Twitter Tuesday: 1/22-1/29 Reviewed by Momizat on . Twitter Tuesday: 1/22-1/29 Twitter Tuesday is a new weekly feature to Pine Tar Press, in which I’ll review all things #Royals through the eyes of Twitter.  S Twitter Tuesday: 1/22-1/29 Twitter Tuesday is a new weekly feature to Pine Tar Press, in which I’ll review all things #Royals through the eyes of Twitter.  S Rating: 0
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Twitter Tuesday: 1/22-1/29

Twitter Tuesday: 1/22-1/29

Twitter Tuesday: 1/22-1/29

Twitter Tuesday is a new weekly feature to Pine Tar Press, in which I’ll review all things #Royals through the eyes of Twitter.  Snark and sarcasm are welcomed and valued just as much as baseball insight.  Keep them clean, and keep them coming. 

Hope springs eternal

The Royals weren’t making much news early in the week, so I thought I’d see what general Royals thoughts were floating through the Twitterverse.


I don’t know if Bob Dutton answered this directly, but I know I’ve seen him claim the Tigers are the clear front-runner for the Central Division, and I concur.  To make the playoffs, the Royals would likely have to grab a wildcard spot, and doing so would still mean the Royals have to improve by at least 18 games, and that’s just not likely. Tweet2

For those that don’t know, James is the father to a very good Royals pitching prospect, John Lamb.  I think it is safe to say we’re all looking forward to seeing John at Spring Training, and hope he’s one of the young arms that can lead the Royals in the future.  While we’re on the topic, Lamb, Kyle Zimmer, and Yordano Ventura are three guys to keep a watchful eye on.  I think those three have the best chance of truly helping the Royals in the not-too-distant future.


Well, watching Royals Fanfest is sure a good way to avoid the lines, and those complaining about the lines.  As far as the on-field product, as long as natural progression takes place with our young guys, I think fans will like what they see.  For something special to happen, a lot is going to have to go right for the Royals—but aren’t they kind of due for that?

Dayton Moore, You’re a Buffoon!

On January 24th, it was learned that Kansas City native, Shaun Marcum, agreed to a one year deal with the New York Mets.  It was later revealed that the deal was for $4 million, with an additional $4 million possible through incentives.  No, this isn’t Royals news, but plenty of Royals fans let their displeasure known, especially since the Royals were linked to Marcum earlier in the offseason.


100% correct!  You do not have to give up supreme minor league talent for average pitching.  What the hell kind of revelation is that?  Did the Royals do that? No. Not even close.  On no planet is James Shields considered an average pitcher.  Even Wade Davis has the potential to be better than an average pitcher.  Let go of Wil Myers, people.  No one was happy to see him go, but this isn’t some Playstation/X-Box game.  You can’t trade four questionably talented players for one superstar.  You have to trade legit talent to get legit talent.


I really don’t understand a lot of Royals fans.  You want the team to win, but you don’t want them to trade their minor league talent.  That’s the only way the Royals can compete.  What do you want them to do?  Simply outbid the high-rollers for free agents?  That’s not happening.  Hell, we’ve condemned the Yankees and Red Sox and teams like them for winning that way.  That’s not the Royals way, and never will be.  The economics just aren’t there.  Wil Myers has done nothing—NOTHING!  He had a great minor league season.  You know what that means at the MLB level?  Zilch!!  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t doing cartwheels that we traded Myers away.  I was very much looking forward to seeing what he could do in a Royals uniform.  But the return the Royals got made so much sense.  You know what is easy to find? Corner outfielders.  You know what isn’t?  Pitchers like James Shields.  In my opinion, if James Shields can guide the Royals to the postseason in the next year or two (or however long he stays in Kansas City), Myers can become the next Ryan Braun and I’ll consider it a good trade.  Winning is what I want.  Division titles are what I want.  American League pennants are what I want.  World Series championships are what I want.  Having the greatest right-field PROSPECT in the game doesn’t accomplish any of those things, but pitching does.  END OF RANT.


And what mistake would that be?  From what was reported around here, Shaun Marcum was seeking a multi-year deal with the Royals earlier this offseason.  He ends up settling for a one year deal for $4 million.  What’s that tell you?  Signing Marcum to a multi-year deal would have been a mistake.  Bullet dodged as far as I’m concerned.


No, that’s not correct.  If Marcum pitches well, he’ll make a lot more money than Hochevar, as his deal balloons to about $8 million through incentive bonuses.  Math is fun.

As a side note I’d like to point out that I offered up a bet on Twitter, as to who the better pitcher would be this year—Hochevar or Marcum, and I was going to take Hochevar.  Now I don’t have a very big following on Twitter, but I attached #Royals to my tweet so a lot more people would see it, and you know how many takers I got on that bet? One.  ONE!  And that guy wanted to take Hochevar.  The lack of response actually made me feel good, because it verified there is a sect of Royals fans that simply need something to bitch about. Tweet7

Ok, there is hope for this fan-base.  Thank God!


Forget what I just said.  No one has ever claimed Hochevar is a better pitcher than Marcum.  It has been reported over and over that Marcum’s medicals have not yielded an encouraging prognosis.  In short, his arm is a ticking time-bomb…again.  Other than not having a fastball—like at all—Marcum still has effective stuff.  The question is whether you want that pending health matter sucking up cash and a rotation spot.  I probably would have opted for Hochevar or Bruce Chen over Marcum too.  Regardless of your choice, that guy is pitching out of the back of the rotation.  Nobody expects much from those guys.  The Royals, and everyone else, really just want someone to chew up innings.  Hochevar is your best bet in that regard.

Dayton Moore, You’re a Damn Genius!

Less than 24 hours after the details of the Shaun Marcum news came out, Dayton Moore won a waiver claim on a BACKUP CATCHER, and sent some Royals fans into pure jubilation.  Via waiver claim, the Kansas City Royals were awarded George Kottaras after he was waived by the Oakland A’s.  Kottaras is not necessarily known as a strong hitter, but he’s more disciplined than you’d expect from a backup catcher, and possesses a little pop.  In 171 AB’s in 2012, he boasted a .351 OBP, and belted 9 homeruns.  The claim also resulted in the Royals waiving Tony Abreu from their 40-man roster.


You’re not seeing things.  These are two completely positive tweets about a move Dayton Moore made.  I feel like I just spotted Bigfoot. Tweet10

Well, that was short-lived.  I see things are back to normal.  Even when Dayton Moore makes a good move, he must have somehow Forrest Gump’ed his way into it.


I just have a hard time understanding how a waiver claim, for a guy who is going to compete in Spring Training for the backup catcher role, gets more positive publicity than the acquisition of James Shields and Wade Davis.  Quite disturbing, really.

Look Who’s Changing Yuni-forms

Dayton Moore’s ears had to be ringing as Royals fans sounded off regarding Yuniesky Betancourt signing a minor league deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.  Betancourt will go to big league Spring Training for the Phillies.  Once again, the Royals  make news by not making news.



The above represents the general tone of the tweets that came out as a result of this deal for Betancourt.  Further illustrating that Dayton Moore’s approval rating is somewhere between Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o.

Help me understand the hate, please.  Dayton Moore originally traded for Betancourt when the Royals literally had no other options.  Not only that, but he traded nothing of value for him.  Betancourt actually went on to lead the 2010 Royals in homeruns (16…yuck!), but his deficiencies were still well known.  Dayton Moore then gets someone else to take Betancourt off his hands when he made him part of the Zack Greinke deal to the Milwaukee Brewers.  That trade netted the Royals one of the best shortstops in their team’s history–Alcides Escobar.  When Betancourt’s contract expired with the Brewers, Moore brought him back to Kansas City in a utility/backup capacity.  When Betancourt was proving to be a team cancer, Moore properly discarded him.  So where did Moore go wrong?  I’m not suggesting Betancourt was good, but he was needed when the original trade went down.  Moore was able to flip him when it seemed impossible (much like Jonathan Sanchez), and then kicked him to the curb when he proved to be a clubhouse cancer.  Seems like he played his cards right to me.

Until next week, Tweeps.

Go Royals!

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Thanks to Greg and the rest of the crew for welcoming and allowing me to contribute to their stellar site. I jumped at the opportunity to become a contributor. Baseball, and more specifically, Kansas City Royals baseball is a deep rooted passion for me, and I look forward to being able to write about various Royals topics.When reading my material, keep in mind that I’m just a fan. I’m no insider, and I’m no seam-head. I appreciate advanced statistics, but don’t necessarily buy into all of them. I’m still “old school” in that I think you can still get a good evaluation through watching a player and whatever is offered on the back of his baseball card.I played small time college baseball in Kansas, and coached at the high school level. That is the extent of my baseball experience, but more appropriately those are the eyes through which I watch the game of baseball.I’m a KCK resident—a Dotte, if you will. I’m married and have a son who is itching to begin tee work, soft-toss, and a long-toss program (he’s 10 months old at the time of this writing).I’m active on Twitter. Follow me at @pyork_10.Go Royals!

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Comments (6)

  • Paul York

    Eric, I supose WAR would be best. If Hochevar is traded, all bets are off.

  • Paul York

    Unclejesse, I feel much the same way about Dayton Moore. Much like all of us, he’s made mistakes in his first run at a brand new job. Even though he came from a good place, he had never been a GM before so mistakes were bound to happen. I’ll probably never forgive the way he handled–or didn’t handle–his first MLB draft. I thought that was ridiculous. Consequently, we’re stuck w/ Hochevar. So, a combination of on-the-job training and taking overe an empty cupboard of suck, I think Dayton Moore is on the right path. Big fan of his. Seems like a good baseball man, and just a real good man in general. Those are the kind of people I like having in charge of our Kansas City sports.

  • Erik Gratton

    I don’t know about minimum innings. I think maybe we pick a WAR? That would take care of things like IP and the park factors and such? No perfect stat, but that may be the best approach? ERA+ w a minimum number of starts or innings?

  • unclejesse

    I think it will be interesting to see how Hoch handels Spring Training this year. The pressure of being the guy is now gone, but he is going to have to prove himself in order to be the number 5 pitcher, different pressure, but pressure none the less. As GMDM, I am a big fan of his. The team he took over was really bad, I know they are not great now but atleast I want to watch them. I will be interested to see how long it takes the Astros to rebuild. they are completely gutting the team and will be almost unwatchable for a couple of years. But if in less than 5 years they start winning, then my view of Dayton might change. But for now Dayton has at least given me a team to talk about with friends.

  • Paul York

    Steaks are cool w/ me. We need some parameters though. What’s the best way to gauge this? Probably need to set a minimum IP amount as well.

  • Erik Gratton

    All right, Paul, I’ll take the Hoch/Marcum bet. What are our stakes? Might I suggest…steaks?

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