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Thanks to Greg and the rest of the Pinetarpress.com crew for welcoming and allowing me to contribute to their stellar site. I jumped at the opportunity to become a contributor. Baseball, and more specifically, Kansas City Royals baseball is a deep rooted passion for me, and I look forward to being able to write about various Royals topics. When reading my material, keep in mind that I’m just a fan. I’m no insider, and I’m no seam-head. I appreciate advanced statistics, but don’t necessarily buy into all of them. I’m still “old school” in that I think you can still get a good evaluation through watching a player and whatever is offered on the back of his baseball card. I played small time college baseball in Kansas, and coached at the high school level. That is the extent of my baseball experience, but more appropriately those are the eyes through which I watch the game of baseball. I’m a KCK resident—a Dotte, if you will. I’m married and have a son who is itching to begin tee work, soft-toss, and a long-toss program (he’s 10 months old at the time of this writing). I’m active on Twitter. Follow me at @pyork_10. Go Royals!

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    Paul York

    Eric, I supose WAR would be best. If Hochevar is traded, all bets are off.

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    Paul York

    Unclejesse, I feel much the same way about Dayton Moore. Much like all of us, he’s made mistakes in his first run at a brand new job. Even though he came from a good place, he had never been a GM before so mistakes were bound to happen. I’ll probably never forgive the way he handled–or didn’t handle–his first MLB draft. I thought that was ridiculous. Consequently, we’re stuck w/ Hochevar. So, a combination of on-the-job training and taking overe an empty cupboard of suck, I think Dayton Moore is on the right path. Big fan of his. Seems like a good baseball man, and just a real good man in general. Those are the kind of people I like having in charge of our Kansas City sports.

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    Erik Gratton

    I don’t know about minimum innings. I think maybe we pick a WAR? That would take care of things like IP and the park factors and such? No perfect stat, but that may be the best approach? ERA+ w a minimum number of starts or innings?

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    I think it will be interesting to see how Hoch handels Spring Training this year. The pressure of being the guy is now gone, but he is going to have to prove himself in order to be the number 5 pitcher, different pressure, but pressure none the less. As GMDM, I am a big fan of his. The team he took over was really bad, I know they are not great now but atleast I want to watch them. I will be interested to see how long it takes the Astros to rebuild. they are completely gutting the team and will be almost unwatchable for a couple of years. But if in less than 5 years they start winning, then my view of Dayton might change. But for now Dayton has at least given me a team to talk about with friends.

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    Paul York

    Steaks are cool w/ me. We need some parameters though. What’s the best way to gauge this? Probably need to set a minimum IP amount as well.

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    Erik Gratton

    All right, Paul, I’ll take the Hoch/Marcum bet. What are our stakes? Might I suggest…steaks?

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