Twitter Tuesday: 2/19-2/26 Reviewed by Momizat on . Twitter Tuesday is a new weekly feature to Pine Tar Press, in which I’ll review all things #Royals through the eyes of Twitter.  Snark and sarcasm are welcom Twitter Tuesday is a new weekly feature to Pine Tar Press, in which I’ll review all things #Royals through the eyes of Twitter.  Snark and sarcasm are welcom Rating: 0
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Twitter Tuesday: 2/19-2/26

Twitter Tuesday: 2/19-2/26

Twitter Tuesday is a new weekly feature to Pine Tar Press, in which I’ll review all things #Royals through the eyes of Twitter.  Snark and sarcasm are welcomed and valued just as much as baseball insight.  Keep them clean, and keep them coming.

The second week of Royals Spring Training featured a wide range of happenings: Royals got their competitive juices flowing with a couple intrasquad games, Ned lost an organ, Twitter unearthed a Royals legend, real meaningless games have commenced, and the Royals are off to a fast start in the Cactus League.




The Royals prepared for their spring training schedule by playing two intrasquad games.  The first game ended in a tie, essentially lobbing up a beach-ball for the doomsday crowd to knock out of the park.  The response, as you can see, was about as predictable as a Lindsey Lohan relapse.

Ned Norris…err..Yost


Sadly, it has taken an organ removal and Ned Yost returning to the job the next morning to endear himself to many of the Royals faithful.  All will be forgotton the first time he calls for a sacrifice bunt, and he’ll return to buffoon status.  Aside from the uber-amount of grit that it took to return to work less than a day after having his gal bladder removed, it should be noted that he did it in the name of KC barbeque.  Yost stated he would have prolonged painful attacks after eating barbeque, and that just wasn’t going to work for him.  I liked Ned before this incident, but with his newfound Chuck Norris-like status, I now fear Ned Yost–as should you.  For more on the legend that is Ned Yost, conduct a Twitter search for #YostFacts.


I can’t tell you how depressing and sad tweets like these are.  Sadly, this idiot isn’t alone.  If you actively root for someone to get hurt, miss time, etc., you’re not a fan.  I know guys like Ned Yost, Luke Hochevar, Jeff Francoeur, and Chris Getz aren’t the most poplular guys amongst Royals fans, but rooting against their well-being is about as low as it gets, and the Royals, regardless of how pedestrian they may be, are better off without your support.  It is trashy and twisted.  Just stop.  You don’t have to like every player, but if you’re a Royals fan, you want everyone wearing a Royals uniform to succeed.

Royals vs. Rangers x 3

As the Royals enter regular season play, I’ll do my best to capture the game’s hightlights through your tweets.  With this being spring training, there just isn’t a lot of relevancy regarding records or individual performances.

The Royals went 2-0-1 in their series against the cross-complex Texas Rangers.  The first game, which ended in a tie due to the Royals blowing a two run lead in the 9th spurred a case of the “damnit’s”.  Also, some lucky Royals fan apparently has insider information regarding the inner-workings of the small intestines of our beloved Royals players–yuck (read first tweet carefully).


Game 2 versus the Rangers ended with about as much drama as a spring training game can…


As for Brandon Wood, and for those who may not know who he is, he was Wil Myers before Wil Myers was Wil Myers.  Make sense?

The Royals also took the third game of the series, 7-5, but did so while committing 4 errors.


First of all, none of the Royals main four starting pitchers (James Shields, Ervin Santana, Jeremy Guthrie, Wade Davis) have thrown.  Second, the Royals have Gold Glove caliber players at catcher, shorstop, third base, left field, right field, and first base–the defense will be fine.  Relax and root for a healthy spring training camp.  Nothing more.

Royals vs. Diamondbacks


Of note, Royals catcher’s had a big day.  Adam Moore slugged his team-leading 2nd homerun of the spring, and Max Ramirez cleared the bases with a grand slam.  Royals remain undefeated.  You know what this means, right? (See below)


That’s right folks, that is some serious optimism.  Unfortunately his prognostications read much like a Kansas City weatherman’s.  75 to 148 wins…3 to 49 inches of snow possible.  Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen Kevin McGannon and Gary Lezak in the same room at the same time?


Oops, I nearly forgot the buzzkill.  Two-thirds of the projected Royals outfield is dinged up, and the other third is Jeff Francoeur.

Of course Yost isn’t concerned.  I can’t imagine getting much sympathy from a guy who left the ball park one day, had an organ removed from his body, and returned to work the following morning.

Fortunately, this is not considered to be a serious injury, and both Gordon and Lorenzo Cain should be returning to the lineup in a couple days.

From the Misc. Department


I see this as a good thing.  We’ll find out right away how well the Royals are going to stack up.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  If the Royals can come out of that stretch at, or near .500, they can apply some serious pressure to the Detroit Tigers.  That would also be the pefect recipe for returning this city to its “baseball city” status.  This stretch essentially takes the Royals to the All-Star break, which is a good time to determine whether some pieces need to be added to make a run at the postseason.  Like I said, I think this is a very good scenario for the Royals.  Worst case scenario, the Royals will get a good feel for what parts are  needed for a legitimate run in 2014.


This is misplaced, but since this is my piece, you’ll just have to excuse my venting.  I too just paid for a partial (15 game) season ticket plan.  The Royals employee I placed my order with was very kind and accomodating, except that my two Opening Day tickets are not together.  I’ll be in one row, and presumably my wife will be a couple rows behind me.  The Royals employee said there was simply nothing he could do as there were NO side-by-side tickets remaining in the entire stadium.  He even searched the “lower levels” for me (Yes, I’ll be an upper-deck peon.  There have been some salary cuts here at Pine Tar Press.).  I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.  If I were purchasing a half season or full season ticket package, I’m quite sure he could have found me side-by-side tickets.  Tell me I’m cheap for only committing to 15 games.  Tell me anything but a lie that there are no side-by-side tickets available in the entire stadium.  Lastly, if you’re going to make Opening Day a viable option for these partial season-ticket packages, make sure you reserve enough side-by-side seats.  It is just one game, and I’ll have fun no matter what, but this experience made me seriously question making this investment in the future.



This is only cool for a certain generation of Royals fans, but Willie was one of the best and most exciting Royals players of my childhood.  Give him a follow, regardless of your age, because he’s a Royals legend that helped put the Royals on the map back in their golden years.  Plus, it is just cool to see that these guys still care, and whatever brings you closer to a ball player is neat in my eyes.

Until next week, Tweeps.

Go Royals!

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  • Paul York

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your comment. Thanks for taking the time to read my piece. As for Francoeur, yes I agree he was terrible last year. He was, however, a good defensive RF’er in 2011. It sounds as though weight gain and complacency attributed to a lot of Francoeur’s problems last year. Being that this is a contract year for him, I suspect we’ll see something closer to the 2011 version of Francoeur. So, yeah, I feel like the Royals potentially have a Gold Glove caliber player in RF. I probably should have elaborated on that in the piece.

  • mungakc

    Paul – We have a Gold Glove caliber player in right field? Did the Royals make a trade I missed? I hope you’re not referring to Frenchy, who was the worst right fielder in MLB last year (confirmed by defensive metrics and anyone that was watching). Please tell me that was a misprint on your part???

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