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Grew up on the streets of Overland Park...played my high school ball at Shawnee Mission North before playing college ball in Riverside, CA. I graduated from an original Big 8 school and love this great city. My favorite player as a kid was Frank Tanana and I thought U.L Washington was a cool MOFO

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    Yeah, I imagined it was probably hard to get reliable info on them. Still, it’s pretty uncommon to see a catcher at any level dropping a .301 avg and .403 obp in 175 ab.

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    Greg Schaum

    I always say it is very hard to get info on the Dominican players or to gauge their talent based on stats

    That being said…I will reach out and see what I can find

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    Greg, I know it’s off topic a bit but do you know anything about Catcher Pedro Gonzalez from the DSL Royals? He’s got some pretty eye popping offensive numbers for a catcher, the lack of power not withstanding since he’s only 19. Do you know anything about how he is defensively?

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    I am very glad that I could help! It sure is a lot of activity, but I am sure you are enjoying every minute of it! Please keep me updated on his progress through high school.

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    Thanks for the post Brian! My son is a sophomore here in Houston where he has been playing year-round since he was 4. He is due to make his Varsity team in the spring. And has been playing showcase events since last summer. I mention all of this because it is a whirlwind of activity! I really appreciate your note about the ups and downs being inevitable. I will definitely pass this on to him.

    Keep us posted on your progress!

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