

This will be a weekly wrap up of the top college games over the weekend:


If I am watching a game on TV or LIVE i will include that game too

(On TV) Duke at Florida Tough week for the Gators as they lose one of their great arms Karsten Whitson to a season ending injury and also found out that Jacksonville transfer Taylor Ratliff was ruled ineligible for the transfer. I feel for the kid as I understand it is his dream to play for the Gators and now after being in limbo all season he will have to sit out and just be a fan.

Duke lost 1B Aaron Cohn to an injury a couple of days ago


Duke line up: 

LF So- Andrew Istler (0, 13, .292) K away in 1st AB (1) HBP on 1-2 pitch (3) 4 pitch walk (5) 5-3 “nice dive to left”(7) K (9)

RF SR-Jeff Kremer* ( 2,12, .292) Line drive out to LF (1) 3-6 (3) high chop to first (5) Stump into pitch, Walk (8) Infield 1B down 3B line (9)

C JR-Mike Rosenfeld (3, 31, .312) Chopper DB down LF line (1) PB in 2nd thru the wickets, K (3) F- 7 (5) RBI 3B to CF warning track w/ Dent playing shallow (8) line drive 1B to RF (9)

DH RS So-Chris Marconcini* (Missed 2012 due to injury after hitting .291 w/ 4 HR and 39 RBI as a freshman) K on 3-2 pitch (1) Walk (4) K looking (5) K looking-fooled on bender  (8)

3B JR- Jordan Betts (4, 19, .237) Line drive CF (2) 2 run HR to LCF (4) Harris into pitch, K looking (6) Kish into Pitch, E-4 thru glove of Turgeon w/ infield in and runner scores (8)

1B SO-Andy Perez (0, 13, .270) K (2) 4-3 (4) Pop up 4 (6) HBP (8)

SS JR-Angelo La Bruna (0, 21, .207) Fly ball CF (2) solid line drive Out at LF (4) liner between 3B and SS (6) pick off 1-3, great diving play to left to get Tobias in 7th, F-9 (8)

CF JR-Anthony D’Alessandro (0, 6, .233) 6-3 (3) 3B down RF line (4) pitching change to Gibson/ 4-3 (7) K looking (8)

2B JR-Mark Lumpa*(1, 11, .281) E-6 (3) PH for with Perkins\DONE

PH 2B JR-David Perkins 4-3 (4) F-9 (7) great relay throw to nail Shafer at 3rd in 7th, 5-3 (9)

Duke LHP SO-Trent Swart (13 GS, 4-8, 4.28, 76/33, 74 IP) 86-88 with cutter, and solid breaking ball in on RH, doing a great job keeping the over anxious Gators off balance. Mixes junk with his fastball well. 2 R, 2 ER, 6 IP,

RHP       Robert Huber (14 G, 4-6, 5.19, 42/41, 78 IP) fastball, slider, change

RHP      Andrew Istler (23 G, 4-4, 3.63, 35/9, 52 IP) 88-90, slider, change

Florida line up:

LF FR- Harrison Bader- Almost misplayed liner in 1st, K on check swing (1) 4-3 (3) Single to CF (6) 5-4, (8) scores on E-3 dropped throw on pickoff, 

SS FR- Richie Martin- Laid down bunt on 1st pitch seen back to P, 1-3 (1) error in 3rd on easy grounder, G-3 (3) K (6) single to RF (8) goes to 2nd, see above for Bader,

2B SO-Casey Turgeon* (4, 30, .281) Fly ball LF (1) 4-3 (3) roped liner to right of the first basemen (6) 2-4 CS to end inning, walk (8)

1B SR- Vickash Ramjit (5, 20,,273) K on curve ball looked bad in this AB (2) Ripped OUT liner to 3B (4) RBI SF 8 (6) LF Istler comes into pitch/  F-9 (8) moves to RF in 9th

C SO- Taylor Gushue** (5, 21, .206) K (2) Deep 390 foot fly ball to CF (4) F8 (7)

DH SO- Justin Shafer (0,27, .284) looping double to CF and goes to 2B on CF who takes bad angle  (2) Fly ball CF (4) 2B to RF wall, but thrown out at 3B with bullet relay from 2B, (7) 

3B SO-Josh Tobias (0, 10, 252) 4 pitch walk (2) G-3 (5)  hit stolen with diving stop by SS and 6-3 (7)

RF RS FR-Cory Reid- looping single down RF line with RBI (2) liner OUT to RF (5) pinch hit for in 8th

PH (RS)SO-Zack Powers*- (missed last season with injury) F-7 (8) stays in at 1B,

CF SR-Cody Dent* (0, 4, .134) Fly ball CF (2) 3-1 (5) liner over head of 2B (8)

Florida RHP  JR-Jonathon Crawford (14 GS, 6-2, 3.13, 73/24, 78 IP) 93-94 with improving change, fastball gets great late life, got hit hard in the 4th Final Line: 74 pitches, 2 R, 2 ER, 3 H, 4/1, 3.2 IP

LHP JR- Daniel Gibson (23 G, 1-1, 2.96, 17/11, 24.1 IP) can hit 94 with slide piece and change

RHP SO-Ryan Harris      (16 G, 2-0, 3.38, 12/4, 16 IP) touches mid 9′s, sits 92-93 with sink, change

LHP SO-Corey Stump       (6 G, 0-0, 2.25, 0/2, 4 IP)

RHP JR-Keenan Kish      (13 G, 0-0, 1.98, 28/5, 27.1 IP) 90-92, sinker, slider

Duke 2013 DRAFT WATCH:

#52 RHP Drew Van Orden #21 1B Chris Marconcini #41 3B Jordan Betts #15 C Michael Rosenfield

2014 draft watch list: #26 RHP/OF Andrew Istler

Florida 2013 DRAFT WATCH:

#23 RHP Jonathan Crawford, #22 RHP Karsten Whitson WILL MISS 2013 SEASON, #45 RHP John Magliozzi, #6 LHP Daniel Gibson,#5 3B Zack Powers, #28 RHP Keenan Kish ,#39 OF Taylor Ratliff  ANNOUNCED BEFORE THE GAME HE WOULD HAVE TO SIT THE ENTIRE YEAR OUT AS AN INELIGIBLE TRANSFER. #30 OF/1B Vickash Ramjit

2014 Draft Look: #24 RHP/OF Ryan Harris, #17 C Taylor Gushue, #21 LHP Corey Stump, #16 OF Justin Shafer,#11 2B/3B Josh Tobias, #2 2B/SS Casey Turgeon, #10 RHP/1B Tucker Simpson, #14 LHP Bobby Poyner, #26 OF/3B Cory Reid, #27 RHP Aaron Rhodes

Friday night result: (Duke won 4-3)

Big Hitter for Duke was C Mike Rosenfeld (3-5, 2B, 3B,RS, RBI) and 3B Jordan Betts hit a long home run to LCF for Duke off of Jonathan Crawford. SP Trent Swart kept the Gators off balance with 6 innings of work allowing 2 ER and striking out 4 while walking one, and allowing just 4 hits.  Top 10 potential pick Crawford really elevated the ball in the 4th and took the loss.

Rest of weekend:

Saturday: Florida won 4-2 on Saturday DH Chase Marconcini with a 2 run HR for Duke and 2B Casey Turgeon with a 3 run HR for the Gators. On the mound Freshman RP Parker Danciu threw 3.2 scoreless with 2 K and 2 BB allowing 2 hits for his first win. Johnny Magliozzi closed it out with 1.1 scorelss and his first save

Sunday: Floirda crushed Duke 16-5 with RS SO 1B Zack Powers driving in 9 runs (courtesy of 2 grand slams) Ryan Harris threw 2.2 scroreless for the win.


San Diego State at San Diego:

1st game game ever at Fowler Park

San Diego State:

CF SO-Greg Allen** (2, 31, .312) INF Single to SS (1) 6-3 (2) RBI single between 1st and 2nd (4) Covey done, PO 1-3, Liner up middle 1B (6) INF 1B to right of 2B (8) goes to 2B on PB

2B JR-Tim Zier (0, 32, .318) RBI double down LF line (1) RBI 1B to RF (3) picked off 1-3, G-3 (4) RBI single up middle (6) K (8)

1B SO-Ryan Muno (4, 19, .308)  K (1) , F3 (3) RBI Single to RF (4) up 6-0, 6-4-3 (6) HBP (9)

DH RS SO-Brad Haynal (0,2, .375) broken leg last year: RBI 2B to RF wall (1), 2B to LCF (3) steals 3B, K (4) 5-3 (7) RBI 3B to RCF (9)

LF SO-Matt Munoz* (0, 19, .301) Walk (1) RBI 1B thru SS who was in (3) goes to 2nd on E-1 pickoff, then pick-off 1-4,  Walk (5) K looking (7) 6-3 (9)

3B FR- Tyler France- Olsen notes: well regarded LB out of HS who would be a pro if he concentrated on baseball, 2015 follow-G-3 (1) 1B up middle (3) 6-4-3 (5) liner up middle (7) flashing leather in 7th w/ great backhanded grab and strike to 1st, K looking (9)

C SR- Jake Romanski(0, 23, .289)  4-3 (1) 6-3 (3) 5-3 (5) likes to throw behind runners, 6-4 (7) K (9)

RF SO-Avondre Bollar (0, 6, .231) E-6 throw (2) HBP (4) PB to 2nd, 4-3 (6) K (8)

SS JR-Evan Potter (0, 12, .190) bad bunt 2-6 (2) SB , 4 pitch walk (4) E-5 (6) CF (8)

SP RHP SO-Michael Cederoth (15G, 11 GS, 4-4, 4.14, 62/48, 67 IP) missed time in 2012 after hairline fracture of cheekbone (liner to face) still working on command issues, 90-92,(93) ,97-98 settles around 94,  1 R, 1 ER, 5 IP, 6/5, WIN

RP RH JR-Justin Hepner (22 G, 3 GS, 5-3, 2.94, 50/20, 52 IP) enters in top of 6: 88-89. 73-75 break (solid breaking stuff) 0 R, 0 ER, 4 IP, 5/2, SAVE

2013 MLB draft watch list: RHP Travis Pitcher, RHP Philip Walby, RHP Ethan Miller,

2014 watch list: RHP Michael Cedaroth, OF Greg Allen, 3B Ryan Muno, C Brad Haynal

San Diego:

DH RS SR-Dillon Checkal* (0, 7, .159) walk (1) tried to advance on PB and out 2-3, K (3) Walk (5) Walk (7)

1B SO-Connor Joe (3, 16, .262) K looking (1) K (3) RBI single liner to RF (5) 5-3 (7)

3B JR-Kris Bryant (14, 57, .367) walk (1) F3 (4) F4  with bases juiced (5) bobble and wide throw in 6th, LF (8)

C SR- Dillon Haupt ( 5, 31, .279) K (1) 1B ducker up middle (4) very slow runner, 5-3 DP (5) has mishandled a few pitches from different pitchers, Walk (8) SB on ball in dirt,

CF JR- Louie Lechich* (1, 33, .311) walk (2) goes to 2B on PB, F-1 (4) out of game in 5th

LF AJ Robinson* (enters in 5th) (1, 16, .299) K 2-3 (6) K (8)

LF/CF in 5th RS SR- Lucas Hagberg (0, 11, .333)  LF (2) Liner tween 3B and SS for 1B (4) K (6) CF (8)

2B SO-Austin Bailey** (0, 2o, .273) K (2) 4-3 (4)  K looking (6) G 3 (9)

RF SR-Austin Green (1, 4, .200) K (2) HBP (5)  K (7)

SS JR-Logan Davis (transfer from Gilbert CC) Son of Mark Davis: having a tough game defensively, walk (3) CS 2-6, Line Drive 1B to RF (5) infield single to right side (7) E-1 on pickoff but thrown out at 3B trying to go 2 bases-

USD SP RH JR Dylan Covey (17 Gm 16 GS, 6-3 , 3.32, 50/43, 81 IP) 88-90 heat, mid 70′s off speed 80 Pitches and done. 6 R, 5 ER, 3 IP, 1/2, LOSS….told later he was at 92-93 so gun was a little cold on him

RP LH FR PJ Conlon- 85-86 (87) fastball, 73 curve, terrific move to 1B to get Allen, 76 curve. 0 R, 0 ER, 2 IP, 1/1

RP RH JR Sheldon Ekstrand- Enters in 6th, 82-83 (84), 70-72 curve 1 R, 0 ER, 2 IP, 1/0

RP LH Jack Shannon (15 G, 0 GS, 1-0, 3.95, 11/11, 13.2 IP) enters in 8th, junk ball lefty, 79-80 (81), 73 break. 0 R, 0 ER, 1 IP, 2/0

RP RH FR Daniel Reitzler- enters in 9th, Side arming RP, 79-81 fastball, 69-71 off speed. 1 R, 1 ER, 1 IP, 2/0

2013 MLB draft watch list: 3B/OF Kris Bryant, RHP Michael Wagner, RHP Dylan Covey, OF/LHP Louie Lechich, RHP Calvin Drummond, C/OF Austin Green, LHP/1B Max Hornick, C Dillon Haupt, SS Logan Davis,

2014 watch list: SS Andrew Daniel, RHP Ryan Kellar, SS Austin Bailey

Game 2 San Diego State vs USD:

SP RHP JR-Philip Walby (13 G, 5 GS, 1-3, 5.50, 15/14, 36 IP) previously drafted in the 50th round by the Orioles (2010), 90 with 1st pitch, 90-92 (93), throws splitter and change, 76-79 with break

RHP Ethan Miller (20 G, 2 GS, 3-2, 7.54, 35/19, 37 IP) looks good, arm offers sharp break. w/ solid breaking ball away from RH

 RHP Michael Wagner (31 G, 2 GS, 5-2, 2.58, 53/20, 59 IP, 0 HR allowed) previously drafted by the Red Sox in the 21st round (2010) potential 2nd rounder…85-86 in first inning but was 93 on 2B to Allen, 79-80 with slider, *gun might be slow as scout just told me they have him at 90-91

Game One Friday: San Diego State 8-1 over SD with several hitting stars for the Aztecs. CF Greg Allen (4-5 RS, RBI) 2B Tim Zier (3-5, 2B, RS, 3 RBI, and DH Brad Haynal ( 3-5, 2 2B, 1 3B, RS, 2 RBI) Pitching wise look out for 2014 Michael Cederoth who threw 5 innings allowing 1 ER and striking out 6 while walking 5. Once he gets the command issues under wraps he will be a good one. The Aztecs also got fine relief help from Justin Hepner who threw 4 scoreless allowing no runs and striking out 5.

SS Logan Davis was 3-3 for the Toreros but the son of former Cy Young winner Mark was shaky on defense. SP Dylan Covey was not impressive as he gave up 5 ER in 3 IP allowing 8 hits and 2 walks. Potential top 10 pick Kris Bryant struggled at the plate hitting a 7 second pop up to the second baseman with the bases full.

Saturday: The Aztecs won 4-2, as Greg Allen continues to impress. He is a speedy switch hitting CF who covers a lot of ground. It is obvious he has taken to Tony Gwynn as his approach is similar. He just seems to catch the ball and place it where he wants. He was 3-5 with 3 RS and a stolen base. 2B Tim Zier drove in 2 more runs and 1B Ryan Muno went 3-5. Solid relief work by Ethan Miller who went 4.2 Ip allowing 1 ER and striking out 6. The Toreros turned to former closer and potential 1st round pick Michael Wagner. He allowed 3 ER in 6 IP striking out 8 and walking 0.

Sunday: The Aztecs swept the Toreros winning 5-3 behind the bats of Freshman 3B Tyler France and RF Avondre Bollar. Both hitters were 2-4. The freshman France should be on your radar for 2015. He is a former football star who would be a pro if he just concentrated on baseball. That being said, I am glad he is playing in college and his stock should rise over the next couple of years. Kris Bryant went 1-3 and was just a .222 hitter over the opening weekend. But, he drew raves from scouts for his bat speed and ability to adjust. The gorgeous new park will be a tough place for hitters but numbers should go up once the season moves into the warmer temperatures. Transfer Logan Davis again went 3-3 and he is hitting .857 after 3 games.

The Don Olsen report: LIVE from #13 TCU and #25 Ole Miss 

Friday Pitchers:

Bobby Wahl RHP Ole Miss – 92-93 (94) mph, another grabbed him at a top of 95 mph. Command was in and out, left a few out and up at times.  Movement and plane on offering, saw some late risers and left a few tough to square up.  Slider showed typical tilt, worked it well in the zone, command has improved in the offering since last look, change showed a few times, speed worked well off the fastball, not as much movement that I like, but conditions were a factor.  He toughed it out and showed a bit more gusto with guys on the base, decent move to first as well.

Brandon Finnegan LHP TCU – 94-96 (97) mph, showed a nice 2S in 92-93 mph with sink and run, more of a cutter than slider, but worked well and showed some saw off ability.  You are seeing more torque in his approach, more shoulder/hip seperation has really activated his core, producing more speed through the larger muscles of the legs and back, driving force for sustain velocity.  Stamina was rather good considering everything.  Curve had bite at times.  I did not really catch a change up, but cold and could have been that BP type fastball that popped up.  Both offerings are going to have to improve action, but again it was cold and wanted to work mainly fastball/sinker.  His command and control were just average today, he was shorting a number of throws, nibbling the edges a bit much at times.

Saturday Pitchers:

Mike Mayers  RHP Ole Miss- 91-93 mph that was not heavy on movement, but decent command, works both sides and hammers inside.  89-90 mph that ran heavy sink, big GB potential, should work it more in game. Break was tight, good depth to it as well.  Change had good deception, location. Depth that flashed swing and miss ability.  His command was just slightly below average in the outing, which I know it is a lot better, kid can hit pinpoint spots with both his fastball and change up.  It was cold, windy, no grip style game and he fought through it.  These are the types that outing you want to see, what he does when little works.


Preston Morrison RHP TCU – He continues to be a guy who gets movement and pin point command of his arsenal, but the velocity and arm speed sit 84-86 mph.  The offering has some sink and hand side run to it and he can easily locate it L/A at will.  His change up and slider have decent shape and pose as change of pace pitches.  His slot and actions pose some deception for hitters, movement on his overall arsenal.  He looks more suited as a middle reliever, can see a bit more lower half push to get the velocity up some, but not a high radar guy for professional ranks at this stage.


Andrew Mitchell RHP TCU –   Command and control were below average today, guess more tied to the feel of the ball, he looked uncomfortable out on the hill.  One of the times not worth submitting, just not the same prospect today.

2 position players that stood out over in game action:

Auston Bousfield CF Ole Miss – Showed the range, tracking ability to cover a decent amount of ground, nice arm strength and carry.  While not a burner, he shows above average speed, nice blend of ability and instincts that speed can factor on the paths.  His approach at the plate stand out, nice blend of patience, strike zone awareness.  Swing is compact and good hand speed show the barrel awareness and bat head control to showcase above average contact.  Decent follow for the 2014 draft.

Kevin Cron 1B TCU – Wahl worked away from his wheelhouse, not giving much inside.  He showed good patience and approach.  Swing is a little long, but good bat speed to turn on it, stays compact and has bat head control, contact should be average, maybe above average, with his path and spray ability.  I like his two strike approach and bodes well that power is not the only facet of his game, as he matures.  BP Power is evident off his massive frame, which he needs to refine and transition, but he looks better than his brother at the same stage.  He has only slight lift in the swing, so more line drive driven path, but he has the strength to turn on it with serious pull power, enough to take it the opposite way with power to all fields

Other key matchups of ranked opponents over the weekend:

#18 Rice and #7 Stanford:

Friday: Rice won 5-1 at home over the Cardinal. Stanford got a pair of hits from 2B Danny Diekroeger while Ruce scattered 7 hits for the win and 2 of those came from the bat of senior 2B Christian Stringer. Pitching wise Mark Appel was less than stellar as he allowed 5 runs (2 er) in 5 IP with 3 K and 3 BB. Rice SP Austin Kubitza and his large hands got the win going 6 IP with no runs allowed and a 12/4 K/BB ratio. Zach Lemond threw 3 IP of 1 run ball for the save

Saturday: The Cardinal won 3-2. Stanford reliever Daniel Starwalt threw 3.1 scoreless in relief of John Hochstatter for the win. Offensively they had DH Justin Ringo go 2-4 with a double and an RBI. Rice LF Michael Aquino hit 2 home runs (both solo shots) and SP Jordan Stephens took the loss with 7.1 IP of 3 run ball allowing 5 hits and 2 walks while striking out 3.

Sunday: Rice took the series with a 3-0 win. John Simms might have Coach Wayne Graham re-think his strategy for 2013. Simms was thought to be the closer this year but after a 7.1 IP game allowing just one hit he might be a weekend starting fixture. He was relieved by Zach Lemond who got his second save. The Cardinal got 4 scoreless from reliever Bobby Zarubin. Rice  Junior 3B Shane Hoelscher was 4-4 with 2 RBI and a SB.

#27 Baylor at #33 UC Irvine

Friday: The Anteaters took this one 6-4. Baylor got some pop from leadoff hitter and RF Nathan Orf who hit a home run and was 2-5 with 3 RBI. CF Logan Brown and PH /1B Mitch Price also got 2 hits each. The Anteaters got a win from SP Thurman with 5.2 IP of 1 run ball striking out 4 with no walks. The Anteaters bats were lead by 1B Spencer and C Shaeffer  who both went 3-4.

Saturday: UC Irvine took the second game 5-0 behind the arms of  Whitehouse (6.1, 2 H, 6 K, 1 BB) and Hooper (2.2, 1 H, 4 K, 0 BB) DH Spencer was 2-3 with a RBI. Baylor SP Max Garner gave up 3 ER in 3.2 IP and walked 3 and allowed 3 hits (also struck out 3

Sunday: UCI finished the sweep with a 15-3 drubbing on 18 hits. Offensive stars were CF Taylor (3-4, 5 RBI) 3B Sparks (3-4, HR, 4 RBI) C Schaeffer (3-5, RBI) and 2B Duarte (3-4, RBI) DH McClanahan also hit a 3 run HR. The Baylor bullpen gave up 12 ER in 4.1 IP. They did get a 4-5 game from Nathan Orf. C Nate Goodwin, 1B Duncan Wendel, and SS Brett Doe all got 2 hits apiece.


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