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Thanks to Greg and the rest of the Pinetarpress.com crew for welcoming and allowing me to contribute to their stellar site. I jumped at the opportunity to become a contributor. Baseball, and more specifically, Kansas City Royals baseball is a deep rooted passion for me, and I look forward to being able to write about various Royals topics. When reading my material, keep in mind that I’m just a fan. I’m no insider, and I’m no seam-head. I appreciate advanced statistics, but don’t necessarily buy into all of them. I’m still “old school” in that I think you can still get a good evaluation through watching a player and whatever is offered on the back of his baseball card. I played small time college baseball in Kansas, and coached at the high school level. That is the extent of my baseball experience, but more appropriately those are the eyes through which I watch the game of baseball. I’m a KCK resident—a Dotte, if you will. I’m married and have a son who is itching to begin tee work, soft-toss, and a long-toss program (he’s 10 months old at the time of this writing). I’m active on Twitter. Follow me at @pyork_10. Go Royals!

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    Paul York

    Hey, thanks for reading. I appreciate the feedback.

    As for Bob Davis, I’ll be the first to admit baseball is not his strong suit. It is the emotion that he brought to broadcast that I enjoyed. Since he was a Royals employee, it was ok for him to be a bit of a homer…Ok, a big homer. Luckily Rex and Ryan do a good job of that as well. I really like that pairing. I know Rex wasn’t very poplular at first, but I think he’s really grown on people. The diehards just have to remember the Royals didn’t hire Rex for their benefit. The diehards will watch/listen regardless of who is in the booth, right? Rex was hired because he’s quirky and entertaining, and that helps capture the attention of the more casual Royals/baseball fan.

    I can’t quite recall, but it seems to me that the 30 Clubs in 30 Days used to be a program by itself, and is now relegated to being more of a segment. Maybe I’m wrong there. You’re absolutely correct about the Royals piece though. I thought it was pretty generic. Some of that may be due to a slant/bias by MLB Network, but more than anything, I attribute it to the fact the Royals haven’t done anything. Start winning, and everyone will know Billy Butler. Winning solves EVERYTHING.

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    Paul I enjoy your comments on PTP generally, but, that being said, I am glad Bob Davis is gone. It has a little to do with the fact that I am a dogged Mizzou fan, but more to do with the fact that he was just not a good baseball announcer. I was very happy when they started letting Stephen Davis announce the lineups, and I would prefer even Steve Physioc and his weird laugh to Davis. I wish the man well, but this news has me almost giddy. BTW, I am not a Denny fan anymore either. I believe he should have retired about five years ago.

    About the Royals on the MLB Network piece: I was confused by one thing. It was great that they were positive aboutt he Royals chances and their new rotaton pieces, but they did not mention Billy even one time. They talked about all of the great young lineup pieces the Royals have and did not even consider the teams best hitter. I just found it odd.

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