The Post where I break down all the trades in the last week Reviewed by Momizat on . I thought I needed to make a post here on my feelings about all the moves that went down in the last week...also, to maybe even the feelings on here about the R I thought I needed to make a post here on my feelings about all the moves that went down in the last week...also, to maybe even the feelings on here about the R Rating: 0
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The Post where I break down all the trades in the last week

The Post where I break down all the trades in the last week

I thought I needed to make a post here on my feelings about all the moves that went down in the last week…also, to maybe even the feelings on here about the Royals trade with Tampa


Twins trade CF Ben Revere to the Phillies for P’s Vance Worley and Trevor May:

The Phillies had been linked to much bigger names like Michael Bourn in the last month but they turned their attention to the poor man’s version of Bourn in Revere. Revere is a defensive first CF who has played 2 full seasons in the big leagues with a .278/.319/.323/.642 stat line. He has absolutely no power and is a throwback player who steals bases, plays terrific defense, and pounds the ball into the ground to utilize his best asset.

Phillies line up now:








Kratz (Ruiz suspension)

The Phillies should be looking to upgrade LF before opening day and also do not appear to be sold on RF Dominic Brown. Brown is going to attract interest from other clubs to see if they can turn the once blue chip prospect’s career in the right direction.

The Twins grabbed 2 SP in Worley and May:

Vance Worley is a 25-year-old RH who, despite not being a big prospect, has pitched well in the big leagues. He is 18-13 over 2 full seasons with a 238/97 k/bb ratio in 278 IP. He is that pitcher who has had more success in the majors than in the minors where he was 25-23 with a 3.80 e.r.a over 431 IP with a 330/115 k/bb ratio. I talked to a scout after this trade and he said people in love with stats will think the Twins won this trade but he says Worley is a pitcher who the Phillies traded at peak level. He sees him as a future reliever and bounce around guy.

Trevor May is a a top 100 prospect in baseball entering 2012 at #69 but the same scout I talked to has concerns about May staying healthy. He has been an over 1:1 k:bb guy in his pro career and he K’d 151 with 78 walks in 150 IP at AAA last season. May is 23 and was drafted by the Phillies out of HS in Washington state.

Twins rotation:

RHP Worley

LHP Diamond

RHP Correia

RHP Hendricks

LHP Duensing or RHP May

*This is not a pretty rotation and I think the Royals fans should enjoy beating up on the Twinks and their circle me Bert fans over the next couple of seasons. I expect Diamond to fall back to the AAAA P he was prior to 2012.

Royals trade RF Wil Myers, RHP Jake Odorizzi, LHP Mike Montgomery, and 3B Patrick Leonard to Tampa for RHP James Shields and RHP Wade Davis:

I am not as sore at this trade as I would have thought. The reason is that I get it…The Royals had to address their starting rotation and these 2 filled that piece of the puzzle fine. I really do believe Myers has a chance to be an excellent ball player and in 5 years the Rays could easily win this trade. If Montgomery turns it around with the Rays it will only further enhance every belief that the Royals have been clueless in how to develop pitchers. I really do like the arm of Davis and a Royals scout told me he has a better arm than anyone in this rotation. This is true, but it is also why his arm played so well out of the pen. I think his upside is greater than Odorizzi though. Leonard has some real pop for a young player and RH power is not easy to find. I talked to 2 different scouts after they saw our Burlington team and both said he was the best player on that team. But, Leonard also has a lot of growing up to do and he has had some moments so far that have certainly raised some eye brows. He is a kid and certainly can turn that around. Shields gives the Royals the 2nd or 3rd best #1 SP in the central. You can debate if Sale (and his one season are better) You can debate if the Tigers have 2 SP that are better. But, I ask you to comp Scherzer to Shields and make up your own mind.

The Royals won today but the Rays should win this tomorrow. Obviously, trading Myers gives KC a BIG problem in RF and they clearly need to address that before opening day.

Some ideas in addition to our own prospect David Lough: AAA RF Michael Taylor of the A’s, MLB OF with the A’s Ryan Sweeney and Seth Smith. MLB OF with the Marlins Justin Ruggiano, AAA Rockies OF Tim Wheeler and Charlie Blackmon. Phillies RF Dom Brown

Also, David Dejesus in a trade with the Cubs, FA OF Cody Ross and Grady Sizemore (a steal if he can get healthy)

Royals rotation now:




Davis (he could easily be the #2 before the end of the season)

Chen, Hochevar, Mendoza, Smith

Rays line up:








Roberts, Rodriguez, Brignac







Cobb, Archer

AAA rotation:

Archer, Odorizzi, Montgomery, Colome

Leoanard will join a very good line up at Low A Oscar Hernandez at C, Brandon Martin at SS, Willie Argo OF, Granden Goetzman OF, Andrew Toles OF and P Alex Kuedell, Kevin Brandt, and Nick Sawyer

Arizona receives 1B Lars Anderson, SS Didi Gregorious, and LHRP Tony Sipp. Reds receive OF Shin-Soo Choo, INF Jason Donald. Indians receive SP Trevor Bauer, RP Matt Albers and Bryan Shaw, and OF Drew Stubbs

I think the Indians have a chance to become the real winner here. I am a huge fan of Trevor Bauer and said I thought he would be the best player to come out of the 2011 MLB draft. But, he comes with plenty of headaches. He is such a smart kid that he could have done many things in his life. He was so bored in high school that it was common for him to challenge his teachers. He pitched at UCLA when he should have been a SR in high school. He is a special talent who needs to be with a manager that can handle his quirks. I think Terry Francona is that manager. The Indians badly wanted Bauer in the draft and the lack of organization belief the D Backs have shown in him proves to me that something left with Jerry DiPoto going to the Angels. I look forward, and also fear the Royals seeing him start 25 games against them over the next 6 years.

*Fun fact- 3 P from Hart High School and legendary coach Jim Ozella’s team were traded in the last week (Shields, Montgomery, Bauer)

I am not sold on Gregorious at SS and while defensively he has a chance to be special the bat worries me. He had a terrific AFL and perhaps the Reds sold high here. Anderson will be insurance at AAA (they also recently signed Kila Ka Aihue) Sipp has an often electric arm and he should be a solid reliever in the NL West.

The Reds will get one year of Choo and play him in CF. The jury is out on his defense but the bat should be welcomed by the Reds fans. I have long considered Choo to be this generations version of Jose Cruz as one of the most underrated players in the game. INF Jason Donald will be with his 3rd organization and should provide a decent middle infielder off the bench for Dusty Baker.

The Indians got the very athletic Drew Stubbs. He is a terrific CF but like fellow AL Central CF Austin Jackson he will put up a lot of K’s. Stubbs strikes out as much as anyone in the game and he and Mark Reynolds could K 400 times as a pair for the Tribe this season (what is the record for teammates) Relievers Shaw and Albers will be solid relievers in 2012. Shaw will be entering his 3rd season in the big leagues going 1-6 with a 3.49 e.r.a in 64 games last season with a 41/24 k/bb ratio in 59 IP last year. Righties hit just .211 off of him but lefties teed him up for a .333 mark over 111 at bats. Albers is a 7 year big league veteran and the Indians will be his 5th team. He pitched for the D Backs and Red Sox last season going 3-1 with a 2.39 e.r.a in 63 games with a 44/22 k/bb ratio in 60 IP. He pitched very well versus lefties and righties as they hit just .220 and .207 off of him. But, the real name to remember in this trade will be Trevor Bauer.

Cleveland line up:

Carrera (could be a new RF before opening day)

Kipnis (big time upside and could break out as a star this season)

Cabrera (still a trade candidate)

Santana (will have to handle Bauer)

Brantley (terrific OF defense between Brantley, Stubbs and whoever plays RF)




DH TBD and likely won’t bat 9th









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