Water Cooler Talk: The Royals (Broxton) and Rangers Reviewed by Momizat on . Talks are heating up and the water cooler gossip is coming strong! I love talking about the Rangers prospects because (as most of you know) it is the organizati Talks are heating up and the water cooler gossip is coming strong! I love talking about the Rangers prospects because (as most of you know) it is the organizati Rating:
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Water Cooler Talk: The Royals (Broxton) and Rangers

Water Cooler Talk: The Royals (Broxton) and Rangers

Talks are heating up and the water cooler gossip is coming strong!

I love talking about the Rangers prospects because (as most of you know) it is the organization in baseball I respect the most….and they have a better art collection than Pinault

I began tweeting at 8 pm last night:

@Greg_Schaum   Pitchers from the Rangers that makes the most sense is Justin Grimm…others Scheppers, Buckel, Boscan, and former MU P Nick Tepesch

Justin Grimm Turns 24 on August 16: 6’3, 195 Virginia HS (Bristol, VA) 2010 5th round pick out of the University of Georgia: Big physical RHP who I saw quite a bit while he was pitching at Georgia. I liked his arm but saw a max effort guy with a mid 90’s fastball with a potential plus curve. He had little to no change-up in college but was just told (after a text) it has become decent. My thoughts in 2010 were not much different from my thoughts on Crow out of college. The difference is that Grimm has slowed himself down and developed a serviceable 3rd pitch. The Royals took Jason Adam with the 5th pick (#149) Grimm went #166. It is interesting because I thought Grimm was a 2nd round talent and was really surprised to see him fall to the 5th round.

Stats: Minors: 43 G, 42 GS, 242 IP, 211/70, 16-6, 2.79. (2012 AA-AAA 9-3, 1.96, 17 GS, 84/22, 101 IP)

Majors 2012: 3 G, 2 GS, 10 IP, 10/3, 1-1, 10.80 (He threw 6 IP in his 1st start vs Houston allowing 3 ER with 7 K and 0 BB before getting shelled in 2nd start vs Detroit allowing 6 ER in just 1 IP)

Tanner Scheppers- Turns 26 on January 17th: 6’4, 220, originally from Mission Viejo, CA, 2009 Rangers 1st round pick (#44) out of Fresno State U. He was drafted in the 2nd round by the Pirates in 2008 but did not sign and played INDY ball for one season. Solid build RHP who has started and relieved as a pro but projects as a closer or set up man. Biggest concern for me is his age and the injury concerns that have followed him since high school. He throws a heavy fastball in the upper 9’s out of the pen with a solid curve.

Stats: Minors: 93 G, 12 GS, 172 IP, 181/66, 7-7, 4.19, 17 SV. (2012 AAA, 25 G, 0 GS, 29 IP, 27/4, 1-2, 3.72, 9 SV)

Majors 2012: 17 G, 0 GS, 16.2 IP, 15/3, 0-0, 5.94

Cody Buckel-  Turned 20 on June 18th. 6’1, 170, from Simi Valley, CA, 2010 2nd round choice of Rangers (Royals took Brett Eibner) Long toss partner with Trevor Bauer at both the Texas pitching ranch and with ALan Jaeger. This is the P with the most upside of this group but would be someone I do not think KC has a chance at in a deal with Broxton. Royals like the 2 way athletes and he was a terrific 2 way guy in HS who turned down Pepperdine to be a pro. He stole 54 bases in HS hitting .387 while going 26-6 on the mound in his career. He flashes a low 9’s fastball and uses a very good cutter to get lefties out. He also throws a 12-6 curve and knows what he is doing on the mound with solid 3 pitch command. I am told he is an excellent worker who busts it every time he touches the field.

Stats: 47 G, 35 GS, 215 IP, 254/68, 15-11, 2.43 (2012 High A, AA- 20 G, 18 GS, 113 IP, 125/40, 7-8, 2.39)

Wilfredo Boscan- Turns 23 on October 26th. 6’2 187, from Maracaibo, VE. Throws a low 90’s fastball with sink and his best pitch is his change-up. His curve is very inconsistent.

Stats: 133 G, 96 GS, 601 IP, 465/ 142, 35-43, 4.07 (2012 AA, 28 G, 3 GS, 65 IP, 58/21, 4-4, 4.27)

*after reviewing Boscan I am not real high on him

Nick Tepesch- Turns 24 October 12th, 6’4, 225, went to HS at Blue Springs and was drafted in 28th round by Red Sox out of HS before going to the University of Missouri becoming a 14th rounder of the Rangers in 2010. He signed for 400K which showed the promise the Rangers felt he had. He was considered by many to be a better pitcher entering MU than Kyle Gibson or Aaron Crow but he stalled quite a bit in college. He has really cleaned up his delivery with the help of the excellent minor league staff in Texas. He flashes a solid low 90’s fastball, curve, change.

Stats: 50 G, 42 GS, 262 IP, 211/64, 15-10, 3.74 (2012 High A, AA- 21 G, 19 GS, 124 IP, 93/31, 8-5, 3.41)

followed by (all from my twitter feed)

I highly doubt Daniels would give KC much more than one P like Grimm. But, other arms I mentioned should be arms in play IMO

I know Neil Ramirez has stunk up the joint this year but I always liked him and unless he is injured he falls into same category as Montgomery (I had previously deleted a tweet where I suggested the 2 clubs should also include the going backwards arms)

Neil Ramirez- Turned 23 on May 25th, 6’4 190, Rangers 1st round pick in 2007 (#44) out of HS In Virginia. Neil is a P I have always liked and he was excellent in 2011 going 5-3 with a 3.12 e.r.a and 119 K with 44 walks in 98 IP. He was thought to be a guy who would pitch at the big league level this season but he has been awful. He is currently 7-10 with a 6.84 e.r.a and a 85/40 k/bb ratio in 97 IP. I mentioned him as a guy I would still ask about because (like Montgomery) I think there is still tremendous upside. He (like Montgomery) was demoted to AA ball after starting season in AAA. His mechanics have gone bad but he is pitching better at AA with a 4.24 e.r.a and a 22/9 k/bb ratio in 23 IP. He throws a mid 9’s fastball and has flashed a plus curveball.

In an answer to @pfunk270: Buckel has highest ceiling of that grouo

Position player wise I know Texas won’t offer big 2. I don’t see Garcia as a fit but I like Zach Cone and Sardinas but doubtful here 4 Brox

Zach Cone- Turns 23 on December 14th- 6’2 205, Drafted by Angels in 3rd round out of Parkview HS in Georgia (2008) did not sign and played at the University of Georgia becoming the Rangers 1st round pick (#37) in 2011. I like Cone as he reminds me physically of Gabe Kapler. He is a physical specimen and he comes from a family of football players. He moves well and has projectable pop for a right-handed hitting CF. I think stats wise you will see a similar player to Brett Eibner.

Luis Sardinas- Turned 19 on May 16th from Upata Bolivar, Venezuela- Doubtful get but I watched this guy on the back fields at Surprise in 2011 and was impressed. He plays SS next to Odor at Hickory (what a terrific young DP combo) and is batting .299/.354/.351/.704 in 268 AB with a 34/20 k/bb ratio and 1 HR and 26 SB. He has committed 17 errors at SS (2 at 2B) with a .928 fldg %.

Stats: 143 G, 595 AB, 17 HR, 75 RBI, .230/.297/.401/.699 144 K, 41 BB (2012 A ball, 13, 46, .252/.312/.446/.758 in 314 AB with 87/25 k/bb)

My answer to @TEX_Kinsler5Fan who asked if #Countrybreakfast would be included to get larger haul for KC-

no, unless they would step up with some big arms to do so…if that is the case it would hurt a lot but would be necessary

I would not want to lose #countrybreakfast but I will say that it is going to hurt to acquire a quality SP…and, if the Royals think they can pull a Martin Perez type or someone already in the Rangers rotation they will have to include a player like this

@zrod10 asked “We wouldn’t get a top guy from them like Grimm or scheppers for Brox right?

I answered I think you have to start there…but yeah would be tough to do so

It sounds like it could be Grimm as of this morning as people like Bob Dutton are now tweeting this is the name they are hearing

@pfunk270 “is odor pretty close to profar/olt level?

No….solid prospect though…I added later tough to pull an 18-year-old for Brox

Rougned Odor- Turns 19 February 3rd- 5’11, 170 from Maracaibo, VE- There is no way Odor will be in this trade but the slick teenager will be a name to remember going forward. He is currently playing SS/2B (projects as a 2B) at Hickory in the Sally League batting .271/.325/.431/.756 in 325 AB with a 52/19 k/bb ratio and 13 SB.

more from me:

Do I think Brox is worth top 10 prospect? No, I don’t but one team that has the best art collection this side of Pinault is the Rangers

Another name to think about as the lower tier guy is Randy Henry a big RHP the Rangers acquired for Teagarden

I received a private message on this one and I like what I have read on him. Henry was acquired for Orioles backup C Taylor Teagarden and projects as a reliever down the road. He might be a fine secondary pick if the Royals have that opportunity.

Randy Henry- Turned 22 on May 10th- Orioles 4th rounder in 2009 from South Mountain CC (AZ) originally from Arnett, OK. He throws a low to mid 90’s fastball with plenty of giddyup and a solid slider. He had TJ surgery and some think he can become a starter now that his arm has regained strength using solid mechanics and a developing change. (Orioles-Nation.com)

Stats: 66 G, 9 GS, 149 IP, 129/41, 10-11, 2.95, 9 SV. 2012 (High A, 26 G, 9 GS, 74 IP, 59/27, 5-6, 2.57, 7 SV)

from @GrantFoster7: broxton/betancourt for Grimm

I answered “I don’t see why the Rangers would want Yuni

he answered “just a bat off the bench”

My answer “I don’t see it”

Hey, if they want Yuni they can have him. It would allow the Royals to platoon Getz and Giavotella the rest of the season. Gio has nothing to prove at AAA and we need to see if he can be a big leaguer. If you use defense as your argument I will ask “Have you seen Yuni play 2B?”

from @Bsneed51 “would the Royals include a minor league piece to improve the quality of player they get in return for Brox?”

My answer “I think to get a quality prospect they would have to…why I mentioned Monty earlier because I know how much Texas likes him”

I then posted the baseball reference page on former Blue Springs HS and MU P Nick Tepesch as one of our guys feels that would be the name KC would want:

I followed up with my draft profile on Grimm from college that included a long video of him warming up to some great music (i added i saw a max effort guy but he has become more quiet as a pro)


@ewood19  complimented me with: “I’m impressed with how much you know about my Rangers farm system

My answer: thanks, I cover a lot of college and HS players so wherever they go I have followed them b4. Rangers also easy to cover too.

@jbryanlarson asked “please tell me Grimm is not another mazzaro/osullivan?”

I don’t know what anyone would expect out of (trading) Brox…we didn’t think Mazzaro or Sully would be crud either.

Well, I wasn’t real excited about either…but the fact is Brox is found money and if you can turn him into anything with upside you have to do it.

@Baseballspects asked “lol you don’t want this to happen at all I can tell”

My answer-I think u were being sarcastic but quite the opposite- I am not a Broxton fan and he is found money to me

See above

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  • jnemitz1652

    What if KC kicked in Mijares with Broxton? His friendly contract would soften the blow of only having Broxton for 2 months. Maybe Texas sends back Grimm +1. Texas is so rich in talent that Moore should get all that he can. — Take the major league ready arm -Grimm- and look to add a Single A or Double A pitcher with a higher ceiling.

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