Anderson Bats Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

Anderson bat company’s aim to produce the bats that enhance performance with the design; their bats make the player give their full.

Every year, they come up with something better than before. The company is known to produce some of the best baseball and softball bats in the industry.


Anderson bats have achieved a good status in the batting industry due to their innovative design and quality construction. No matter which kind of baseball or softball you select, you will get the best in the industry.

The customer service of the Anderson bat company is super amazing. They are ever ready to meet the customers’ demands and provide the best customer support. It is easy to reach their team. The prices are also reasonable.

Anderson bats are of:

  • High quality
  • Good design
  • Innovative construction


There are not many cons; the dissatisfaction depends on the wrong selection of the bats. So, before choosing any Anderson bat, make sure that you know what your demands are. If you want an end-loaded bat, then don’t go for a balanced one and vice versa. The same thing goes for other aspects.

Top-rated Anderson bats

2020 Anderson Supernova -10 Composite Fastpitch Bat

It is the fastpitch bat to take your game to the whole new heights of speed.

This softball bat has the special two-piece composite construction having the speed like no one else. But with the speed, this bat also has the optimal balance which makes it a non-stoppable hitting machine in the field. Also, the composite body adds extra durability and makes the bat last for many games.

The 2 ¼” barrel is made in such a way to offer enhanced pop that can drag the ball farthest in the ground. Additionally, it has a grip that is soft on hands but has the potential to reduce vibrations.

This bat is truly for the hitters who want to enjoy the perfect speed with the very lightweight. It meets all the BPF 1.20 standards. This bat is approved by all major softball associations including ISA, NSA, ASA, NCA, and USSSA.

2020 Anderson Widowmaker -3 BBCOR Bat

Durability like a military tank, this baseball bat can last for hundreds of games without even getting a crack.

With this BBCOR baseball bat, your game can create its own class.  It has the one-piece aerospace alloy construction that has the balance that everyone is looking for.

The sweet spot is heavy enough to give the massive exit speed on contact and take the ball wherever you want to. It has one of the largest sweet spot ever created in the batting industry that gives exceptional power.

The 2 5/8” barrel has the perfect combination with ultra-thin whip handle that augments the speed even further due to the ideal handling condition. The bat is BBCOR certified and approved to be used by the high school and college hitters.

2020 Anderson Ambush Composite Slowpitch Bat

This bat is the perfect combination of speed and power with the balance that every hitter has ever dreamt of.

Having the two-piece composite construction, this slow pitch bat is just right for the hitters who want more bat speed to take the ball where they desire. It has the multi-layer composite in its cores that allows the player to give their best performance in the field.

So that you can give more energy to the bat, it has the thin whip handle that not only transfer your power to the bat but also augments the speed. The sweet spot is huge and has enough weight to take the ball to the distance when it comes in contact. The end cap is very light weighted but highly sturdy to enhance the hitting.

Anderson uses the right physics here by adding a reduced moment of inertia which leads to the bat speed with the extra power but the effort is not that dramatic. When you know exactly where to hit, this bat makes your score to soar high.

Ambush 2020 is approved to be used in ASA, ISA, NSA, and USSSA. It meets all the BPF standards and can be your partner in many games because of its improved durability.

2020 Anderson Rocketech Flash -12 Youth Fastpitch Bat

In simple words, the Rocketech 2020 is pink and super powerful.

Made from high-quality Aerospace Alloy, this bat is fit for the girls of ages 7-10 who really want to reach the skies. It has the quality of being single-walled which makes it one of the most powerful bats in their rage. It doesn’t dent or crack at all due to its high durability.

Its 2 ½” barrel holds great power to drag the ball across the field. It is massive and tough and takes the ball to a great distance in the field rapidly and without putting much effort. This bat has the ultra-balance and keeps you on the ground even when you hit with your full force.

All of its qualities are augmented because of its ultra-thin whip handle. It gives fuller control and also makes handling comfortable. The -12 drop weight is perfect for the little stars with the color of their choice.

There is no need to break-in the bat. Just remove it from the wrapper and start using it right away. It is certified to be used in NSA, ISA, ASA, and USSSA.  It is one of the best fastpitch softball bats that meet all the BPF 1.20 standards.


Overall, it is not wrong to state that Anderson bats like Rockettech and Supernova are dominating the batting world of softball. It is ruling the girl’s players for long.

From construction to performance, you won’t find any glitch in these bats. They are super awesome no matter what aspect you select. If you are going for the Anderson bat, you can go for it without thinking much.

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