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I grew up in Topeka, and learned to love the Royals over many summer nights listening to Denny and Fred. Of course, the Royals were much easier to love back then. They got their claws in me some 30 years ago, then they went to the playoffs in 1984 and won it all in 1985. And I thought to myself, "This is easy. This team is always going to be good!" Sigh. But what can I say? If I've made it this far, I suppose I will always be a fan. But whenever they get good again, I'll be sure not to take it for granted. I promise. I'm also a fan of the Chiefs, Jayhawks (even the football team), Sporting KC, and the Nashville Predators. By day, I'm a mild-mannered project manager for a publishing company, and every night I'm lucky to come home to my amazing wife Michelle. We've been married since 2005 and live in Overland Park. Fun fact, she grew up in Memphis watching many future Royals when Kansas City's AA team was there. So it didn't take much to make a Royals fan out of her. We don't have kids, but we've got three cats (one named after Alex Gordon) and a dog. Follow me on Twitter! @Darin_Watson

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    Darin Watson

    Thanks for the kind words! I do think with Santana and Guthrie in the fold they are off to a good start. I’m not too sold on Jurrjens–he’s had an alarming drop in velocity the last couple of years. I suppose if they gave him a one-year, low-money contract he’d be worth a chance, but they’re probably better off going after a more known quantity.

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    Good article Darin. I think the trouble for the Royals is, when you are the one trying to make a trade happen, unless you meet the stupidest person in the room, you are going to get less back then what you really want. The best position to be in is when you hold all the chips and people come to you to make trades. I said it in another comment a couple of weeks ago, I think the Royals want to sell tickets and what sells tickets is winning a 7-6 game not having the stud pitcher go 8 innings and winning 1-0. The baseball pureists might not agree but the lay baseball fan that buys the bulk majority of tickets like the 7-6 game and cold beer way better. Thus with that said the Royals need to stock pile good pitchers (not great) and guys that can crush the crud out of the ball. Will Myers must stay in order for that to happen. what does everyone think about Jair Jurjjens? If we are willing to gamble that Santana will have a bounce back year why not do the same with Jair who has a pretty good track record minus last year. Love the stuff from all the guys at PTP keep it up!

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