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I grew up in Topeka, and learned to love the Royals over many summer nights listening to Denny and Fred. Of course, the Royals were much easier to love back then. They got their claws in me some 30 years ago, then they went to the playoffs in 1984 and won it all in 1985. And I thought to myself, "This is easy. This team is always going to be good!" Sigh. But what can I say? If I've made it this far, I suppose I will always be a fan. But whenever they get good again, I'll be sure not to take it for granted. I promise. I'm also a fan of the Chiefs, Jayhawks (even the football team), Sporting KC, and the Nashville Predators. By day, I'm a mild-mannered project manager for a publishing company, and every night I'm lucky to come home to my amazing wife Michelle. We've been married since 2005 and live in Overland Park. Fun fact, she grew up in Memphis watching many future Royals when Kansas City's AA team was there. So it didn't take much to make a Royals fan out of her. We don't have kids, but we've got three cats (one named after Alex Gordon) and a dog. Follow me on Twitter! @Darin_Watson

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    Darin Watson

    Good catch, mungakc! I fixed it. I am excited for next year, too. It’s going to be interesting to watch this play out.

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    At first I didnt really like the trade, but the truth is the major league team got better, good thing for the fans. I have said it before, KC is desperate for a team that is good. My honest feeling is Shields makes every pitcher on this staff better. If after the All-Star break this team is above or around .500 the Glass family will be making so much stinking money because the place will be at or around capacity. That means more money to spend in the off season next year which means even better players than what this team has. Yes we as Royals fans can be sour grapes that we gave up a lot to get two pitchers but how long have we talked about needing studs and when we finally get them we get scared that we gave up to much. I for one am happy that the Royals have gone in a different direction that they ever have before under the GMDM era. Hopefully this means success because what we have done up to this point was stock piling talent for other teams to have once our best players got tired of losing. Alpha dogs don’t stick around if the team sucks no matter how much money you throw at them.

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    Correction; it was only one year ago that Shields finished third in the Cy Young voting. Also, I don’t believe all those positive developments have to happen together next season for the Royals to sniff 90 wins. If you want a glimpse, just ask Shields what happened to the Rays 6 years ago.

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    I applaud the Royals for making a conscious effort to improve the biggest weakness on the team. However, I feel like the prospect package that we sent warranted a better pitcher than Shields. Also I wish we obtained a pitcher with a three year window or so that we could control his contract. I’m probably overvaluing our own prospects, but that is a lot to give up to own Shields for 2 years. If the Royals make the playoffs then I believe it worked, but if they flounder and end up flipping Shields by the deadline next year for scraps that will sting. Especially if Myers turns into the all star most of us expect. Odorizzi’s ceiling as far as anyone has said is a number 3 starter so getting rid of him in the deal wasn’t crushing. I don’t know why I have this feeling that the rays will be able to figure out Monty and turn him into a successful starter. I hope I’m wrong about that. Patrick Leonard was a throw in, but he’s shown some definite power potential early on. If we were able to get Shields and Matt Moore I would’ve been satisfied. But the kicker for me in this deal is Wade Davis. If we are able to mold him into a successful starter, then that’s huge. But if he’s just going to be bullpen depth. An area we’re already really solid in, I just think we gave up way too much for a two year Shields rental. I understand that Glass won’t pony up the dough in Free Agency, so we would have to improve the rotation through a trade or farm. The royals pulled off a trade, I’m just not sure it’s the right one. There’s no question that our pitching staff got a lot better after sunday though. I am excited for next year. It will be really tough watching Myers and Co crush for the Rays. If indeed that is what happens. I know the track record of the minor league players of the year doesn’t exactly suggest Myers will be a bust. Hopefully we can finally make the playoffs and put all the doubts about this trade to bed.

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