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Incurable Royals and Chiefs fan since late 70's. I'm professional actor that was raised in Kansas City. Rockhurst, then Olathe North, then Olathe East, then Olathe North again (then Emporia State, Detroit, New York, LA and now Seattle). Life is pretty good and you can listen to me talk about it at thelazymuse.com and snark about it on twitter. Watch good movies.

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    Erik Gratton

    Yeah, Greg: longtime Jere Burns fan and Neal McDonough is terrific. But my heart is with Mags Bennett (ever since I saw Margo Martindale in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof on Broadway she’s one of my favorites).

    As for Hulu+, there is a lot more recent content for TV and their partnership with Criterion sells it for me. Worth a try if you’ve got the TV that supports it.

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    Erik Gratton

    I dig that bit, too, wizscape! As always, this is just my own Obstructed re(View) on the subject. I didn’t say I don’t like Bite the Bullet, just that I don’t think it was helpful in keeping the genre relevant. I also think that Three Amigos might be one of my top ten favorite movies, but it didn’t make the town sit up and make more great westerns. Thanks for reading the article!

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    I have to take exception to Bite the Bullet. Ben Johnson’s monologue is one of my favorites.

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    Greg Schaum

    Sell me on Hulu + …what is so great about it

    I continue to be so happy you are on board with PTP…I really think your going to get a lot of attention as you write more and more great articles,,,,I certainly know that about 100 new sites every article are saying “what the hell is a baseball site doing sending traffic our way”

    Justified is a GREAT show…every season has been terrific,,,.great bad guys with my personal favorite last season

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