5 Best Baseball Sliding Shorts 2023 and how to choose them?

February 20, 2023
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Baseball is a game that is full of sliding and diving no matter which position you play. However, one secret gear can keep you protected during the massive slides from bruises and abrasion. The best baseball sliding shorts can provide optimal protection during the game so you can continue playing the game as if nothing has happened after every slide.

Best baseball sliding shorts 2020

#Baseball Sliding ShortsOur Rating
1Easton Elite Extra Protective Baseball Sliding Short 2020Check Price5/5
21G-Form Baseball Pro Sliding ShortsCheck Price4.9/5
3Marucci Youth Elite Padded Slider Shorts with CupCheck Price4.8/5
4Under Armor Boys' Baseball SliderCheck Price4.7/5
5CHAMPRO Mens Wind-Up CompressionCheck Price4.6/5

#1. Easton Elite Extra Protective 2020

The optimal protection with the ideal fit provides the confidence boost in the field that makes you a superstar.

Made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex, these shorts give amazing comfort with high-quality protection. These imported shorts feature a special cup holder engineered by Easton which makes it all in one sliding short.  It keeps the cup secure in its place.

Furthermore, they are perfect for any game day because of their padded protection that is extra on legs as well.  The 5mm neoprene provides greater protection to the sliding areas like no one else.

They also come with Bio-Dri technology that manages the moisture and makes them dry totally for the player’s ease no matter how sunny the day is. The size variation is extensive with small, medium, large, and X-large sizes available under the adult and youth styles. They feature a 9” inseam for men and 7” for youth. On the whole, it has everything that makes you feel comfortable along with providing protection.

#2. G-Form Baseball Pro Sliding Shorts

A bit pricey but worth it, these G-Form baseball sliding shorts are truly exceptional from the looks to the functionality.

Having the three body-mapped astonishing shock-absorbing SmartFlex pads on both sides, these shorts keep the sides of thighs and hips safe during any kind of sliding. Thanks to its special UPF 50+ compression fabric, sweat is not an issue at all. It keeps the shorts dry and gives great comfort.

You can easily move in these shorts. They have silicone grippers in the elastic bands in the thighs that keep the shorts in their place so you don’t get distracted during the game and get the utmost comfort.

Not only that, the space for the cup holder is also there which keeps the cup secured in its position.  Washing is also very simple. Just place them in the machine and wash them easily. Overall, these fully flexible sliding shorts are perfect to keep you free from bruises and cuts during your game.

#3. Marucci Youth Elite Padded Slider Shorts with Cup

It is a perfect combination of protection and comfort that allows you to give your finest performance in the field during a hot day.

Marucci has developed affordable shorts that have outclassed every short in comfort to provide the optimal confidence needed in the field. It has all the amazing features that you look for in any sliding shorts.

Made from 7% sponge padding, 11% spandex, and 82% polyester, these sliding shorts don’t tear that easily and can last for many practicing sessions and games.  Because of the added spandex fabric, the movement becomes very easy. No matter how many times you slide, you remain protected.

The fabric has anti-microbial properties that keep you clean and you don’t feel itchy at all. The moisture management fabric keeps the shorts dry whenever you sweat. The protection is enhanced with the quilted sponge side panels.

Additionally, these shorts have a soft cup included which provides extra comfort along with protection. All in all, these shorts are the best at the given price.

#4. Under Armor Boys’ Baseball Slider

Having all the top qualities of the best baseball slider shorts, these Under Armor shorts provide comfort as well as complete protection.

This boy’s baseball slider is made using 92% polyester and 8% spandex. This construction gives this slider a 4-way stretch so that the player can move in all four directions without any trouble and with full comfort.

You can easily wash these shorts in the machine and they will come out as good as new. The material used wicks the sweat no matter how hot the day is and keeps you dry and comfy. Furthermore, a performance waistband makes things easy for you.

To take the performance one step ahead, it uses anti-odor technology that doesn’t allow odor to accumulate that is caused by bacterial growth and keeps you fresh in the field. The cup pocket is also there to keep the protective gear securely in its place. Whatever you want in the sliding short, it has them all.

#5. CHAMPRO Mens Wind-Up Compression

Ideal fit, perfect stitching, super-comfortable material, and highly competitive price, these qualities make these siding shorts one of the best.

Made using 96% polyester and 4% spandex, these sliding shorts are very soft on the body. The fabric could easily stretch 4-way which gives it a high-compression fit. Not only that, but it also features a poly/ spandex pin dot mesh full duke insert that makes these shorts very breathable. Even on a hot day, it feels great.

The 2-inch jacquard elastic waistband keeps the shorts in their place in the fast pace games so you can concentrate fully on the game. Different sizes are also available so everyone gets the perfect fit – from small to XX-large sizes are offered.

For protection, they have integrated sliding pads that cover the areas that are more prone to get bruised during any slide. To enhance protection even further, it also has a cup pocket. Overall, these shorts are for those who want the best in less with all the features of the expensive private shorts.

6 Things to consider when picking baseball sliding short

A sliding short is a very important part of baseball clothing because it decides the fate of the game. Abrasions and bruises during the slide can affect your performance.  The feeling of discomfort doesn’t hurt you in one game only but may affect the whole playing season.

A good sliding short doesn’t make you think for the second time when you want to slide. You are comfortable and you feel free; thus, you can give your full in the field without any tension.

Many brands are available in the market today and offer their shorts. Some are big names, while some are small, which one to go for is up to you. There are many things to consider when buying a reliable and durable pair of sliding shorts. Here is the guide to selecting the best baseball sliding shorts:

#1: Material:

Go for the shorts that are specifically made for baseball sliding. They have special construction like the combination of polyester and spandex; it keeps the movement easy and in all directions. Easy movement means being free while playing.

The moisture-wicking fabric is another thing to look for. It absorbs sweat and makes the shorts dry which gives confidence and comfort while playing. Also, many shorts feature antimicrobial fabric that fights with odor-producing microbes and keeps the undergarment fresh during a hot sunny day. The mesh fabric is also great because of the ventilation it provides. Which one to choose is entirely up to your personal preference.

#2: Size:

Keep a very good eye on the size chart because it will decide how well you will play. No matter how many amazing features a short has but going for the wrong size can make it troublesome for you. The right size makes the movement comfy and feels nice. You can run and move in any direction you like.

#3: Protective Padding:

The reason to buy the baseball sliding shorts in the first place is because of the protection they provide during slides and dives. When buying sliding shorts look for the type of protection it offers. Not only that but along with the protection seeing the comfort level is also essential.

The protective padding should cover sensitive areas like glutes and thighs to protect from abrasions and bruises during the play. There are special shorts as well that have a protective layer over the hips as well.

#4: Stitching:

The stitching matters as well. The flatlock stitching doesn’t irritate during play. The stitching should be sturdy also should not come out the very next day. High-quality stitching makes the sliding shorts easy to wash in the machine.

#5: Waistband:

The waistband should not be very tight or very loose. Its size matters as well. The thick elastic band not only keeps the shorts secure in place but also gives the comfort to move easily. The width of the waistband should be selected as per your preference.

#6: Price:

The price mainly depends on your pocket. If your pocket allows, you can go for the branded ones, but the ones that come at a lower price are also not very bad. They are good too if the material used is what you prefer.

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