The WIl Myers story (part 3) “simple but ultra competitive” Reviewed by Momizat on . Wil began to build a bond with several teammates during the Arizona instructs after his first full season. Ben Theriot became one of his closest friends. Therio Wil began to build a bond with several teammates during the Arizona instructs after his first full season. Ben Theriot became one of his closest friends. Therio Rating:
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The WIl Myers story (part 3) “simple but ultra competitive”

The WIl Myers story (part 3) “simple but ultra competitive”

Wil began to build a bond with several teammates during the Arizona instructs after his first full season. Ben Theriot became one of his closest friends. Theriot says “in a year and a half he had gotten so much better. He enjoyed the game and he always made things fun.”


Wil Myers was no different from any other 19-year-old kid trying to learn his way as an independent person. Theriot recalls “at Idaho Falls, Wil, Dwyer and I hardly knew each other but we all hit it off. In Arizona we had an apartment together and we were just regular roommates arguing over what to watch. Wil loved the Office and he never cooked. I don’t think he knows how. He loves Chipotle and Chic-Fil-A.


Myers and Chris Dwyer

One thing is consistent with Wil Myers and it is how simple he keeps things. It is charming in some ways and definitely something that some of his teammates appreciated.


Kuebler remembers a game during instructs “Lane Adams, me, and Wil were sitting in the dugout and we were talking about going golfing. Adams (A Former D-1 basketball recruit) told us he wanted to teach us to play hoops if we would teach him how to hit. I remember Wil, without skipping a beat, just said you see ball and you hit ball. He doesn’t over think anything he is like a Billy Butler in that way. Everything is just so simple to him and to some it comes across as cocky but to me it is just Wil being Wil.”


Hayenga says “Wil was the least flashy of any big bonus guy I played with and it wasn’t even close. He bought a big SUV but his clothes and look were not a flashy look at me thing. Simple things made him happy like just being with the guys. Socially, girls would approach him but he really preferred just being around the fellas. He just is not an out and about type of guy. His personality is so laid back and I think how he talked to me on the mound was indicative of his personality. He would tell me to just breathe and relax it was just that simple to him.”


Theriot added to that with “I remember Will Smith, Dwyer, and I would try to go someplace nice like a steakhouse and once that would come up Wil would just say no. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to be social but the guy just loves what he loves and that meant something simple and not fancy so that meant Chic-Fil-A or Chipotle” 


I made a tweet late in the season that Subway used to be so great before all the other sandwiches places opened and proved to be better. Wil tweeted back “You are wrong, Subway is awesome,”


More from Theriot “Wil and I are a lot alike because we don’t surround ourselves with negativity and I think that, for him, it comes from being from a strong family who gave him a strong support system and raised him to be positive. He is not confrontational at all and does not get involved in that stuff. He removes himself from negativity. He is a good teammate who is there to work. He wants to be in the big leagues and he respects the game and everyone in the organization. He is so confident in his abilities and knows that he can only do what he is doing. Nothing phases him…he has so much confidence as a player that if you ask him who the best is he will always say he is. I don’t think that is arrogant but he just has such a belief in himself that he always feels he is the best player on the field. I wish I knew how to make adjustments like he does. I am jealous of him. I know he listens to coaches but he also has the confidence to say that he likes it but he relies on what he knows works for him.”


Besides just being very simple in his approach to the game one other trait of Myers is pretty consistent and that is his competitive spirit.


His mom says “He is very competitive at anything he does. Whiffle ball, Golf whatever he wants to win. If you tell him someone is better he wants to prove you wrong. I remember he went to this Perfect Game event in Minnesota and he was trying out as a catcher and his dad told him there were 2 kids more polished than him and boy it made him mad. In his mind he wants to prove you wrong and I think this has served him well. 


Theriot loves that about his good friend “He has a competitive spirit and wants to win at everything which makes it hard for guys like me because he is good at everything from Golf, Ping Pong, Pool, Hoops, and Video Games. We would play Guitar Hero and he would play on the expert level. If he got a 90% he would want 91 and so on.”


Hayenga: “He was competitive in everything he did including cards. He would not lose at Spades. He will win at everything he does.”


I told Myers about a story I had heard about John Elway being so competitive that one time Steve Young beat him at pool at John’s house. The next time Young came to town there was a new pool table and Young learned it was because Elway had lost on the old one. Myers laughed and said “I don’t know if I am that competitive, but yeah I can understand that.”


Myers: “I never want to lose at anything. I am competitive in everything I do. Ping-Pong, Hoops, Guitar Hero, But, I don’t get upset with baseball like I do with other things. There are more failures in this game. I learned in little league you can’t get a hit every time.”


Family is also very important to Myers and being an older brother to high school freshman Beau is very important. Pam Myers says “a lot of people who follow Wil from home know how important his family is to him. When Wil is home he doesn’t like to talk about himself. I remember someone asked him what he was up to and Wil answered that he had gotten a job at a high school. He is just really cordial to people. For someone who at 18 was given so much he has done a really good job remaining humble. When he comes home picks up Beau and takes him to hit, takes him to the field he has taken responsibility for his brother in that capacity. There is a 6 year difference between the boys and when they are together they have a good time. He is a good big brother and Beau looks up to him and he is real protective of Wil. He is as proud of Wil as anyone.”

2012 teammate Terry Evans added “I have seen how close Wil and Beau are and how big of an influence Wil has on him now and going forward. I guess I was kind of his older brother this season and I know it is Wil’s best interest to take care of Beau. I tried to be passionate about having Wil learn from the mistakes I have made and I think Wil will pass that along. Wil knows it can be hard on Beau to be his little brother. He never wants Beau to be disappointed in him.”

Pam Myers: He could have changed, gotten himself in trouble but I think he has stayed true to himself. He has great agents at CAA and he talks with them a lot. He has a good support group. A typical day for us when Wil was here always was built around baseball. Our vacations were to watch him play. Our memories always include his teams. We just went and watched one of his teammates get his number retired at his high school (Levi Michael)


I told Pam how several of the guys had thrown Wil under the bus in terms of his lack of cleanliness in his room. *Ben Theriot was the accuser (: Pam said “no comment, (laughed) but that is true.”



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  • Greg Schaum


    I appreciate it…the great thing about moving from the broadcast booth to this is that I think it allowed me the opportunity to meet a lot of baseball people. My knowledge of Myers and many of these guys goes back to before some of them were even drafted….certainly when they sign with the Royals the relationship begins. Either their family members, friends, or high school coach reached out at some point or the player does on their own.

    One thing I know is that the players enjoy our site…they like the coverage we give them so they are very good to us.

    Also, from my time with the Royals I have developed a name basis relationship with most in the front office. I talked to them often and to answer your question one of them and myself discussed Wil Myers for close to an hour earlier this week….

    They know that this would be a move that will hurt ….I think it is very much a split camp on if they should do this….so, it will be very interesting to find out if Wil Myers will be a Royal or wear the uniform of another major league club when he debuts

  • kcastrofan

    Hey Greg – y’all mentioned in the Justin Trapp podcast you felt like this was the best post ever on PTP. I would have to emphatically AGREE! Some incredible insight. I love all the quotes and you got his mom! Great job! Now if you could please forward this to Dayton and let him know what exactly he would be giving up for a two-year lease on Shields or Lester… Just say no, Dayton!

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